September 22nd – 28th, 2014

This week is a transitional week as we officially move from summer into autumn. The week may be punctuated by blasts and pops and radical departures from the norm.

An exciting week, the week begins with the last day of summer and the beginning of autumn late on Monday, early Tuesday. Not going out or coming in with a whimper, the seasonal change can be replete with explosive developments as we begin the week.

Increasingly, we may realize that life is not the way it had been for our parents or our grandparents. We are on the threshold of a major change, the dawning of a new day, which some would call a new age.

We may be attentive to our routine matters, but we are far more interested in focusing on those areas that will contribute to the quality of our lifestyle. A major component to the quality of our lives are those people who add sparkle and vibrancy, people who are marching to their own drummer and doing their own thing. And much of this week revolves around that special someone or the special people in our lives.

This week also celebrates the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, starting on sundown Wednesday. And what a way to start a new year!

The mid to latter part of this week is an incredibly expansive time, a time when magic is afoot and we might find new outlets for our creative self-expressions. Indications of thrilling surprises and exciting events can be anywhere and virtually everywhere. All we have to do is be certain to remove the blinders from our eyes, broaden our perspective and be open to receiving some unexpected news. We could find ourselves enlivened by new directions, new interests, new developments.

The weekend could be a time we devote to clearing out the stables of our past. A good autumnal cleaning lets us get rid of the old and outmoded and provides space for the new and exciting to enter our lives. The universe abhors a vacuum.

Monday, September 22nd – Banging and Crashing into Autumn – Pluto, Autumn Equinox, Sun Libra, Pluto direct. Often we slip easily from one season into the next. Such an easy move may not be how we end summer and enter autumn late on Monday, early Tuesday. The Moon trines Pluto today. Pluto turns from retrograde to direct motion. And we have the Autumn Equinox with the Sun exiting Virgo to enter Libra, the Cardinal Air Sign that signals the beginning of the season of autumn. This day is also the 22nd, a Master Number in numerology representative of the Master Builder. We can accomplish a great deal today, focus on the specifics of any matter and advance our interests. The change in direction of Pluto often coincides with some intense releases — bombings, explosions, geophysical phenomena of earthquake and volcanic activity. The switch may be turning regarding Pluto’s movement, but the intensity of shifting direction with Pluto is often akin to banging and crashing about. Extremes of action and activity are likely today, so let’s try and keep a handle on the energy and not get swept up into excessive force.

Tuesday, September 23rd – Waiting for Godot – Saturn, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. We could still be feeling some of the repercussions of Pluto’s change in direction late last evening, early this morning. Tuesday has the Virgo Moon sextile Saturn and the Moon conjunct Venus. This may be a day for us to straighten up from any disruptions triggered by the Pluto switch. The Virgo Moon in the early morning hours sextiles Saturn and conjuncts Venus. We can attend to pressing matters, put things in their right order and present a well-conceived package. Despite any recent upsets, we have the ability to deal with our responsibilities and tie up loose ends. There is not a great deal of energy today to initiate new projects. This Tuesday is better served dealing with outstanding issues that need completion, not a day for start-ups. After the Moon makes contact with Venus by conjunction, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over fifteen and a half hours making no further contact to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra late this evening, early tomorrow morning and the Libra New Moon. Tuesday has us on the dark side of the Moon and added to the energies, or lack of energy, on this Tuesday, this day is better suited to old matters and past concerns rather than any new beginnings. We may feel as though we are waiting for Godot, waiting for a new thrust of energy, but in the meantime we can take care of what needs to be done and prepare for the new energies to unfold with the Libra New Moon.

Wednesday, September 24th – Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here – Libra New Moon, Sun, Mars, Pluto. While we started autumn on Monday, the true initiation of the autumn season may come more thanks to today’s Libra New Moon. The Libra lunation today puts an imprint on the next two weeks. This New Moon is on the cusp of Virgo – Libra. The Libra Moon today conjuncts the Sun, the Moon sextiles Mars, and the Moon squares Pluto. We are deeply interested with what is going on with other people, looking to someone to be a wise counselor and sounding board regarding our own projects and our personal interests. We may feel invigorated to expand our activities and broaden our reach, but we are unlikely to want to go it alone. We could be seeking out partnership in our activities or at the least someone to serve as an advocate of our abilities and our plans. We might feel as though our interests are diverging from what we have done in the past, even our present responsibilities. We do have to keep watch on our finances, for egged on by someone we might have a tendency to reach too far, expand too much. We have the enthusiasm to move into new directions. We just have to maintain due diligence as to a best practices approach by which to successfully realize our intended goals.

Thursday, September 25th – New Day Dawning – Jupiter, Uranus. Thursday could prove to be a magical day, one of those days when we find ourselves in the right place at the right time. Generically, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and this Thursday is a highly Jupiter day. Today, the Libra Moon sextiles Jupiter and the Moon opposes Uranus. Jupiter trines Uranus. This is a day when we might feel as though we have a Midas Touch with everything we involve ourselves being miraculous and turning out far better than we could have expected. Serendipity and synchronicity are the keywords for this day. No matter what we have planned, this is a day to open the door to spontaneity, to those random occurrences that happen without our doing anything, without our forcing issues, without our mastering the universe. On the contrary, this day could prove to be one of those days when the universe offers us a startling opportunity as if on a silver platter. We just have to be aware, mindful and willing to engage wonderful possibilities. Someone might put a kibosh on our willingness to postpone scheduled events in order to take advantage of surprising scenarios. Let’s not be held back by someone else, our own commitment to form, or our obligations. Days like these occur every now and then, and this day can be a day when we do not have to make things happen but we do have to be open and available to receive.

Friday, September 26th – Sharing the News – Mercury, Neptune. We may be jazzed by some of the unanticipated situations that might have opened up to us yesterday. Certainly this latter part of the week asks us to keep our antennae up and to ‘expect the unexpected’. During these transformational times of the paradigm shift, the unexpected too often seemed more like a crash and burn rather than a miraculous event. Now we are in the zone of miraculous events, and this Friday we could be spreading the word, sharing the news. Today the Libra Moon conjuncts Mercury. The Moon then moves into Scorpio where later today, early tomorrow the Scorpio Moon trines Neptune. Whatever insights or new developments might have occurred yesterday or over the past few days, today is a day to hone our understanding of what has just recently developed. Someone might be able to help us put things in perspective. Let’s keep in mind that these times are NOT about sequential progression but rather asequential unfoldings where things no longer develop in a straight line but rather in inexplicable ways with various twists and turns. These times call for us to be aware and mindful but also draw upon our intuitive sense, what ‘feels’ to be going on. The empirical and reasoning mind may no longer hold the truth to what is happening. Late in the day, we can use some quiet time to reflect, to go inside and to better comprehend some of the magic occurring in our everyday lives.

Saturday, September 27th – Sorting Things Out – Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury Scorpio. Saturday continues with the Scorpio Moon, which today has the Moon sextile Pluto and the Moon square Jupiter. Mercury exits Libra to enter Scorpio. Over the past few days, we might have experienced a cornucopia of various incidents and unexpected opportunities to engage. In a belief that streamlined operations would allow us to take on more, both deal with our responsibilities and participate in new interests, we may have taken on more, more, more. The extremes of these times can be wild swings between limitations or restrictions and excess or indulgences. The expansive energy right now could have had us taking on more than we can actually handle. This Saturday is a good day for us to do some inventory taking, see what involvements are truly important to us and in contrast what situations are but merely frosting on the cake. We can cut away some of the dross today, rid ourselves of situations and involvements that no longer interest us, and prepare space for new activities and start-up projects. A good autumn cleaning may be suggested for today. We can consider what is significant and has meaning for us compared to activities that are only distractions and diversions. It would be wise for us to keep our finances in mind, for there may be the liability to go on a shopping spree in the afternoon, spend more than would be wise and add to our personal debt. This is an expansive time, but we need not expand our debt load. It’s always a good idea for us to put some monies aside in case of a rainy day.

Sunday, September 28th – Family Matters – Saturn, Venus. Sunday continues with the Scorpio Moon, and today the Moon conjuncts Saturn and the Moon sextiles Venus. Later in the day, the Moon exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius and allows this next week to start on an upbeat and exciting note. Sunday though may demand that we take care of certain obligations. The home fires might be burning with us having to attend to matters around our home or issues with family members. We may feel that our energy is depleted and that we have to deal with situations that seem to have a no-win outcome. Much of the good feelings that we have had earlier this week all of a sudden can seem dampened. Let’s not react to what seems to be occurring. It would be wise for us to keep in mind that these times talk of things happening in a most unexpected manner, that various situation can arise out of the blue. While we might feel snapped back into reality, we could also see that this day is one of reflection, reconsideration and reworking some of our previous actions and decisions. As the day progresses, we can work out any personal issues by speaking from the heart. Late in the day, the energy shifts again and we may be back on the happy track and not interested in falling down the rabbit hole or being the sad sack.