January 5th – 11th, 2015

Cutting through some of the weirdness that we may have felt during this beginning of 2015, this week allows us to take a different tack.

No matter how this year has started for us, this week we might be far more committed to our own creative projects and expressing our individual talents. We may be playing to an audience of one, but we could also come to a greater appreciation that our own company is often the best company we can engage.

Not that our relationships are difficult this week. We may feel that much of our routine has grown stale, and we could be looking to add some spice to our life. New contacts, different interests could prove appealing, even if we are only trying things out without any intention of long-term involvement.

The week may be slow starting, and we might prefer hanging out in the comfort of home to begin the week. Many of us may be trying to get back on track after a long holiday break but with great reluctance to putting back on the harness of our usual obligations.

As the week develops, we are more interested in good times, whether our friends participate or we do the dance alone. Buying into irrational euphoria or denying the evidence of a sluggish economic recovery, we are more likely to be living for the day rather than acknowledging some of the deep-seated social problems lurking in the undercovers.

The latter part of the week can be a whipsaw of energy. We might be pushed and pulled in different directions, trying to cover many varied bases but liable to do so in a glossed over manner. Let’s not abandon due diligence for the sense of accomplishing many tasks but doing so in a cursory manner.

The weekend can offer us down time. The week may have seen us engage the world after a holiday step away from true reality and buffeted by the winds of change. The weekend allows us to step away once more, focus on the specifics of our lives, deal with errands calling for our attention, and take moments to reflect, recharge and regroup.

The weekend closes with us seeking out that stoic companion who can help us gain clarity as to what is going on in the world at large, offer their perspective of what is occurring in our lives and provide comfort and solace that good friends often do.

Monday, January 5th – Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Saturn. Monday begins a true return to our routine. Many of us, physically or mentally, may have tuned out our normal reality in deference to the spirit and enjoyment of the holidays. This Monday pulls us back into our regular daily existence. No matter if the weather is bitterly cold or balmy and warm where we are, there can be a certain chill in the air. We might even feel as if during our tune out of ordinary life during the holidays the world has changed, and we have stepped into a scenario out of the classic television show The Twilight Zone. Things may seem increasingly surreal as we step back on track of our daily functions. We might be tentative about moving forward. This Monday has the transiting Moon Void-of-Course the entire day as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer without making any further connections to the planets before the Moon enters Leo tomorrow. Mercury sextiles Saturn. While we might be reticent about engaging our familiar activities, we could also reach out to those friends we trust and have known for some time for a ‘reality’ check. No matter how much comfort and validation we get from someone today, we may still have the sense that some things are just not right. This Monday is a day for us to proceed slowly, not fall victim to rash decisions or actions, and fully employ the keywords of these times: awareness and mindfulness.

Tuesday, January 6th – Stepping Into the Limelight – Saturn, Mercury, Venus. An old proverb states: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” That may be our disposition on this Tuesday. No matter how strange and weird things seem to be around us and in the world at large, this Tuesday is a day when we are looking to step onto center stage with our creative talents and personal expressions ablaze. Tuesday has the Leo Moon trine Saturn and the Moon opposed both Mercury and Venus. It’s a new year and we are looking at expanding our interests and our projects. Rather than leaping ahead and falling into a chasm, we may be far more judicious in our moves, taking things in an orderly manner. We could encounter some naysayers as we move through this day, people who know us based upon past experience and have defined us in a narrow and rigid manner. While someone might put the kibosh on our ideas and intentions, we are unlikely to heed their critique or their advice. We want to stretch. We want to fully live. In doing so, we are willing to face the onslaughts of those unwilling to change and enforcing on us the past identities of who we have been. Like a snake shedding its skin, we may recognize that we have outlived the usefulness of elements of our past and are committed to new growth, a new skin. This is a day when we might have to go it alone despite the protests of someone else. To grow is to stretch beyond the limitations of our past, and today we are committing ourselves to do so.

Wednesday, January 7th – These Magic Moments – Uranus. Wednesday is one of those days when we might feel that we have stepped onto the magical mystery bus. The Leo Moon today trines Uranus. Even if we felt like we were rolling a boulder up the mountain Sisyphus-like yesterday, this Wednesday is a day when we might feel that a magical winch is operating, making things happen easily and unexpectedly. This Wednesday is a day for us to have our antennae up, take the blinders off and work with peripheral vision. Things can occur in a most surprising manner. Today is one of those days that give validation to the new paradigm of asequential reality, things coming out of the blue with little effort on our part except to be open and willing to receive unexpected opportunities. The less hampered we are by a defined schedule today, the better it would be. For this day is more about being spontaneous, acting on the spur of the moment, and the magic of this paradigm shift whereby things occur without our making things happen but rather being in the right place at the right time. Various matters can occur today in a most extraordinary manner. The magic of this day may be mini-miracles but let’s not discount the small and wondrous incidents that can occur. Today might not be the parting of the Red Sea, but the ‘coincidences’ today can be fascinating to the point of being mind-blowing. En joy the witness to the new paradigm shift.

Thursday, January 8th – Air Out of Our Tires – Jupiter, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn. Late Wednesday, early Thursday has the Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter. Whatever occurred on Wednesday could have put a smile on our face, encouraged our own creative interests and given us a second wind whereby we are far more willing to take the path less traveled than join the lemming march. We may feel enthusiastic and upbeat as we start the day, but if we are looking for validation from other people, we could be sorely disappointed. The Leo Moon opposes Mars before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost six hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo, where today the Virgo Moon squares Sagittarius. In all the hoopla of the holidays and the overload we could have felt as we got back on track to catch up with things that might have piled up while we were otherwise distracted, our liability may have been and continues to be to gloss over situations, cut corners and negate important specifics. Thursday could bring us up short to realize that certain matters have not only not been concluded successfully but that certain significant issues are still to be resolved. Back to catch up today as we try to focus on what needs to be done. Let’s keep in mind that being hasty in our actions could only continue the conundrum in the days ahead. Let’s take things step by step even if we believe the steps awaiting us are a long and winding journey that never ends.

Friday, January 9th – Frenzied Before Focused – Neptune, Pluto. Late Thursday may have provided us a wake up call, although it could have felt like a severe whack to the side of our head. We may have realized that a number of issues integral to our daily lives needed to be attended to and dealt with but that we had gone a.w.o.l. in addressing our normal responsibilities. This Friday can have us begin the day in a frenzy, running around, trying to do this and that but without much focus. The Virgo Moon today opposes Neptune and the Moon trines Pluto. We may be fast out the door to do what needs to be done but we might start out without itinerary, little direction, only a long ‘to do’ list that seems overwhelming at best. If we would slow things down, let go of the frenzy, recognize how much we have to do and prioritize the items on our ‘to do’ list; we could become highly productive, get more done in a shorter period and be more effective with less expenditure of energy. One of the lessons of these dynamic but accelerating times is time management. The more we can strategize before leaping ahead, the better we shall be at handling our normal tasks and also providing ourselves time to explore new interests and express our creative instincts.

Saturday, January 10th – Tying Up Loose Ends – Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Saturday continues with the Virgo Moon. The Moon today trines the Sun before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twenty hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra on Sunday. If we got our act together on Friday and dealt with outstanding matters that needed to be addressed, this Saturday allows us to continue to take care of errands and loose ends. Friday and Saturday can be highly effective days if we would just turn down the intensity and focus on what needs to get done. When we were children, we may have been told after school to attend to our homework and that once we completed our homework we would have some free time to play, relax or do whatever without things hanging over our heads. A similar sentiment is operational on this Friday and Saturday. Even if we have a large number of items on our ‘to do’ list, by taking them one by one, focusing our attention and expediting the process, we can carve out time for ourselves to enjoy, do whatever we wish to do and engage some new interests that might be appealing. It’s all about time management.

Sunday, January 11th – Good Friends – Saturn. Sunday has the Moon moving into Libra where today the Moon sextiles Saturn. We might have used the last two days as a marathon run through what needed to be done, our errands and outstanding matters that were demanding our attention. This Sunday can be a day when we choose to spend time with that special someone, or those special people, in our lives. Whether physically getting together with them or reaching out by the phone, text or email, this is a day for us to give quality time to our relationships. We might choose to get out of Dodge and share a pleasant day away from the hassles of our daily lives. While earlier in the week we may have been content to go it alone, this Sunday we would prefer being with someone or getting together with other people. Interactions can be fun adventures today, allowing us to broaden our horizon and expand our interests. We are not looking for anything strenuous today, far preferring pleasant times in pleasant surroundings and sharing it with someone pleasant.