April 20th – 26th, 2015

This week is a week when we could figuratively, if not literally, move mountains. This week can be one highly productive week.

Although the week may be slow starting to begin with, persistence and determination can go a long way to making our dreams come true. Our impetuousness may drop away, and we might be far more attuned to planting our seeds and getting our projects going in a systematic, best practices approach, all the while that we have a fire in our belly and an understanding of how our decisions and actions are impacting the people around us.

Apart from a liable hiccup now and then during this week, this week can be a highly successful time. We may find ourselves putting on a fresh coat of paint both to our living / work space and to our wardrobe. We want to look good and feel good, and this week fully embraces the renaissance that the Spring season promises.

No knee-jerk reactions for us this week. On the contrary, we may feel that we are plodding along, taking things step by step with our every move measured and deliberately considered.

We can be feeling ‘up with life’ this week, and our attitude could prove contagious with our interactions with other people being far more engaging than in recent times.

Even if our anxiety bubbles up now and again, we are less likely to fall into a fear or paranoia mode. Spring is here and we are beginning to see the temperatures climbing, buds on the trees and various other indications of the rebirth that occurs this time of year.

We ourselves may be feeling this rebirth and are likely to carve out those interludes of fun times and social involvements amidst our scheduled routine. Such diversions from our regular habits will enhance our ‘feel good’ disposition and provide sustenance for us to ‘whistle while we work’.

All in all, this can be an upbeat, productive and most enjoyable week.

Monday, April 20th – Getting Serious – Moon Void-of-Course, Sun Taurus. The Void-of-Course Moon that began Sunday evening continues through much of this day with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini late today. The major shift in energy today is the Sun exiting Aries to enter Taurus and thereby creating a Stellium of three planets in the Fixed Earth Sign as the Sun joins Mercury and Mars in Taurus. This Monday can be a slow start to the week. We may be slowing things down, less impetuous than we might have been, and considering the best steps to achieve our goals. We are willing to go step by step, and we are highly aware of the financial stakes involved. Although irrational exuberance may have reigned with a liability to putting all the chips on the table, we are far more astute, even conservative, regarding our monies and expenditures. We may be thinking about springtime projects to spruce up our home and spruce up our image. Makeovers, whether of our environment or our own selves, can be foremost in our mind. We are looking to plant the seeds of our future, and we are aware that first impressions count for a lot. Now is a time to plan our actions and our projects going forward. It’s seed planting time, so let’s be certain what seeds we intend to sow.

Tuesday, April 21st – Zeroing In – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Pluto. Tuesday is far different from Monday. It might remind us of the volatility of these times, days when we have little energy, other days when we are in manic mode. Welcome to Tuesday, a day when we might assume that we can cover all the bases and then some. While we begin this day ready to conquer the world, it would be wise for us to have direction and itinerary well thought out before we leap out the door to start our day. The day begins with the Gemini Moon triggering the Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Saturn and the Moon squares Neptune. Mercury squares Jupiter. Our responsibilities may place demands on us, all the while that we are looking forward to spreading our wings in new directions, new activities and new involvements. We might resent our obligations, but it would be wise to take care of business and any pressing matters before we launch off into new arenas. While we might be juggling any number of things as we start the day, the energy shifts later in the day. The Gemini Moon conjuncts Venus and the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Mars trines Pluto. We might get ourselves befuddled early in the day, but we can straighten things out later in the day. If we would prioritize our activities and our interests, then our determination and persistence can accomplish a great deal. We just have to be certain not to wear ourselves out by running in circles early in the day. We could feel on overwhelm but let’s keep in mind the wise saying that ‘we never get more than we can handle’. Even if things get dysfunctional early in the day, streamlined operations and astute handling can straighten things out and resolve various issues towards the end of this Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 22nd – Reaching Out & Figuring it Out – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter, Mars. We may have spent the early part of yesterday running around until finally we settled into our productive groove. Wednesday doesn’t have the same intense energy as yesterday, but we seem far more focused and able to make the right connections to open interesting new doors for ourselves. The day begins with the Gemini Moon sextile Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost twenty-three hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer early tomorrow morning. The significant energies of this Wednesday are Mercury trine Pluto, Venus sextile Jupiter and Mercury conjunct Mars. Our mind can be sharp, our communications inspiring and our persuasion unbeatable. We definitely have it all together today, and it would be wise for us not to lose the opportunities these energies present. If we have a case to make and wish to win adherents to our side, there can be few days better than today. Not only are we charming and graceful today. We have left no stone unturned in the specifics of our argument. In a most appealing and upbeat manner, we can address the specific details of a situation, offer a focused solution to any problem and have the presence of mind to make all the right points in a forceful, yet not overpowering, way. The ease of accomplishment can seem like greased wheels with everything running smoothly and with us able to attain our goals. But, keep in mind, we do have to show up and engage in order to win the day.

Thursday, April 23rd – Spiffing Up – Sun, Neptune. Yesterday may have been ‘hump’ day, but in our experience Wednesday might have seemed like a gift from the gods. The ‘feel good’ attitude that we might have felt yesterday continues on into this Thursday. Today, the Moon in Cancer sextiles the Sun and the Moon trines Neptune. As if having been given sacred tablets yesterday, this Thursday could find us ministering unto other people, caring for them, wanting to comfort them and being very nurturing to all we encounter and especially to those in our intimate circle. We may want to polish our image and our surroundings today. Our emotions are stirred and we could find ourselves involved in various makeovers — our living spaces and our personal appearance. This is a day when we want to imbue our surroundings with a calm and peaceful sense, all the while that we are looking to enhance the image of who we are. We may feel like we are on cloud nine or choosing to create such an environment for ourselves. The one caveat to keep in mind is the importance that we not get carried away with our compassion and our sensitivity. In these times that demand awareness and mindfulness, it is essential that we recognize the volatility whereby the bad doesn’t always last, nor does the good, but that reality and our sense of things seem to carom between good times and more difficult times. The caroming is all part of the alchemical process of transition and transformation, and it demands that we stay on our toes. Let’s enjoy the comforts of home and our close connections with the appreciation that the energy is a nice respite and that we have two most pleasant days of yesterday and today, but that the winds of change can be in the air for tomorrow.

Friday, April 24th – T.G.I.F.? – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Mars, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. The past two days might have felt as though we were living on cloud nine. If we weren’t distracted by the nonsense in the mundane world, we could have experienced times that were close to idyllic. We may have even felt ourselves admiring life in mantram-like fashion as ‘what a wonderful world’. Friday could prove different. We might feel as though we are snapped back into our regular routine with certain obligations demanding our attention. Not only do we have our habitual tasks to deal with, there could be some curveballs thrown at us for us to also deal with. The Cancer Moon today triggers Uranus and Pluto with a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Pluto and then the Moon squares Uranus. The Moon today also sextiles both Mercury and Mars before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twenty hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo tomorrow. Although we often think of Friday as ‘Thank Goodness It’s Friday’ with the feeling that we can smoothly coast into the weekend, this Friday could pull us up short as we realize what needs to be done. Certain demands may be pressing for us to accomplish, along with unexpected situations that call for our attendance. If we don’t get flummoxed by what we have to do, we can take care of our usual obligations and those unanticipated chores. This is a day for us to pick up the pace and try and clear the decks of outstanding issues and various matters. We may be going full bore in the morning hours then start to slack off in the afternoon in order to prepare, even engage, a joyful weekend.

Saturday, April 25th – Out and About – Saturn, Sun. Saturday has the Moon in Leo with the Moon today trine Saturn and the Moon square the Sun. We might be looking to participate in recreational activities or social gatherings. We want some fun, and we might choose to extend beyond our usual terrain and journey into familiar old haunts. Our sense of adventure could have us going back and revisiting favorite spots where we have not been for a while. A walk down Memory Lane can be enjoyable, both to reminisce on old times but also to mirror where we are now as compared to where we were then. We do need to watch our expenditures today, for we could be more interested in having a good time and we might not keep track of our spending. Today is a day for us to concentrate on recharging our batteries. Whether we take in a movie, go to a museum, a drive in the country or sports activities, this is a day for us to breathe in life and the springtime sense of rebirth. Let’s not consider the drudgery of our lives. Let’s pay attention to the upbeat, inspiring facets of our lives.

Sunday, April 26th – Serendipitous Encounters – Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Mars. Sunday continues with the Leo Moon, and this day might provide us with magical moments and mini-miracles. The Leo Moon conjuncts Jupiter, the Moon trines Uranus, the Moon sextiles Venus and the Moon squares Mars. Venus sextiles Uranus. We start this day with great enthusiasm. We are geared to take a big bite out of the apple of life and ready to fully engage any and all activities. The more we can be open to the moment, the greater the wondrous surprises we might encounter. Whatever our scheduled plans may be for this day, it would be far better to allow the day to unfold and for us to ride the wave of the day. We could be bumping into interesting people who engage us in a thrilling escapade. We are not interested in same old, same old today. We want to spread our wings and explore the wide realm of possibilities. Fascinating situations can come up out of the blue. This is a day for us to be open to anything and everything. The excitement of the day could exhaust us come evening time, but this Sunday could prove to be one of those days we relish in memories for many years to come.