August 18th – 24th, 2014

The energy this week shifts ever more so to getting us back on track of our regular routines. The calendar may still indicate summer, but our realities could be preparing for, or being immersed in, our everyday ‘normal’ world.

Unlike the past few weeks when we may have been slow starting and reluctant to get the week going, this week begins on a manic note with us being here, there and everywhere. With such a thrust of energy to begin the week, we might wonder whether we are coming or going. To some degree, it really doesn’t matter since we are likely to be in overdrive, rushing around and in constant motion.

Excess and indulgence can be heightened as we begin the week, but we just have to watch that we don’t wear ourselves out before we get more fully into the week. In our rush and with a liability towards confusion, we could find ourselves chasing after fantasies, illusions and delusions. It would be wise for us to keep a lid on our finances, for otherwise we might spend more than appropriate, both for our participation in fun activities and in preparation for the oncoming autumn.

The mid-week period can slow things down, allow us to take a concentrated look at what we are doing and see where we can pare down some of our activities, scheduled events and plans for the upcoming months.

This slow down continues on into the end of the week and the weekend. We may want to use our down time to enjoy the recreational activities of our waning summer, but we might feel as though we had blown our energy with one incredible thrust at the beginning of the week and then have less energy to expend on the weekend.

While we continue to seek out some fun events to enjoy, our attention is getting more aligned to our daily responsibilities and our normal obligations. Peppered amongst our recreational activities are tendencies to release ourselves from some of the baggage of the past. We may want to start the autumn, often considered the beginning of the new year conditioned by our years of summer being followed by going back to school, free and clear of the dross of our past.

We might want to rid ourselves of the old and outmoded, but this is a week when we have to be highly aware of our finances, maintain a strict budgetary concern and watch for excesses brought on by our impulse purchases and our Pavlovian tendency to buy in order to feel better about ourselves and our lives.

The summer may be slipping away, but we don’t have to fall down the rabbit hole of increased debt loads and frustrations attributed to how we are doing our lives.

Monday, August 18th – Another Manic Monday – Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, Venus. The past few Mondays could have had us slow in starting the week, but not this Monday. It might seem as though the energy has ratcheted up significantly and we could be all over the place today, both physically and emotionally. The Gemini Moon today triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Gemini Moon squares Mercury in Virgo and the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. Mercury opposes Neptune and Venus conjuncts Jupiter. The Gemini Moon also sextiles both Jupiter and Venus in Leo. This day could have us caroming from one thing to another, going from sheer delight of enjoyable engagements to a level of overwhelm whereby we lose sight of whatever we are doing. Confusion can run rampant today, but likely due to our sense of overload and too much stimuli going on. Our tendency might be to live for the day, indulge our insatiable appetites and engage excess to the max and beyond. A sense of optimism can mask a feeling of fear, confusion and intimidation. We may want to live for the day but lurking in the shadows might be anxiety that despite the placid surroundings all’s not right in the world, in our lives. We could assume a belief that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, but it would be far wiser for us to allow the jury to be out, consider contingency plans and realize that the dynamics of these times are shaking things up. This is a day for us not to take anything at face value and to avoid spending too much. Let’s postpone any major decisions or commitments and revel in the concept that ‘the best things in life are free’.

Tuesday, August 19th – After the Storms – Uranus, Sun. Tuesday seems far less frantic and frenetic than Monday. We might still be in a dazed state today after yesterday’s indulgences. Today, the Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus and the Moon sextiles the Sun. We might feel as though the curtain on the Wizard of Oz screen is pulled back and we gain a greater awareness as to what is really going on in our lives. Any snap judgments yesterday could be more readily reworked on this Tuesday. We are willing to consider options and alternatives that might not have seemed available to us yesterday. This is a day for us to consider the broad palette of interests and prospects. We may encounter various ah-ha moments today, as the universe works in our favor to shed light on scenarios of which we were totally unaware. Magic is in the air on this Tuesday, and we might realize one of the truths of this paradigm shift we are all experiencing: that we do not have to make things happen but we do need to be open to the serendipity of the universe where things can occur in a most random, even miraculous, manner. It might seem as though the seas of confusion are parting with us now able to see the light of these times, the opportunities and even the likelihood of impossibilities becoming possible. A highly enjoyable day is this Tuesday, as long as we didn’t blow our wad yesterday with ill-conceived actions.

Wednesday, August 20th – Comforts of Home – Neptune. This week has the highs and lows of energy that we may have become accustomed to during these times of increased volatility. The energy sped up on Monday and speeds up tomorrow on Thursday. Tuesday and today, Wednesday, seem far more placid and allow us to embrace our safe, happy place. Today has the Moon in Cancer trine Neptune. We often refer to Wednesday as ‘hump’ day coming as it does in the middle of the workweek, with a slide after Wednesday into the weekend. But this Wednesday may not seem like a hump or a bump, but rather a far more satisfying and nurturing day for us. No matter what our schedule might be for this Wednesday, we may seek out the comforts of home and enjoy family matters without feeling a great deal of pressure to act, perform or engage. We can easily tune out the buzz of the craziness of world events and luxuriate in the sanctity of our personal lives. This can be a truly pleasant day, but also a day when we might not get a whole lot done. We would far prefer to go off into our own thoughts, nurture ourselves and regroup our emotions. We can be highly sensitive on this Wednesday and we are not looking to be confrontational or antagonistic. We may just want to go with the flow of a slowly meandering stream, letting the world pass by and enjoying the ripples of our reveries and what could be.

Thursday, August 21st – Do or Due Diligence – Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. After the last two days that might have allowed us to catch our breath, we are back at it on this Thursday. Today, Mercury trines Pluto and the Cancer Moon sextiles Mercury, the Moon trines both Mars and Saturn and the Moon triggers the Uranus Pluto square with a Cardinal Sign T-Square by the Cancer Moon opposing Pluto and the Moon squaring Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over twenty-five hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo tomorrow. This Thursday calls for us to engage the two keywords of these times: awareness and mindfulness. If we keep our antennae up, our ear to the railroad track and engage due diligence, we can be very attuned to what is going on. We may seem to have laser-like vision today, able to cut away the dross and see the essence of any situation. Even our conversations can be concise and to the point. We are not looking to be scammed today, and the only way someone could put one over on us is if we become so distracted by various curveballs and unexpected situations that we take our eye off the most significant aspects in play. This is a day that calls for due diligence by analyzing situations in regard to their presentation, their content and their future viability. We can accomplish a great deal today, but in so doing we might have to go it alone. We have to be wary of other people’s input and this is a day when confronted by any naysayers we have to check the source and check their agenda. We can virtually move mountains today but not by the sweat of our brow as much as by winches and pulleys. This is a day for us to work smarter rather than harder and not get sidetracked by our desires or other people’s intentions.

Friday, August 22nd – Stand and Wait – Moon Void-of-Course. The twenty-five hour Moon Void-of-Course begun yesterday as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo today is the highlight of this day. There is very little energy on this Friday. We may all be looking toward the weekend, one of the last of this summer season and certainly the last before next weekend’s US Labor Day long holiday weekend, often considered the unofficial end to the summer season. The last line in the poem “On My Blindness” by the 17th Century poet John Milton reads: “They also serve who only stand and wait.” This Friday is one of those days when the energy is at a lull between transition from yesterday’s fairly hectic day of intense focus amidst a chaotic backdrop to tomorrow’s fun-filled day of pleasurable pastimes and fun events. We might choose to tie up loose ends today. Some of those loose ends may take us on a walk down Memory Lane as we go through our recapitulations of where we have been and what we have done. Let’s suspend judgment as we look back over our shoulder, for as Milton suggests, each one of us has a purpose, a significance and are essential to the broad palette of life’s experience. Perhaps we are becoming aware of the myriad of living’s different energies — sometimes frenetic and frantic, other times frolicking with nary a care, and still other times of hushed silence and little movement. Today is a day when there can be a sense of surface stillness, yet understanding that more is operating below the surface than is evident.

Saturday, August 23rd – Putting on the Ritz – Jupiter, Venus, Sun Virgo. The Sun exits Leo to enter Virgo today, and we might hear the beckoning calls of our ‘normal’ everyday routine. While our attention may be turning more towards our responsibilities and obligations, we are unwilling to let go of good times and fun events. The Leo Moon today conjuncts both Jupiter and Venus, the ‘good guys’ of the Zodiac. This Saturday can have us enjoying ourselves, willing to indulge ourselves with us seeking out pleasurable pursuits. We are unlikely to do any fun event in half measure today. We are going for the gold, wanting to embrace as much enjoyment as possible. No matter what we do today, we might seek to be on center stage and make this day all about us. If shopping is in the plans for today, let’s stay aware of our expenditures. This is a day when we could indulge ourselves to excess. More may not be enough on this Saturday, and we could wrack up some hefty bills on purchases that make us look good, that make us feel good. To borrow from the roaring ‘20’s song of Irving Berlin, today we are “Puttin’ on the Ritz”.

Sunday, August 24th – Dance to the Music, Pay to the Piper – Uranus, Mars, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. We may have gone a little overboard with our expenditures during this week influenced by the Venus Jupiter conjunction being triggered. We could have been a little extravagant, willing to charge our expenses with a justification of enjoying ourselves or making necessary purchases for our getting back on the track of our normal, everyday lives. Late on Saturday, early Sunday, we might come to realize that we have stretched the limits of our resources by some of the choices made during the week. The Leo Moon trines Uranus and the Moon squares both Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. We may still wish to enjoy ourselves, but we might also come to a recognition of the costs we have incurred. We might fret about our debt load, wonder how we can pay down our debts and even commit to spending less rather than ratcheting up our debt load even more. We do not want to feel as though our wings are being clipped, but we might also realize that we have flown too close to the sun, acted without forethought but largely from our desires, and have added to the bills to be paid. Although there have been times of bailouts and debt forgiveness in recent years, we might see that for us such expunging of our debts is not available. On the contrary, we could realize that if we danced to the music, we have to pay to the piper. While we can feel the weight of the costs of our good times on our shoulders, now might not be the best time to figure out how we can dig ourselves out of our debt burdens. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for twenty-five hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo tomorrow. Today, we are also on the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon in Virgo. We can fret today but we could figure a best practices approach to deal with our resources and our expenditures more effectively tomorrow and put into action a well-devised strategy to revitalize our financial position.