March 28th – April 3rd, 2016

This week could have us affirming the sentiment that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’.

No matter the obstacles we might encounter this week, we have the confidence and the persistence to find a way to successfully deal with whatever stands in our way.

We start the week energized, looking to broaden our reach and engage activities that reflect our sense of individuality and autonomy. We don’t want to be fenced in as we begin the week. On the contrary, we would prefer no restrictions, no limitations. We wish to investigate, explore and try out new pursuits. Nothing may seem too much, even if we still have to contend with routine matters.

The early part of the week can have us getting out of Dodge, whether literally or figuratively. No one may be at home as we seek out distant realms.

Let’s keep in mind that intention is often the kindling for new trajectories. We don’t have to know where we are going, only that we intend to be in movement and are ready for new adventures.

Even if people attempt to rain on our parade, we are more likely to counter forcefully than to accommodate, much less capitulate. No, we’re feeling the spring in the season. We could launch new projects, initiate new interests. Even if we hit a snag now and then, we might find that we are quickly released from their snare almost magically or at least in the most unexpected manner.

The weekend is a good time for us to get together with friends, engage conversations of possibilities and use the time to consider all the options and alternatives open to us.

There may be a few hiccups this week, but we might also see greater empirical evidence of the paradigm shift. We can devise our plans, but the true reality is that things are no longer occurring in solely a sequential manner but instead there are random and exciting things happening.

Monday, March 28th – Get Your Motor Running – Mars, Sun, Neptune. Monday begins the week with us in turbo-thrust mode. The Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Mars, the Moon trines the Sun, and the Moon squares Neptune. We may find ourselves trying to cover all the bases and being certain to be on center stage. While much of our focus can be what we want to do and how we want to do it, we are looking at expanding our reach and broadening our involvements. We could feel so jazzed that we turn down nothing, take on virtually everything. While we may have a great deal of energy on this Monday, we do have to be careful that we don’t overload ourselves. If we take on more than we can chew, we might question what we need to let go and what we need to engage, all the while assuming that we can accomplish more than humanly possible. At least we’re feeling energized even with a strong dose of ‘Spring fever’ that might have us taking some time off to discover the far reaches of our world.

Tuesday, March 29th – Glossing Over – Mercury, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. It was suggested that yesterday we tone things down and not take on too much. Might have been spitting into the wind with such a recommendation. Whether the weather is cooperative or not, we are all likely to be feeling that thrust of energy that the early Spring season gives us. It feels as if we’ve been released from the interior dwelling of cabin fever. As a consequence, we are likely to be all over the place, engaging this, involving ourselves with that. It’s the impetuousness of Spring, and we might have had a strong sense of it yesterday and are likely to do so on this Tuesday as well. Tuesday has the Sagittarius Moon trine both Mercury and Uranus in Aries. The Moon also triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Saturn, the Moon square Jupiter in Virgo and the Moon square Venus in Pisces. We may want to cast our fate to the wind today, stretch beyond our normal parameters and explore new arenas. Nice concept except for the fact that we could also feel like a falcon whose talons are tied, but in our case our feet may be tied to our responsibilities, things that we need to do and incidents that are related to someone’s emotional drama. With the push pull between our desires and our obligations, we could feel like we’re caroming from one thing to another to another. Let’s try and take things step by step and avoid just giving lip service to our tasks at hand. Late in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost sixteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before the Moon enters Capricorn tomorrow. Mercury trines Saturn. If we avoid the nervous energy of getting caught up in a whirlwind of activity, we could make a cogent, focused plan of action, developing the itinerary to cover our various destinations. Braking action today would serve us well and prevent us from being the engineer on a runaway train.

Wednesday, March 30th – Don’t Mess With Expectations – Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Pluto. Wednesday continues with the Void-of-Course Moon as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius without making any further connections to the planets and before the Moon enters Capricorn in the second half of this Wednesday. The Capricorn Moon makes no aspects, no connections, to the planets today. This week has some strong Mercury energies; yesterday with Mercury trine Saturn, tomorrow with Mercury conjunct Uranus and today with Mercury square Pluto. Our thoughts, ideas and communications can be cascading with various sentiments expressed. Yesterday, our mind could have been focused, well structured with us considering best practices approaches. Tomorrow, we might be open to insights, revelations and flashes of genius. Today, the Mercury square Pluto may have us with a chip on our shoulder taunting someone to knock it off. While our mind can be insightful, diplomacy and charm might go out the door, for we are likely to cut to the core with no niceties or desire to make our statements and opinions palatable to other people. We could be highly attached to our own opinions and our own desires. We are not looking for any opposition or parade rainers to our plans, and should we encounter anything other than ‘yes’ people, we are likely to steamroll over them. This is a day when we know our own mind, but unfortunately we might not have full information. Discussions might easily turn into heated arguments. Let’s try and keep our tongue in check for otherwise we could bring up some severe tongue lashings.

Thursday, March 31st – Nickels Dropping – Neptune, Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Uranus. Even if we did some head banging yesterday, this Thursday is a totally different story. Things can fit neatly together today. The Capricorn Moon sextiles Neptune, the Moon squares the Sun, the Moon trines Jupiter and the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Mercury conjuncts Uranus. There are times when things move easily and quickly and especially if we’ll get out of our own way. This Thursday is one of those days. If we would concentrate on our projects and our involvements and be zen-like in our approach, we can blend our intuitive sense and our foresight with a practical application that is highly effective and expeditious. We can accomplish more today than normal. Thursday can provide us evidence of the paradigm shift with interesting magical incidents and mini-miracles. This is a day for us to have our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and be open to receive the unexpected, even the seemingly impossible. We can get some interesting insights today and receive some exciting news. We do have to be careful to backup our files on our computers, for there could be a liability to Internet and high technology screw-ups. Thursday is a day for us to engage the awe and wonder of little children and not to overly analyze or try to figure out how things are happening. Let’s be content with enjoying the amazing and the wondrous.

Friday, April 1st – Rushing Ahead Too Far, Too Fast – Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. We may try to bring things to closure and tie up loose ends early in the day in order to engage fun weekend activities. Unfortunately, we might not be concentrating on what has to be done and more concerned about getting things done. The Capricorn Moon today squares both Uranus and Mercury, and the Moon sextiles Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for nine hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before the Moon enters Aquarius. Not only can we be slipshod in our approach, glossing over specifics and forgetting details. We might also find that certain curveballs are thrown our way increasing our ‘to do’ list. We may be champing at the bit to get on with our weekend and might even decide to start our weekend early. Unless we have pressing matters to conclude, we might consider putting off certain things until this next week. Our attention is not focused, and we could be trying to complete things without tying up all the loose ends. A social occasion later in the day can be great fun, even if it’s a social commitment we have made some time before. Trying to attend to too many matters could wind up with us playing the April Fool.

Saturday, April 2nd – Stretching Beyond – Mars, Sun. The Aquarius Moon on this Saturday sextiles Mars in Sagittarius and the Moon sextiles the Sun in Aries. We may want to get out of town and might look for any excuse to do so. Getting together with good friends and doing a day trip somewhere, virtually anywhere, can provide welcome relief and a release from our normal activities. This weekend could be a fun time, and a time when we fully embrace ‘Spring fever’ with little liability to our normal routine. Whatever excuse we might come up with to spread our wings and explore possibilities, we may find one that provides us with a righteous justification. We have a fire in our belly, a fire only quenched today by our investigation of interests and activities that speak to us and allow us to move beyond our usual comfort zone. We are adventurers today and looking for that grand adventure, which will reinvigorate us and make us feel that we are in command of our destiny. We do not have to commit to anything for the long term, only need to sample and test the waters today.

Sunday, April 3rd – Bridging the Gap – Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday continues our weekend of fun activities. The Aquarius Moon today sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon sextiles both Uranus and Mercury, both in Aries. Late in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for six and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces early tomorrow. This weekend is one to connect with friends, explore new possibilities and engage activities that speak to us. The energies of yesterday are replicated on this Sunday but with additional twists and turns. We might have certain plans for this day, and we are likely to accomplish them. We also have a dash of magic and mini-miracles that could change some of our day’s trajectory. We can do what we have committed to, but we might also find that our intentions are sprinkled with unexpected opportunities. We might assume that we are heading in one direction when suddenly an unanticipated variable arises that opens other doors for us, providing exciting new involvements that truly speak to us. This weekend is a weekend when we can recharge our batteries, engage a strong dose of ‘Spring fever’ and feel as though we are like little children and happily amazed by the awe and wonder of it all.