December 8th – 14th, 2014

We might feel like we’re sitting on top of the world this week. Whether we are caught up in the “feel good” holiday jingles and taking advantage of [or being taken advantage of] holiday sales or just an island unto ourselves, this week is one when we are determined to be upbeat and optimistic.

Even if irrational exuberance is not contagious everywhere, any naysayers to our confidence and enthusiasm are likely to be told in no uncertain terms the Rolling Stones’ lyric: ‘Hey! You! Get off of my cloud.’

We may start the week with a great deal on our plate. There might be a tendency for us to consider getting away from it all, leaving our cares behind and just taking off for destinations unknown. Nice concept, but our responsibilities could hold us in their grip. Not that we would really want to miss out on the holiday cheer [cheers!], for the spirits might be intoxicating and add a little spice to our lives.

The mid-part of the week could be joyous. We may engage fun events, holiday parties and shopping sprees. We might give little thought to our charge card balances and far more interested in our making an impression on both our loved ones and our colleagues. No expense may be spared as we consider the immediate impact of appreciation and gratitude rather than the long-term consequences of bills and increased credit card balances.

The weekend can have us attending to the various errands and details that make up our holiday celebrations. There is something about holidays that allows us to step off the track, escape our routine and enjoy a different panorama to life. This week is one of those times, but let’s not lose sight of our responsibilities and some of the demands we need to address.

This time of year may be geared more to celebrations than routine matters, but it would be wise for us to keep an eye on our goals and tasks at hand.

Monday, December 8th – Let’s Get Away From It All – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter retrograde. The week begins with the Moon in Cancer, and today the Moon creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon triggers the Uranus Pluto square with the Moon opposed Pluto and the Moon square Uranus. The Sun conjuncts Mercury, and Jupiter turns retrograde. While we might be feeling optimistic and upbeat today, our preference is likely to be for us far removed from some of the head bangers that pop up in our daily lives. A slow boat to China or a vision quest in the US Southwest could be quite appealing to us today. This is a day when our thoughts might be elsewhere, while our physical body endures our daily activities with a few curve balls thrown in. Even if we were choose to stay at home today, we could still be subject to various annoyances, those unexpected situations that arise that seem to create disruptions and force us to change our plans. We may have to do the tai chi moves today, working with the energies and unanticipated variables to circumnavigate any distractions, all the while that we are thinking of a safe happy place far away from the maddening crowd. Whether physically or mentally, we are likely to find ourselves choosing to get away from it all.

Tuesday, December 9th – Quietly Regrouping – Saturn. Tuesday and Saturday of this week seem to be the less energetic days, days when we can regroup, play catch up with matters that we have put aside, and deal with our usual responsibilities. Today, the Cancer Moon trines Saturn. Putting things in order, straightening up our home base and addressing issues that we would like to complete before year’s end are productive ways of working with the energies today. We can be rather serious, taking a break from the holiday romp and more interested in our usual tasks than just having a good time. During holiday celebrations, it is important for us to step away from the frivolities and deal with what needs to be done. Tuesday is a day when we can focus on our obligations, pay our bills and do a decluttering around our home. We can be more level-headed today and strategize a practical approach to the holidays, bringing the year to closure and seeing the new year come in with a clean slate.

Wednesday, December 10th – Pick and Choose – Mars, Uranus, Venus Capricorn. Wednesday has the Moon in Leo with the Moon today opposed Mars and the Moon trine Uranus. Venus exits Sagittarius, ending the stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Fire Sign, as Venus enters Capricorn. We may have a number of scheduled activities today, and we might feel as though our calendar is overbooked leaving us on overload. This is a day for us not to feel obligated to plans made. We might have to postpone some scheduled activities. We want to be able to take advantage of those involvements that are going to serve a purpose for us. We might pick and choose what we want to engage and are likely to do so by prioritizing their significance to our goals and ambitions. It would also be wise for us to keep space open for spontaneous events. We don’t want to feel that we are locked into commitments, some of which may have been made days or weeks ago. We all have the tendency of overload, adding so many things on to our plate that it’s hard to accomplish all of them, or at least accomplish them well. This Wednesday we need to pick and choose what to deal with but always leaving some space for free time and spontaneous events.

Thursday, December 11th – Good Times – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter. If we heard of surprising opportunities yesterday, we might be able to take full advantage of them today. This Thursday can be one exciting day. The Leo Moon trines both the Sun and Mercury, and the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. This is a day when we are looking to enjoy ourselves, but we do need to avoid excess. We can be feeling so upbeat that we can hardly imagine anything, or anyone, raining on our parade. Our desire to have it all and to put on a good show at the same time can spell generosity to a fault. Blind optimism can impel us forward and possibly without itinerary or direction. We just want to spread our wings and be open to the wondrous possibilities of the day. While we might enjoy our attitude and disposition, it would be wise for us to keep an eye on our expenditures. We could spend more than we can truly afford. We may be looking at spreading cheer and enjoying ourselves, but let’s keep in mind the old admonition: ‘moderation in all things.’ We might keep the admonition in mind but we are also unlikely to heed it. Instead we might exclaim: ‘all and more so!’

Friday, December 12th – A Dose of Fantasy – Saturn, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter. Friday has one foot in funland, the other foot in reality touching base with fantasy. The day begins with the Leo Moon square Saturn. The Moon then goes into Virgo where today the Moon trines Venus and the Moon squares Neptune. Mercury trines Jupiter. We may feel as though our good times are being dampened by bills, expenses, responsibilities, naysayers and all other sorts of restrictions, blockages and limitations. Although we would prefer a Walter Mitty lifestyle where our imaginations can run rampant with us being the invincible hero on a regular basis and our explorations can range the world and the universe beyond; we could instead find ourselves being pulled back into our reality by pressing demands and a cold dose of reality. Unfortunately, even our view of reality might not be realistic but tinged with a strong intoxication of fantasy. This Friday is a day for us to draw upon someone as a devil’s advocate making us aware of our liabilities towards exaggeration and excess. If we could rein in our confidence and focus on the specifics of our projects, we could accomplish a great deal, although with various distractions always at play.

Saturday, December 13th – Taking Care of Business – Pluto. Tuesday and Saturday are not high energy days, but they are highly productive days. Much of the glitz and sparkle of these holidays may enamor us through most of this week and this month, but there are occasional moments when we can get back to a grounded perspective and deal with the necessities of our lives. This week, Tuesday and Saturday provide those interludes of effectiveness and productivity. Today, the Virgo Moon trines Pluto. If we would prioritize our errands, we could knock them off easily and quickly in a time management style and get more done than we might have planned. Our lives don’t stop just by interruption of holidays and celebrations. Life goes on. Our normal routine demands certain tasks to be taken care of. Saturday allows us to play catch up, if necessary, or to get our normal obligations out of the way. When we are in high spirits, even the drudgery of routine tasks does not seem as weighty. With confidence and optimism, we can fulfill our errands and see our daily needs as but brief interludes in our holiday festivities.

Sunday, December 14th – Checking Our List, Checking it Twice – Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune. Sunday may have us getting our last minute holiday mailings prepared. We might go over whatever else needs to be done for our holiday celebrations. Sunday has the Virgo Moon square both the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius and the Moon sextile Saturn. The Sun trines Jupiter, and Venus sextiles Neptune. No matter how far along we might be with our holiday plans, today is one of those days when we might add a little extra to our holiday list. We are feeling generous and compassionate to those people that we have a sense of connection to, whether we are intimate friends with them or they are but only strangers in our lives. This is a day when the true sense of this solstice season with the birth of light in the darkness impels us to go out of our way for other people, be generous in our appreciative expressions of other people and to consider our charity giving to those less fortunate than ourselves.