January 12th – 18th, 2015

This week can be a little dicey with confusion and miscues rampant. The saving grace is that by getting out of our own way interesting situations could develop unexpectedly.

The week begins with us ready to advance our goals and move forward with new interests. We may be reaching out to a friend who encourages us along the way. Although our path seems clear and easy in our mind’s eye, the practical reality of developing our plans can be met with snares from our usual responsibilities and an underlying anxiety that no matter how much we strategize our moves unexpected curveballs could knock us off track.

As the week progresses, we might find that the unexpected presents itself more as gifts than problems. Serendipitous encounters can make us aware of opportunities we have not seen for ourselves and of ways to achieve our aims we might not have considered.

A tempering to our enthusiasm and to the wondrous surprises we might have experienced surfaces later in the week in the form of events occurring in the world that seem to generate fear and make us question whether we have the ability to deal with, much less overcome, the craziness occurring in the world at large.

We may be dealing from a high level of nervous energy towards the end of the week, being highly skittish, and seeing imposing phantoms around every corner.

No matter the emotional whipsaws during the week, from anxiety to elation and back again to find some composure during these volatile times, the weekend can be an uplifting time of fun events, getting a grip and recharging our batteries and then accepting our abilities to play the hand we are dealt no matter the number of jokers in the deck.

Monday, January 12th – A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That – Mercury, Venus, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Mars Pisces. Monday begins the week with the Libra Moon trine Mercury and the Moon trine Venus. The Moon also triggers the Uranus Pluto square by a Cardinal T-Square as the Moon opposes Uranus and the Moon squares Pluto. Mars exits Aquarius to enter Pisces. We may start the week feeling upbeat, enjoying chatting up our friends and making plans for future events. This can be a pleasant start to the week, but then we might also experience the weight of our routine demands and some extra additions to accomplish. Let’s remember to do the tai chi moves, working with the energy despite the twists and turns rather than plowing ahead with our own preconceived notions. There can be a divide occurring today with the people we know. We might fully enjoy certain people, especially those that are marching to their own drummer, doing their own thing. Other people could just be downright annoying, operating in accord with an outworn playbook and power tripping from their own narcissism. We may determine that we really don’t have time for people who are too full of themselves and then some. We need to be careful with our energy, and this day is a good indication of the liability to extreme whipsaws in attitude, behavior and physical energy. We might tend to be acting from emotions and passion rather than consideration and well-devised strategy. We are moving into a period when it will be important for us not to overdo, for the resilience we assume might only be in our imagination and not the reality which could be a of rapid depletion to total exhaustion.

Tuesday, January 13th – Chance Encounters – Jupiter, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Venus, Uranus. Tuesday begins with the Libra Moon sextile Jupiter and the Moon square the Sun. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost fourteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio later in the day, where today the Scorpio Moon trines Mars. Venus sextiles Uranus and tomorrow Mercury sextiles Uranus. We may be feeling good about things today thanks to someone who pats us on the back and encourages us to follow our dreams. Our dreams may be counter to our everyday needs, and there lies a problem. We might feel the push pull of old and new, the push towards the new paradigm of synchronicity and serendipity whereby we do not have to do it all but rather our being open to the magic and mini-miracles of these volatile times; the pull being our habitual routine, the tasks we have to attend to daily and the traditional methods of attending to our responsibilities. While we might have indications of the new by way of chance encounters and interesting connections, we do not have to have an either or attitude today but rather can do both — engage interesting new developments, all the while that we are covering the needs of our everyday life. Later in the day, we may determine to pare down on some of our old activities and involvements that no longer serve us.

Wednesday, January 14th – Insights Without the Mindless Leaps – Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Uranus. The Scorpio Moon today trines Neptune, the Moon sextiles Pluto and the Moon squares both Mercury and Venus. Yesterday, Venus sextiled Uranus. Today, Mercury sextiles Uranus. We can get some startling insights today, ideas that brighten our future plans. Other people may have some remarkable stories to tell, similar to the recent local story of a man who fell off his fishing boat and then swam the ten miles to shore. Mini-miracles are increasingly happening in our world, and we can learn of one today. While we might want to engage our future, we may have to make room for the new to develop. Let’s keep in mind that the universe abhors a vacuum and when we create space in our lives, the universe will fill that space. Today is a day for us to use our intuition and figure what we need to be rid of in order to make room for the magical and wondrous to appear. First things first, and today is better served in clearing the clutter and concentrating on the truly meaningful. Our future goals will develop with our aid and the assistance of the universe. We just have to clear a path to make room for the new.

Thursday, January 15th – The Price of Impetuousness – Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Saturn. Thursday continues with the Scorpio Moon with the Moon today square Jupiter and the Moon sextile the Sun. Mars squares Saturn. There are times when we are unwilling to let go, and this Thursday serves as a backdrop to evidence how we sometimes get in our own way. A liability of ego gratification is forging ahead without considering either our resources or our intentions. There are times when we just want what we want and don’t consider the ramifications of our actions or take into account the law of unintended consequences. Thursday can be a day when we hit the wall. We may not have fully considered the conditions and circumstances in which we are operating, and consequently we could find ourselves falling down the rabbit hole. This is a day to be fully aware and mindful of our actions. Accidents are likely from our being impetuous and jumping the gun. Foreign affairs can be replete with violent incidents and over-the-top actions, and the malaise of the people can trigger protests against authorities. This is a day to count to ten before reacting to any situation and then to respond slowly and diligently. Let’s try and keep a lid on our emotions, for knee-jerk reactions could have dire consequences.

Friday, January 16th – Scattered and Anxious – Saturn, Mars, Neptune. Sometimes, the universe offers us a wake-up call. Often the call comes with a gentle tap on our shoulder, in our consciousness. If we get it, great. If not, then the universe taps us a little harder. If we still don’t get it, the universe offers us one of those lateral lobotomies, a whack on the side of the head. Eventually, we get it. Thursday and Friday can be a day when the universe may be trying to tell us something: WAKE UP! Yesterday’s Mars square Saturn segues into Friday’s Sagittarius Moon conjunct Saturn and the Moon square both Mars and Neptune in Pisces. We may feel as though the wind has been knocked out of us, as if we had been sucker punched. No matter what our plans could be on this Friday, it may be slow starting just by reason of the fact that we might feel emotionally drained. Something may have occurred, whether we experienced it or witnessed it, which can lay us low. We may feel scattered and anxious, having the sense that we need to do something, almost anything, but not really knowing what to do. We could be all over the place on this Friday and justifying our behavior and our disposition as a sense of overwhelm with us feeling that we have so much to do. The key to this day is not to become myopic, not to focus on all the little errands and outstanding matters right in front of us. We need to keep in mind the big picture and the possibilities for our future, even the seemingly impossibilities. Let’s try to take things down a notch or two and not let the energy get the better of us and whip us up into a frenzy. Thursday and Friday can be full of miscues and misreads. Let’s avoid jumping to conclusions or starting off on quixotic journeys on the road to nowhere.

Saturday, January 17th – At the Top of Our Game – Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. What a difference a day makes! This week may have seemed like a real roller coaster, both emotionally and energetically. Early Monday we may have felt up, only to get slammed later on the Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday could have surprised us with various ‘coincidences’ [as if there were such things] and mini-miracles. Thursday and Friday, we might have felt like we were on the autobahn into freakish nightmares. And now we come to Saturday, which could prove the best day of the week. Everything may seem to be coming up roses, with the Sagittarius Moon triggering the Fire Grand Trine with the Moon trine Uranus in Aries and the Moon trine Jupiter in Leo. The Moon also sextiles both Mercury and Venus. This is a day for a grand fun adventure and we might look at participating in our upbeat activities with other people or a special someone. We might prefer to do this day on the fly, engaging whatever captures our fancy. We may decide to get away from it all and especially from our usual routine. We are feeling upbeat, enthusiastic, optimistic and confident that no matter what is thrown at us we can deal with it effectively and productively and with an attitude of bemusement. This is a great day and one to just go with the flow, although the currents may be rapid. The energy is stronger earlier in the day and drops off later in the day as the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over sixteen and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn tomorrow. This Saturday is a day to get out and about early in the day and enjoy, for the early hours are incredibly vibrant and uplifting.

Sunday, January 18th – Contemplating Our Moves – Mars, Neptune. Sunday has the Capricorn Moon sextile both Mars and Neptune in Pisces. We may have felt ourselves recharged by some of the mini-miracles we might have encountered yesterday. We could have been witness to cutting through the veil of Maya, seeing beyond the illusions of appearance and getting a real feel as to what is truly happening to us and also getting a sense of new trajectories that might unfold for us. This Sunday allows us to figure out the means by which to move ahead. Like a suspension bridge getting us from where we have been to where we are going, we can consider both what we need to do to address our present realities and we can also imagine a future reality for ourselves. Today is a day to blend our intuitive sense with our practical mind. We can use our foresight and our faith to realize that the ways things have been in the past are not the way things are in the present and very unlikely to be the way that things will be in the future. This is not an exciting day as far as high energy, but it is exciting as far as the vibrancy of our inner life. Let’s keep in mind that things develop on the external from the percolating that has happened in the internal. Today is a day for percolating.