June 27th – July 3rd, 2016

As the lead up to the long Independence Day weekend in the US, this week can have us focusing on home and family matters all in preparation for holiday parties and social gatherings.

We may have great intentions as we begin this week, but the tendency to engage summertime activities could put a damper on dealing with our responsibilities, taking care of our commitments.

While we may be especially focused on our personal affairs as we begin the week, the mid-part of the week could see the energy ramping up with liable explosive incidents that could rattle our cages. We may all need to let off some steam, but it would be wise that in so doing we don’t wreak havoc on our future plans or our relationships.

No matter what goes on in the mid-week period, we can smooth things over as we come into the weekend. The weekend can have us running around trying to engage the ‘too muchs’ as we try to do too much, have too much fun and indulge a little too much.

The weekend closes with us savoring the comforts of home. Even if we have gone away for the holiday weekend, Sunday may have us looking to relax and luxuriate and possibly recoup from fun times that might have been a little over-the-top.

Monday, June 27th – The Sirens Call – Sun, Saturn, Venus, Neptune. Monday begins the week with the Moon entering Aries where today the Moon squares the Sun and the Moon trines Saturn. Venus trines Neptune. This is a day when we have to be wary of infatuations and being seduced by the sirens call. Often things out of our ordinary are very appealing. They add variety and spice to our daily lives. Unfortunately, they often come with a price that we have not considered when drawn in by the appealing nature of the images, feelings and sensations that excite us and provoke our reaction. Monday can be a highly pleasant day, a time of reveries and seeing the possibilities to the point of escaping into the idyllic. No matter how long we might cavort in Elysian Fields, at the end of our sojourn we may have to come back to our reality. Escapes from the day-in, day-out can be highly pleasant, but we have to consider the costs they incur. This is a day when we might have our head in the clouds, but let’s try and keep our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Tuesday, June 28th – Pay to the Piper – Lunar T-Square, Venus, Pluto, Uranus. There is a saying that ‘if you dance to the music, you’ve got to pay to the piper’. Any stepping out of bounds yesterday might have repercussions on this Tuesday. We could have been in a world of our own yesterday without taking into account the conditions or circumstances around us or in our daily lives. If we lost sight of our significant connections, then today could be a snap back into reality. The Aries Moon today triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Venus in Cancer and the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn. We may feel pushed and pulled both by our usual responsibilities and by family needs. If we put aside some of our obligations yesterday, then Tuesday could be a day when we might need to play catch up. We might be in high gear as we start this day, and it would be wise for us to deal with the most pressing issues first. We may be in fast pace today, but we can accomplish a lot. As the day proceeds, the Moon conjuncts Uranus and we could find that, having gotten the demands on us out of the way, we can explore new avenues of interest and doing our own thing later in the day.

Wednesday, June 29th – Ramping it Up – Mercury, Sun, Mercury Cancer, Mars direct. Wednesday starts the day with the Aries Moon sextile Mercury. The Moon then moves into Taurus where today the Moon sextiles the Sun. Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini to enter Cancer creating a Stellium of three planets in the Cardinal Water Sign as Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Cancer. Mars ends its two and a half month retrograde cycle and turns direct. There may be quite a burst of energy on this Wednesday, even liable to be explosive, so this Wednesday is a day to handle with care. We might find ourselves fixing things up around our home, clearing away the clutter and preparing for the weekend. There are often times when we seem to be ‘living for the weekend’ and this entire week is certainly of that temperament. Whether we are taking extended time to celebrate the forthcoming holiday weekend or just feeling the summertime reveries, Wednesday may be all about fixing up our home, our personal appearance, our pantry. We might have a sudden burst of energy today and can feel the wind to our back. If we have felt listless or overly tired over the past few weeks, today could give us a rush of adrenaline. How we choose to use it is up to us, but it would be suggested that we pick up the pace slowly and not jump immediately into hyperdrive.

Thursday, June 30th – Moving Mountains – Neptune, Venus, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars. Thursday is a highly active and productive day. The Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune and the Moon sextiles Venus. The Moon triggers an Earth Grand Trine as the Taurus Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon trines Jupiter in Virgo. Late in the day, the Moon opposes Mars. Venus opposes Pluto. We can accomplish a great deal today, even to the point of moving mountains. This is a day for us to work smarter, rather than harder. We might be preparing to go away for the weekend or readying ourselves for local social engagements. We can put some fine touches on our appearance, find various bargains in our shopping, and neatly pull things together in a meticulous and expeditious manner. If we have loose ends to tie up prior to the weekend, we might feel as though we are being guided in getting things done without missing a beat or allowing anything to fall between the cracks. By the end of the day we may have exhausted ourselves. It would be wise that we be diplomatic and maintain our charm for our exhaustion could otherwise make us a little snarky and obnoxious to someone we would prefer to love than to confront.

Friday, July 1st – Off and Away – Venus, Jupiter. Friday is the first day of July and the beginning of the long US Independence Day holiday weekend. The Moon moves into Gemini in the morning and Venus sextiles Jupiter. We could be flying here, there and everywhere and going a mile a minute. Whether we are traveling physically or traveling by means of texting, phone calls and emails, we are unlikely to be staying in one place, whether literally or figuratively, for more than a short period of time. If we can get of Dodge today, we are likely to leave early. In fact, we might discover that we are chatting a lot but perhaps not accomplishing a great deal on this Friday. It’s summer and this is a major summer weekend, and summer is the time when we take Fridays as part of the weekend and not part of the work week. So, this may be the start of an especially long weekend. Getting together with friends, shopping and just enjoying ourselves can be our Friday, if we’re not traveling. We do need to watch our expenses, for we could be extravagant, looking for good times with no consideration of the costs involved.

Saturday, July 2nd – Caroming All Over – Lunar Grand Cross, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus. Saturday has the Gemini Moon triggering a Mutable Grand Cross with the Gemini Moon opposed Saturn in Sagittarius, the Moon square Neptune in Pisces and the Moon square Jupiter in Virgo. We may have a lot on our plate on this Saturday. We could be like a butterfly flitting from one flower to the next to the next as we go in search of fun times with anyone and everyone. This Saturday is a highly active day, which could prove exhausting if we don’t pace ourselves. Although we might want it all and more today, we can try things out, see if we enjoy them and move on once the appeal has passed. While we could be going non-stop during the day, the evening hours seem far more enjoyable especially since we might be delighted by a thrilling surprise. If we have commitments to attend to, let’s do so early in the day, get much of our social obligations dealt with and have the evening hours to do whatever catches our fancy.

Sunday, July 3rd – Embraced by Our Dreams – Sun, Neptune. The Moon moves into Cancer on this Sunday and the Cancer Sun trines Neptune. This Sunday can be a highly pleasant day, a day that might turn down the volume and the frenetic energy of yesterday into a soft and lilting refrain today. We may feel spacey today, as if we had stepped off into a different dimension, a Fantasy Land of our own making. And we are likely to enjoy the sojourn. We’re not looking to engage any extreme sports, any extreme anything. Such an attitude and disposition could have been strong yesterday but not on this Sunday. This is a good day for a ‘time out’, a time to go to the beach, the lake, the pool or other water spots to take in the calming effects of natural rhythms. We may choose to contemplate, meditate or just reinvigorate ourselves in the quiet spaces of our mind. This Sunday is a day to dream our dreams, to let go of our definitions of self and glide through the gentleness of being. We are on the dark side of the Moon today prior to tomorrow’s New Moon, so it would be suggested we use this Sunday to recharge, reinvigorate and restore ourselves.