December 14th – 20th, 2015

This week can be a week of heightened expectations due to our exuberance and our imagined prospects of possibilities.

We are deep in the holiday mood swing. We can be optimistic and confident as we start the week. We might have a sense about things, a feeling that we are on the right track and that the universe has our back. Nothing can go wrong, or at least we would like to assume so.

This week can be a pleasant week, a time to get together with friends, neighbors, family and colleagues. No matter how much our responsibilities may weigh upon us, we are willing to put them on the back burner in order to enjoy the pleasantries this time of year offers us.

While the early part of the week can have us enjoying phone calls, textings and emails, we can keep a watchful eye on our obligations to be certain that nothing of importance falls between the cracks. We might be engaging the holiday festivities, but we are unwilling to lose sight of our mundane matters. We might not attend to our daily affairs, but we can keep them simmering with the intention to address them before the year ends.

No, this time of year asks that we step off the track, reconnect with people we haven’t seen for a while and just take a ‘time out’ from our regular routine to engage those special moments of enjoyable activities with those special people in our lives.

The latter part of the week may have us feeling spiritual and mystical. We might feel as though we could step out of ourselves and step into an ethereal realm, a soft and inviting dimension. Despite the frantic activity on the streets and in the malls, this time of year is a time when a hush envelops the landscape. Blocking out the frenetic energy, we can have a sense that all is right in the world and that things do eventually work out for the best.

The weekend can be a highly active time. We may be racing around, getting out of town and choosing a long vacation week. It would be wise for us to add on time for getting places, for everyone may be of the same mind and might be rushing around, clogging up the arteries.

Monday, December 14th – Stretching Beyond Limitations – Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune. Monday starts the week with the Moon exiting Capricorn to enter Aquarius. The Sun squares Jupiter and Mercury sextiles Neptune. We live in a world of possibilities, and this Monday can have us feeling confident and optimistic about our possibilities. Our focus may be future-oriented today. We are not as interested in what lies right in front of us as we are in that which lies beyond, out of reach, in an abstract and conceptual manner. Our intuitive sense can be strong today and combined with our enthusiasm we can see all things as possible, even the seemingly impossible. We are in the midst of the holiday time, and we might be making plans to get together with friends and family over the next few weeks. Just as this time of year gives credence to the belief that dreams can come true, we might use this day bolstering our hopes and wishes for our future. We do have to be wary of being overly generous today, for we could easily break our budget and strain our finances. Too much of a good thing can, at times, just be too much. If we don’t get too full of ourselves, we can be highly attuned to the right words to say and present ourselves in a wise and understanding manner.

Tuesday, December 15th – Surprising Twists – Saturn, Venus, Uranus, Mars. Tuesday continues with the Moon in Aquarius with the Moon today sextile Saturn, the Moon square Venus, the Moon sextile Uranus and the Moon trine Mars. We can deal with what we need to get done in the morning hours, but we might not be on the same page with someone else. Let’s avoid arm wrestling, especially in light of the fact that conditions and circumstances could change unexpectedly in the afternoon hours. The evening is a good time for us to spend with that special someone or get together with friends for a holiday romp. This is a day when we might hew to our schedule early in the day with some interesting trajectories going off later in the day. If we can attend to what we need to do early in the day, then we would have the time to engage situations that might arise surprisingly and could be some fun events.

Wednesday, the 16th – Do You Hear What I Hear? – Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. The Aquarius Moon sextiles the Sun in the early morning hours of this Wednesday. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost ten and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces. Wednesday is a good day to connect with those people that are at a distance from us and possibly people with whom we have not been in contact for a while. Spending time with that special someone today can be enlivening for both parties. The beauty of this time of year is that it justifies our taking a ‘time out’ to enjoy social company. Interactions with other people provide information to which we might not be privy, opinions and suggestions that are grist for the mill and that could make us aware of options we might not otherwise consider. The afternoon hours may have us contemplating ideas for our future involvements. We are in the holiday spirit but also well aware that a new year is approaching. We can give thought to the doors we want to close before the new year and the doors we might want to open as we come into 2016.

Thursday, December 17th – Dressed to the Nines – Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Venus. Our sleep state could be somewhat disturbed in the early morning hours of this Thursday. The Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune and the Moon squares Saturn. Our dreams might be vivid, but we might have an overwhelming sense of all that needs to be done. We could be slightly restless and awaken out of sorts. Even if our sleep state might not have been a refreshing one, once we awaken and get up we might be able to virtually move mountains. Venus sextiles Pluto and the Pisces Moon sextiles Mercury, the Moon sextiles Pluto and the Moon trines Venus. Someone could prove a major advocate and assistance to our accomplishing some of our goals. Things can move ahead as if on greased wheels. We may find that we are stripping away the extraneous in order to concentrate on the truly essential. We might also be looking at a personal makeover or putting our best foot forward. We have it going on today, a presence that may be truly striking, and a panache that might be quite appealing. This is a good day for intimate moments with that special person in our life. We are likely to speak from our heart with great depth and an attractive persona. Yes, this is a day when we may be dressed to the nines.

Friday, December 18th – Egads, It’s Friday – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Friday has the Pisces Moon triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Jupiter and the Moon square the Sun. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost six hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries later in the day. The week could catch up with us on this Friday. If we have let things slide, and there would have been a propensity to do so, after all it’s holiday time; then this Friday might have us running around trying to address things that have been put on the back burner but need attending to now rather than later. We could be all over the place today. We are coming into the weekend and then Christmas week, and some of us could be heading off for a long holiday vacation. We have to avoid doing things in a slipshod manner. We might try to get things done in whatever way possible, just to get them done. If we could slow things down, keep our eye on the immediate situations, then we can indeed tie up loose ends before we take off for the weekend or for the next ten-day period. The evening hours are designed for truly engaging the holiday spirit. We may not put out a sign indicating that we’ve gone away and are not available, but even if we are not heading out of town, our focus is shifting ever more toward the celebrations of these holidays.

Saturday, December 19th – Everything but the Kitchen Sink – Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Uranus. Saturday can have us fully in holiday mode and all the errands that go with it. The Aries Moon trines Saturn, the Moon squares both Pluto and Mercury and the Moon conjuncts Uranus. Mercury conjuncts Pluto. We may feel as though we have bit off more than we can chew when it comes to our commitment to holiday decorations, parties, celebrations, gift giving, ad infinitum. Yes, holidays are celebratory but sometimes we often make them incredibly arduous regarding all the things that we try to do to bring them to their highest point. If we take the time to plan things out, we can prioritize and concentrate on the most important elements. This is a no BS type of day. People are likely to tell it like it is or, at least, the way they see it. Conversations can be highly charged. Everyone may be trying to do too much, get their corner of the stage, and be overly self focused on what they want and the way they want it with small regard for other people’s needs. There may be commitments to oblige, but no matter what the plans might be, we don’t want to feel cornered or obligated to do anything unless it pleases us. This is a day when everyone needs to keep it cool and not let anything aggravate them to the point of explosive outbursts. Please, no tantrums to upset the holiday mood.

Sunday, December 20th – Too Far, Too Fast – Mars, Sun, Mercury, Uranus. The Aries Moon today opposes Mars and the Moon trines the Sun. Mercury squares Uranus. Although there can be push pulls between personal needs and the needs of another today, it would be wise to seek compromise and to be willing to give a little in order to get a lot. Instead of getting too focused on specific matters, it might be better to take a broader view and engage a wider perspective. If we can see the other person’s viewpoint, we are less likely to dig in our heels and want things just the way we want them. There can be mixed signals and miscommunications so it is essential that everyone be on the same page with clarity as to what is being discussed and any plans made to do things together. This is a day for us to be certain to back up our computer files with the recognition of possible liability to Internet issues. If we are traveling today, let’s add on some extra time just in case of traffic delays. We may get some unexpected news, and we have to be ready for contingency plans should something throw a curveball to our intended course of action. Let’s not jump at anything today but instead take into account as many facets of a situation that we can come up with. By slowing things down and maintaining awareness, we are less liable to be tripped up by surprising events.