October 13th – 19th, 2014

If our relationships have been a little dicey over the past few weeks, this week allows us to set things right with people.

The level of anxiety and fear seemed ratcheted up recently. Whether our concerns were largely personal (e.g. financial, health, work, relationship related, etc.) or our anxieties provoked by issues beyond our control (e.g. ISIL, ebola, enterovirus, financial markets, global dysfunctionalities of the powers-that-be, etc.), various matters may have triggered our anxiety and fear.

This week could allow us to be more upbeat, optimistic and confident that no matter the cards we are dealt, we have the ability to play them and play them well and successfully. We might even be able to pierce the veil of maya and give clarity to the acronym fear = false evidence appearing real.

Although in the US the week begins with the end of the long holiday weekend and Columbus Day, we may start the week scurrying around, getting together with friends or contacting them by means of phone, text or email. We want to reach out and touch someone, or more likely some people.

As the week progresses, we might choose some pleasurable activities to engage and seek various outlets for our own creative self-expression. We may be “Putting on the Ritz”, looking to present ourselves in a dramatic and stylish manner and seeking the admiration and appreciation of someone and everyone.

Even if we have been somewhat self-involved and even critical of other people, this is a week when we can enjoy the company other others. We might feel as if we have come out from under a dark cloud. While the anxieties and concerns may not have disappeared from our vantage point, we are far more interested in social gatherings and autumnal festivals than all the problems in the world.

The weekend can have us focusing on dealing with the details in our lives. A good autumnal cleanup and clear out may be in order, and we could be addressing various details in a most expeditious manner.

Mercury is still retrograde so let’s keep in mind that during Mercury retrograde we are also able to go back over things that might need to be reworked, reconfigured or revisited.

All in all, this week can be a fun week, a week to participate in various upbeat activities, with a weekend when we can clean house and pare down to the fundamentals.

Monday, October 13th – Scurrying Around – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. The week begins in the US with Columbus Day, the long holiday weekend that often is referred to as the ‘leaf peeping’ weekend when people stream out of the cities to head into the country to view the spectacle of autumnal colors painting the country landscape in yellows, reds, oranges and scarlet. Monday starts with the Moon in Gemini with the Moon trine the Sun, the Moon opposed Mars, and the Moon trine Mercury. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for five and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer later in the day. This is a day when we want to engage anyone and everyone. We do have to be wary that we don’t over plan this day, for then we could be scurrying around, alighting briefly in one place before flying off to another, then to another and on and on. Our interactions may be brief today but meaningful. We can show our appreciation for those special people in our lives. We just have to be certain that we don’t seem too superficial or shallow in our get-togethers. We can keep it brief but express true sentiments.

Tuesday, October 14th – A Different World – Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter. Tuesday has the Cancer Moon trine Neptune and the Moon triggering the Uranus Pluto square with the Moon opposed Pluto and the Moon square Uranus. Venus sextiles Jupiter. If we could step off the world today and create our own idyllic paradise, we might well choose to do so. This can be a moody and lovely day if we are not impacted by mundane reality, our obligations or what we need to get done. We might far prefer to meander beyond our normal parameters, participate in interests foreign to our usual involvements, and engage people who have experiences far different from our own. If we do not get locked into political correctness or social decorum, we could spread our wings and broaden our activities, all with the encouragement and active support of someone who may prove to be our greatest advocate. This is a day to explore new vistas, make nice with other people and adopt an attitude of even the impossible being possible. We do have to be wary of a pushback later in the day. If we go off into the Elysian Fields in our thoughts and interactions with other people early in the day, our daily realities could come back full force later in the day. Brief interludes from the hurly-burly of today’s living are always welcome and allow us the opportunity to recharge, reinvigorate and recognize that there can be better ways to create brighter days. Let’s dream and recognize that our intentions are the first step in the realization of our greatest desires. A day of two quite different energy configurations, the early part of the day can be one when we step into a fantasia of our own making only to be pulled back into our responsibilities and tasks at hand later in the day.

Wednesday, October 15th – Step by Step – Venus, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Mars. This is a day when we might feel impelled to move beyond our comfort zone. The Cancer Moon today trines Saturn, but the Moon squares all three of the Libra-transiting planets of Venus, Sun and Mercury. The Sun sextiles Mars. We might want to leap ahead today, fast forward our activities and take a giant step towards broadening our interests and expanding our reach. We may have to gauge our own reticence and even the cautionary words of other people advising us not to move too far, too fast out of our normal trajectory. While change and taking risks beyond our usual habit patterns can be scary, we could move ahead by taking things baby step by baby step. While our fears and anxieties of moving too far beyond our safety net might be turned up today, let’s seek comfort in my analogy to building a suspension bridge. We can move into a different future, a more fulfilling future and a future more attuned with who we are becoming by laying down the slats of our different interests, different aspects of ourselves and different behavior patterns slat by slat, always with the recognition that we can always go back, sometimes need to go back, before we lay down the further slats of our future. As the saying goes: “Rome was not built in a day.” So too for ourselves, our future is not determined by an instantaneous transformation but is a continual work in process of honing, shaping, developing. Today may call for baby steps rather than giant leaps, but the trajectory is the same — movement towards the new, the exciting, the more self-fulfilling.

Thursday, October 16th – With a Wink and a Smile – Sun, Mercury, Mars. Thursday is a day when people can be oozing charm with an eerie ability to be seductively persuasive to the point of winning their ways and achieving their aims. The Moon today is in Leo. The Sun conjuncts Mercury and Mercury sextiles Mars. Yesterday, the Sun sextiled Mars. Wednesday and Thursday can be days when we are being seduced, or are seducing, people with grace, charm and an overreaching interest in what is going on with the other person. Although in recent months we might have felt that people were being a little too self-absorbed, self-involved to the point of being narcissistic; today and yesterday may provide us evidence of how people can engage us with kind words, perceived good intentions and claiming to be our greatest supporter. We may enjoy the change in people’s attitudes. We might far prefer the Mutual Admiration Society compared to the individualized self-focus. But we might have to keep in mind what I often refer to as: ‘Check the source and check their agenda.’ The gift of gab today can be infectious. People might be talking up a storm, suggesting ideas and actions that are intended to put us on easy street, offering us the best thing since sliced bread and making all sorts of claims and promises. It would be wise for us to take time to consider whatever is being presented to us, do our own due diligence regarding the matter and enjoy the camaraderie with other people without being entangled in their projects, their plans or their schemes. Thursday can be a pleasant day as long as we take things lightly and avoid making any significant decisions or committing to long-term actions.

Friday, October 17th – On Cloud Nine – Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus. Some of the ‘feel good’ attitude of the past two days continues on this Friday. Today, the Leo Moon trines Uranus and the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Mercury conjuncts Venus. We may be looking to put our imprint on new projects and take trajectories into fascinating prospects but with unknown consequences. Likely to be enthusiastic, confident and optimistic, we may not see any dark clouds in the blue sky of our possibilities. We might have a sense that everything is going our way today and our upbeat disposition encouraged. It would be hard for us to see any negative implications to moving into new directions. Everything can seem rosy, but we could only be looking at the surface appearance and what we wish to see. We may have been on a high the past two days, and this Friday we could seek to implement some of our new interests and develop new projects. Let’s avoid engaging new directions on just a wing and a prayer. Today might be better suited to the conditioning of our intentions, gearing up for the implementation of our plans but enjoying the pep rally of our options rather than executing our actions. Creative visualization may be a necessary first step in conceiving how we go about achieving our aims. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday may be fun days to spend with that special someone, or special people, all the while we consider our possibilities but without fully committing ourselves to their implementation.

Saturday, October 18th – Let the Good Times Roll – Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Saturday starts with a continuation of ‘feeling good, looking good’. The Leo Moon sextiles Mercury, the Moon squares Saturn, the Moon sextiles Venus, the Moon trines Mars and the Moon sextiles the Sun. These energy configurations occur in the early part of Saturday and can give us a thrust towards pleasurable activities, enjoying ourselves and engaging with those special people in our lives. We are looking for fun and outlets by which we can show off our creative talents. Everyone may be on center stage, and each of us may have our mutually admiring friend to stoke the fires of appreciation and gratitude. On such a high with our head in the clouds and our feet barely touching the ground, we might be enamored by our own projections of how our lives should go. We might be willing to be overly generous, both in our compliments to other people and in our expenditures of our financial resources. While the optimism and confidence we may have engendered over the past few days could have been intoxicating and even contagious, we might have neglected due diligence and may have even spent more than would be budget conscious. As the day progresses, the energy shifts when the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost ten hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo late today, early Sunday. Suddenly, we might feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails. As if drugged by our own euphoria, hopes and desires, the past few days may have seemed like a haze of good times, now followed by a wake-up call asking us to focus and forcing us to consider the specifics and not merely the big picture of what could be and how we want things to be.

Sunday, October 19th – Back to Reality – Neptune, Pluto. Although Sunday is often considered a day of rest, this Sunday would be better utilized to hone our projects, concentrate on errands and tasks that we might have neglected during the week, and consider the most important projects to attend to. Today the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and the Moon trines Pluto. Either we can be reluctant to engage the necessary attention to detail and continue in our fantasies of seeing the big picture without taking into account the particular, or we could blend the necessary factors that make up the big picture. Using our foresight and intuitive abilities, we can devise a best practices approach whereby we can concentrate on the fundamentals, cut to the core of a situation and then build the necessary ingredients to complete a perfectly structured format. Today is a day for us to get our feet back on the ground, deal with important aspects of our lives and be able to accomplish a great deal in a rather short period of time. Sunday could prove to be the most effective and productive day of the week. Let’s enjoy ourselves towards the end of this week and then put spirit into action on this Sunday. With our confidence built up over the past few days and more attention to detail, we might find that we now have the wind to our back and can accomplish a great deal effectively and easily.