September 7th – 13th, 2015

The energy can be spiked this week with us feeling up, down and spun all around. There may be quiet interludes of creative enjoyment, but the week could still have some over-the-top moments.

We start the week in the US with the last day of the long Labor Day holiday weekend, often considered the unofficial end to summer. Whether we are socializing with friends and family, out and about traversing the highways, or just hanging out at home, the beginning of the week can have us either literally or figuratively putting away some of our summertime involvements.

The autumn is fast approaching, but we are reluctant and likely unwilling to let the summer go. Some of us might feel as though this passing summer has not lived up to expectations. This early part of the week could have us taking some sort of flyer, doing something different and being spontaneous just to add some spice to our life.

The mid-week intensifies our thoughts and words. We might find ourselves entangled in fierce discussions or heated arguments. People may be reading each other the riot act.

Things cool down as we slide down from ‘hump’ day of Wednesday. Our creative juices may be flowing, and our presentations can be inspiring and inviting.

The end of the week and over the weekend we might be tying up loose ends, bringing certain matters to completion and doing a pre-emptive autumn cleaning.

The weekend closes out with a Solar Eclipse at the time of the Virgo New Moon, a New Moon that accentuates the Taurus decanate of Virgo.

I wrote it in my Summer e-letter, repeated it again in my September e-letter but it bears repeating a third time. I would like to write third time lucky, and we can only hope.

To repeat once again with the suggestion that forewarned is forearmed:

The Virgo New Moon on the 13th of September is a Solar Eclipse and may trigger what the Chinese proverb, often considered a curse, would refer to as “May you live in interesting times”.

One person who has made much out of this Solar Eclipse is Jonathan Cahn, a controversial author who writes about the Shemitah and seven-year cycles that have corresponded with major economic troubles, troubles that have been exacerbated by a Solar Eclipse. This Shemitah year runs from September of 2014 through September of 2015. If we go back in time, we see this seven-year cycle born out:

• Solar Eclipse on August 1st, 2008 coincided with the global financial meltdown and the ‘great recession’
• September 11th, 2001 terrorist attack on the US precipitated severe drops in the global stock markets
• 1994 bond market crash
• October 19th, 1987 Black Monday and stock market crash with worst one-day stock market drop since 1929
• 1980 hard recession
• 1973-1974 major Bear Market with the DJIA losing 45% of its value
• 1966 the S&P 500 index dropped about 22% in value.

You get the idea of what some cycle theorists are indicating about this September – October timeframe and what Cahn refers to as the impacts of the Shemitah year.

While this Solar Eclipse may not be as drastic for us on a personal level, it would seem a time of regrouping, focusing on both the foundation stones of our ‘new’ lives and the specific shifts we are considering making in our daily regimen.

Monday, September 7th – Labor Day or Just Laborious – Jupiter, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Pluto, Sun. Monday is Labor Day, the last day in the US of the long holiday weekend associated with the unofficial end to summer. The Cancer Moon today sextiles Jupiter, the Moon trines Neptune, and the Moon sextiles the Sun. The Moon also triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Mercury and the Moon opposed Pluto. This is a day when we can enjoy pleasant reveries, take some time for ourselves and escape into the quiet of our own thoughts. If only! It would be nice to have some time in our fantasy world, that safe happy place where everybody likes us. Even if we have momentary lapses out of our everyday existence, the mundane world can still impinge upon our contemplations. We might have certain matters to attend to, or else we may need to deal with someone else’s needs or we might have to journey through maddening traffic from our holiday getaway back home. This day is a tale of two qualities — the placid, idyllic attributes of what could be and the discordant, chaotic qualities of what often is. Let’s seek solace and nurture from the one in order to better handle the other.

Tuesday, September 8th – Flying High – Uranus, Saturn, Mars. We could be champing at the bit on this Tuesday if we have to be in harness and under someone else’s rein. Whether we have been on track or just getting back on track, this day after Labor Day in the US is the unofficial start of the school / work year. Thoughts of vacation time are put aside as we focus on matters at hand. We may be reluctant to get fully back in gear of our normal existence. The Cancer Moon squares Uranus and the Moon trines Saturn today. Mars trines Uranus. No matter what our schedule might be, no matter how booked our day might seem, we are likely to grab some time and do something spontaneous, impulsive, something we might never have done before. Our impetuousness could know no bounds, and we might assume that through our determination and our will we can virtually change the course of the rivers, the tides and the sun. Such a blow out can be like a steam vent whereby we release some of our pent-up energy, some of our frustrations, and hopefully in a healthy way. Like getting something out of our system, once we engage the spontaneous, we can get back to our focal point and accomplish a great deal more of what needs to be done.

Wednesday, September 9th – On a High Horse – Mercury, Pluto. Wednesday has the Moon in Leo and Mercury square Pluto. Everyone could be riding around on their high horse, feeling like they are THE ONE incarnate, and expecting to take center stage. Unfortunately, such an attitude can virtually beg someone trying to take the person down a rung or two, and that could be part of today’s makeup. Presentations can be dramatic with the image spectacular, the content possibly less so. There can be a narcissistic quality to this day, so let’s be aware that discussions and conversations may seem opinionated with people standing their ground regarding their perspective and how they see things. While we might prefer to preach to the choir, we need to avoid trying to make those we believe to sing off key part of our choice. Receptive audiences are always preferable, but today could experience more verbal pushbacks than we are comfortable with. While our mind can be sharp and incisive today, our words could also be sharp but stinging. It would be wise to avoid responding immediately to anything said with which we disagree. This is a day to count to ten before replying to outlandish statements or performances.

Thursday, September 10th – Me and My Inventiveness – Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Mars. Thursday has the Leo Moon sextile Mercury, the Moon trine Uranus and the Moon conjunct both Venus and Mars. This is a day when our creative juices may be flowing. Our presentations can be stunning and impressive, and we could gain admirers to our creations. This is not a day to waste. If we have some new project we wish to start, begin it now. We seem to have an aura of creativity and style about us today. Today is a day to put our best foot forward. Even if we do not intend to make a splash today, our presence can be magnetic, and people may see the sterling qualities of our character. With our talents evident and our passion engaged, we could explore new interests and develop a repertoire of self-expressive capabilities that are likely to excite and amaze us. It would be wise to keep our antennae up, work with peripheral vision, for startling opportunities can come virtually out of the blue. As a result of the incidents today, we may be especially happy to be alive.

Friday, September 11th – Shifting Moods – Saturn, Jupiter. Friday begins with the Leo Moon square Saturn. In the US, this day recalls the September 11th of fourteen years ago when the US suffered loss as a result of the attacks on the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon in Virginia. Remembrances may be sad, and we might feel the wind knocked out of our sails as we begin this Friday. As the day proceeds, the Moon exits Leo to enter Virgo where late in the day the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. We may start the day on a downbeat sentiment, but the end of the day could have us feeling that we have accomplished a lot. We may deal with any number of small details, clear the decks for the weekend and already plan our strategy for some of the new interests we considered on Thursday. Although we might experience extreme whipsaws of emotion on this Friday, such volatility are indicative of these times when we can swing high, swing low often in a nanosecond of time.

Saturday, September 12th – Cleaning Up, Clearing Out – Neptune, Pluto. Saturday continues with the Virgo Moon with the Moon opposed Neptune and the Moon trine Pluto. If we indulged a little too much on Friday evening, it may be hard for us to get going on this Saturday morning. We might have a long list of errands and activities we plan for the day, but where to start our day could have us dithering about until we actually get in gear and get out the door. Even if we are slow starting to begin this Saturday, once in motion we can be highly productive, doing more in less time thanks to our time management skills and our concentration on the most important items to accomplish. We may choose to use some of this day to file away outstanding matters, to tidy up our spaces and to do a dump run or two. It’s never too early for a good clear out, and today we might feel impelled to make way for the new and clear the debris so that we can move down our track with fewer obstructions.

Sunday, September 13th – I Feel the Earth Move – Virgo New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Sun, Saturn. Sunday has the Virgo New Moon, a Solar Eclipse as the Moon conjuncts the Sun. Late in the day, the Moon sextiles Saturn. New Moons imprint their signature on the next fortnight, the two weeks from the New Moon to the Full Moon. This New Moon, being a Solar Eclipse, is quite significant as I mentioned in the writing of the general theme of the week above. The sense of stability and security may be somewhat shaken, and is it any wonder? The global equity markets are highly volatile, with extreme ups and extreme downs. The so-called economic recovery and economic growth seem anemic at best. The movement of migrating peoples is evident in many areas of the world. And the sense of the solid earth is given lie to by the geophysical dynamics of earthquake and volcanic activity. This may be a time when we reflect on our security and question whether true security is found in the externals of our world or has to be found in the internal security of our own character and being. It would be wise for us to consider how we are doing our life and the specifics of our life under the vagaries of these times with thought given to contingency plans under shifting conditions. We can create a structure and format for ourselves that can change whenever needed. With the New Moon imprint on the next two weeks, we might consider focusing on our personal well-being — our physical health, our financial health, and our spiritual health.