May 9th – 15th, 2016

Whether graduations, school reunions, marriages or other family celebrations, this week is primed for fun get-togethers and reconnections.

The week is highlighted once again by the Earth Grand Trine. Last week, the Sun was the trigger. This week, Venus is the trigger.

There is a great deal of good feeling, infatuation and pleasant reveries through memory walks during this week.

The week begins with the focus on home and family matters. We might be primping our environment or ourselves for some social occasion or other. We are likely to be feeling good, wanting to make a good impression and adding a little mystique to our appearance.

Relationships can improve as we take the time to consider the other person’s perspective and a willingness to ‘walk a mile in their moccasins’.

The early part of the week can have us preparing to put our best foot forward through fixing up our appearance and our environment.

The mid-week period allows us to shine, step on center stage and present ourselves both in an appealing manner and with an airtight argument of our case. Our mind is sharp, cuts to the core and focuses on the truly significant.

We can win adherents to our cause and find ourselves excelling at moving our ambitions forward. People may fall over themselves to connect with us and advance our interests through their assistance. We could feel as if we were running on all cylinders, smoothly, effectively with not one slight bump in our path.

The weekend may be spent in social gatherings but with an eye of attending to the specifics. We might have made our case during the week, impressed any number of people with our style and with our substance. As long as we don’t get carried away with ourselves and be overly impressed by our own press, then the weekend allows us to fine tune, further develop our seeding process and tie up any loose ends.

Even though we are operating under the Mercury retrograde, this week can be an instrumental week in moving us up the ladder in our social circles and in achieving our long-range goals. This is a week for us to go for the gold.

Monday, May 9th – All About the Timing – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Neptune, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter direct. We may have various plans to accomplish this week, and we might be rearing to go to engage new activities and a different manner of being as we start the week. The week begins with the Gemini Moon sextile Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for thirteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer later in the day. Although we have a thrust of energy to begin the day, we might not have all the right ingredients to move effectively ahead. Venus sextiles Neptune and the Sun conjuncts Mercury today. Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde cycle and turns direct. We could feel as though a damp blanket has been lifted from us. Interactions with other people can be not only pleasant but almost idyllic. We are enjoying our contacts and our connections. We are likely to be feeling good about that special someone and good about life. Even if we have been challenged in recent months, today allows us to see the divine design in our own personal lives and also in the natural unfolding of the world-at-large. This is a day when we might choose to spruce up our appearance and our home. A personal makeover or a makeover of our environment could provide us a sense of sanctuary and the ability to put all the right pieces in the right place.

Tuesday, May 10th – Doctor Feelgood, the Doctor is In – Neptune, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury. This week can be a week when we might feel as though we have landed in the seventh heaven. There is not an aggressive push to begin the week, rather just pleasantries and a blissful state of being. Tuesday has the Cancer Moon trine Neptune, the Moon sextile Jupiter in Virgo and the Moon sextile Venus and Mercury both in Taurus. The Moon opposes Pluto and Venus trines Jupiter. Things may be so satisfying that it might be hard for us to push ourselves or push our interests. And why go there when things might fit neatly into place with little effort on our part? The first two days of this week could provide an interesting spectacle of how things can come together when we don’t get in our own way or when we don’t try to force things according to our personal whims. The Universe works and we can see the ‘perfect’ working of the universe on this Monday and Tuesday. These days are days when we might want to employ the saying ‘to stop and smell the roses’. For we could see the natural rhythms with the trees bursting into leaf, the flowers blossoming and the natural world giving birth to its young. We might feel conflicted as to where to place our energy today — whether to take a ‘time out’ and luxuriate in the warm feelings of the Spring season or to use the time to concentrate on our goals and move things forward seamlessly. The main aspect of this day is for us not to try and force things but rather to work with the energies, be co-creators with the natural unfolding and polish and hone our appearance and our environment. This is a day when we could be looking good and feeling good. Let’s all enjoy.

Wednesday, May 11th – Stick in the Mud – Sun, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday continues with the Moon in Cancer and the Moon in the early morning hours conjunct the Sun and the Moon square Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for fourteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo later in the day. The past two days might have felt as though things were easy, almost too easy. We could have used the time to tidy up our lives, straighten things up and put a pretty picture to our appearance and our image. All this getting our act together almost demands taking it on the road, and we might find ourselves tripping the light fantastic during the second half of this week. Before we get there, we might experience opportunities that offer a totally different trajectory from our usual, our habits or the familiar. The new and different could be intriguing, but we might find ourselves hesitant to engage. If we would stretch beyond our comfort zone, we might find ourselves discovering new elements of ourselves. We may be slightly awkward as we try something new, but there is always a learning curve to whatever we are just starting. Fear or embarrassment may be an impediment in stepping forward, so let’s bear in mind that every initiation begins in the abstract with the conception seen in mind. Creative visualization is a good launching pad for getting us out beyond our comfort zone. As the Nike slogan states ‘just do it’.

Thursday, May 12th – Points Well Taken – Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Pluto. Thursday has the Leo Moon trine Mars and Saturn both in Sagittarius and the Moon square Venus. Mercury trines Pluto. Our presentations can be dramatic and our insights spot on. This is a day when we are feeling good about ourselves and well versed in making a solid case for our goals. We might step on someone’s toes today, but we are looking at getting ourselves on center stage. No understudy role for us today. We want to put our best foot forward both in appearance and in conversation. Our thoughts can be quite brilliant today and our expression of them to the point, yet appealing and enticing. This is a day when we can broaden our reach, expand our intentions and push our interests ahead. Let’s just bear in mind that we could be too much for someone and that we could try too hard or expend too much energy in making our point. Excess is unnecessary, for we have both the style and the content to win people to our cause. Discussions can be persuasive and well thought out. The only cautionary note to this day is for us to avoid being overbearing. This is a day when things can neatly fit together, if we take our time, be patient and allow other people to fully understand the magnitude of what we are suggesting to them. A win-win situation is highly likely today.

Friday, May 13th – Feel No Fear – Mercury, Uranus, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Pluto. Today is Friday the 13th, the fear of which has been referred to as paraskevidekatriaphobia and often triggers superstitious concerns. Feel no fear on this Friday. The day begins with the Leo Moon square Mercury, the Moon trine Uranus and the Moon square the Sun. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost thirteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo early on Saturday. Mercury conjuncts Venus, and Venus completes the trigger of the Earth Grand Trine. On Tuesday, Venus triggered Jupiter and on this Friday Venus trines Pluto. This is a day when we can show off ourselves in a different light. Some people prefer to know us based on definition and their experience of us. If we step out of those defined characteristics, it makes some people squirrely and often with a reaction of disappointment, discouragement or disgust. We could be dissed by certain people today if we stretch our wings beyond our usual patter. This is also a day when we can discern between our true friends and those masquerading as such who may be truly only our acquaintances. We may not be looking only to ‘yes’ people today, but we are likely to be highly selective with whom we do the dance. If someone can assist our ambitions, we may take them under our wing. Today is all about being real. We just have to watch for our expenses, for we could be enraptured by bright, sparkly things and buy on impulse.

Saturday, May 14th – In the Environs – Mars. The week may have been a series of crescendos with some great hits now and again as we paraded through the week. Come Saturday we might be feeling exhausted. Too much of a good thing might not seem like too much but it can prove exhausting nonetheless. This Saturday, the energy slows down. The Moon moves into Virgo and the Moon squares Mars. We might have commitments to attend to, but our preference could be to stay around home and do some projects or a Spring cleanup. Even if we have to travel far, and this is a time of graduations, reunions, celebrations and reconnections, we might choose to keep our time out and about to a minimum. There are times when we might choose to roam around heaven all day. This Saturday is not one of those days. If we do have plans to travel beyond our locale, let’s add on some extra time getting from here to there. We might not be operating on all cylinders today so let’s pace ourselves and with what we need to deal. This week could have been a spectacular week, but Saturday may be ripe for a nap or, at least, some ‘time outs’.

Sunday, May 15th – Push Pulls Before It Evens Out – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Pluto, Venus. Sunday starts with us in high gear. The Virgo Moon triggers the Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Neptune, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and the Moon squares Saturn. The early part of the day could have us nervous, even anxious, about what we perceive we have to do. We may feel as though there is something missing, something we haven’t attended to that we needed to get done. We could drive ourselves a little nuts early in the day, even to the point of having a restless night’s sleep. Once up and after a cup of coffee and reading the Sunday paper, if only we take the time to do so, things can even out. While we begin the day with the Mutable Sign T-Square, the Moon then triggers the Earth Grand Trine with the Moon conjunct Jupiter, the Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon trine Mercury and Venus both in Taurus. Even if we start the day like a dog chasing its tail, going around in circles, hyperventilating and liable not to get much done, the Earth Grand Trine allows us to settle down, even things out and accomplish a great deal. Today is a far better day for making manifest our goals, completing projects and advancing our interests in a practical manner. This day could seem very schizophrenic with a hyper-intense quality early in the day followed by a more mellow and concentrated manner later in the day. Let’s not drive ourselves crazy in the morning hours only to find needed relief as the day progresses.