November 10th – 16th, 2014

“Handle with Care” would seem to be a key phrase for this week. Such an admonition may go unheeded, as this week could ratchet the energy up severalfold.

Two weeks ago commemorated the centenary of the birth of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. In deference to him, I would suggest this week would play to the sentiments of his best-known two lines: “Do not go gentle into that good night” and “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Rage there might well be during this week, and gentleness may be far beyond the obstreperousness with all the banging and crashing that could go on.

We have been dealing with and challenged by the Uranus Pluto square over the past few years. This week has the Uranus Pluto square intensified, triggered by Mars conjunct Pluto and Mars square Uranus. Although this square is often triggered on a weekly basis by the transiting Moon, the Mars influence can exponentially increase the intensity and liability to damage done.

We may be in something of a dream state as we start the week. As though on a vision quest, our intuitive sense can be heightened, our foresight and psychic abilities strikingly on target. We might feel as if we have stepped across the threshold into another dimension, a realm of serenity, complete understanding and nourishing good feeling. We could discover our happy place and choose to spend our time through the attunement of our imagination in an idyllic space. That would be great, even wonder-filled, if reality didn’t impinge upon our soulful meanderings.

Unfortunately, we might experience reality not merely impinging upon our fantasies, but rather reality giving us a lateral lobotomy, one of those forceful whacks on the side of our head, a disarming wake up call. Suddenly, we could witness a certain crash-and-burn, as some situations reveal themselves to be only a house of cards easily knocked over by their lack of integral strength and by unexpected developments that bring the whole thing crashing down.

While we might have to play dodgeball with various situations, trying to avert calamity from striking us, we can dodge impactful scenarios by keeping our eye on the ball and by listening to our inner voice. It would be wise for us to keep in mind that often reality is merely a semblance of opinion as to what is going on and NOT the true situation unfolding.

Our best course of action early in the week is to prevent ourselves from knee-jerk reactions, avoiding immediate responses to situations based upon the momentary inclinations. It would be wise for us to let the dust settle before we pass judgment, make decisions or take action.

Past issues may demand attention, and the more we can clean up outstanding matters, the less encumbered we shall be as we move ahead with new interests and projects that allow our creativity to be fully expressed.

As if we have dodged a bullet, the latter part of the week can have us feeling good about ourselves, and perhaps even too good. We have to be careful that we don’t get cocky and overconfident, for we could easily assume that once the storm clouds of the first half of the week have passed that we are safe with clear sailing lying straight ahead of us.

We may feel upbeat towards the end of the week. We might look for recreational pursuits that we would enjoy and could even decide to broaden our interests.

The weekend may serve as a time for us to take care of our errands, to concentrate on filtering our activities so that we emphasize those involvements that advance our ambitions, all the while that we are paring down on the extraneous distractions. Taking a ‘time out’ over the weekend can allow us to contemplate our next major moves, reflect on the parameters in which we are operating and devise a best practices game plan as to how to realize our greatest dreams.

Monday, November 10th – Tromping Around Heaven All Day – Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Neptune, Mars, Pluto. Monday starts the week with something of a split personality or, at the least, paradoxical twists. The Cancer Moon today creates a Water Grand Trine with the Moon trine Mercury in Scorpio and the Moon trine Neptune in Pisces. We may feel like we’re in seventh heaven, guided by an inner knowing. Our feelings are heightened and our intuitive sense highly attuned. Mars conjuncts Pluto. If we get it right, this is one of those days when we can put spirit into action and virtually work miracles. But the question is whether we can merge two quite different energy configurations, blend them together to come up with the right mixture. It’s a tall order to draw upon our sensitivity and focus our daily activities in order to be highly productive and successful in everything we touch today. Failing our balancing act and integration of two quite different energy configurations, we might find ourselves being like a bull in a china shop, pushing the envelope, acting out in a belligerent and aggressive manner with the self-justification of “might makes right”. This day could prove explosive, and we should not be surprised if we hear of some religious or jihadist activity all under the guise of divine guidance. We can either walk gently upon the earth today or tromp around heaven all day. It would be best if we could channel our intense physical energy into a worthy cause and advance gingerly but with determination towards the realization of our dreams.

Tuesday, November 11th – Any Way But Loose – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Sun, Mercury, Neptune. The energy of yesterday continues on this Tuesday but perhaps in a different guise and with varied examples of the energies working out. Today, the Cancer Moon triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square and engages the Uranus Pluto square. The Cancer Moon opposes both Pluto and Mars, and the Moon squares Uranus. The Moon trines the Sun. Mercury trines Neptune. We may find that we run into blockages and obstacles in our way today. If we draw upon traditional practices and utilize old-school methods, we could find that we are banging up against impediments, restrictions and authority figures. This is a day to think smarter rather than working harder. If we would take the time to analyze the situation in front of us, we might determine how best to cope with anything and anyone getting in the way of our moving forward with our ambitions. Tuesday is one of those days when empiricism and the reasoning mind might not work to our advantage. Let’s allow our feeling nature to engage an analysis of the situation before us. Recognizing that our inner voice has the true knowledge about what is going on, the more we can think outside the box today and the more we can invest our trust in how things ‘feel’ to us, we could discover that our intuition knows the right course of action. Tuesday may seem to create a maze of situations, some expected, others unexpected. It is up to us to decipher how we can turn the maze into a labyrinth and how instead of blind alleys and blockages we can find our way, even if seemingly circuitous, to the center and accomplish what we want to get done.

Wednesday, November 12th – Too Far Out on the Limb – Venus, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Uranus. Wednesday begins with the Cancer Moon trine both Venus and Saturn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for nine and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo today. Venus conjuncts Saturn and Mars squares Uranus. The moody reveries and fascinating hunches we might have had over the past few days can linger on as we start this Wednesday. We might be looking at straightening up around our home, attending to family matters and bringing certain outstanding issues to close before we head off in an exploratory and self-expressive romp. This day could also have us being in contact with some of the important people from our past. We might go through a recapitulation of sorts today, a walk down Memory Lane, as we reflect on where we have been, some of our past experiences and some of the people that have filtered through our lifescape. The importance today is not to judge where we have been or how we have done. Nor would it be appropriate for us to rush ahead impetuously as though trying to get beyond our past or our present. The liability towards accidents today is high, and this is a day for defensive living, having eyes in the back of our head and being totally mindful and astutely aware as to what is going on around us. People may be accident-prone today, so let’s be extra careful around machinery and with backups to our computers. Things can go awry and without notice and virtually in a nanosecond of time.

Thursday, November 13th – On the High Wire – Mercury, Uranus, Sun, Jupiter. If we didn’t stub our toe, scrape our knees, break our legs or fall down a ravine yesterday, we might feel as if we had dodged a bullet and today can claim ourselves to be invincible. The Moon in Leo squares Mercury and the Moon trines Uranus. The Sun squares Jupiter. Everyone may be trumpeting their successes or their self-proclaimed abilities. People may be pontificating and offering up innovative solutions to problems that might only be nuisances. This is a day when it would be wise to take what others say with a grain of salt. We might run across a character or two today, people who are emphasizing their uniqueness in weird or downright bizarre ways. We may feel uncomfortable with our usual routine and look to branch off from our schedule in order to engage some exciting new adventure. Today is a day to watch our expenses. We could be willing to spend on whatever catches our fancy with little regard to the cost involved. Let’s try and rein in our enthusiasm and not get caught up in irrational exuberance. We might prefer to see the possibilities in an optimistic and confident manner, but what we see might not be what we get.

Friday, November 14th – Dance to the Music, Pay to the Piper – Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Venus. We are not looking to be doused by any parade rainers today. We might be feeling too upbeat to even heed warnings of excess or indulgence. Friday has the Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter and the Moon square the Sun, Saturn and Venus. This may be a day for the parade of one as we march off to the beat of our own drum. We start this day feeling good about ourselves, looking to expand our involvements and making preparations for some future get-aways. Unfortunately, not everyone is likely to be on the same page that we are. In fact, we might find ourselves alone on our page and that’s all right. We do need to prevent ourselves from getting carried away, for we could easily be enamored with a thought, a project or some interest that fascinates us with a tendency for us to avoid due diligence and the necessary investigation regarding our plans and our intentions. This is a day when bills may come due, and we might feel that the vagaries of these times are draining us of our resources — whether those resources are our time, our energy or our finances. We can buy into the T.G.I.F. [thank goodness it’s Friday], decide to enjoy ourselves and put our responsibilities on the back burner with the idea that we can deal with demands another day.

Saturday, November 15th – Dreamtime – Neptune. We started the week in a dreamy, moody state, and this Saturday can have us back in dreamtime. Today the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. We might have a lot that we intend to do on this Saturday but getting things going may be like getting up with a heavy hangover. We could feel a little woozy as we start the day. Although confusion as to what to do and where to go may begin our Saturday, we can map things out before we start out and develop an ingenious itinerary in order to cover as many bases as possible. We might not be operating from a great deal of energy today, so it would be wise for us to be smarter rather than work harder. This is a day for us to avoid rolling the boulder up the mountain but instead figure out the trajectories by which we can winch the boulder up the mountain with the least energy expended. Reveries and contemplations could offer us the opportunity to broaden our vista and widen our perspective. If we would draw upon our intuition, we might find our foresight provides some interesting possibilities. Once seen, our prospects can be developed in specific detail and expeditious means. Blueprinting and strategizing can streamline our timeframe and advance our interests. We do not always have to be on the go. By slowing things down and considering our options, we may find that our way unfolds in a mystical and magical way. We just have to believe in ourselves and in the miracles of these times. This Saturday is not a day for us to fall into victim role, carp about the injustices in our world, or escalate our insecurities and self-esteem issues. Today is a day to get out of our own way, trust in the universe and believe in ourselves. Magic can happen in the quiet of stillness.

Sunday, November 16th – Dissecting and Reconnecting – Mercury, Pluto, Mars, Neptune direct, Venus Sagittarius. Often we think of Sunday as a day of rest, or at least we did in years gone by. Perhaps we no longer consider Sundays to be like those past Sundays, especially during these times when we always seem to be on the go. If we were looking for a ‘down time’ day this week, yesterday would have been the day to kick back, take it easy and allow our imagination free rein. We might have come up with some interesting ideas, ideas that we can begin to implement on this Sunday. We can be highly active today, whether our activity is focused on a good weekend cleanup or we figure out what is most important for us to engage. This Sunday has the Virgo Moon sextile Mercury, the Moon trine Pluto and the Moon trine Mars. Mercury sextiles Pluto. Neptune turns direct and Venus exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. Our mind can be sharp, able to dissect situations and focus on what the core issues are. This Sunday can be a highly productive day. Not only is our mind spot-on; we have the determination to virtually move mountains. We are not looking at dancing around issues or circumventing any elephant in the room. On the contrary, our thoughts are crystal clear and our discussions to the point. We may not be diplomatic and accommodating today, but our intensity and concentration can accomplish a great deal. We might also feel as if we have come out from under a cloud. We could be feeling more upbeat, more engaged with other people and looking to encounter people from different backgrounds, other cultures. As the lyrics in the 1979 McFadden and Whitehead hit song affirms:
“Ain’t no stopping us now
We’re on the move…
We’ve got the groove.”