June 6th – 12th, 2016

Despite the high intensity and fast-paced backdrop of the two weeks begun with this past Saturday and the Gemini New Moon, this week can largely be a pleasant and creative time for us.

The week begins with us nourishing our spirit and soothing our soul. An element of taking care of ourselves can be encouraged and supported by that special someone, or those special people, in our lives. We start the week seeing the possibilities and prospects. Even if we see life through rose-colored glasses, we might realize that our attitude goes a long way towards how we experience life and how life’s experiences more often than not work in our favor.

We may have various needs to attend to, unexpected situations that demand our attention, but we might also find that we have learned to do the tai chi moves of working with the energies, being co-creators of our destiny with the natural unfolding and not be so hung up on our preconceived notions or our plans being carved in stone. We could be finally learning the adaptability and flexibility that these times have been calling for, and will continue to evoke in future days.

The mid-part of the week has our creative juices flowing. We want to express our talents and abilities and are likely to have the forums to do so. What we have to be wary of is the underlying theme of our creative expression. Are we doing it as a natural outgrowth of our own development and evolution with the focus on process rather than resolution? Or are we doing it to prove to someone, whether existent or a non-existent compulsion imposed by our conditioning, our abilities and our talents in order to gain approval and appreciation? The former would be healthier, the latter could prove a no-win scenario whereby no matter what we do, or how loud we are, people see what they want to see and we do not gain the commendations we were looking for.

The end of the week and early weekend can have us taking care of routine tasks and commitments made. Even if we would prefer to do something other than what we have scheduled, let’s accomplish what needs to be done and then allow ourselves some open time-space in which we can engage on a spontaneous, even impulsive, level.

The weekend comes to closure with interesting and unexpected incidents occurring. This is a time for us to have our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and open to serendipitous encounters. Our viewpoint could be altered by someone or something presenting a different perspective.

Monday, June 6th – Basking in Up Feelings – Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, Venus. Monday starts the week with the Moon in Cancer and the Moon today trine Neptune and the Moon sextile Jupiter. The Sun conjuncts Venus. This is a day when we are likely to be feeling upbeat, appreciating the many blessings in our lives and interested in sharing our thoughts and ideas with those special people in our lives. We could be discussing plans for travel, goals for our future, and plans for intended activities. This can be a pleasant day to bask in the warmth of friendship and good feelings. We are not looking for any negative input today, more likely willing to recognize the natural unfolding of the universe and its workings in our personal lives. Our sensitivity can be strong so let’s put ourselves around those people who make us feel good about ourselves, those folks in our mutual appreciation society. Today is a day to forego those people who are negative, critical and downers. Life has its slings and arrows, but today is a day for us to take time, stop and smell the flowers and walk on the sunny side of life.

Tuesday, June 7th – Not to Personalize – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Mars. Tuesday has the Cancer Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Pluto and the Moon square Uranus. Later, the Moon sextiles Mercury and the Moon trines Mars. We might have felt that we had stepped off the mundane world into an idyllic paradise yesterday. Today could give us a bit of a whack on the side of the head. Certain responsibilities might have to be attended to, and we might even feel like we are between a rock and a hard place and getting squeezed. It is essential that we not personalize whatever is going on. Life is going through changes, the playbook far different from what we were taught and learned in earlier days. Even if we try to do things the ways that we used to do them, our old ways may no longer work for today’s situations. The more we can think outside the box, even experiment with alternate ways, the more we could discover how to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. As the day progresses, unexpected situations are likely to arise. If we take the time to figure things out, we can come up with expedited means to accomplish what needs to be done, including dealing with the unanticipated. By thinking things through, we can right ourselves, get on the appropriate track and move quickly forward in a resourceful and effective manner.

Wednesday, June 8th – Developing Our Creative Skills. The Moon moves into Leo today, and we could feel as though we want to focus on our creative talents. We might have the sense of getting a second wind and wanting to express ourselves. Whether we develop certain interests that bear our own imprint today or we engage a recreational pursuit, we want to participate today, be in the game and focus on having a good time. This Wednesday allows us to shine. We may not feel the need to shake the world, but we want to put our inner light into full expression. Let’s keep in mind that the light dispels the darkness. No matter the ups and downs we may have experienced, today is a day for us to lighten up and shine. Attitude is a major component in how we see the world and how we see ourselves in the world. We may want to take the lead today and accentuate those areas of our life that are self-fulfilling and that give us a sense of our own self-realization. The Moon in Leo triggers a Fire Grand Trine with the Leo Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This Fire Grand Trine will be stronger on Thursday, but today we can start the process, initiate certain projects and have a disposition that appreciates blending the old and the new, drawing upon our experiences but using them in a new format or a different venue. A day to en joy!

Thursday, June 9th – Not to Get Carried Away – Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Uranus, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars. The Lunar Grand Trine that began by Sign yesterday with the Moon’s entrance into Leo is exact today as the Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon trines Uranus in Aries. The Moon also sextiles the Sun and Venus both in Gemini. We could be operating on all cylinders today, ready to take the world by storm. Not only do we have the drive and passion to move our interests forward. Our communication skills can be sharp and persuasive. While this can be a highly effective day, we do have to be wary of being overbearing in our expressions or belligerent in our responses. Mercury opposes Mars. Feeling at the top of our game, we could get carried away by our own story and seduced by our own viewpoints. This is a day that calls for moderation but such a temperate attitude could be lacking. The liability towards being a legend in our own mind might upset the applecart and turn this highly productive day into a mish-mash of shooting ourselves in our own feet. The energy today is too beneficial to lose by our falling into our ego and looking to win at all costs thereby turning a potentially win-win situation into a win-lose scenario that devolves into a lose-lose situation.

Friday, June 10th – Simmering Feelings – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. If we gave into being a little too much and focused solely on our own interests and desires yesterday, then the early part of this Friday could be laced with anger and resentment. Yesterday, despite the fine Moon energies operating, we did experience the Mercury Mars opposition. Today, the Leo Moon triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon square Mars in Scorpio and the Moon square Mercury in Taurus. Whether we won our arguments yesterday or not, our sense of being unappreciated or under appreciated could be strong as we start this Friday. We have to be wary that we don’t just try too hard. With the Fixed Signs in play we have to avoid getting fixed in our opinions, in our plans, and thereby get stuck whereby we can’t move forward, can’t go backward but seem held tight in a vise of our own making. The liability of staying too long in a no-win situation could be exhausting but fortunately the energy does shift as the day proceeds. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for six and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo. As the Moon moves into Virgo, our focus may be less on our grandstanding and our need to be on center stage and shifts towards taking care of some of the specifics of our lives, various details that we need to address. Energies shift and change, and in the process ask us to shift and change and not get locked into simmering feelings based upon certain upsets that recede into trace memories. The idea of letting go of slights and hurts allow us a sense of freedom and liberation. No matter what might have upset us yesterday or today, we can let go and move on.

Saturday, June 11th – On the Fast Track – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto. Saturday has the Virgo Moon triggering the Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Jupiter, the Moon opposed Neptune and the Moon square Saturn. Later in the day, the Moon trines Pluto. This Saturday is a day for us to look before we leap but our tendency might be quite the reverse, ready to push forward before we have itinerary, much less our direction, in mind. We may be fast out of the starting gate today but the liability could be that we are fleet of foot but without considering what we are doing or where we are going. We may have a lot that we want to engage on this Saturday. Unless we prioritize, plan and strategize, we might find ourselves going in circles. Saturday calls for us to utilize our best time management skills. While the liability is in deed to move forward with thrust and intensity, we might do so with the intentions of accomplishing much but winding up with truly achieving very little. Even if we do become befuddled from the run around early in the day, eventually we are likely to slow things down and be more astute in how we proceed.

Sunday, June 12th – Serendipitous Encounters – Sun, Venus, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Uranus, Mercury Gemini. This weekend might have picked up the tempo. Yesterday could have had us running around, and today we might start the day the same way. The Virgo Moon today squares the Sun and the Moon squares Venus both the Sun and Venus in Gemini. The Moon sextiles Mars before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost ten hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra. Mercury exits Taurus to enter its own Sign of Gemini and the Libra Moon trines Mercury late in the day. Venus sextiles Uranus. This is another day when we may be full speed ahead. But the main element today is to allow us to be open to unexpected contacts. Things may not occur from our plans or making things happen but rather by our being in the right place at the right time. We might be witness to interesting connections that come out from nowhere. No matter what we have planned for this day, it would be wise for us to have some free time in order to engage the spontaneous and unanticipated. Often the beauty and joy in our lives come up not from our making things happen as much as things coming about in a surprising and exciting manner. This Sunday could be one of those days when magic and mini-miracles put a smile on our face.