July 13th – 19th, 2015

Hopefully, we have used some of this early summertime to rest up, recharge our batteries and reinvigorate ourselves, for this week could turn up the heat and prove to be quite intense.

The week starts off in an upbeat, la-de-da type of manner. Despite all the craziness that is happening in the world at large, and the volatility ratcheting up significantly, we may have been in our own private world and oblivious to the goings-on outside of our personal realm. Such a disposition is to be commended on the one hand, since much of what goes on in the world-at-large does not directly impact us. On the other hand, like a pebble in a pond, the global happenings do have ripple effects and do impact us whether indirectly or directly.

This is an interesting week and in reflection may seem to concur with the Chinese proverb that some call a curse: ‘May you live in interesting times’.

Although we start the week upbeat, inspired and feeling good about ourselves and about our lives, things can go quickly downhill as we come into the mid-week period.

Wednesday’s New Moon on the 15th is one crazy and highly explosive energy and an energy configuration that influences the next fortnight up to the Full Moon on the 31st. This day and the Solar Eclipse on September 13th are the two most intense times of the Summer.

What I find curious, and I don’t want anyone to accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist, is that on the 15th is the beginning of an eight-week series of training exercises orchestrated by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command with these exercises scheduled to end on September 15th. Referred to as Operation Jade Helm 15, these exercises are taking place in the US southwest with the explanation that the terrain replicates that of combat zones in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Breaking the states up into ‘permissive’ and ‘hostile’ territories, some conspiracy theorists allege that the exercise is a prelude to the imposition of martial law and note that the permissive states are the politically blue [Democrat] states of California, Nevada and Colorado while the hostile states are the politically red [Republican] states of Utah and Texas.

This differentiation of ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ has only added to the controversy around the allegation of a prelude exercise to the imposition of martial law and the conspiracy theory heightened both by Texas Governor Gregg Abbott ordering the commander of the Texas State Guard to monitor the exercises and by The Washington Post requesting several times access to observe the exercises, requests repeatedly denied due to the logistics of the operation and to protect the identity of the forces involved.

It is strange, downright curious, that the Jade Helm 15 exercises begin and end during the times of the most intense periods of the summer.

These exercises may not impact us directly, but certainly the energy on Wednesday with the New Moon and its influence on the next two weeks cannot be discounted. The liability towards people losing it, becoming verbally overbearing and downright aggressive even to the point of physical altercations could be ratcheted up severalfold. Geopolitical discussions can be heated with nation-states digging in their heels and a real polarization rather than true cooperation occurring. This period can also see some intense storm systems and geophysical releases in the form of earthquake and volcanic activity.

After a ‘hump’ day that might seem downright explosive, the latter part of the week can have us seeking relief in recreational activities, fun sports and just enjoying ourselves.

The weekend could have us with one foot in summertime activities but the other foot in considering preparations for the autumn. Doesn’t it seem that every year school sales start ever earlier? And doesn’t school start ever earlier?

When I was a child, the typical start of the school year was right after Labor Day. Now, it seems as though the school year starts in mid-August. And this weekend could have us looking to have some summer fun with an eye to the calendar and the autumn.

Let’s be careful out there this week, and especially during the mid-week period. We can make some fundamental changes with the eye to lightening our load and focusing on our good times.

Monday, July 13th – Wonderful World – Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Neptune. Monday begins the week in an upbeat, ‘feel good’ attitude. The Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries and the Moon sextiles both Jupiter and Venus both in Leo. Mercury trines Neptune. We are open to opportunities and willing to try out new things and even more so if the new things are fun and enlivening. We may all need a little bit of a lift now and again, and this is one of those days when we could be riding high. Our intuitive sense can be strong and we might just have a righteous feeling that everything is really right, all right, in our personal world. Things may not be copacetic in the world-at-large, but we might not consider that our problem, much less our issue. We can accept the belief that by being good to ourselves and doing good in the world, we are making the world a better place. Let’s enjoy today’s surprises, allow ourselves to stretch beyond our normal parameters and trust our gut hunches by listening to our inner voice. Yes, this Monday is a day when we might consider our life to be a jaunty walk through a wonderful world.

Tuesday, July 14th – The Sanctuary of Home – Neptune, Venus, Saturn. Tuesday has the Moon in Cancer with the Moon trine Neptune. Venus squares Saturn. Yesterday may have felt otherworldly and we might wish to re-create the feeling on this Tuesday. We may prefer to spend quiet time at home and / or with our family. Instinctively, we might sense that something is building up, something big, and our sense would likely be accurate based upon tomorrow’s energies. If we could take some down time and relax without pushing ourselves today, that might give us the reserve to get through tomorrow without too many scrapes or bruises. This day could also have us reconnecting with someone from our past. We might feel obligated to make amends for past indiscretions or catch up on some of our bills. Relationships could be a little dicey with everyone shouldering others out of the way to take care of their own personal interests. Let’s try to maintain composure and be diplomatic in our relationships, for otherwise things could build up to an explosive tomorrow. Expectations may not be met today if we try to do too much. We can avoid disappointments by letting go of our expectations and maintaining an attitude that everything does in deed work out for the best.

Wednesday, July 15th – This Could Be the Start of Something Big – Mercury, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Cancer New Moon, Sun. A line in one of my favorite movies, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, states: ‘Welcome to Hell.’ That might sound rather dramatic regarding this Wednesday, but I cannot downplay the intensity of this day, especially since this Wednesday has the Cancer New Moon in the Pisces decanate, impacting the next two weeks, and an emphatic Pluto influence. The Cancer Moon today conjuncts Mercury and Mars and the Sun. The Moon triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Pluto and the Moon square Uranus. And both Mercury and Mars also oppose Pluto. In other words, Pluto is predominant on ‘hump’ day and influential over the next two weeks. It’s interesting to note that the US military exercises in the southwestern states referred to as Jade Helm 15 begins on this day. Certainly, the martial and militaristic tendencies are appropriate now. We just have to watch that today is not an explosive day, a day of explosions, bomb blasts, actings out and other belligerent incidents. There can be intense storm systems and a liability to geophysical phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Not only can the earth systems be venting their own intense releases. We could experience something akin to explosive releases among humankind, even in our own personal realm, as the intense buildup of recent times is released in a fury of energy with that energy being both liable to being verbal and physical. This is a day to avoid any knee jerk reactions, count to ten before responding and not take things personally.

Thursday, July 16th – Family Matters – Saturn, Mercury, Mars. Thursday begins with the Cancer Moon trine Saturn. The Moon then exits Cancer to enter Leo. Mercury conjuncts Mars. Yesterday could have been somewhat intense. We might have felt as if we were blindsided and received one of those later lobotomies, a whack on the side of our head. Thursday is a day when we can straighten things out in the early morning hours and then consider taking a ‘mental health’ day for the rest of day. Whether we take in a movie, go down to the pool or just hang out, we would prefer taking time for ourselves and just enjoying ourselves. We could find ourselves in discussions about home and family matters. We might be considering how we can pare down some of the extraneous in our lives. Any gutter punches yesterday could have us regrouping and then getting a second wind and concentrating on our own particular projects. We are not interested in confrontational engagements, but we are also unwilling to back down. We can present our case with force, determination, all the while that we are emphasizing the fundamentals of the situation. Whether we win advocates to our side, we are moving ahead with our projects and looking to put our best face on every involvement.

Friday, July 17th – Casual Friday. The Moon continues its transit of Leo today, but the Moon makes no aspects to the planets. There is not a great deal of energy, only the energy to enjoy a casual summertime Friday. Whether we are on vacation or involved with our regular routine, this Friday may feel like vacation time. A leisurely lunch with a good friend or taking in an entertaining display, we are far more interested in pleasurable activities than in overly exerting ourselves. It’s summer and it’s a Friday in the summer, and both go long towards stepping off the daily trek and getting on track with recreational pursuits. We may have commitments tomorrow, unexpected situations demanding our attention, but today on this Friday is a day to enjoy ‘those lazy hazy crazy days of summer’. This Friday is a ‘me’ day, and we might be looking to be on center stage even if the audience is only an audience of one, ourselves. After the mid-week bounce or slam, we can use some extra time to recharge and reinvigorate, and this Friday is one of those days to do so.

Saturday, July 18th – Slamming New Adventures – Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Venus Virgo. Saturday begins with the Leo Moon and the Moon today trines Uranus, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and the Moon squares Saturn. The Moon then moves into Virgo where today the Moon conjuncts Venus, which today has had Venus exiting Leo to enter Virgo. Mercury squares Uranus. We may be hell-bent for glory on this Saturday. We might awaken with a spring in our step and ready for new adventures. No matter what our plans might be, we may decide to take a different trajectory and take advantage of unexpected situations arising. We are likely to feel upbeat, inspired and ready to express ourselves in a unique manner. We can be confident and optimistic, especially if we release ourselves from the binds of our own expectations and other people’s expectations for us. This is a day for exploration. We just have to be wary that we don’t spend too much. We might be riding a high and in a state of euphoria and we could easily rack up some significant expenses in the process. This Saturday also has one of my least favorite energies, the Mercury square Uranus. I try to avoid air travel on this day but if traveling, let’s be certain to add on extra time and to keep aware of any shifting conditions occurring around us that could impact our journeying. This is a day when we could put foot in mouth and a day when technology could be our nemesis rather than our assistant. Flexibility and awareness are key for this Saturday, and it would be wise for us to keep attentive to what may be unfolding and use peripheral vision to be vigilant to the unexpected arising. With Venus moving into Virgo, we may become a little more critical in our view of our relationships. Diplomacy is called for, for we could say something impulsively that we might have to walk back and make amends for subsequently.

Sunday, July 19th – A View to the Future – Neptune. Sunday could be a good day for us to plan our activities and consider what we might want to do in our future. The Virgo Moon today opposes Neptune. We can be astute at making plans, seeing both the big picture and the necessary steps to realize our goals. Taking time to reflect and contemplate would be well worth the effort, especially if our impulsive nature gave us a kickback yesterday or created difficulties that we had never intended. Sunday is a day to straighten things out, straighten up and fly right [Gosh, someone seems to be channeling a lot of Nat King Cole this week] and consider what needs to get done in order for us to advance our interests. It may not be the end of summer yet, but stirring in our mind might be the routine of our everyday lives and consideration of getting back on our personal world track. Drawing upon our intuitive nature in the quiet of our own space, we can devise a best practices approach by which to effectively and expeditiously achieve our intentions.