April 25th – May 1st, 2016

This week is the last week of April and the beginning of May. It’s also the start to the second of this year’s four Mercury retrogrades [normally, there are three Mercury retrogrades per year but, lucky us, this year we have 4].

The week begins with a manic Monday as we try to do ever more but with the liability that more could prove to be less. Despite feeling highly energized, we might feel hampered by our responsibilities or fast out of the starting gate without an itinerary and inclined to move in many different directions, too many.

We can get a grip as the week progresses, but let’s keep in mind that Thursday begins the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle, a phase when Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’ is in effect.

The more we can accomplish of significant decisions or important actions prior to Mercury retrograde, the better it would be. And the mid-part of the week could have us operating at our optimum, even in spite of the backdrop of life’s present craziness.

As Mercury retrogrades, let’s keep in mind the need to be mindful, highly aware of our surroundings and add on extra time both to get from place to place and to convey our ideas or decipher information presented to us.

The latter part of the week and over the weekend might be pleasant with get-togethers with friends and enjoying something different that adds a little kick to our lives. We may decide to start the weekend early.

Not only are we looking for good times with good friends but we might chose a personal makeover whether our appearance or home environment. We are becoming more considerate, less self-focused and taking our time to put the best spin on things.

The weekend ends with us in spiritual reveries or just a little spacey. It’s the beginning of May and we are seeking the showers of May flowers in blossom and in bloom.

Monday, April 25th – Nowhere, Man – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn. There may not have been a great deal of energy on this past Sunday and over this past weekend, but Monday more than makes up for any relaxed time we enjoyed. This Monday can be one manic day with us feeling the burn and wanting to accomplish more and then some. Today, the Sagittarius Moon triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon starting the day with a conjunction to Mars and ending the day with a conjunction to Saturn. Between the two the Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and the Moon squares Jupiter in Virgo. We can be fast out of the gate today with the greatest of intentions. Unfortunately, our clarity of direction and our willingness to address details could be lacking, and such a disposition might have us winding up running in circles, glossing over situations and exhausting ourselves. While we may be in hyperactive mode today, we might not get a lot done. This is a day for us to put the brakes on, slow things down and not be easily distracted by the constant bombardment of stimuli. Let’s have game plan in hand as we start the day and not swerve from pillar to post, for otherwise we could end up being nowhere man.

Tuesday, April 26th – To the Moon and Beyond – Uranus, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday has the Sagittarius Moon trine both Uranus and Venus, both in Aries. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for eight hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before the Moon enters Capricorn later in the day. We might want to fly away today, expand our wings and soar with the eagles. We may be feeling good about the new and the exciting. We’re looking for thrills today, to shake things up and start on different trajectories. We are far more interested in those things that lie far beyond our reach and that offer us a grand adventure, a way by which we can do our own thing and stretch beyond our normal routine. This is one of those days when we could step off the track and go off on a lark. Wherever we are headed in the beginning of the day, we are likely to follow through on until the evening bells toll. Late in the day, we could feel as though we have had our head in the clouds and now ready to plant our feet back on the ground. This Tuesday may be a good ‘mental health’ day and might give us the impetus to be highly productive and accomplish a lot more tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 27th – Easily, Effectively, Expeditiously – Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Sun, Jupiter. Yesterday might have been a transition day, giving us needed relief from some of the recent craziness, some of which could have been evident in the incidents we witnessed on Monday. If we got a second wind, or at least a breath of fresh air, yesterday, then today allows us to put all the pieces together. And what better day to do so than just prior to the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle that begins tomorrow. Even though we might be feeling the Mercury station on this Wednesday, this day can be a highly productive day. The Capricorn Moon today sextiles Neptune and the Moon triggers the Earth Grand Trine with the Moon trine the Sun in Taurus and the Moon trine Jupiter in Virgo. If we would draw upon our intuitive sense, our inner knowing, then we could accomplish a great deal. Not only can we get a lot done today. We can do so without missing a beat, taking care of all the important details and in the process present matters with style and panache. We have it going on today, and it would be wise that we pay attention to any significant matters that we can attend to prior to tomorrow’s Mercury retrograde or, at the very least, do a symbolic ritual of initiation of any matters that we might engage during the next three weeks.

Thursday, April 28th – A Screw Loose – Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Mercury retrograde. The Capricorn Moon continues on this Thursday with the Moon conjunct Pluto, the Moon square Uranus and the Moon trine Mercury shortly after Mercury turns retrograde. While the Mercury retrograde can trigger delays, screw-ups, miscommunications and other misses, we need to keep in mind that the stars impel but they do not compel. A major attribute of astrology is to make the person aware of the energies operating so that that person can then make wise choices in regard to how to act and what to do with the influence of the astrological energies at that moment. If we will focus our attention today, then we can prioritize and concentrate on the most important. This is a time of pulling weeds and sowing seeds. Let’s get rid of the extraneous and outmoded and consider our wish list of what we would intend for our life in the present and for the future. There may be a screw or two loose in some of what is going on but it need not screw us in the process. Awareness and mindfulness will help to offset the mix-ups that often come with Mercury retrograde, especially at those times when Mercury is changing direction.

Friday, April 29th – Social Engagements and Personal Makeovers – Venus, Mars, Sun, Venus Taurus. Friday begins with the Capricorn Moon square Venus just before the Moon moves into Aquarius and just before Venus exits Aries [a Sign of its Detriment where Venus is uncomfortable] to enter Taurus [a Sign Venus rules where Venus is a right fit]. Moon in Aquarius today sextiles Mars and the Moon squares the Sun. This a good day for us to get out of town, get together with friends or just enjoy a Springtime day out and about. We do have to watch our expenses, for we could get caught up in enjoying ourselves to such a degree that we do so with little regard to the expense involved. The Venus change in Sign is major, major. We may be more considerate of other people, have greater charm and grace than we have displayed recently and could be looking to put on our best appearance. Whether we do a personal makeover or spend time fixing up our home and home environment, we are concerned about how we present ourselves and looking to show ourselves off with style and panache. We are coming more into springtime and looking forward to warm days and outdoor activities. The weather and temperature may be variable but we have the promise of better days ahead. And we might justify our spending as a necessary expense of engaging the richness of springtime.

Saturday, April 30th – Errands and Explorations – Saturn, Uranus, Mercury. Saturday continues with the Moon in Aquarius with the Moon sextile Saturn early in the day and the Moon sextile Uranus and the Moon square Mercury later in the day. This is a day when we can address necessary errands, do what we need to get done, and touch base with those people at a distance to whom we owe contact. If we get our tasks out of the way early in the day, we can use the latter part of the day for whatever catches our fancy, doing things on impulse and spontaneously. We may have some commitments today, but we can successfully deal with our obligations without filling our entire day with the tasks at hand. Both Friday night and Saturday evening caution against over expenditures. We can have a good time, enjoy something new and different to add a little variety to our lives, but we don’t have to break the bank in doing so. Saturday is a day for us to tie up loose ends and then allow ourselves the freedom to do whatever we choose to do. We may have errands on this Saturday but it doesn’t have to restrict our explorations. It’s only a case of being aware and engaging first things first.

Sunday, May 1st – Sunday in the Park – Venus, Mars, Sun, Neptune. Sunday has the Moon entering Pisces, where today the Moon sextiles Venus and the Moon squares Mars. The Sun sextiles Neptune. We might feel like taking this day easy, lolling about and not putting much pressure on ourselves, at least for most of the day. Whether we go out into nature, take a walk by the seashore or just stay close to home, this Sunday is a day to step off the track, disengage from our normal routine and restore ourselves. Our sensitivity is ratcheted up, and we might even feel a little spacey. We are certainly likely to feel very deeply on this Sunday, and it would be wise for us to spend some time in meditation, contemplation and our reveries. We could find that the quietude invigorates us, calms our nerves and provides us an understanding that there is something more beyond the craziness of the mundane world. All of us might have felt anxious at times recently and we can point to politics, increasing tensions, financial anxiety, and many other factors that have contributed to a sense of general unease, sometimes to the point of real discontent and anger. This is a day for us to tune out the world and find our happy place in whatever we might consider to be a sanctuary for ourselves. Late in the day as the Moon squares Mars, we could feel an adrenaline rush as if in preparation of girding our loins for the week ahead.