January 4th – 10th, 2016

This week is the first full week of January, the first full week of 2016 and the week that begins our year’s first Mercury retrograde.

There is a great deal of activity this week as we start 2016 in earnest.

The week begins with us looking to clear up old issues and putting any necessary finishing touches to 2015 matters.

Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday for its three-week retrograde cycle. Although normally we have three Mercury retrogrades in a year, 2016 provides us with four Mercury retrogrades. Oh, joy! With Mercury retrograde Murphy’s Law is in play with ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’.

If we can postpone significant decisions, delay important commitments until after Mercury ends its retrograde motion on the 25th of this month, we could avoid all sorts of miscues and misunderstandings and missteps. I’m not one to lock the door and bar the windows during Mercury retrograde. There are times when we have little choice but to proceed with our lives and necessary matters. To offset the liabilities of Mercury retrograde it is always wise to check, recheck and check once more to be sure that nothing is falling between the cracks, that important points are not being forgotten and that we have covered all specific issues. I would also suggest that if we know of important decisions or commitments that we have no choice but to attend to during Mercury retrograde, we do a symbolic walk through of the matter prior to the Mercury retrograde. Closings, contracts, anything of real meaning to be done during Mercury retrograde can be ‘acted’ through by preemptively and symbolically signing a contract template before Mercury turns retrograde. It may not totally eliminate all of the liabilities of Mercury retrograde, but it is a good step to mitigate the effects of Mercury retrograde.

The mid-week period can have us broadening our involvements, taking on new projects and expanding our interests. It would be wise for us to keep in mind that we are operating under Mercury retrograde, for we may have to fine tune, rework or recalibrate as we progress with our activities.

The latter part of the week has Jupiter turning retrograde and Mercury retrograding out of Aquarius and back into Capricorn. Much of our forward progress could be thwarted as we have to deal with matters we once thought resolved but may still have some lingering facets to address.

The weekend gives us the Capricorn New Moon, a powerful New Moon that impacts the next two weeks and provides us with a strong impetus to get things done. We may draw upon people whose experience and expertise can grease the wheels for us by advocating our cause or making us aware of alternatives we might not have considered, but we also need to be resourceful and try to accomplish more with less.

The weekend comes to closure with us looking to connect with other people and enjoying some good laughs. We just have to watch that we don’t get on our high horse and in the process get rather snarky.

Monday, January 4th – Cleaning Up the Mess – Neptune, Sun, Pluto. Monday begins the week with the Scorpio Moon trine Neptune, and the Moon sextile both the Sun and Pluto. This is also the last day before Mercury turns retrograde. This Monday would be a good day for us to tie up loose ends, deal with outstanding matters, and try and clear the clutter from 2015 that is still hanging on. We might also consider what the most important areas we wish to develop in the days ahead. By strategizing and planning we might be able to avoid some of the pitfalls of the Mercury retrograde. Our intuitive sense can be heightened and we might feel guided as to what to prioritize and what to focus on. Whether we have made our resolutions for the year ahead or not, today would be a good day for us to give thought as to what we wish to concentrate on during this year and where we should put our energies to realize our deepest heart-felt dreams.

Tuesday, January 5th – Mixed Up and Misunderstood – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Sun, Pluto, Mercury retrograde. Tuesday can be one high-energy day but also a day when we need to keep our wits about us. There can be various mixed signals and some screw-ups on this Tuesday if we are not careful and mind what we say and what we do. The Scorpio Moon sextiles Jupiter before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for thirteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before the Moon enters Sagittarius early on Wednesday. Tuesday also has Mercury square Mars, Venus square Neptune and the Sun conjunct Pluto. And the kicker to the day is Mercury turning retrograde for the next three weeks. We have to be wary of trying to force issues today. We might feel as though people are not hearing us and consequently we may raise our voice as if increased volume would provide greater understanding. With a lack of clarity operating today, we could have difficulty with figuring people out, what they are conveying, who they are and how they contribute to or frustrate our ambitions. We might feel like an island unto ourselves today, but none of us truly are. Let’s try to make ourselves understood and get our points across so that everyone’s on the same page. It would be wise to add on extra time in getting places and in communicating our message.

Wednesday, January 6th – Upbeat and Simpatico – Mercury, Neptune, Venus. No matter how confused yesterday might have proven to be, this Wednesday provides the opportunity to change the tempo and the temperament. The Sagittarius Moon today sextiles Mercury, the Moon squares Neptune and the Moon conjuncts Venus. We are likely to feel upbeat, better able to explain our vision and project an inspired image of what we are looking to accomplish in the days ahead. There might be times today when we could feel slightly unsure of ourselves, but any hesitancy on our part can be dispelled by people enjoying being with us. Even if we believe that we don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle, we may find that our personality wins people over and encourages our goals. This is a day when we need to avoid overly critiquing ourselves and engage the warmth of personal interaction with other people. There are times when other people step forward and make a better case for us than we can for ourselves. This Wednesday could be one of those days.

Thursday, January 7th – Highs and Lows – Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Jupiter retrograde. This is a day when our mood swings could be quite extreme. We might wake up feeling slightly irritable and out-of-sorts. We may look at our schedule and just feel overwhelmed. Let’s keep in mind that while ‘same old, same old’ may still seem to be in operation, in truth there is greater inclusion of the magic and mini-miracles of serendipity and evidence of the new paradigm of asequential reality. This is a day for us to take off our blinders, work with peripheral vision and be open to the unexpected. Even if we have our nose to the grindstone, plodding one step in front of the other, a surprising development could arise that allows us to engage something exciting and enlivening. Few of us want to re-create the past. We need to recognize that in this paradigm shift it’s not about us making things happen as it is about being open to things coming out of the blue. From perhaps feeling somewhat bummed early in the day, we might get a second wind as the day proceeds. We just have to remember to find the balance between the extremes of the emotional lows and the highs of irrational exuberance. Jupiter turns retrograde later in the day and the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over eleven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before the Moon enters Capricorn tomorrow.

Friday, January 8th – The Dark Side – Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Mercury Capricorn. Friday begins with the continuation of the Moon Void-of-Course as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius without making any further connections to the planets. Later, the Moon moves into Capricorn where today the Moon sextiles Mars, Mercury retrogrades out of Aquarius and back into Capricorn and Venus conjuncts Saturn. We are on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon. This Friday may be better geared to focusing on our responsibilities and what we want to achieve in the days ahead. We might hear from people at a distance, people catching up with us or old connections resurfacing. With a significant thrust of energy that tomorrow’s New Moon will provide us, this Friday would be best served tying up loose ends and clearing the way for us to be fast out of the starting gate. New Moons and the waxing Moon provide beneficial times for initiations, beginnings and startups. The waning Moon is a time for completions and eliminations, to let go of the old and outmoded in preparation for the new thrust of energy that comes with the New Moon.

Saturday, January 9th – Structured and Practical – Neptune, Pluto, Uranus, Capricorn New Moon, Sun. Saturday gives us the Capricorn New Moon with the Capricorn Moon today sextile Neptune, the Moon square Uranus and the Moon conjunct both Pluto and the Sun. This New Moon is a powerful influence for the next two weeks. We can draw upon our experience and expertise to advance our interests. We can blend an intuitive sense with a practical sense to devise a best practices approach for the realization of our dreams. We may have to rein in our desire to be totally autonomous and the desire to do things solely on our own terms. While we might have to draw upon the ‘tried and true’ in developing our projects, we could also find that we have advocates or supporters who could make us aware of significant tweaks or options to the ways we are doing things. This New Moon allows us to ‘make hay while the sun shines’. We have to keep in mind the Mercury retrograde, but this two-week period could prove to be a highly effective and successful time. Let’s focus on the most significant matters and prioritize our involvements.

Sunday, January 10th – Carried Away – Jupiter, Mercury, Mars. We might have felt as if yesterday’s New Moon has put us in harness with a concentration on the straight and narrow. We might feel as though we could virtually move mountains so long as we have the right game plan. Sunday begins with the Moon in Capricorn with the Moon trine Jupiter and the Moon conjunct Mercury. Later in the day, the Moon exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius where today the Moon squares Mars. Saturday and Sunday can be highly productive days when we can accomplish a great deal. We might have to put aside some of our diversions and fun asides to concentrate on achieving results and moving our interests ahead. We could get carried away and take on the mantle of being a legend in our own mind. Although we can be highly effective today, we need to avoid assuming that we can do no wrong. Let’s try and keep in line and take care of what we want to get done, for otherwise we could get carried away by all sorts of possibilities, some of which might only turn out to be expensive distractions.