August 24th – 30th, 2015

This week is the first full week of the Sun’s transit through Virgo and can be a highly productive week leading up to Saturday’s Pisces Full Moon.

We start the week off with a Fire Grand Trine as the Sagittarius Moon trines Venus in Leo and the Moon trines Uranus in Aries. We are feeling upbeat and inspired looking to make our mark on the world and to express ourselves in a dramatic and intriguing manner. With fire in our belly, we may focus our energies on achieving our goals and realizing our ambitions.

The mid-week period can be a highly industrious time, a period when we can accomplish more with less. We can be astute, resourceful and confident of our abilities. Not only can we present ourselves in the best light. We have the smarts to engage the most challenging questions and solve the most difficult problems. We may be operating on all cylinders this mid-week period, and we could even find ourselves capable of moving mountains, figuratively more so than literally.

The latter part of the week could be a time to engage with other people, blending our own personal ambitions with an interest in other people’s accomplishments. Let’s keep in mind the truth to the saying that ‘you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’.

Making nice with other people can gain us advocates to our cause and grease the wheels of our ambitions. Future prospects could be unveiled, and we might discover a new trajectory for our plans and intentions.

The weekend has the Pisces Full Moon, which could land us in something of a muddle. We have to be wary and avoid being tripped up by old scenarios that no longer work for us. At the same time, we have to prevent ourselves from tripping over ourselves. Things may have been an easier flow during the week, but the weekend could be a highly emotional time and a time when we are serving as judge, jury and executioner whether of ourselves, someone else or both ourselves and other people.

The weekend ends with us deep in contemplation. We may reflect on the good times of our week’s successes but wonder what it’s all about. If we are not following our heart and seeking to achieve our dreams, we may question: what is the point?

Monday, August 24th – Believe in the Magic – Lunar Grand Trine, Venus, Uranus, Mercury. Monday begins the week with the Sagittarius Moon triggering a Fire Grand Trine as the Moon trines Venus in Leo and the Moon trines Uranus in Aries. Encouraged by someone who appreciates our innate talents, we can expand our scope of operations, engaging our creative self-expression and exploring new realms of possibilities. Let’s keep in mind that during this paradigm shift we do not have to do it all, but rather we need to be open to unexpected scenarios developing even out of the blue. Yes, this is one of those days of random happenings that can put a smile on our face and provide a glimpse into new trajectories. While the day starts off with a burst of energy, even a sense of good fortune, later in the day the Moon squares Mercury. Our rational mind can get in the way of our belief in the magic. We can analyze, dissect, all with a liability to tarnishing the miraculous and bringing it back down to the mundane. Why go there? If we accept the possibility of the seemingly impossible, broaden our perspective and open our mind to the extraordinary, then we can balance what might seem like the fantastic with the practical and figure out the ways to make our dreams come true, with a little help from our friends of the universal unfolding.

Tuesday, August 25th – Spirit in Action – Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto. Monday started the week with a glimpse into the phenomenal, that rarefied air where the sequential breaks down into pure energy, throbbing in a continuous flow of manifestations and shapeshiftings and morphings from one thing into another into yet another. With a sense of the magical of these times, we can use this Tuesday to put our spirit into action. Tuesday has the Moon entering Capricorn where today the Moon trines both the Sun and Jupiter in Virgo, the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces and the Moon conjuncts Pluto. This is a day when we may feel optimistic, confident of our abilities and willing to show the world what we can do. And what we can do could be highly effective. We may feel guided by an inner knowing, an intuitive sense of what goes where and how it goes where it goes. Not only do we have a heightened intuitive sense. We also have an engineering capability of figuring the right pieces for the appropriate puzzle. This is a day when we may feel driven but without the stress and strain of exertion. Things can flow easily. We can focus on the big picture, all the while not losing sight of the details necessary to complete the whole. This is a day for accomplishments and recognizing our enthusiasm for some of our own projects.

Wednesday, August 26th – Retunings and Honings – Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Jupiter. The Capricorn Moon today squares Uranus. No matter what is thrown at us today, we can be highly resourceful and confident of our abilities to successfully deal. We might have to put some of our plans on the back burner to address certain responsibilities, but while they might impede our schedule, any distractions are not likely to upset our focus. Mercury sextiles Saturn and the Sun conjuncts Jupiter. We can handle more today than usual. We might have to rework some of our involvements, but our mind is sharp, able to cut to the core, all the while that we don’t let anything fall between the cracks. This is a day when we know that we can juggle any number of things effectively and productively and without dropping any one thing in the process. In fact, we might find that we are able to pick up the pace, utilize a best practices approach, and accomplish more than usual. Our time management skills may be in play today, and we might feel gratified by our achievements. While a great deal of our attention is focused on the specifics and particulars of our lives, let’s not get so focused on the details that we forget to consider the bigger picture of our lives. We may be concentrating on certain things today, but it would be wise for us to recognize that there is more to our lives than just dealing with our ambitious goals. Tuesday and Wednesday can be highly productive days, days when we can achieve a great deal. It would be wise for us to address the mundane affairs of our lives on these two days. While our concentration may be on what’s immediately at hand for us, the next couple of days can have us looking up and looking towards our future.

Thursday, August 27th – Beyond the Horizon – Saturn, Mercury, Mercury Libra. Thursday begins with the Capricorn Moon sextile Saturn and the Moon trine Mercury, just before Mercury exits its own Sign of Virgo today to enter Libra. The Moon then moves into Aquarius. The early morning hours culminate a most productive few days. We may be tying up loose ends, bringing things to completion and trying to clear the decks of our mundane responsibilities. We can be dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s of many of the things we have been working on these past two days. Our due diligence is astute, and we are adept at bringing completion to outstanding matters. Mercury’s move out of Virgo ends the Stellium of three planets in the Mutable Earth Sign. With Mercury moving into Libra, we all may gain a little humanity. Over the past few weeks, each of us may have been more concerned about our own things, about how we project ourselves with a slight tendency towards narcissism. Not that we are giving up on our selfies, but we might seem far more interested in what is going on with other people. If relationships have been somewhat dicey over the past few weeks or months, we could experience people becoming more considerate, charming and diplomatic in their engagements with one another. With the Moon moving into Aquarius, our attention may turn to our prospects, those plans we have for future involvements. Getting together with friends and colleagues can allow for lively discussions about options and alternatives we might not have taken into account, much less been aware of.

Friday, August 28th – Not All About Me – Mars, Venus, Uranus. Friday’s Aquarius Moon opposes both Mars and Venus in Leo and the Moon sextiles Uranus. Although we are interested in joining in with someone else or other people in a collaborative activity, we have to watch that our ego does not get in the way. We could be somewhat adamant about seeking center stage for ourselves, but it would be wise for us to keep in mind that there is always room for one more, or more than one on the stage. It would be wise that we allow and encourage the expressions of other people, for we might discover that we had blinders on, saw only what we could see, and that someone else could make us aware of views beyond the periphery of our vision. Humility is called for today and in so engaging we might learn about something from someone that could open an interesting door and put us on a different trajectory than we could ever have imagined. No matter how stuck we get into our own mindset and perspective, serendipity can enter the picture and surprise us with opportunities that may be more attuned to where we want to go and how we would like to be. This Friday is a day for us to avoid being our own worst enemy by getting bound up in the concept of who we are and what we should be doing. By letting go of our habitual patterns and being open to receive, we could discover some interesting and exciting activities to pursue.

Saturday, August 29th – Caroming – Saturn, Jupiter, Pisces Full Moon, Sun, Neptune. After a week that might have seemed like we were sliding along on greased wheels with various things working out in our favor, we come to Saturday and the Pisces Full Moon. Before we get to the Full Moon today, the Moon in Aquarius squares Saturn. Suddenly, the wind may feel as if it has been knocked out of our sails. We could have the sense of various limitations and impediments in our way to get to our own personal promised land. We can feel like we don’t have the resources — whether financial, time or talents — to do what we would like to do. Such an assumption can lead us into a ‘poor me’ attitude and a victim disposition. Why go there when we are repeatedly seeing indications of mini-miracles and evidence that things can change so dramatically in a nanosecond of time? Let’s keep in mind the parameters of the paradigm shift — asequential reality, where things happen not so much in a sequential progression but rather can occur in most unexpected ways. Even if we accept such a belief of serendipity and synchronicity, we might not fully grasp it today. For as the day progresses, the Moon enters Pisces where the Moon today opposes Jupiter, the Moon opposes the Sun at the Full Moon, and the Moon conjuncts Neptune. We could easily buy into the assumption that we are behind the eight ball, feel that we are locked into a never-changing realm and see the half glass of water as half empty and emptying further. If we find ourselves falling into a pit of self-doubt and worry, it would be wise for us to find some salve to our pain — meditating, listening to uplifting music, getting out into the cathedral of nature or reading spiritual insights. Let’s always remember that our attitude can be a magnet for how our lives are unfolding. An attitude of gratitude and appreciating all the blessings in our lives go a long way towards a self-fulfilling lifestyle.

Sunday, August 30th – Reflections and Contemplations – Pluto. Sunday is often considered a day of rest, and the energy on this Sunday certainly speaks to taking time to reflect, contemplate and consider the deeper meaning of our life. The Pisces Moon today sextiles Pluto. Coming off yesterday’s moody Full Moon, we could be feeling very emotional on this Sunday. Our compassion can be accentuated and we might go out of our way for someone who is in distress. While we can be helpful to someone today, it would be wise that we not lose the balance between service and self-sacrifice. We can be of help to someone, but our help might be in helping them lift their burden without carrying it for them. There is not a great deal of physical energy today, but there is a great deal of spiritual energy. We can plan our moves, strategize a best practices approach, all with the determining factor that whatever we are intending has to have meaning and significant purpose to us. If we will take some quiet time for ourselves today, we could gain a greater understanding regarding our life’s journey and the pathways we have chosen. This is not a day for comparisons but rather to appreciate the uniqueness of ourselves and of each individual human being, just like a blanket of snow is made up of countless snowflakes none of which are ever the same.