August 31st – September 6th, 2015

While we can deal with routine matters this week, our mind may be distracted with the lead up in the US to the long Labor Day weekend, a major celebratory time for many and the unofficial end to Summer.

We might start the week slightly dazed. Questions of what we should do, how we should do it and what’s the point anyway could be rambling around in our mind and physically exhausting us.

While the week can begin on an ill-footing with one foot feeling the need to deal with habitual responsibilities while we have the other foot out the door to express our fun-loving, creative side; we can balance the paradoxical aspects of our being by dealing with what needs to get done and then giving ourselves time to enjoy ourselves and engage our passion.

The mid-week period can have us dealing with necessary purchases, putting things together even to the point of a major makeover. We could be shopping for a wardrobe, buying necessary supplies or purchasing things for our weekend festivities. We do need to watch our expenditures. As shown by the volatility in the equity markets, the whipsaws now are extreme and we should avoid buying into irrational exuberance.

As we come towards the end of the week and over the weekend, we may have many places to go, various irons in the fire with us involved with one thing after another after another. Our plate may be full, but we can be loving the bounty.

This may not be the last gasp of summer, but we are certainly grabbing for all the gusto. We just have to be wary of too much of a good thing and indulgences to excess.

The end of the weekend could have us enjoying the comforts of home, spending time with family and friends and wondering where the summer has gone and reflective on the different facets of our summertime.

Monday, August 31st – Good Intentions – Saturn, Mercury, Sun, Neptune. Monday begins the week with the Pisces Moon trine Saturn. After a weekend when we may have spent some time, even if only brief interludes, contemplating our lives and our involvements, this Monday starts with us determining our plan of action. Our intentions to be practical, effective and expeditious may be good and strong, but we could also be falling prey to the old societal mindset of being the master of our domain with the old assumed belief that we are in total control of our lives and our destiny. Let’s keep in mind that such a belief belongs to the old paradigm and may not function in the new paradigm where we are co-creators with the serendipities of natural unfolding in the asequential reality of things occurring randomly and no longer in sequential progression. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Pisces to enter Aries where today the Moon opposes Mercury. The game is engaged, a tug of war of wills where we might try to enforce our desires and our intentions but run up against someone else’s plans that do not match our own. With the Sun opposed Neptune, the latter part of the day could have us feeling confused and possibly even exhausted from Sisyphus-like actions of rolling a boulder up a mountain only for it to fall back on top of us. The boulder rolling may not be literal, rather figurative, but the end of this day could have us feeling prey to the vagaries of the universe and victim to circumstances larger than us.

Tuesday, September 1st – On a Wing and a Prayer – Pluto, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday continues with the Aries Moon and the Moon today square Pluto, the Moon trine both Venus and Mars, and the Moon conjunct Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost sixteen and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus tomorrow. Venus conjuncts Mars today. Our passions may be highly engaged today. We want to do what we want to do, no matter the impediments in our way or the beckoning call of our obligations. We can be laws unto our own selves. Due diligence and ‘right action’ can go out the window, for we are far more driven by our desires to express ourselves, to stand on center stage and to spontaneously voice our opinions rather than drawing upon rational strategy. This is a day for us to channel our energy into productive outlets. We may be feeling rebellious to the mores of society conditioning but let’s be rebels with a cause rather than rebels without a cause. While our determination and passion can be heightened today, we need to avoid elements of confusion whereby we are acting, but more likely reacting, to a sense of being savior or martyr. This is a high energy day, and much can be accomplished if we would take the time for us to look and seriously consider our actions before we leap with incredible force and determination.

Wednesday, September 2nd – Slowing Down, Fitting the Pieces – Jupiter, Neptune, Sun. Wednesday has the Taurus Moon with the Moon today sextile Neptune and the Moon trine both Jupiter and the Sun. We may have been on a tear yesterday, burning up everything in our path. While we were driven by our passion, our due diligence may have been lacking in the rush to execute. Wednesday is a different story. We can slow things down, take our time, and encourage reflective moments to tune into our intuition. If we would draw upon our hunches, we could come up with a practical and effective way of accomplishing things, all the while tying everything up in a very appealing package. This is a day when we could focus more on our image and appearance, adding mystique to our presentation. We can be convincing and seductive today. We do have to keep a rein on our expenses. We could be so engrossed in a makeover that we don’t take into account the costs. Autumn is coming and we might feel as though we are ready to enter the season confidently and powerfully, and we may choose to spruce up our wardrobe and our environment.

Thursday, September 3rd – Cutting to the Core – Pluto, Venus, Mars. Thursday continues with the Taurus Moon and today the Moon trines Pluto and the Moon squares both Venus and Mars. We are closing in on the long Labor Day holiday weekend, and we might be itching to get on with the celebration. No matter the itch, it would be important that we not scratch it. There may be too much to get done for us to give into distractions or fun diversions. We can enjoy ourselves soon enough, but this Thursday is a good time for us to get down to basics, deal with the fundamentals and try and clear the decks in order for us to begin next week with a whole new thrust of energy, whereby we can concentrate on new projects, new trajectories and new directions. This Thursday would better serve us by our dealing with the most important matters that are in need of tying up. We may feel that we are doing the drudge work, but if we don’t do it, who will? We might have to put on hold our escapes from routine today, but it would be far better for us to clean up and clear out things that we don’t want to deal with as we come into autumn. And keep in mind that while summer is not ending this next week, this upcoming weekend is the unofficial end to summer with a sense of autumn further engaged.

Friday, September 4th – All Over the Place And Getting Nowhere – Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Neptune. Friday begins with the Taurus Moon opposed Saturn. We might awaken with an overhanging sense of responsibility or a feeling that we cannot splurge on the coming weekend. If we have been reckless with our finances, a behavior encouraged by our consumer-driven economy, then we might feel limited or restricted by how much we have to spend over this weekend. But why worry when many of us have various credit cards that are able to conceal what we have done with them and to them? We may feel that we have certain things to attend to today and might resent the call to duty. That feeling is unlikely to last long, especially with the Moon moving into Gemini today and triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Jupiter and the Moon square Neptune. If we are planning on traveling this weekend, we may want to get out of Dodge early, only to find virtually everyone else having the same game plan in mind and in effect. We might feel as though we are spinning our wheels, but in fact our own thoughts and anxieties could be spinning as our car tires slink slowly along the highways. While the early morning hours might feel somewhat restrictive regarding our consideration of expenditures, those thoughts could prove fleeting as we give ourselves license to go all out for the Labor Day holiday weekend and the last burst of summer down time. From being contained like a Jack-in-the-box in the early morning hours, the latter part of the day and evening can have us springing out and doing any number of things.

Saturday, September 5th – Good Times, Good Friends – Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Pluto. Saturday can be one highly social day, whether we are getting together with people, chatting them up on the phone, or keeping our fingers working through texting. Saturday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon today trine Mercury, the Moon square the Sun, the Moon sextile both Venus and Mars in Leo and the Moon sextile Uranus. The Sun trines Pluto. There are times when we need to get out and about, engage our friends and enjoy ourselves. This is one of those days. We might also use our friends as a mirror to reflect back to us how much we have changed. Despite the lightheartedness of the day, we may feel as if we had gained a certain gravitas, a deepening within ourselves, a no-nonsense approach to life with us focusing on the truly meaningful to exhibit our life as having significant purpose. This deepening, soulful sense does not necessitate our being serious about everything, but we are likely to be far more discerning about what we engage, both as far as our work and our recreation, and also with whom we choose to dance. Amidst the hoopla of good times, we can see how much we have transformed, how we have become more into our body and integrated our spirit and our soul into the daily experiences of living. This is a day when we can attain heightened awareness. Towards the end of the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over eighteen and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer tomorrow. The energy dies down late in the day, and we many choose to slacken the pace.

Sunday, September 6th – Sighs of Relief – Moon Void-of-Course, Venus direct. Sunday begins with us in something of a contemplative mode. Even if we are juggling any number of activities today, we are ruminating about options and alternatives for our future. The Gemini Moon is Void-of-Course for some of this day with the Moon making no connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer later today. Even then, the Moon is not highlighted today. There are no aspects from the Moon to the planets today, either while the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini or as the Moon begins its transit of its own Sign, Cancer. The only significant energy is Venus ending its retrograde cycle to turn direct. Instinctively, we may give a sigh of relief. Relationships can improve, people may be cognizant of what is going on with the other person, even if we are still more concerned about our interests, how we present ourselves and making sure that our voice is heard. The latter part of the day could be a time to gather with family, relax at home, or just recoup from some of the energy expended yesterday. Despite the initial thrust of activity early in the day, the latter part of this Sunday could play to the oft-mentioned concept of Sunday as a day of rest.