August 10th – 16th, 2015

This week has significant energy shifts with a distinct paradox of one that can wipe the bloom off the rose and narrow our perspective to focus on the immediate steps ahead of us while the other inspires us to lift our eyes, look to the future, follow our heart and do our own thing.

The week starts pleasantly enough. Summer respites could have recharged our batteries, reinvigorated us and readied us for the opportunities, albeit sometimes challenges, of our forthcoming daily life. Not that the summer is over. No, we may still engage in summertime fun activities, but the crush of getting back on track could be instilled by the media, by the impending return to our regular routine and by the school calendar year about to begin. Children may be heading off to college, getting their school supplies in order and pressed to get back on track for the school year.

A major energy shift occurs early in the week as Jupiter exits Leo and enters Virgo. The Jupiter Leo transit of the last year has contributed to an upbeat mood, a tendency to put our best foot forward but also a liability towards irrational exuberance. Jupiter’s entry into Virgo is not all wine and roses, for Jupiter is in Detriment in Virgo, a Sign in which Jupiter is not comfortable. Being a planetary energy of expansion, Jupiter expands whatever the characteristics of that Sign might be. Jupiter’s tendency to see the big picture, the broad perspective, can be in conflict with Virgo’s tendency to focus on the specific and note the particulars. A liability of Jupiter in Virgo is ratcheting up a perfectionist and hypercritical attitude, whereby we see more the flaws than the strengths.

The mid-week can have us slightly confused. With one foot still in summer with its recreational activities and the other foot in preparing our regular routine, we may feel pushed and pulled in different directions. We might be compelled to re-engage old patterns, but our instinct is to incorporate the new and the different into our lives. Our growth cannot be stunted. We just have to figure out how to create the bridge between whom we have been and what we have been doing with a new sense of our selves and our desires for a different trajectory from where we have been going.

We may have to carom back and forth between the old self and the new self, but let’s keep in mind that intention is the major impetus for meaningful change. It would be wise for us to recognize that in this paradigm shift we do not have to do it all. By being mindful and aware, we can take advantage of those serendipitous opportunities that arise without our making them happen.

Some of the surprises later in the week can provide us with a greater insistence to take the path less traveled, our own individual journeying.

The weekend could be an upbeat and fun time with good friends and loved ones. By fostering our creative expressions, we might also discover the best practices approach to deal with our lives and any pressing matters.

As the wise and true saying goes: ‘we never get more than we can handle.’

Monday, August 10th – What a Beautiful Morning – Venus, Jupiter, Mercury. Monday begins the week with a burst of energy. The Gemini Moon sextiles both Venus and Jupiter in Leo. We may have great plans, plans for the day, plans for our future. Our creativity can be sparked, and this is a day when we can present ourselves in a dramatic and engaging manner. People might be drawn to us, and we could encourage people to follow their dream as we intend to do for ourselves. Much talk can revolve around future prospects with a shining light guiding our way. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Gemini to enter Cancer where today the Moon sextiles Mercury. In the midst of our ‘feel good’ attitude, we could be straightening, tidying and readying ourselves to put spirit into action. Our ebullient attitude and our attention to detail can make us feel that we can accomplish anything and everything. Whatever problem might present itself, we may recognize that we have the skill set and the disposition to meet the issue and resolve it successfully. The energy on this Monday is a great day to start the week, with the wind to our back and gently moving us forward.

Tuesday, August 11th – The Winds of Change – Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter Virgo. Tuesday begins the day with a sense that we are divinely-guided, that everything works out in the end, and that we have an intuitive monitor that filters out the superfluous in order for us to focus on the most meaningful. The Cancer Moon today trines Neptune, and we may assume that we are in our safe, happy place, where nothing can go wrong, everything turns out right. It’s a nice concept, but one that may not always play in today’s new ‘normal’. For just as we are gliding along in the early morning hours, we could experience some pushback and curve balls that knock us from our idyllic reveries. The Cancer Moon triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with our old nemesis of the Uranus Pluto square triggered by the Moon opposed Pluto and the Moon square Uranus. Unexpected variables could arise to our day’s plans that force us to juggle more than we would want and we could experience some blocks to our easy sledding. Bumpy roads might hamper our movement and demand our being able to think quickly on our feet. Let’s keep in mind the idea of the tai chi moves, whereby we work with the energies rather than trying to only control them. This day also has Jupiter ending its yearlong transit of Leo to enter for the next year Virgo, a Sign in which Jupiter is not comfortable. One of the liabilities that we have to be wary of would be our over thinking situations and getting immersed in the details while losing sight of the big picture.

Wednesday, August 12th – Drawing on Resources – Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Neptune. Wednesday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Cancer and the Moon in Cancer trine Saturn. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Cancer to enter Leo, where today the Leo Moon conjuncts Mars. Mercury opposes Neptune. This is a day when we can be highly resourceful, doing more with less, and being effective in tying up loose ends, IF we keep our wits about us. We can blend our reasoning with our intuition to devise a best practices approach in accomplishing whatever needs to get done. This is a day for us to take things step by step. No leaping forcefully ahead without considering the parameters! We can address pressing matters in the early part of the day, deal with what needs to get done and bring closure to outstanding matters. Later in the day, we could involve ourselves in our creative projects, allowing ourselves to enjoy our abilities and express our talents. Wednesday may be considered ‘hump’ day coming as it does in the middle of the workweek. A hump goes up and then comes down. Today, we can use that image to complete certain matters early in the day and then shift our attention to focus on some fun-loving engagements. If we get ourselves into a muddle, then we could spend the day spinning our wheels with our energy ramped up but taking us nowhere. Proper planning and right use of our schedule allow us to put things in perspective, attend to what needs to get done first and enjoy re-creational activities later in the day.

Thursday, August 13th – Off the Wheel – Sun, Uranus. Thursday is on the dark side of the Moon, prior to tomorrow’s New Moon. While the Moon is in Leo today, the Moon makes no aspects to the planets. There is not a strong emotional pull today. The only aspect today is the Sun trine Uranus. This Thursday may be a day for us to go through our baggage, do a healthy inventory taking and see what matters we would prefer to leave behind. We are in process of a major crossing, stepping from one paradigm into a totally different paradigm. We probably all have had sensations of dramatic change, major transformations and the friction between past and future. We are not who we have been, nor have we formulated who we are becoming. It’s process, and in this process it is wise for us to consider what we wish to let go and feel the insistence of new interests and forthcoming endeavors. Thursday is a good day for us to give thought to what we intend to be, to do, and to experience in our days ahead as we cross the transom into the new paradigm. While this Thursday can be a day of reflection, we might also want to seed our consciousness with the concept that life does not have to be a veil of tears but rather that life can be a magical, mystery tour. We just have to let go of our expectations, expectations that are sometimes based upon our early conditioning, the beliefs of our society, and an assumption that we can rule the world, even if only our personal world. On the contrary, this new paradigm opens the door to possibilities we might never have considered and relieves us of the need to master our surroundings, our environment and be in control, when in truth the new paradigm releases us from a belief in control. These are exciting times, and this Thursday is a day for us to engage the new and the different, even if only momentarily. By being spontaneous, even impulsive, we could find ourselves opening doors of possibilities that we never even considered possible.

Friday, August 14th – New Beginnings – Uranus, Leo New Moon, Sun, Venus. Friday has the Leo New Moon in the third decanate of Leo with its influence of Aries. The Moon trines Uranus, the Moon conjuncts the Sun, and the Moon conjuncts Venus. This Friday can usher in the start of something big. We may feel inspired to do our own thing, take our own trajectory, all the while feeling buoyed by thrilling excitement and a sense of grand adventure. While our enthusiasm could be dampened by our unresolved issues, today and the next two weeks are a time period when we can cut the ties that bind. As we step into any new involvement, let’s keep in mind that the engagement or project has a life of its own. We do not have to be at the mercy of the natural unfolding but neither should we attempt to control how things are to unfold. This is a day and a two-week period when new opportunities can arise out of the blue and without our making them happen. We do need to be open to receive, to work with peripheral vision and not be limited by our old perspective or past circumstances. There is magic in the air and the more we can be accepting of random occurrences, the greater the possibilities might arise. This is a time for us to engage a joie de vivre, a joy for living with all the awe and wonder of fresh perspective.

Saturday, August 15th – Hampered No More – Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Pluto. Even if we were to get tripped up by responsibilities, past obligations and conditioned response early on this Saturday, we can release our fears and enter new terrain today. Whenever we make dramatic changes, it seems as though elements of our past come forward to test us, to tease us and to see whether we are going to move forward into our new interests or fall back into past patterns. There are people who are afraid of major change and consequently maintain the complacency of discontent. They don’t like where they are, but they are afraid to embrace major change and consequently stay stuck in a symbiotic catatonic state. Even if we get stuck, the universe and our own personal destiny are moving us forward no matter how much we might dig in our heels resistant to change. Saturday begins with the Leo Moon square Saturn. We can come up with all sorts of excuses as to why we cannot move ahead and step away from our presumed trajectory. We can say we don’t have the resources. We can insist that we have the pulls of our present life circumstances. But too often we refuse to admit our fear of stepping into the unknown. But every day is an unknown no matter how programmed we might try to make it be. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Virgo where today the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and the Moon opposes Neptune. The Sun conjuncts Venus, and Mercury trines Pluto. Despite any hesitancy as we start this Saturday, we could find ourselves in gear and ready to take on the world as the day progresses. We can be highly astute today, figuring out a best practices approach by which we can take care of what needs to get done but also creating enough space for some grand adventure. Work and play might go hand in hand on this Saturday, and that would be the best approach to this day. Let’s attend to our errands in an expeditious manner and then allow ourselves some down time to engage recreational activities or contemplate where we have been and where we intend to go.

Sunday, August 16th – Moving Mountains – Pluto, Mercury. Whatever lit a fire under us thanks to Friday’s New Moon, this Sunday can have us figuring things out and being highly productive in getting things done. The Virgo Moon today trines Pluto and the Moon conjuncts Mercury. We can be highly adept at focusing on the most meaningful projects we want to engage, all the while utilizing a best practices approach to get things done effectively and expeditiously. Our ambitions are highlighted. With our passion, our determination and a laser-like focus, we could virtually move mountains today. Whether we are still on vacation or getting back on track of our daily existence, today is a day for us to give thought as to the practical steps by which to realize our dreams. We can concentrate on the design, the structure and the format of our future and put things in motion. Normally, we consider the weekend as a time to step off the track, deal with errands and also enjoy ourselves. This weekend might be better served in getting things in order and readying ourselves for a great leap forward with our various goals.