August 17th – 23rd, 2015

Although we may feel ever more pulled back into our regular routine this week, we are also unwilling to let go of summertime activities. Even if we have to deal with habitual engagements, we want some spice to our week to liven things up.

The week begins with us dealing with what needs to get done, whether we are stepping back on track of our normal daily existence or preparing to do so. We may be attentive to gathering the resources, determining the format and taking the initial steps to get back into harness of our ordinary matters.

While we might sense summer slipping away, this early week period can have us connecting and reconnecting with new people and people whom we may not have seen over the earlier summer months. Relationships could be highlighted both with new and old encounters. Our social interactions might provide an interesting mirror for us to see how we have changed and shifted over the recent months.

A serendipitous meeting mid-week could make us aware of our own creative talents and an appreciation from someone for how much we have grown, transitioned and transformed. Let’s keep in mind that these are times of major shapeshifting, shapeshifting that can either be recognized externally in major makeovers and changes in appearance and personality traits or internally with significant shifts in our interests and focus. No matter how we feel or exhibit our changes, we all may realize that our changes are dynamic and give lie to any assumption of stasis or stuck qualities.

The latter part of the week could have us doing a good cleanout of the irrelevant and extraneous in our lives. With a greater concentration on the truly meaningful and essential in our lives, we might choose to relieve ourselves of weighty baggage and release ourselves from the worn out and outmoded.

Our weekend can continue our cleanup and clear out but also prods us to spread our wings, step off the track and broaden our horizons. We may not be able to travel too far, but we are also not looking to be held back, for we are acknowledging the inner compulsion to expand our interests in accord with the changes we have gone through.

The weekend comes to closure with a significant shift in energy as the Sun exits Leo to enter Virgo, ending the Stellium of three planets in Leo and triggering a Stellium of three planets in Virgo. Summer is winding down, autumn fast approaching, and we could find ourselves concentrating on the specifics of our lives and dealing with our immediate needs and less on the expressions of a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude.

Monday, August 17th – Taking Care of Business – Saturn. Monday begins the week with the Virgo Moon sextile Saturn. The start of the week and the energies in play could have us taking care of routine matters. We may be structuring our time, scheduling our plans and dealing with what needs to get done. We can be incredibly resourceful today, taking care of business in a most expeditious and cost-conscious manner. We might feel as though we are laying down our base camp for our moves towards scaling the summit of our ambitions and our goals. We are not looking to rush the river but rather willing to take things step by step, focusing on the details without losing sight of the big picture. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Virgo to enter Libra. After we have taken care of our own basic needs, we may reach out and connect with that special someone, or special people, in our life. Evening hours can have us enjoying leisurely conversations, catching up with the events in someone else’s life and sharing what we have done, where we have gone and what we intend in the days ahead. Whether we are back on track or still circling the perimeter of our normal life, we are focusing more of our attention on getting back on track.

Tuesday, August 18th – New Me, Old You – Mars, Pluto. Tuesday has the Libra Moon sextile Mars and the Moon square Pluto. We may awaken with a spring in our step, readying to give voice to our creative talents and engage other people in a confident, upbeat disposition. If we have to make a case for our position, we can easily present our argument in a pleasing and enticing manner. The morning hours can allow us to win advocates to our cause and gain the appreciation of someone who likes our vibrant spark and determined intention. We can virtually move mountains in the early part of this day, can gain support for our plans and enjoy ourselves to the max. Our attitude could seem contagious. As the day progresses, we might hit some bumps in the road. Perhaps we prove to be too much for someone, as though we have challenged their definition of who we have been rather than their ability of realizing who we are becoming. Old issues may get in our way. Let’s not be thrown for a loop by any blockages or impediments in the way. On the contrary, let’s keep in mind the tai chi moves of working with the energies. Whenever we meet an obstacle in our path, we do not have to take on an adversarial role but could decide not to engage the impediment but rather move around it. This is day for us to keep the wind in our sails and tack whenever necessary to avoid frivolous confrontations.

Wednesday, August 19th – Opportunities Beyond the Scope – Uranus, Venus, Sun. Although Wednesday is considered ‘hump’ day, the mid-week day when we are primarily concentrating on the usual tasks of our everyday lives, this Wednesday could prove quite different, IF we will take off the blinders, work with peripheral vision and be open to unexpected situations arising. The Libra Moon today opposes Uranus, and the Moon sextiles both Venus and the Sun. Venus trines Uranus. Even if we are concentrating solely on those situations that lie straight ahead of us, curveballs may add greater interest to our day. Serendipitous encounters, those contacts that are not pre-arranged but rather happen in a most extraordinary manner, can open our eyes to options and alternatives that we might not have taken into account. This is a day for us to take a momentary sidestep from our regular routine in order to take advantage of surprising opportunities. Potentials can be revealed today, possibilities and even the seemingly impossible could be realized. This is a day for us to get out of our own way, embrace the magic and mini-miracles of these times, and be open to receive good fortune. Let’s keep in mind on this Wednesday that the paradigm shift we are going through accesses parameters and circumstances that are not so much of our making as the synchronicity of being in the right place at the right time. We need to keep our ears and eyes wide open to perceive the benefits of today’s energies. Someone might appear before us, or contact us, with a meaningful clue to our life’s scavenger hunt with the ability for us to take a different path, or at least a sideways step, and engage an exciting new opportunity.

Thursday, August 20th – All the Right Pieces – Jupiter, Mars, Neptune. A lesson for all of us during these times is to change our mindset from forcing things according to our personal whims and instead working with the natural unfolding of the dynamic universe as it manifests in our daily lives and in our personal life situations. It would be wise to keep in mind the suggestion that the universe and divine design have far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves. This Thursday has the Moon in Scorpio with the Moon today sextile Jupiter, the Moon square Mars and the Moon trine Neptune. Things can move smoothly ahead on this Thursday just as long as we don’t try and force or manipulate events. More can be accomplished today by trusting our intuition and using soft, gentle movements rather than our banging and crashing about. Humility is called for and respect for the natural unfolding. Intuitively, we can determine the right pieces and the right fit to the various puzzles in our life. We just have to avoid rushing the river, trying to make things happen and using brute force to fit the pieces into the puzzle according to our own personal plan. No, this day calls for gentle, smooth movements and NOT brute force. Even if we use our passion and determination and ego strength to force things, we could encounter a major pushback. Eventually today, we will come to realize that we can accomplish more in an easy, thoughtful manner rather than with brute force. This is a day for us to acknowledge and embrace the Taoist sentiment: ‘bend like a reed or break like an oak’.

Friday, August 21st – Weary and Battle Worn – Pluto, Venus, Sun, Saturn. Friday calls for us to focus on our goals. The Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto early in the day. We can streamline our operations, deal with the most pressing needs and accomplish more in a shorter period of time by concentrating our attention and utilizing the most expeditious means in doing so. As the day progresses, the Moon squares Venus and the Sun squares Saturn. Whatever plans we have made for later on this Friday we might prefer to bow out. We might not feel especially companionable. On the contrary, we could have a sense of fatigue, exhaustion and tired of playing in accord with expectations. Although we could be looking for a good time, it might be more of a push for us to get going. A quiet night of recharging our batteries and minimizing our expenditures may be more in accord with our sentiments. There are times when we need to determine a ‘time out’, relax, recharge and reinvigorate. This Friday night might be one of those times. If we do engage social interactions or spend time with that special someone in our lives, diplomacy is called for. We may not be at the top of our game and we could easily unconsciously create slight uproars in our relationships. Today is best served clearing away the debris and not pressuring ourselves to address other people’s obligations.

Saturday, August 22nd – One Foot In, One Foot Out – Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Jupiter. Saturday is a good day for us to attend to our errands and shift our mindset to getting back on the track with interludes of fun adventures. The day begins with the Scorpio Moon sextile Mercury, the Moon conjunct Saturn and the Moon square the Sun. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Sagittarius where today the Moon squares Jupiter. If we have to pick up supplies, do a late summer cleanup and prepare for the autumn ahead, the morning hours would be a good time to do so. We can make our list, check it twice, create an itinerary and through time management get more done in a shorter period of time. We may not want to spend the whole day in the clearing out and picking up aspects of our lives. Besides which, we might also want to enjoy ourselves on this Saturday afternoon. As the saying goes: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We may not be Jack, we may not be a boy, but certainly the energy of this day could come to a grinding halt for us unless we have some treat to look forward to later in the day. We will do what needs to be done, but we don’t want to spend the entire day doing so. On the contrary, we want the latter part of this day for re-creational activities, fun events that put a smile on our face. If we haven’t been eager and expeditious in the morning hours to deal with our fundamental needs, then we might feel slightly guilty if we engage our enjoyable pursuits. We could feel betwixt and between today with one foot in our autumn preparations and our other foot in summertime pleasures.

Sunday, August 23rd – Shifting Sands – Neptune, Mars, Sun Virgo. Sunday continues with the Sagittarius Moon with the Moon today square Neptune and the Moon trine Mars. The Sun exits Leo to enter Virgo and creates a dramatic shift with the end of a powerpack in Leo and the beginning of a powerpack in Virgo. We could be amping to participate in some grand adventure today, spread our wings and put our own personal imprint on the day. With a wide range of options, we might even feel a little dazed about what to do, what to do first, how best to maneuver, etc. Yes, we can be in a bit of a fog as we start the day. The trick to the day is not to get stuck revving our engine in neutral but rather engaging drive and heading out, even if our destination is unknown. Once we get going today, we may feel re-energized with a sense of excitement and adventure. Every now and then, each one of us needs to change things up a bit. We live in a dynamic universe and stasis is not only thwarting but downright debilitating. There are times when we don’t know where we might be going but we just need to get going with the pathway being revealed as we move along. Today is one of those days. Although we are still in the summer season, we are getting a greater sense of our forthcoming autumn impinging upon our perspective and even our plans. We can give greater attention to our routine activities but can do so ever more by taking some time to enjoy ourselves, clear our head and develop a fresh perspective.