February 22nd – 28th, 2016

This week can have us focused on the mundane matters of our lives, an appreciation for that special person or special people in our lives and an ability to devise a best practices approach to realize our long-term goals.

We may have to put one foot in front of the other this week, not lose sight of our future prospects and maintain an attitude of ‘you gotta believe’.

Even though we might be concentrating on the specifics and the details, it is also important for us to keep in mind the main theme of these times: asequential reality.

The paradigm shift that is going on now moves us from a sequential, linear progression of life’s events into the asequential reality where things can happen in the most unexpected, even magical, manner.

The week begins with the Virgo Full Moon. Our anxiety might be ratcheted up, especially if we lose sight of the perspective that ‘things work out in the end’. The Mutable Sign T-Square that we have dealt with since last September and on into this coming September [with Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces] can be heightened with the Full Moon.

While we might wind up in emotional whipsaws, the more we can take our time to evaluate what is really going on, the less likely we are to get caught up in the metronome of ups and downs. Let’s keep in mind that the main challenge for all of us during this Mutable Sign T-Square is the question of balance, maintaining a semblance of equanimity in the midst of wild swings occurring in the world, in other people, and in ourselves.

The early part of the week enhances the Mutable Sign T-Square, but we can get a firmer handle on our attitude, our decisions and our actions as we come into the mid-week period. Someone can provide us with a good sounding board regarding how we are doing, what we are doing. They could also spark some considerations in us of where we want to go and how we want to go in the days ahead. Often we need someone who is detached and with a different perspective to shine light on issues that are confusing and perplexing to us. The latter part of this week can provide us with that person or people. We just need to draw upon someone to give their opinion and assessment of our life’s doings.

The weekend may offer us the time to pull back the Wizard of Oz curtain and consider who and what are puling the strings. We can strip away the appearance and scratch beyond the veneer to see what is truly going on in our lives. Some quiet time in reflection and contemplation might provide us with greater understanding and could save us enormous amounts of time as we cut to the core and evaluate the true substance of those situations in which we have involved ourselves. Without serious review of what we are doing, we could be like a dog chasing its tail, just going around in circles.

Monday, February 22nd – Seeking Clarity in Muddied Waters – Virgo Full Moon, Sun. Monday begins the week with the Moon entering Virgo and triggering the Virgo Full Moon with the Moon opposed the Sun. The Mutable Sign T-Square with which we have been dealing since last September, and by which we shall continue to be impacted into this next September, is heightened. We might be feeling anxious, perhaps a little out of sorts, with our moods swinging between feeling upbeat and downbeat with no true understanding or reason for our emotional whipsaws. If we do not get caught up in the frenzy of the energy, we could use this day in a most productive manner. We might be able to draw upon our imagination to trigger foresight and at the same time focus on a best practices approach where we can draw upon the specifics to make our big picture image a reality. Things may not seem clear from the outset but persistence and considering various permutations will allow us to dissipate the muddied waters so that things become crystal clear. If we can be detached and zen-like and keep out of our own way, we might discover the best ways and means to achieve our goals.

Tuesday, February 23rd – Get a Grip – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter. Sometimes in the heat of the moment our evaluations can be skewed and our questioning of our capabilities can get the better of us. Yesterday had the Virgo Full Moon and today the Virgo Moon initially triggers the Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Neptune and the Moon square Saturn. We might question whether we have our facts and figures all together. We may wonder whether we are up to our intentions. If insecurities get in the way, it is essential that we put a lid on our demons and sally forth. We are often our own worst enemy — judge, jury and executioner — when other people would cut us huge amounts of slack. As the day progresses, the Moon trines Pluto and the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. No matter what our self-critique may be early in the day, we might find that our actions early in the day worked far better in other people’s opinions than in our own. We could find that we have stepped up and actually hit the ball out of the park when we ourselves may have felt as though we struck out. While the early part of the day could be anxiety-provoking, any whipsaws of feelings can be replaced by things fitting neatly into place later in the day. The latter part of the day can have us accepting kudos for a job well done and greater appreciation for our accomplishments. Let’s bask in the glow of other people’s admiration for us.

Wednesday, February 24th – Solid Conclusions – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday begins with the Virgo Moon sextile Mars. We can tie up loose ends, bring conclusions to significant matters and focus on the truly important. Much of today’s energy occurs in the morning hours, so let’s not waste the morning but clean up and clear out any issues that need completion. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost eight and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra later in the day. The early part of the day can have us taking care of business but the latter part might be more appropriate for getting together with people, enjoying the company of that special someone in our life and networking. The first three days of this week can have us dealing with specifics and details and many of our mundane affairs. The latter part of this week and prior to the weekend can have us making contacts, reaching out to those people who can help us advance our interests, offer us a solid evaluation of our accomplishments and assist us in considering alternatives that we might not be able to see for ourselves.

Thursday, February 25th – Connections and Reconnections – Venus, Mercury, Saturn. In the early seventeenth century, John Donne penned the words: “No man is an island, Entire of itself…” This Thursday is a good reflection of such sentiment. Many of our opportunities, and many of our challenges, come through the interaction with someone or our exchanges with other people. This Thursday allows us to draw upon the opportunities that contacts and connections can provide us. The Libra Moon trines Venus and Mercury sextiles Saturn. This is a good day for discussions and conversations. We can draw upon our past, all the while that we are looking towards our future options. Someone may prove an important sounding board by which we become aware of both our possibilities and the format in which to realize possibilities. We may reach out to people from our past and our present for their ideas and their opinions. And other people may reach out to us. This is a day when we can appreciate the people that are in our lives — their insights and their understandings, their suggestions and their encouragement. Through our interactions, we can devise a sound methodology to get from where we are to a fulfilling space in our future.

Friday, February 26th – Discontent with our Trajectory – Saturn, Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. There is an old and wise saying that states: ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’. This Friday our sense of discontent with the way things have been can impel us to work with peripheral vision and be open to unexpected trajectories that diverge from our presumed straight line. The Libra Moon today sextiles Saturn and the Moon trines Mercury. We can draw upon things we heard yesterday to move our plans forward. While easy sledding in concept, we might find that implementation of our day’s activities hits some impediments. The Libra Moon also triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Pluto and the Moon opposes Uranus. Yesterday may have had people supporting our plans, even providing insights as to how we could best move forward. While we can draw upon their suggestions, we might also find ourselves bumping up against someone who expects us to stay the same, be who we have been and do what we have been doing. Sorry, but for those who have seen the promised land it could be extremely hard to turn back now and consequently we could run afoul of other people’s expectations of us. It is not necessary for us to brandish swords or to stomp on the floor in order to get our way. Let’s keep in mind the magic and mini-miracles of the universe during this time of paradigm shift. If we would let any dust settle, then time can work in our favor. After a rather intense morning with the Moon aspects, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twenty-four hours as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra without making any further connections to the planets and before the Moon enters Scorpio early Saturday morning. Mercury sextiles Uranus today, and we might find that after some dustup we are more aware of our options and may find that even the naysayers are now supportive of our new plans.

Saturday, February 27th – In Stillness is Movement. Saturday has the Moon moving into Scorpio but making no aspects to the planets today. More can be going on than meets the eye. We might be holding our cards close to our chest. Things may seem secretive. To find out what is going on we might have to delve deep, but there may not be a great deal of energy to persist in our investigation or exploration. What we might find instead on this Saturday is that we are taking some down time, allowing things to unfold in their own natural rhythm and watching the river of events flow. The best use of this day may be to clear space. That might mean tidying up, getting rid of things, and giving some physical space. It might also mean taking the time to reflect and contemplate, characteristics that are often lacking in our fast-paced modern world when we all seem to be always ‘on’. This is a day for us to embrace stillness with the recognition that even in stillness there is movement. Our movement today may be more in awareness and clarifying situations by cutting to the core and considering what the essence of any situation might prove to be.

Sunday, February 28th – Vision and Implementation – Sun, Neptune, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter. Sunday continues with the Scorpio Moon and today the Moon trines both the Sun and Neptune in Pisces, the Moon squares Venus in Aquarius and the Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Virgo. The Sun conjuncts Neptune. We could be a little spacey today. If we stay grounded, we can combine our visionary sense with our practical sense. We can present concepts and abstracts and make them come real through offering the details, the specifics and the particulars to get from the vision into the implementation and on through to successful execution. This can be a powerful day when we trigger spirit into action. Our emotions can be strong today. We just need to focus our deep feelings into something we believe to be worthy of our involvement. There can be a certain mystique about us today, a sense that we are not revealing all that can intrigue people. Those curious to explore further may discover that we have covered all bases without missing a single beat.