October 20th – 26th, 2014

This is a week of major changes with an increased chill in the air. The chill may not be only weather shifts but could also be a chill in mood and general atmospheric conditions. We might even be wondering if the bloom has come off the rose.

The week begins with us likely to be upbeat and generally feeling good about situations. A ‘la-de-da’ attitude can continue to the mid-week period with us enjoying the company of others, engaging in upbeat conversations and embracing a nimby [not in my backyard] disposition.

Such nonchalance can be fine early in the week, but the hard cold realities of the world-at-large could be knocking on our windows as we come into the second half of the week.

Thursday sees a dramatic shift as both the Sun and Venus exit Libra to end the Libra Stellium of three planets in the Cardinal Air Sign. Both the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio to create a Scorpio Stellium as the two join Saturn in the Fixed Water Sign. Thursday also has the Scorpio New Moon and a Solar Eclipse.

Increasingly, we may be looking at stripping away the fluff and focusing on the fundamentals. We might even be fed up with the Keystone Kops antics of the powers-that-be that make dysfunctionality their modus operandi. Recognizing that the experts are often nothing more than talking heads spewing their party line, we can take charge of our own personal situations and decide to do what needs to be done to not only keep us personally safe and financially secure but would also allow us to thrive under these challenging times that offer the dependent only the ability to survive.

The idiom ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’ could prove our marching orders, and we might find that our concentrated attention on the fundamentals of our lives also allows us an intuitive understanding as to how we can best proceed and achieve the most meaningful goals in our lives.

Over the weekend, Mercury ends its three-week retrograde cycle and Mercury turns direct. Some of the misunderstandings, miscommunications and misinterpretations of the past three weeks can start to be sorted out. We do have to recognize that as Mercury shifts direction, the screw-ups could ratchet up as Mercury and more significantly its influence demand that we get our rhythm and pace in synch.

The weekend closes with Mars exiting Sagittarius to enter Capricorn. Some of the strident and bellicose words and actions of the past few weeks can finally be tempered as we seek the practical solutions to problems and not merely the haranguing about vexing situations.

Monday, October 20th – Goodtime Charlie? – Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter. After a wild and wooly week last week in the equity markets, this Monday could start with a certain trepidation on the Street. After all, yesterday, October 19th, marked the 27th anniversary of Black Monday and the crash of stock markets around the world. As though trying to buck a historical trend of October being a down month in the equity markets, everyone may be looking to walk on the sunny side of the street [whether Wall Street or Main Street]. The Virgo Moon today sextiles Saturn and the Moon squares Mars. Foreign situations may give cause for concern especially if people look beyond the surface appearance, the headlines or the brief synopsis of spin presented as news. Fortunately, Venus sextiles Mars and Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Even if people had put away their rose-colored glasses, they may be taking them back out, putting them back on during this Monday. Conversations can be upbeat and confident of future trends. We may be seeking out those people with whom we share agreement. We do not want any parade rainers today, only those people who see the sun shining and accepting that all is right in the world. Exuberance is a good attitude to embrace but let’s not avoid looking at any unpleasantries in the harsh glow of reality. We can be enthusiastic and optimistic, but we also need to be mindful and aware of the shifting sands of these times. This Monday can be a day when we move our projects forward in an enthusiastic manner with the encouragement of someone advocating our cause all the while that we engage due diligence in order to be aware of the conditions and circumstances around us.

Tuesday, October 21st – In the Quiet – Libra Moon. We may have started the week off with a thrust of good feeling and a desire to expand our interests. Tuesday is a day when we might be sorting through some of the various ideas and projects we have in mind. The Moon is in Libra today but the Moon makes no aspects or connections to the planets today. There is not a great deal of energy to make monumental moves. Instead, we might choose to catch up with those important people in our lives or seek quiet contemplation to recharge our batteries, consider our options and enjoy the brief interlude of serenity that this day may afford us. We may use this day as a day for balancing our act — finding the equilibrium point and perfect balance in our home, our work, our relationships and within ourselves. During these times of paradigm shift, it is essential that we recognize that we are moving away from mastering our universe, controlling situations and making things happen. The paradigm shift speaks to synchronicity and serendipity and asks us to shift our mindset whereby we are co-creators with the energies unfolding, open to the unexpected and appreciative that even the seemingly impossible might not be solely possible but even probable. Tuesday this week would be a god day for a ‘mental health’ day, a time for us to spend with other people and discuss what we are doing and what our alternatives might be.

Wednesday, October 22nd – Fine Tuning – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter. Wednesday is on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse. We might not get a great deal started today, but we can be in preparatory mode. The Libra Moon today triggers the Uranus Pluto square with a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Pluto and the Moon opposed Uranus. The Moon conjuncts Mercury and the Moon sextiles Jupiter. We might have to make alterations to our plans, realize that some of our goals might hit up against both unexpected situations and appropriate maneuvers, and be willing to twist and turn according to changing parameters. Someone might prove a good sounding board regarding what we want to do and how we can best achieve our goals. We may be looking at stretching our wings today, but let’s keep in mind the importance of the tai chi moves during these volatile times. We need to be mindful of the energies as they are unfolding, aware of how we can best proceed without being tripped up by the vagaries of these times, and embrace our confidence that no matter what we are faced with that we have the skill set and tools to successfully deal with whatever is thrown up in our way.

Thursday, October 23rd – Cut to the Core – Mars, Venus, Scorpio New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Sun, Sun Scorpio, Venus Scorpio. Thursday signals a major, major shift in energy. The day begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Libra with the Libra Moon sextile Mars. The Moon then moves into Scorpio. The Sun and Venus also both exit Libra to enter Scorpio ending a Stellium of three or more planets in Libra to create a Stellium in Scorpio with the Sun and Venus joining Saturn in the Fixed Water Sign. The Scorpio Moon conjuncts Venus and the Moon conjuncts the Sun with a Scorpio New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. Suddenly, we may find that some of the issues percolating below the surface or at the surface have far greater ramifications than we might first have considered possible. This is a time for us to do a serious inventory taking of our lives and pare away the extraneous and the superficial. At the time of the New Moon and this Solar Eclipse the power pack of Sun, Moon, Venus is in orb of a trine to Neptune. If we listen to our intuitive sense, our inner voice, then we can understand what our right path, right action and right elimination might be. We are moving into a time when the intensity may ratchet up even more so over the next two weeks [if you can even imagine such a thing as being possible!]. As the energy is focused on stripping away to the core, getting down to the fundamentals and concentrating on substance, we have the opportunity of re-learning the truly important and most significant factors of our lives.

Friday, October 24th – Divine Intervention – Neptune, Pluto. Friday can be a highly productive day if we trust our intuition and follow our inner voice. The Scorpio Moon today trines Neptune and the Moon sextiles Pluto. We can be guided into a best practices approach. Our sensitivity may be heightened and we can devise a well-defined strategy. What is essential is that we start with foresight and blueprinting our intentions and then strategizing the most expeditious means by which to reach our goals. Friday can be a day when we can put spirit into action. We may feel slightly out-of-the-world, off the planet, and an island unto ourselves. Much more might be going on below the surface than meets the eye. We might not reveal everything that we are contemplating, and we could choose to go it alone today. We are not interested in getting input from other people, for we might feel that the gods and goddeses are whispering to us directly as to what to do and how best to go about it. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury is about to turn direct tomorrow. Even if we are trying to communicate our thoughts and feelings, other people might hear only gibberish from our deeply felt emotions and expressed intense feelings.

Saturday, October 25th – Herky Jerky – Jupiter, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Venus, Mercury direct. Saturday can have us being jerked around. The day begins with the Scorpio Moon square Jupiter and the Moon conjunct Saturn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for twelve and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius late tonight, early Sunday. The Sun conjuncts Venus and Mercury turns direct ending its three-week retrograde cycle. We may have all sorts of plans to enjoy this day, possibly taking in Fall fairs and autumnal festivals. We do need to keep tabs on our resources since we could find our desires to be extravagant, our finances limited. If we would focus today’s activities on quality more than quantity, then we could pick and choose what to engage and leave behind those involvements that would prove too costly. This day can be used to sort through our various engagements to see where we can pare down to those that are truly significant and essential and discard those situations that are a mere distraction and waste of our time. Whatever we plan to do today, we also need to keep in mind that Mercury is ending its retrograde cycle and turning direct. Whenever Mercury changes direction, the day’s events can get squirrely with various delays, intrusions, misunderstandings and other various forms of screw-ups. This Saturday is a day to add on extra time for anything and everything that we intend to do. We may feel as though we are doing the herky-jerky today with our movements disjointed and our plans going awry.

Sunday, October 26th – Let’s Get Serious – Neptune, Mars Capricorn. With Mercury just having turned direct yesterday and the Sagittarius Moon square Neptune today, we might begin this Sunday slightly out of sorts. We might wonder what to do and how to do it. A level of confusion can set in. Even if we have plans for today, we might find that we are taking the long way round to get things done. Where we step first could well determine the direction of our day so it would be wise for us to give some forethought before stepping out into the day. We could have various plans in mind for this Sunday, but it would be wise for us to consider the implications of our plans, the long-term consequences of our actions and even try to take into account the collateral issues that might arise along the way. Fortunately, we also have Mars exiting Sagittarius to enter Capricorn. We might become more intent on putting spirit into action and doing so in a practical, methodical manner. If we have had various situations either not working out or working out in less than beneficial ways over the past three weeks, we can start to concentrate on how we can straighten up and fly right. We may be less interested in spreading ourselves thin and trying to cover all the bases, and more focused on those activities that support our long-term goals. We are moving into a time when we can become more serious about what we are doing, concentrating on a best practices approach and leaving behind much of the fluff and diversions we might have engaged previously.