June 29th – July 5th, 2015

This week is a week of exploration, discovery and good times aplenty.

In the US, this is a week when many of us take to the road, fully engage our summertime activities and enjoy the celebrations of the long 4th of July weekend. Yes, this week encompasses the U.S. Independence Day.

The week begins on a high note. Whether we are traveling or staying put, we are likely to be privy to startling surprises, wondrous adventures and serendipitous encounters.

What’s not to like about this week? Actually, very little, for this week may provide us a glimpse into the magic and mini-miracles of these times. It is a week for us to be open to the possibilities, even the seemingly impossibilities, and for us not to limit the IS, as Richard Bach reminded us in his spiritual classic Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.

The early part of the week could have us bumping into some interesting people and like a most bizarre scavenger hunt, people who might hold a clue to alternatives we had never considered for ourselves.

A ‘feel good’ attitude can wipe away any sense of anxiety or despair and remind us that in this paradigm shift we do not have to do it all but we do have to be open to receive the unexpected opportunities that might arise out of the blue.

Much of this week highlights good times with good friends and new acquaintances. We may feel as though we are walking on cloud nine, a traveler through nirvana, where everything is right, nothing goes wrong. What a wonder-filled world in which we live!

We may be feeling on top of the world but let’s not waste the energy. We can use this week to recharge our batteries, take a much-needed step off the track to reinvigorate ourselves and re-create ourselves. We can also use this week to get out of our own way and allow insights and understandings to flood our consciousness and open doors of new prospects.

Everyone may be feeling fairly upbeat about life this week, and why not, especially if we are fully embracing the holiday spirit that this weekend embodies in the US.

The one caveat to the week is a case of the too muches, spending too much, enjoying ourselves too much, doing too much. We could have a blind optimism this week. While this is a week to reengage our confidence and enthusiasm, it is not a week to put on rose-colored glasses and assume that all is right in the world. We can right our personal actions and create a right world for ourselves, but let’s keep aware that there are crazies out there in the world. Even if they cannot impact us directly, their actions can have an indirect impact by influencing the collective.

The weekend is Independence Day weekend in the US, and the long Summer holiday weekend. For myself, it is also a reminder of the universe unfolding and takes me back to my year from hell in 1995. After working 24/7, and I mean that literally not just figuratively, for seven years on a retail business, production company and workshop center that many customers referred to as a ‘transformational space’, I was forced to close my business in early July of 1995. The last days of the business with closing sales felt to me like having my flesh torn from me, my bones picked apart and my soul ripped away. I had invested much of my self — my time, my energy, my identity — into the business. It had been highly successful but the vagaries of the times had brought it to a forced closing.

Following the closing of the store and center, a friend came down from Vermont to help me finish the remainder of clearing out and cleaning up the space. We accomplished much of the removal before he had to return to Vermont. The final day, I finished clearing everything out, went back to the house I was renting and fell back on my bed wondering “what next?” Suddenly, I had to smile when I came to realize that the universe has a very funny sense of humor, for the day of the final ending of my business was July 4th, Independence Day. I was being liberated and given my independence from a business I had been involved with non-stop for seven years.

We often lose sight of the meaning of July 4th. We enjoy our barbecues, time at the shore and fireworks, but we forget that each of us has times of independence, being liberated from the ways of our past to engage the unknown, a blank slate where new opportunities and new interests can be etched.

This is a week for us to celebrate the transitions and transformations that each of us has gone through over the past seven years and recognize that in our ways we have been freed and given independence to explore new possibilities.

Monday, June 29th – Fancy Meeting You – Neptune, Venus, Uranus. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Sagittarius and the Moon square Neptune. We may have all sorts of plans for our day, and we might even try to make the day happen the way we wish it to be. And there would lie our error for this day. With Venus trine Uranus, this Monday is far better spent being open to the unexpected, willing to act impulsively even impetuously. For there is magic afoot, and we could find ourselves connecting with people in a most serendipitous manner, and the people we connect with may make us aware of new areas for us to explore. Today could prove to be one of those days when we find ourselves in the right place at the right time. We just have to avoid over thinking any situation that might come up. We could make some evaluations based upon what appears to be going on, and we might be totally off the mark. This is a day when it would be wise for us to be open, to receive and not overly try and figure out what is going on or what it means in the context of our lives. Let’s try and imagine ourselves under a waterfall with the different droplets washing over us but with us not becoming attached to any incident, experience or connection that arises unexpectedly.

Tuesday, June 30th – Cast Our Fate to the Winds – Mercury, Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter. Following on some of the otherworldly feel that we might have sensed yesterday and seems a significant component of this week, Tuesday opens the door to an expansive blast of fresh air. The Sagittarius Moon opposes Mercury and the Moon triggers a Fire Grand Trine with the Sagittarius Moon trine Uranus in Aries and the Moon trine Venus and Jupiter both in Leo. This is a day when we might see a smorgasbord of various delights before us and wondering of which to take advantage. Although our options may be many, sampling could get us lost in a maze and a tendency to go from one thing to another to yet another without fully appreciating any one of our involvements. No, it would be suggested on this Tuesday that we stretch beyond our normal parameters and be willing to go down untraveled pathways, a journey of discovery but also a journey whereby we don’t merely go back and forth but rather follow the road further beyond our initial enthusiasms. By trusting in the universal unfolding, we might come to a place that excites, speaks to us and reflect the who we are becoming rather than the who from which we have come. Tuesday is an exciting day, a day of unexpected opportunities. We may choose to fly close to the sun today but let’s have no fear that our wings are likely to get singed. Today is a day to place our faith in the universal unfolding with an appreciation that the universe and our own personal destiny have far greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

Wednesday, July 1st – In the Light of the Silvery Moon – Mars, Neptune, Capricorn Full Moon, Sun, Venus, Jupiter. The past two days may have given us a glimpse into the paradigm shift where asequential reality reigns supreme, replete with its facets of magic and mini-miracles. We might have felt ourselves as having gained a second wind, increased faith in the natural unfolding and an optimism akin to the old saying that ‘everything works out in the end’. Although the paradigm shift dispels the assumptions of beginnings, middles and ends to the true reality and ‘new normal’ of continual process, morphing and shapeshifting with no beginning, middle, or end; the infusion of trust, faith and exuberance from the past two days can give us a sense that we truly are divinely guided [no matter what we might consider our ‘divine’ to be]. Wednesday crescendos with the Capricorn Full Moon and the Capricorn Moon opposed both Mars and the Sun in Cancer and the Moon sextile Neptune. The Sun trines Neptune and Venus conjuncts Jupiter today. This Wednesday is a day when we can engage spirit in action. Confidence and optimism allow us to project those energies into manifestation. This is a day when we can not only be aware of the puzzle of our lives but also cognizant of the pieces to the puzzle and even fitting the pieces neatly into the puzzle to come to both a greater comprehension of our life’s purpose and the means to achieve those goals, and doing so with humility and respect for process. Today is a day when we may continue to have our head in the clouds but now with our feet firmly planted on the ground. Much can be accomplished today. Let’s just keep a rein on our confidence and not allow it to spill over into irrational exuberance.

Thursday, July 2nd – Sublime Awareness – Pluto, Uranus, Mercury. The Moon continues through Capricorn with the Moon conjunct Pluto and the Moon square Uranus. Mercury sextiles Uranus. If we prioritize our day, we can accomplish a great deal, especially in the morning hours. This is a day for us to concentrate and focus but also to be open to those ah-ha moments, those times when we suddenly get remarkable insights as to how we can proceed in the most streamlined manner possible. We may get a call or be in contact with someone who offers us a surprising invitation. This is a day for us to keep our antennae up, for we may get some startling insight or hear about something that sparks our interest. This is a day of sublime awareness. We may have our nose to the grindstone early in the day, taking advantage of high productivity, and then be called away later in the day by an enticing distraction. Let’s be certain to get pressing demands out of the way early in the day in order for us to have the space to engage unexpected situations later in the day. We might get monkey wrenches thrown in the spokes of our wheels later in the day that could upset our trajectory. No worries though, for tomorrow in the AM we can tie up loose ends that we might not have completed on this Thursday. In the US, this is the last day before the long July 4th holiday weekend. Let’s get done what needs to get done with the recognition that whether we are getting out of town today or staying around, we might have some final issues to complete and can complete in the morning hours of tomorrow.

Friday, July 3rd – All Together Now – Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter. The early morning hours has the Capricorn Moon sextile Saturn. The Moon then exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius. We can deal with any outstanding details that we wanted to get done before the holiday weekend in the early morning hours. We can easily tie up loose ends in order for issues not to be hanging over us as we take a break from our everyday world to bask in this summer weekend. As the day progresses, we may be looking at getting together with friends and family. Mercury sextiles Jupiter, and we may be feeling upbeat and excited about our prospects for the day and for our future. We might feel as though we have closed one door and ready for a new door to open up to us. The universe does not like a vacuum. By tying up loose ends of outstanding matters, we create room for new situations to evolve. We could use this weekend both as a break from what we have been doing and as downtime for new projects and interests to gestate and develop. Let’s keep in mind that during this time of paradigm shift we do not have to make things happen. We just have to work with peripheral vision and be open to the new opportunities. This week has possibly presented us some wondrous gifts and the weekend allows us to continue in a friendly, scintillating manner with our mantram oft-repeated to ourselves: “Life is good.”

Saturday, July 4th – Gearing Up – Uranus, Jupiter. Much of this day can be spent in recreational activities or just hanging out. The Moon in Aquarius today sextiles Uranus and the Moon opposes Jupiter. We might have plans for this day, but we are willing to take any sideway trajectories if something catches our fancy. We want to be footloose and fancy-free and not feel overly regulated by our life or our commitments. This can be a fun day of social gatherings and having a good time. But let’s just avoid the too muches of having too good a time, for we could overspend and over commit our time. The evening hours can have us watching fireworks in celebration of the Fourth of July. Whatever we do today, our main focus is likely to be enjoying ourselves. We could run into people we haven’t seen for awhile, for everyone is likely to be out and about going from one thing to another to another, all in search of good times with good friends. Our reveling can go on late into the night or early into the morning.

Sunday, July 5th – Fine Lines – Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Venus, Saturn, Mars. Late Saturday, early Sunday could have us continuing our celebrations, partying and participating in social engagements. Sunday begins with the Aquarius Moon trine Mercury and the Moon creating a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Venus and the Moon squares Saturn. The Moon then moves into Pisces where late in the day the Moon trines Mars. Mercury sextiles Venus. After a week that may have highlighted pleasures rather than a work focus, Sunday could have us walking a fine line between enjoying the company of others and wanting some time to recoup our energy. We are likely to be pleasant and willing to participate in short conversations. If people want too much from us today, we might not have it to give. We may have spent much of our energy earlier in the week and earlier in the weekend, and we might be looking at Sunday as a time to hang out, lie out on the deck or just relax in our favorite chair. If we can keep everything light and without much exertion, then we could really enjoy the day. But too many demands on us may trigger a pushback. We want it easy and light today without any demands on us or on our time.