May 16th – 22nd, 2016

This week may be slow starting as we savor ‘Spring fever’, but the energies ratchet up at the end of the week with a push to get our motors running.

This is the last week of the Sun’s transit of Taurus and the last week of this three-week Mercury retrograde.

We begin the week at a relatively slow pace. We are not looking to be hurried, tired of being harried, and would prefer to take things step by step. No great leaps of faith this week, just the slow, steady pace of putting one foot in front of the other.

At the beginning of the week we may put the finishing touches on certain projects, certain activities. We might choose to spend quality time with that special someone or those significant people in our lives. Whether we participate in social occasions or just send an email or ring someone up, much of our focus early in the week is on our relationships and our connections with the outside world. We could recognize that we are not ‘islands unto ourselves’ but rather social creatures who need the interaction and the interplay that goes with living in society.

Although the first half of the week can be geared towards our personal relationships, the mid-part of the week could have our responsibilities beckoning and unexpected situations arising that call for our attention.

If we can tie up loose ends, deal with what needs to be addressed and eliminate the superfluous from our scheduled activities before Friday, the better it would be.

Friday and the weekend could prove bonkers with the energy ratcheting up severalfold. The Sun exits Taurus on Friday to enter Gemini. As the Sun enters Gemini, we find ourselves in a Mutable Grand Cross that by Sign will continue through June.

Although we have been graced by an Earth Grand Trine for much of this Spring and will continue to be so through mid-June as the personal planets have been transiting through Taurus and by Sign trining Jupiter in Virgo and trining Pluto in Capricorn, the Mutable Sign T-Square that has dogged us since the end of last Summer and will continue to do so through this Summer shifts from a T-Square into a Grand Cross as the personal planets transit through Gemini and impact the T-Square components of Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.

We are entering a six-week period when we may find that we have to pick up the pace, juggle any number of things with us going from pillar to post sometimes doing so impetuously without a detailed plan in mind.

Apart from the Sun entering Gemini on Friday, the weekend provides us with the Sagittarius Full Moon on Saturday and Mercury ending its retrograde cycle on Sunday as Mercury turns direct.

The weekend may be action-packed, but it would be wise for us to have our itinerary in mind and utilize time management to get from one activity to the next.

We may have felt like we’ve been running a marathon. Now it’s time to pick up the pace and start the sprint.

Monday, May 16th – Dream a Little Dream – Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars. The week begins with the Virgo Moon trine the Sun. We may have all sorts of plans regarding various details to deal with, loose ends to tie up and projects to complete. Our focus might be on our daily routine and outstanding matters. Although we might start the day focused, the energy then shifts as the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over eight hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra where today the Moon sextiles Mars. If we have itemized what needs to get done, then we can accomplish a great deal even as the energy dies down. The energy picks up again late in the day with us reaching out to someone with whom we have not recently had contact. We may be making our plans to get together or to go away. The early part of the day has us attending to our regular issues, and the latter part of the day has us dreaming of a far away getaway. Even if our plans to travel are for a future time, today would be a good day to refine, rework and finish any matters that could otherwise be hanging over us when we do decide to step off the track and take some down time.

Tuesday, May 17th – Old Friends – Saturn. Monday and Tuesday do not have a great deal of energy going for them. But such lack of energy could prove a respite prior to the coming weekend and its trigger of the next six-week period. Tuesday continues with the Libra Moon with the Moon sextile Saturn today. With Mars and Saturn both retrograde, we might find that our outreach is one of going backwards rather than forward. We may be more concerned about past connections and past memories rather than instigating the new and the different. We could spend the first two days of this week planning reunions and reconnections. It certainly is that time of year for getting together with family and friends and with those people whom we may not have seen for awhile. This time of year speaks to graduations, school reunions, weddings, anniversaries and other social get-togethers. We could spend Monday and Tuesday contacting those people we are likely to see in the days ahead at any form of celebration. Let’s keep in mind that planning events often are far better in our mind than the actual event itself. And with our lives being fast-paced with various unexpected curve balls thrown at us, it would be wise that the commitments we make are made with the cautionary suggestion of being tentative with our attending determined by changing circumstances in the interim.

Wednesday, May 18th – Pick Up the Pieces – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday engages the Uranus Pluto square with which we had to deal from 2012 to 2015 and may have challenged us with sudden jolts, unexpected situations and a Humpty Dumptyesque all fall down. The Libra Moon today triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Pluto and the Moon opposed Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for fifteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before the Moon enters Scorpio tomorrow. We may find ourselves dancing to someone else’s tune as if we were marionettes and they were pulling our strings. We could be pushed and pulled in different directions today based upon someone’s expectations or demands. IOUs might be called in, and we could find our day one of picking up the pieces, feeling blocked from doing what we might choose to do and having various curve balls thrown at us. Despite the fact that our schedule for the day could be thrown off, let’s try not to react in an explosive manner but instead effectively play the hand dealt us. We just have to realize that times of easy sledding don’t always last and that things often now change dramatically in a nanosecond of time.

Thursday, May 19th – Stweing in Our Own Juices. Thursday begins with the Void-of-Course Moon in Libra briefly before the Moon enters Scorpio where today the Moon makes no aspects, connections, to the planets. There is not a great deal of energy on this Thursday. We could be seething about one thing or another, but much of the energy, what little there is, is likely to be operating under the surface. If we can use this Thursday as a ‘time out’ day, a day when we take it easy but also get rid of some of the clutter in our lives, then we could see this day as preparation for the next three days and even the next six weeks when the energy can ratchet up and we could find ourselves all over the place trying to get a handle on everything that is likely to be going on. Although we might be feeling resentment or slighted by someone or some condition, this Thursday is better used to reinvigorate ourselves rather than letting off steam. While we can do a good housecleaning today and let go of extraneous matters, we could also use this day to prioritize our projects and activities prior to the energy ratcheting up and times when we might not have the mindfulness to take ‘time outs’ to evaluate, re-evaluate and determine our course of action. We are soon to be in the thick of it, so today would be best used in preparation and conditioning for the intensity that lies ahead.

Friday, May 20th – The Keystone Kops Back At It – Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, Sun Gemini. Friday has the Scorpio Moon trine Neptune, the Moon sextile Jupiter, the Moon opposed Mercury and the Moon sextile Pluto. This is a day when we can intuitively weave our way through various matters, deal with our priorities and attend to a number of issues. We might feel as though we are checking one item after another on our ‘to do’ list in a most effective manner. We can be highly productive today if we would follow our instincts and not get distracted by either the empirical, the so-called logical approach, or by various sparkly things that we might hear about. While we could accomplish a great deal today and clear the decks before the weekend, we do have to be careful that our attention does not waver by fascinating diversions. With the Sun moving into Gemini today we are entering a time when the Mutable T-Square that has been operating since the end of last Summer and continues through the end of this Summer is turned into a Mutable Grand Cross for the next six weeks. Our energy can ratchet up, but our energy may be staccato-like with us pushed and pulled in different directions, with so much on our plate and with us being occasionally seduced by other interests or activities. The Keystone Kops may be back in play as our tendency, and liability, might shift to going from one thing to another to another without really getting any thing done. Aaargh time, again.

Saturday, May 21st – Here, There and Everywhere – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Full Moon, Sun, Mars. Saturday begins with the Scorpio Moon opposed Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius where today the Moon opposes the Sun at the Sagittarius Full Moon and the Moon conjuncts Mars. There are times when to deal with something we tend to just throw money in its direction assuming that money will take care of the matter. Today could be one of those days. Under the guise of fixing up things, home projects and necessary expenses, we could find ourselves spending more than we anticipated or more than might be appropriate for our finances or our budget [in our credit crazy world who worries about budgets anymore? Haven’t we all bought into the concept of the illimitable money tree?]. Today’s Full Moon juiced by the conjunction to Mars could have us expanding our activities with a gung-ho attitude. We might travel to a distance either literally or figuratively and in the process widen the gulf between our revenues stream and our expenditures. With the Mutable Grand Cross in play, and in play for the next six weeks, we have to watch our appetites, appetites that could prove insatiable. This expansive characteristic may have no limits and we could wind up digging ourselves a large hole of financial debt. Even if we want to be grandstanding, it would be suggested that we keep our conditions in mind and not go too far out on a limb. The energy is ratcheted up. We might assume we can do much and even more. Our decisions and actions might be spontaneous and impulsive rather than reasoned or well considered. And therein lies a problem — we could get so caught up in the hurly-burly energies and the immediacy that we lose sight of our circumstances and our long-range goals.

Sunday, May 22nd – Banging Around All Over the Place – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mars, Mercury direct. Are we having fun yet? The answer should be ‘yes’, especially in light of the fact that a great deal is going on and as a society we have become addicted to the constant bombardment of fascinating stimuli. Friday had the Sun entering Gemini to begin a Mutable Grand Cross for the next six weeks. Yesterday, we had the Sagittarius Full Moon. And today we have the Sagittarius Moon triggering the Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Neptune in Pisces, the Moon square Jupiter in Virgo and the Moon conjunct Saturn to end the day. The Grand Cross today is accentuated by the Gemini Sun opposed Mars. To add to these intense energies, this Sunday also has Mercury ending its three-week retrograde cycle with Mercury turning direct. We could be all over the place on this Sunday. Whether we are traveling, staying at home or even hiding under the covers, our energy may feel like a real whipsaw. We might want to take on the world and do so in a quixotic manner of tilting at our own windmills. Illusions, over confidence and passionate desires can all be part of today’s mix and could lead us down a seemingly garden path that might prove to have an assortment of brambles and pitfalls along the way. Although it would be wise for us to take some braking action on this Sunday, such a suggestion is likely to be negated. While there can be delays, frustrations and miscommunications on this Sunday, that might not keep us from running around and at times running around in circles, like a dog chasing its tail. By the end of the day we could have fully exhausted ourselves, so let’s watch that our moods do not go from irrational exuberance earlier in the day to downright despair as we end this day. It would be wise for us to reflect on this weekend’s energies and how they affect us, for we have a six-week cycle of nervous energy, running around and being pushed and pulled in so many different directions. Welcome to the Fun House!