August 3rd – 9th, 2015

This week can prove a wild whipsaw between irrational exuberance and unrealistic depression. The liability towards extremes seems strong and could have us caroming back and forth between ups and downs.

Jupiter and Saturn are very much in play this week. This early August period can have us wanting to enjoy summertime fun activities while feeling compelled to get back on track with our regular routine. Back-to-school sales, autumn clothing sales can remind us that summer is coming to an end. We are not there yet, and we might still yearn to squeeze recreational activities out of this summer before the season exits into autumn.

The week begins with a highly emotional charge. We might feel like yo-yos with our moods changing in a nanosecond and swinging between extremes.

We have to be wary that we don’t overspend or be extravagant in our expressions, in our activities or in our expenditures. Like a bungee jumping cord, we may fly far from our starting point only to be snapped back.

This back and forth goes on during much of this week, and the severe movements can leave our head spinning.

This roller coaster ride of peaks and valleys continues through all of this week with variation on the same theme of expansion – contraction.

The end of the week sees two significant shifts in energy. Mercury exits Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo on Friday, followed on Saturday by Mars exiting Cancer to enter Leo.

It is also important to note that this is the last full week of the year-long transit of Jupiter through Leo. Next week, Jupiter enters Virgo. Much of our confidence and enthusiasm may wane as though the bloom has come off the rose. Our optimism and creative focus can turn into a concentration on details but might also raise self-esteem issues.

Changes — life is a series of continual changes.

Monday, August 3rd – Feelings, Plenty of Feelings – Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter. Monday can be a highly emotional day with a great deal of water buoying us or submerging us. The Pisces Moon today triggers a Water Sign Grand Trine with the Moon trine Mars in Cancer and the Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio. Jupiter squares Saturn. Our sensitivities are ratcheted up severalfold. We may have a feeling that certain cycles, significant phases are coming to an end. We might feel like we are dry sponges taking to water, picking up the energy around us, soaking up the moods of people near to us. This day can have a push – pull between wanting to broaden our reach and detecting limitations to our efforts. We could easily exhaust ourselves today as we swing from highs to lows. What is essential to keep in mind is that today our emotions can be reigning supreme. Our thought processes could be more determined by what we feel and our moods rather than rational understanding. It would be wise for us to avoid significant decisions today, since any decisions and actions could be more determined by our feelings than by reason. When it rains, it pours, and we could find ourselves subject to some intense squalls.

Tuesday, August 4th – Got the World on a String – Sun, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter. What a difference a day makes! Monday could have us all emotional, our feelings getting the better of us, and our moods going between extremes. Tuesday is a completely different type of day. While we might have had to react to situations yesterday, today we are likely to feel like pioneers, ready to move ahead with the expression of our creative talents. Yesterday, we were deep under Water. Today, we have a Fire in our belly and ready to take on the world. The Moon in Aries today trines the Sun and the Moon squares Pluto. Venus conjuncts Jupiter. We have verve to us, a magnetic quality that can be contagious and we are feeling good about our lives and about how we can meet any challenge successfully and come out on top. Where a slight problem could arise is in the fact that we are also feeling like a law unto ourselves. We might believe that the rules and regulations, the standards and mores of society, have little meaning for us. And there lies the rub. We could be so confident of our intentions that we could easily cut corners, glide on our impressive personality and feel that our optimism and confidence are contagious and will win our way with everyone and anyone. We could certainly seem incredibly dynamic today but let’s not get caught up in the groundswell of ‘feel good’ attitudes, for the honing to the point of clipping our wings could come tomorrow. Let’s keep in mind the admonition of: moderation in all things.

Wednesday, August 5th – Then and Now – Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn. Wednesday could have us flying high, as long as we check the air currents and consider alternatives to our intended trajectory. The Aries Moon today conjuncts Uranus, the Moon squares Mars and the Moon trines the Leo-transiting planets of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Venus squares Saturn. We may be on something of a high today, feeling good about our prospects and recognizing that some of our plans allow us to express our creative abilities and also allow us to move in new exciting directions. We may choose to follow our impulses, and right impulses at that. But we might also encounter naysayers, people or situations from our past that look to put monkey wrenches in the spokes of our wheels. This day could also have some strange reconnections. It might seem as though our past is catching up with us, impeding our forward movement and demanding attention that we just don’t want to give to it. Even if old scenarios get in our way today, we can use them as good mirrors to reflect where we had been and who we had been in comparison to the thrusting energy of our new sense of self. We do not have to succumb to the demands of our past but neither do we have to ride roughshod over where we had been. Our past has brought us to the present and allows new doors to open for our future. Let’s keep in mind that the past, present and future are all in the NOW.

Thursday, August 6th – Passion or Determination – Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Venus. Thursday could prove a highly active day, but a day when we need to keep a firm grip on the reins and not get carried away by the intense energy. The Moon in Taurus today sextiles Neptune, the Moon trines Pluto and the Moon squares the Sun. Mars trines Saturn, Mercury conjuncts Venus, and Mercury squares Saturn. Our passions might drive us today. We could get so enamored with a plan that we rush ahead to fulfill our intentions. It’s great to have a high level of exuberance, but it would be wise for us to figure out the hows and whys before we set off on achieving the whats. We may have a great deal of energy today, and if we take the time to strategize our itinerary we can focus on the truly meaningful, be highly productive and achieve more in a shorter period of time than usual. But it would be important for us not to rush ahead without considering all the contingencies. We also have to avoid strategizing to the point of every single detail, for if we were to do so we could find ourselves in a catatonic state considering all the negatives to our plans that could deflate our entire intention. No, this is a day for us to look before we leap, to make our plans but to do so in pencil with a big eraser. Part of the paradigm shift of these times is that we don’t have to do it all. Every project, every activity has an unfolding of its own, a life of its own. Once we are engaged in a project or activity, we become the co-creators with the project unfolding and not merely the masters of its development. The days of our being control freaks are gone, no longer work [as if they ever did]. Thursday is a high energy day but a day when we need to engage both brain and brawn and not merely go with the passion.

Friday, August 7th – My Best and Brightest – Lunar T-Square, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Mercury Virgo. Friday can prove a mixed bag, although a bag that we might have difficulty fighting our way out of. The Taurus Moon triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon square Venus and the Moon opposed Saturn. We might feel as though things are taking longer than we like, that someone is getting in the way of our forward progress, and that we don’t have the resources to do what we want to do. We might also find that old situations are demanding our attention, even if our thoughts and desires are in present and future involvements. Let’s not allow anyone to rain on our parade for we can be feeling upbeat, inspired, enthusiastic and highly creative. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. Our optimism can be contagious, but someone might take the contagion as if it were a bad case of poison ivy. There are parade rainers no matter how sunny we might be or how sunny the day actually is. It’s the whole paradox of the half glass of water with some people seeing it as half empty, other people seeing it as half full. Even if we are exuberant to the max, we might not be able to shake people from their Eeyore quality of pessimism, negativism and depression. Why try? Why even go there? We may be looking for some activity that we can engage that allows us to shine the brightest and offers us the opportunity to do our best. This day also sees Mercury exiting Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo. Our creative talents are juiced and we are likely to have all the details and particulars in their right place.

Saturday, August 8th – Huffing and Puffing – Jupiter, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Neptune, Mars Leo. Whether someone popped our balloon yesterday or not, we may find ourselves on this Saturday embracing the slogan: ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ We begin this Saturday with the Taurus Moon square Jupiter and the Moon sextile Mars. The Moon then goes into Gemini where today the Moon triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Mercury in Virgo and the Moon square Neptune in Pisces. Late in the day, Mars exits Cancer to enter Leo. We may be all over the place on this Saturday, juggling any number of things. Some of the things we take on may only be distractions or superfluous involvements. If we try to do too much today, we could gloss over situations, attending them but doing so without due diligence. Let’s keep in mind that ‘haste makes waste’. We may be rushing around on this Saturday. The messages may not always be clear, so it would be wise to slow things down and consider the consequences of our actions before moving aggressively ahead. The Mars entry into Leo might be a welcome relief from some of the emotional whipsaws we have gone through over much of this Summer while we have been dealing with the Water Grand Trine. With Mars exiting Cancer, we are released from the Water Grand Trine and now out of the vise grip of so much Water with its moody and emotional disposition that may have beleaguered us during this summer.

Sunday, August 9th – Here, There and Everywhere – Sun, Uranus. Sunday is a day when we might get on our hog, take a spin and turn up the music to the tune of Steppenwolf proclaiming:
“Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way”

We may not fully embrace their concept of Born To Be Wild, but we are looking for adventure and good times on this Sunday. The Gemini Moon today sextiles the Sun and the Moon sextiles Uranus. The more spontaneous we can be on this Sunday, the better it would be. Unexpected situations may arise and provide us with wonder-filled surprises. Let’s be open to the magic of these times today and do whatever catches our fancy. Remember: these times are all about magic and mini-miracles — the serendipity and synchronicity of being open to receive, and the unfathomable aspect of being in the right place at the right time. This Sunday can put a smile on our face and provide us further evidence that we don’t have to try and make things happen. On the contrary, we are on stage and able to participate in random happenings.