February 9th – 15th, 2015

This week provides alleviation to some of the miscues, misunderstandings and situations that may have just gone downright wrong over the past three weeks. Yes, Mercury turns direct mid-week this week, ending its three-week Mercury retrograde cycle.

Like most Mercury retrogrades, this one too has proven a beaut. We have seen travel issues with fierce winter storms disrupting air travel and causing traffic mishaps. Communications have been off with Internet connections dicey and sent emails never received. While we might have given thought as to what we would prefer to do and where we would prefer to be, we may have found ourselves slogging through the muck and the mire, often wondering whether we were just slogging away in place.

Similar to the past few weeks, this week may be slow starting. We could have the best intentions in the world as to what we want to do in our week ahead, but getting in gear may take longer than usual. We might be reticent about forging ahead and especially if we feel our trajectory is something that we are familiar with but no longer interested in.

As the week progresses, we can focus on getting rid of some of the extraneous matters that we might have become entangled with. Paring down and focusing our attention on tying up loose ends in order to consider other, more appealing activities may get us doing a strong inventory taking and a healthy clean out of past involvements that no longer work for us.

The mid-week and latter part of the week can have us in an expansionary frame of mind. If we have been able to lighten our load earlier in the week, we could be prepared to take a breather, get out of town or at least plan a get-away for a not too distant time.

The end of the week can have us feeling inspired and upbeat. We may breathe easier and deeper with a renewed sense of confidence and greater commitment to better days.

The weekend can have a mix of personal enjoyment with that special someone as we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day and a desire to strategize our goals and fire up our ambitions.

All in all, this week is a time when we might feel as though a monkey has been lifted off our back. This Mercury retrograde could have been challenging but we can address any miscues or misunderstandings, and ‘straighten up and fly right.’

Monday, February 9th – Significant Connections – Jupiter, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Something we heard or thought about over the weekend could trigger a desire to reach out to someone who could prove impactful to our future plans. The Libra Moon today sextiles Jupiter and the Moon trines the Sun. We could be feeling upbeat and inspired as we start this Monday and begin this week. We may have a lot of energy as we awaken, and it would be wise to use our sense of being stoked to make contact with friends and acquaintances. People know people, and we might come to a recognition as to how to neatly fit the pieces together to our advantage. The more we can get done in the early hours of the day, the better, for the Moon then goes Void-of-Course for nineteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio tomorrow. This Monday is a good day to consider the people in our lives, take time to pay them homage, and realize that we are not an island unto ourselves but rather an individual in a community with someone, or some people, willing to help us achieve our ambitions.

Tuesday, February 10th – Reading Between the Lines – Mercury, Neptune. Tuesday has the Scorpio Moon square Mercury and the Moon trine Neptune. With the volatility of these times and miscues along the way, it is not what we hear or what people tell us that is important. What is essential during these times is to draw upon our intuitive sense and get a feel for what is going on. This is a day for us to scratch the veneer, not accept things at face value but rather to draw upon our gut hunches and a laser-like focus to understand the substance of situations behind the images and appearances. This is a day for us not to be mesmerized by the Wizard of Oz screen but instead to pull back the curtain in order to reveal the little guy pulling the strings. Hype and spin may be the ways of today’s world, but solely buying into what is being presented could lead us down a bramble path that could severely hurt us. Let’s break through the static today, find reflective moments and truly consider the essence of our every engagement. Mercury is about to turn direct tomorrow from its three-week retrograde cycle and whenever Mercury is in process of changing direction, things get ever more squirrely and unclear. Let’s make sure we cut through the fog today with an appreciation that our understanding and judgment may only be temporary until we get further information.

Wednesday, February 11th – Monkey Off the Back – Pluto, Venus, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury direct. Today’s main event is Mercury turning direct after its three-week retrograde cycle. We may be breathing a sigh of relief but not so fast, sports fans. While we might feel that clarity has returned and that things can move far more effectively now, we have to watch the wild metronome swing from disorientation to irrational exuberance. The Scorpio Moon today sextiles Pluto and the Moon trines Venus. These are fine energies for us to prioritize, do what needs to be done and even assist other people in addressing their problems. But the Scorpio Moon also triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Jupiter in Leo and the Moon squares the Sun in Aquarius. From a humbled position that might have forced us to appreciate the impact of the universal energies with its recent spate of misunderstandings, miscues and delays; we could flip to the other side of supreme self-confidence and an assumption that we are invincible and champions of the world. Volatility is one crazy whipsaw, and we have certainly evidenced the wild swings in the equity markets over the recent weeks. This Wednesday is a time for us to regroup, refocus and consider where we can best place our energies rather than rushing madly into the maelstrom. It would be wise for us to take into account how best to expend our energy and then take baby steps towards resolving outstanding situations instead of taking a great leap forward that could wind us up in an abysmal chasm of our own creation.

Thursday, February 12th – Tightening and Expanding – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Saturn. The last two days may have best been served by our tying up loose ends, paring down our activities and concentrating on our priorities. We could have straightened out confusing situations and made amends for any earlier screw-ups. This Thursday begins with a continuation in that vein. The early part of this Thursday could be highly effective in tightening up our schedule, dealing with any pressing demands and getting rid of outstanding matters that have been waiting for resolution. The more we can bring issues to conclusion today, the better able we shall be to expand into new ventures and give time to new directions. Thursday begins with the Scorpio Moon trine Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over eleven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius where today the Moon sextiles Mercury and the Moon conjuncts Saturn. Even if we feel that we have addressed outstanding matters and are now ready to launch forward into new projects, the universe may tighten up the reins and suggest that we still have some old issues to resolve. We may feel the wind knocked out of our sails, but let’s keep in mind that the more we release the past, the less encumbered we shall be by past patterns. Even if we are champing at the bit to get on with new adventures, we may need to wrap up certain situations before delving into the new.

Friday, February 13th – Forget Paraskevidekatriaphobia – Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Jupiter. Some people are fearful, even downright petrified, by the idea of Friday the 13th. In a most unconscious and most misinterpreted way, thirteen is considered bad luck. Tall buildings often skip thirteen as a numbered floor due to this superstition. In truth, the number thirteen indicates the realized, that entity who has risen above the mundane, gone through a transformation and ascended into the perfect being. While we could debate the pros and cons of the number thirteen and Friday the 13th, this Friday can start off with a level of anxiety due to the Sagittarius Moon square Neptune. Our imagination may run rampant with a tendency to see the half glass of water as half empty rather than half full. We could see bogeymen around every corner, but once we involve ourselves with our day, our anxieties could drop away. For as the day progresses, the Sagittarius Moon triggers a Fire Grand Trine with the Moon trine Uranus in Aries and the Moon trine Jupiter in Leo. We may become suddenly aware of new opportunities, situations that speak to us and brighten our day. We can feel exuberant, uplifted and ready for a grand adventure. We could easily forget any liability to paraskevidekatriaphobia and feel that we are walking on the sunny side of the street with everything being upbeat and good fun.

Saturday, February 14th – Can Please Some of the People – Venus, Sun, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Saturday is Valentine’s Day, and a day when the Sagittarius Moon sextiles the Sun, and the Moon squares both Venus and Mars in Pisces. The poet John Lydgate originally said it, Abraham Lincoln later adapted it: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. That notion may play to this day. For while we might go out of our way to show our appreciation, love and affection for someone, we could also experience the sentiment in return of ‘enough is never enough’. This is a day when great expectations could get in the way of satisfaction. Moodiness and emotions could be strong today, and it would be wise for us not to take things too personally today. While we might have some great plans for this day, whatever occurs might be met with a certain feeling of disappointment. Maybe we are just trying too hard to please, and as I often suggest: ‘check the source and check their agenda.’ This may be Valentine’s Day, but let’s avoid a massacre. After a flurry of activity early in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before the Moon enters Capricorn later in the day. The latter part of the day may be spent in social obligations or our focus getting back to our personal interests.

Sunday, February 15th – Twists and Turns – Neptune, Uranus, Pluto. Sunday has the Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune and the Uranus Pluto square triggered by the Moon square Uranus and the Moon conjunct Pluto. We may have various plans today, some of which can be for us to get a solid footing in advancing some of our personal goals. We may have a sense as to what we want to do and how we want to do it. Of course, our intentions might also play into the wise saying that ‘if you want to make god laugh, tell god your plans.’ This Sunday could have some unexpected twists and turns that take us away from our planned itinerary. The more that we can be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstance, the better able we shall be at navigating the currents. We often assume that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but life doesn’t always work that way. We might discover that curves often come in and direct us in the way our destiny lies rather than our preconceived notion of our itinerary.