July 27th – August 2nd, 2015

We could be traveling this week, whether literally or figuratively. We all may want to get off the track, out of Dodge and into new surroundings.

Taking a break early in the week, allowing ourselves a ‘mental health’ day, could allow us a fresh perspective and greater clarity regarding where we are, where we want to go and what we want to do in the future. There are times when we need to step out of ourselves in order to see clearly who we really are and the process of who we are becoming. With all the caroming that may have gone in our lives, stepping out may be what is called for early in the week.

After clearing our heads, we could find ourselves highly productive during the mid-week. We can present ourselves in an accomplished and detail-oriented manner. We know what we wish to attain, and we might gain advocates assisting us in realizing our goals.

There might be some bumps along the way towards the latter part of the week, but such bumps could prove useful honing to our engagements. We may not have acknowledged certain issues nor been aware of the unexpected that could spring up. Bumps can allow us to catch any snags before they become significant tears.

The end of the week has the Aquarius Full Moon on Friday. Social interactions can be fun, but we might also consider our situation in the context of the bigger picture and how we fit into our social milieu.

The weekend can have us doing some soul-searching. We could reflect on whether we participate in particular activities as a form of distraction and diversion from our regular routine or whether they are healthy recreations for us. We want to be more real with our lives, more aligned with our true sense of self and concentrate on finding right venues in which to express our creative talents.

Let’s keep in mind that during this time of paradigm shift we do not have to do it all but we do have to keep aware and maintain vigilance. Startling news could open new doors for us, and we might discover that we are being in the right place at the right time.

There seems to be more forward movement as we end this week, but let’s not rush the river. If we fast forward our plans, we could skip over some interesting stepping stones that just might open unexpected trajectories that could prove more to our liking.

Monday, July 27th – We Gotta Get Out of This Place – Neptune, Uranus. Monday has the Moon in Sagittarius with the Moon today square Neptune and the Moon trine Uranus. We might start the day and this week feeling uncomfortable in our own skin. While we could have a broad palette from which to draw, we may feel as though we have just too many options, too many alternatives. What we don’t want to do is run in place, yet that could be our first inclination as we start the day, although the running in place might seem as if we are going around in circles. If we could get out of our familiar routine, all the better it would be. We may want to spread our wings, soar with the eagles, and we are likely to do so by means of traveling or engaging new experiences. Even if we feel in something of a quandary as we start this day, interesting surprises later in the day could make us aware of opportunities we had not previously considered. Sometimes, we just have to wait and watch. Forcing things can often have a significant pushback and impede the natural unfolding of unanticipated possibilities. Right situations can unfold in right timing.

Tuesday, July 28th – All About the Attitude – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus. Tuesday starts with the Moon in Sagittarius and the Moon trine Jupiter. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for five hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before the Moon enters Capricorn where today the Moon trines Venus. We can be flying high as we start this day. We might be feeling upbeat and optimistic and confident. We could also find that our attitude is like a magnet drawing good things our way. This is a day when we want to put our personal imprint on our activities. We are looking to expand our interests and our involvements. As though taking off blinders, we can now see a wide array of potentials for us to engage. From feeling pumped up, we can move towards putting our spirit into action. The second half of this day and tomorrow can be highly productive. Drawing upon our enthusiasm, we could make significant progress towards achieving our goals. Not only can our exuberant disposition be contagious. We could find that we are operating on greased wheels with our activities running smoothly forward and never dropping a stitch as we move ahead. This Tuesday and Wednesday are days when we can accomplish a great deal. We may feel as though we have gained a second wind and that everything is moving ahead in our favor with no bumps in our trajectory.

Wednesday, July 29th – Divinely Guided – Neptune, Pluto. Although Wednesday is often considered ‘hump’ day coming as it does in the middle of the workweek, this Wednesday is anything other than a hump. Today, the Capricorn Moon sextiles Neptune and the Moon conjuncts Pluto. We can have it going on today. Blending our intuitive sense with a concentrated focus on the truly meaningful, we can devise a best practices approach to accomplish a great deal on this Wednesday. From our upbeat attitude of yesterday and our initial forays into getting things done, this Wednesday allows us to fit all the pieces neatly into our puzzle. Even if we cannot explain how we are accomplishing our great feats, this Wednesday streamlines our activities and allows us to virtually squeeze blood from a stone. We can be resourceful, putting our energies towards our most meaningful activities. Tuesday and Wednesday are two of the most productive days this week, so let’s work with the energies and take giant steps in the realization of our ambitions.

Thursday, July 30th – Some Rain Must Fall – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Mars, Saturn. After two days when we could have been full steam ahead, Thursday can throw some monkey wrenches into the spokes of our wheels. Henry Wordsworth Longfellow wrote: “Into each life some rain must fall.” We might experience some raining on our parade on this Thursday. The Capricorn Moon today triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Uranus and the Moon opposes Mars. Later in the day, the Moon sextiles Saturn. Unexpected situations could arise that throw us off kilter. Even if everything was going humming along over the past two days, today we might have to adjust and adapt to changing circumstance. Although we may have to attend to matters we had not considered, we could also find that this day allows us the opportunity, albeit experienced as a challenge, of finetuning what we have been doing and how we have been doing it. No matter how flummoxed we might get from unanticipated variables today, we can deal with whatever is thrown at us and straighten out matters as the day proceeds. We could be in high gear to start the day, liable to be impetuous and pushing ahead without taking into account the changing landscape. Any curveballs today could provide us with a greater appreciation of humility and greater attention to detail as the day proceeds.

Friday, July 31st – Me, Thee and We – Aquarius Full Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus Leo. Friday is the last day of July and July ends with the bright Aquarius Full Moon with the Aquarius Moon opposed both the Sun and Mercury. Venus exits Virgo to retrograde back into Leo. Our emotions can be high, and we could be looking towards our future and how we can creatively impact our journey ahead. We are not islands unto ourselves. Although much of our concern will be with our own well-being and a desire for great fun, we also have to think of family and friends and how our actions and changes to our trajectory may impact them. We are very much future-oriented now, wanting outlets for our creative talents and ways by which we can make our mark in the world, no matter how large or small our world might be. We are also culminating the two-week New Moon to Full Moon phase, a phase initiated under a fairly intense New Moon back on the 15th. A lot may have occurred over the past two weeks, some good, some not-so-good but with a great deal of intensity in the mix. This Friday is a good day for us to enjoy ourselves, be gracious in our interactions and appreciate all the prospects that this paradigm shift might entail for us.

Saturday, August 1st – Countdown – Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus. Saturday is the 1st of August. Even though in many countries August was traditionally the summer month to take off, go into the country or down by the seashore, recently August seems to be a month of preparing to get back on track. In times past, the school year began right after Labor Day. Now it seems that the school year begins in mid-August. We have already had back-to-school sales, which are still in progress. We may be counting down the days until the unofficial end of summer, sooner rather than later. In our countdown, we might realize we have various errands to attend to, loose ends to be tied up, and preparations to be made. We could also find that our expenditures have been larger than anticipated. Saturday has the Aguarius Moon, which early in the day has the Moon sextile Uranus. No matter what our plans might be for this Saturday, we may try to incorporate something spontaneous, something impulsive, to begin the day. We are looking for adventure, desirous of grabbing summer gusto and not wanting to be hampered by commitments, limitations or any constraint. While the early morning hours could allow us to do our own thing, the latter part of the day can have us feeling pressed — pressed by our commitments, pressed by our expenses, pressed by wanting it all but unable to engage it all. The Moon triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon square Saturn and the Moon opposed both Jupiter and Venus. With Saturn turning direct tomorrow after its four and a half month retrograde cycle, things could be slow going today. We might feel as though we are trying to get our sea legs, but in the process things may seem mired down with delays and frustrations. On the one hand, we want to get on with it, go full speed ahead but the reality may be delays and frustrations that hamper our movement. Saturday would be a day for us to catch up with outstanding matters, pay our bills and budget our resources for the future.

Sunday, August 2nd – Creative Revelations – Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn direct. Sunday has the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and the Moon sextile Pluto. Mercury trines Uranus, and Saturn ends its four and a half month retrograde cycle to turn direct. This is a day when we could get some startling insights, feel spirit move us and have a strong soulful connection. We might have an otherworldly sense, a feeling as if we have stepped into our own personal nirvana, a happy and safe place where there are no problems, no questions and no forcing things to occur. This is a day for us to have our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and be willing to move in whatever direction our intuition draws us. We are look for the depth of meaning to our lives, and we may find answers reveal possibilities that we had never considered. Magic is in the air and we might find evidence to it in the contacts made, the suggestions we hear, the mini-miracles we witness. This Sunday is one of those special, extra-ordinary days, a day when it is best to let go of our plans, release our control over the day and go with the natural unfolding. Surprising situations may develop, and we might assume that suddenly many of the impediments and many of he restrictions in our lives have dropped away.