June 13th – 19th, 2016

If we don’t lose our way through diversions and distractions, this week can be a good time for sorting through, cleaning up our act and then stretching our wings.

We just have to be clear regarding what we are doing, why we are doing it, and have enough patience to take things step by step.

The week begins with us in something of a fog. We might question the purpose of what we are engaged in, the meaning of our lives. We could feel uncomfortable in our own skin, wanting to do something other than the routine and familiar. Whether we can step off the track into unfamiliar terrain or can only do so in our mental meanderings, we may be itching to take a different trajectory than the one we have been on.

We can explore and experiment this week, but let’s avoid any throwing baby out with bath water. Sampling the waters would be wiser than diving fully into the deep end. Trying things out rather than full-scale commitment would be a better way to go.

The mid-part of the week can have us attuned to extracting the needless, the meaningless and the outworn. Clearing away debris provides space for projects and involvements that speak better to who we are becoming rather than whom we have been.

Venus exiting Gemini to enter Cancer at the end of the week begins the foray of the personal planets entering the Cardinal Water Sign. Increasingly, we might seek to entertain at home, putting some shrimp on the barbie, a steak on the grill. With the personal planets moving into and through Cancer over the next five weeks, we bring an end to the Mutable Sign Grand Cross and trigger the Cardinal Sign T-Square.

Home and family matters become more pronounced. We may visit with relatives, whether in person or by phone calls and text messages.

The weekend could have us champing at the bit with the inclination of either getting out of town to air out in fresh surroundings or planning our future travels.

Family issues close out the weekend with Father’s Day on Sunday.

Monday, June 13th – Imaginary Friends, Illusionary Spaces – Saturn, Neptune retrograde. Monday begins the week with the Libra Moon sextile Saturn and Neptune turning retrograde. We could have one foot in our mundane reality, the other foot in some other dimension than where we are. Our imagination can be ratcheted up as well as our sensitivity. We might feel vulnerable to the cascading stimuli that tend to carom between greed and fear, all the while trying to evoke certain emotions and consequent actions. We might look to draw upon the tried and true today, for we could be feeling a little woozy with a sense that we are walking on eggshells without knowing who, what or how situations might arise to upset our semblance of balance. This Monday is a good day to draw upon that special person in our lives, seek solace and comfort in their love and friendship. This is also a day when we might need to take everything with a grain of salt since our perceptions could be a little off due to our heightened emotionality. Meditations, walks by the water and quiet times can nourish us and enhance our spiritual aspects. In various religious philosophies, this earth plane existence is all an illusion. Whether we accept such a premise, this is a day for us to suspend judgment and provide self care for ourselves.

Tuesday, June 14th – Let Go, Let X – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Sun. After a dreamy Monday, a day when we might have been tripping the light fantastic, engaging our own views of fantasy, Tuesday could continue the desire to step off into some trajectory different from the familiar, all the while that we might find ourselves being pushed and pulled by our responsibilities or someone else’s neediness. The Libra Moon triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Pluto and the Moon opposes Uranus. Late in the day, the Moon trines the Sun. Today also has the Sun sextile Uranus. This is a day for us to embrace the concept of letting go and allowing the universe to provide. For the opportunities today lie in the magic and mini-miracles of these times. The question of embracing such asequential happenings may not be easy, especially when the dissonance of our routine and other people’s expectations get in the way, as they may well do on this Tuesday. The more we can engage the attitude of little children with the awe and wonder of the unexpected, we could take on a bemused attitude as we go through the Fun House of this day. Even if we look to step away from our regular activities, the beckoning calls or demands of our routine could increase in pitch. Tuesday calls for tai chi moves whereby we work with the energies, sidestep into new involvements, all the while keeping attentive to our regular patterns. We may be looking for greater change in our lives, greater autonomy and freedom of movement, and the opportunity to explore the new facets of ourselves, but let’s keep in mind that whenever we are incorporating change there is often a pushback from the old, the familiar, the routine.

Wednesday, June 15th – Affirmations of Eliminations – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday begins the early morning hours with the Libra Moon trine Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for six hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio. No matter if or how we might have been slammed yesterday, the end of Tuesday and early Wednesday give us a sense of our intended direction for the future. We might not be able to realize our future at the present moment, but we can keep it in mind as some sort of Promised Land that we are bound to reach. In order to get to our promised land and our future, it might be necessary to clear the way. The path may be grown over with various brambles of our past and our commitments, but this Wednesday allows us to begin the process of elimination, getting rid of the extraneous and removing those impediments that stand in our way. Wednesday is a good day for us to consider how we can streamline our operations and prioritize our involvements. We may see what works for us and what doesn’t. A good inventory taking of our lives is called for, and today is a good day to engage the process, if only mentally whereby we see what works for us and what doesn’t. This is a day to affirm eliminations, whether those things to be eliminated are removed today, tomorrow or some time down the road. As the saying goes: ‘the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled’. We don’t have to rid ourselves of all the old, only the outworn, the outmoded and those things that are impediments to our forward movement.

Thursday, June 16th – All the Right Moves – Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto. Thursday has the Scorpio Moon trine Neptune and the Moon sextile Jupiter and the Moon sextile Pluto. Thursday can be a highly productive day, a time when we concentrate on prioritizing and taking care of the particulars. We may feel inspired and guided today. This is one of those days when we might feel as though we are riding smoothly along on greased wheels. Not only can our intuitive sense be heightened but in the process we can find the needle in the haystack without wasting a great deal of time. This Thursday allows us to have and make all the right moves. It is important for us to trust our instincts and not over think anything today. Things can fit neatly together. It is important for us not to get in our own way but allow a natural unfolding to occur. If we follow our inner voice, we can find the right direction and the right ways of getting things done. This is a day for us to take care of what needs to be done but without a lot of stress. Today is a day when we can accomplish more with less expenditure of energy. Let’s not lose the energy of this day, for these energy configurations are good for today but not for tomorrow or the weekend.

Friday, June 17th – Circle the Wagons – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn, Neptune, Venus Cancer. Friday has the Scorpio Moon conjunct Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost twelve hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius late in the day. Saturn squares Neptune and Venus exits Gemini to enter Cancer. We might use this Friday as a final clear out and clean up of the clutter in our lives. Our dance between fantasy and reality could prick some of our illusions as hard cold reality dispels certain widely held assumptions and beliefs. This may be a day when the bloom comes off the rose, we remove the rose-colored glasses and we start to see things not merely in their image and appearance but look at the substance and delve below the surface to see what is truly going on. Whenever the world gets to be a little too much for us, there is a tendency for us to retreat, seek the safety and sanctity of the familiar, and find protection in our home and family and other loved ones. As we continue through this month of June and into mid-July, we may concentrate on circling the wagons, enjoy the comforts of home, and even occasionally pull the bed covers over our head. When life gets too crazy for us, we can withdraw into our own happy place. We may not always get the signals of ‘trigger warnings’, but all of us have become increasingly averse to ‘microaggressions’. Unfortunately, the world is not always a Fantasy Land of ice cream, lollipops and immediate gratification. Today we could feel pushed and pulled between the ways we want things to be and the way things actually are.

Saturday, June 18th – Please, Release Me, Let Me Go – Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune. Saturday triggers the Mutable Sign Grand Cross with a Lunar T-Square as the Sagittarius Moon today conjuncts Saturn, the Moon opposes Mercury and the Moon squares Neptune. We may have scheduled a great amount of activities for this Saturday. We might be traveling out of town, participating in reconnections and reunions or just adding more onto our plate than we can effectively handle. While distractions and diversions are often entertaining, those add-ons to our normal life patterns today could prove physically and emotionally exhausting. These times call for us to hone the techniques of time management whereby we work with time in a subjective, qualitative manner rather than just the quantitatively measurable time factor. Lets figure out what our productive time cycle is and play the xylophone more so than the one note samba. We can go from one thing to another to another and keep the pace up, or we can stay at the party too long and exhaust ourselves. There may be certain things we have committed to for this Saturday. Let’s do what needs to be done, but also allow ourselves a foray into the unfamiliar and unique. We may need to add a little spice to this day, but let’s keep in mind that this Saturday could have us picking up the pace, doing the sprint rather than a modulated rhythm. If we overly exhaust ourselves during the day, we could wind up sucking up all sorts of indulgences in the evening.

Sunday, June 19th – Dear Old Dad – Jupiter, Uranus. Sunday is Father’s Day, one of those Hallmark holidays that ask us to honor our fathers but also force us to take a walk down Memory Lane. The Sagittarius Moon squares Jupiter in the early morning hours and the Moon trines Uranus in the evening. Whether we need to travel physically or reach out from a distance by phone, Sunday can have us stepping out of our comfort zone and spending time regaling our original family and all the memories of times gone by. One of the opportunities of recollections is that we can make them seem more golden in memory than they might have been as a present experience. Things take on more of a glow in reflection. We may be doing some of those Memory walks on this Sunday. It could also be a time when we consciously use this day as a day of liberation, freeing us up from some of the conscious or subconscious demons that haunt us born of past incidents. In his last book, The Active Side of Infinity, Carlos Castaneda writes about the essential importance of recapitulation, going back over past events down to the slightest detail, to unbound ourselves and free ourselves from the emotional charges and various defense mechanisms born from those incidents, and to heal ourselves, reclaim our energy and return to our own clarity about who we truly are as spiritual beings and to gain clarity regarding the world-at-large. No matter how we do the walk today, whether consciously or totally oblivious to the process, we could find ourselves feeling a sense of relief, re-energized and open to greater options for ourselves as we come towards the end of this Sunday.