July 7th – 13th, 2014

This week is a week of living our dreams and stretching our wings.

We start the week with some strange encounters that may reflect the subtle shifts in our lifestyle. Highly sensitive to what is going on around us, we can draw upon our intuitive nature to determine what needs to be pared down in our lives and what we may choose to concentrate on as we move forward.

Even if we feel that we are doing a two-step of two steps forward, one step back and one step forward, two steps back; we need to see that the momentum is forward and towards dramatic change. Yes, the times they are a’changing and with the changes we see in the world around us we too are going through dramatic shifts and changes.

One of the changes astrologically is the shift of Jupiter in its transit. For the past year, since a year ago June, Jupiter has been transiting Cancer. This week is the last full week of Jupiter transiting Cancer, for next week Jupiter exits Cancer to enter Leo for a year cycle.

The mid-week period of this week can have us looking far afield. No longer content in the complacency of our routine, we might decide to step off the track, whether physically or in our mind’s eye, and consider scenarios foreign to us. Like living in a world of make-believe, our imagination can run rampant as we muse over all the things we could do and would want to do in a perfect world. Let’s never forget that mind determines matter and that our intentions are the first steps towards realization of our objectives.

The paradigm shift is under way whereby we are no longer in control of situations [as if we ever truly were!], but rather we are co-creators along with the natural unfolding as to the itinerary of our journey and the determination of our life path.

From a mid-week boost of widening our viewpoint and broadening our perspective, the latter part of the week can have us sorting through the wide range of possibilities to siphon down to a select few.

The Capricorn Full Moon over the weekend may feel like a game of Yahtzee with us tossing the dice of various interests to come up with a myriad of combinations. We may seem taken aback by the number of prospects we can imagine for our involvement. The winnowing down to a select few would allow us to concentrate on what we consider to be the most meaningful and self-fulfilling for ourselves.

With a new vantage point to our future and our possible trajectories, we end the weekend with a close friend, or friends, in animated discussion of what could be.

Monday, July 7th – World of Possibilities – Lunar Grand Trine, Neptune, Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Uranus. Monday could prove a most interesting day, a day when our feelings are intensified and a day of surprising encounters. If we would trust our instincts today, much could be accomplished both in removing outmoded involvements and in embracing unanticipated opportunities. This is a highly emotional day, but a day when our moods are more in synch with the wonder of it all and a sense of how things could be instead of a state of high anxiety where we are constantly waiting for some other shoe to drop. The Scorpio Moon today creates a Water Grand Trine with the Scorpio Moon trine Neptune in Pisces and the Moon trine the Sun in Cancer. The Moon also sextiles Pluto, and the Moon conjuncts Saturn. Venus sextiles Uranus. The sense of ‘being in the right place at the right time’ could be evident to us today. Things can fall neatly into place, and even the most startling and wondrous situations can make themselves known. This is a day to be open to the magic of these times and then use the most effective means to implement the newly discovered opportunities.

Tuesday, July 8th – Reining in with Due Diligence – Jupiter, Sun, Uranus, Saturn. Our feel-good attitude of yesterday can continue on this Tuesday. The Scorpio Moon trines Jupiter and the Sun squares Uranus and the Sun trines Saturn. This is a day when we might be fixing up our home and dealing with family matters. Although we may be feeling upbeat and confident, we might also decide that some of our new ventures are a little too risky and a little too challenging for us to fully engage. We could choose instead to rely upon old patterns, the familiar and comfortable. This Tuesday could be a day for us to temper and hone any new projects that we have undertaken. Even if there are times when we are high flying and going solely on a wing and a prayer, there are other times for fine-tuning. Today is one of those days for fine-tuning. We may want to make great leaps forward, may be confident to do so, but reason could win out and we might strategize the trajectories of our new involvements before making the jump. This is a day better served to look before we leap and better still to figure out the how, what and why of our new endeavors.

Wednesday, July 9th – Far Out – Neptune. This Wednesday has the Sagittarius Moon square Neptune. If we did not heed yesterday’s suggestion of considering the conditions and circumstances before rushing forward, then we might find ourselves today lost in space, flailing about, knowing how we got where we are but wondering why we chose to go here. Confusion could be the order of this day. Our confusion can be based upon an element of over-optimism and not recognizing the parameters of a situation. Let’s be wary of buying into the belief that the grass is greener somewhere other than where we are, for we could easily launch into new realms today with an attitude of ‘let the chips fall where they may’. This is a day for us to check once and check twice before venturing into new areas. Either someone could pull the wool over our eyes with specious promises or we could pull the wool over our own eyes based upon illusionary hopes. A little groundedness would go a long way to avoid us flying off into never, neverland.

Thursday, July 10th – Champing at the Bit – Uranus, Venus, Mars, Mercury. Thursday is a day when the sense of adventure can motivate us to get going with a willingness to try anything that captures our fancy. The Sagittarius Moon today trines Uranus, the Moon sextiles Mars and the Moon opposes both Venus and Mercury. The fascination with something different from our usual customs may be seductive and encouraged by someone who sees only the thrill of it all without considering the implications or the unintended consequences. Let’s not start something that we cannot finish nor start something that leads us down the garden path, a path that might seem enticing at the outset but filled with brambles along the way. If we could slow things down, evaluate and re-evaluate as we go along, we might discover that some of our experience has provided us expertise in dealing with unfamiliar circumstances. This is a day far better suited to consider all our options and alternatives without jumping at any one thing and committing to that thing for the indefinite future.

Friday, July 11th – Intuition and Focus – Neptune, Pluto. Friday could prove to be a highly productive day. The Moon in Capricorn sextiles Neptune and the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Our sense of a best practices approach can be spot on today. We have a feeling as to what works and what doesn’t. Not only can we be highly adept in what we are doing but we can also focus on the fundamental issues at hand. As though sliding along on greased wheels, we can accomplish a great deal today and forward our interests. If we have to present our ideas to someone today, we can do so with a visionary appeal backed up with the most strategic means to realize our goals. We can have an interesting blend of sensitivity and capability today. Nothing will fall between the cracks today, nor can anyone put one over on us. We may have something akin to laser-like vision whereby we can sense what is right on as opposed to what seems to be an appealing but fictional story. This is a day when we can virtually move mountains. Let’s consider our plan of action before implementing, but once executing we can be expeditious in accomplishing our intentions.

Saturday, July 12th – Keeping Things In Check – Saturn, Capricorn Full Moon, Lunar Grand Cross, Uranus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter. Any time that we have a Full Moon, the tides ranges are at their maximum. That is true for the ocean tides but also the tides of human emotion. People can get a little crazed at the time of the Full Moon, and we have crazy behavior often referred to as lunacy in respect of the Moon’s influence. Saturday has the Capricorn Full Moon and a Cardinal Sign Grand Cross. The Capricorn Moon sextiles Saturn and the Moon triggers the Cardinal Grand Cross as the Capricorn Moon squares Uranus in Aries, the Moon opposes both the Sun and Jupiter in Cancer and the Moon squares Mars in Libra. This Saturday can be one high active, intense day. We need to keep a grip on things today, and if we can slow things down, all the better it would be. People may be all over the place today, and we do have to anticipate certain curveballs coming out of the blue. People may be hypercritical, finding fault with other people and with the circumstances they encounter. This is a day when we might engage our transformational breathwork, count to ten before reacting and maintain a bemused attitude towards the craziness in the world and the maddening crowd around us. We may find ourselves all over the place today, addressing our intended plans and responding to unexpected situations that might arise. Let’s try to keep a handle on things and keep things in check. Otherwise, this Saturday could prove to be one crazy-making day.

Sunday, July 13th – Good Friends – Venus, Mars, Mercury Cancer. After a fairly intense and possibly exhausting Saturday, Sunday provides a nice respite. The Moon is in Aquarius, Venus trines Mars and Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini to enter Cancer. All’s right in the world or, at least, it may feel more right than wrong in our personal world. Whatever went on yesterday, and there could have been a lot going on, some of which may have bordered on the frenzied, this Sunday is a day of a totally different disposition. Sunday can be especially pleasant and we might choose to spend our time with that special someone or those special people in our lives. We may be seeking out the Mutual Admiration Society today, for we all need some good times with good friends and a sense of appreciation expressed both for ourselves and for those closest to us. This Sunday is a day for us to enjoy some fine times with those special people, or that special person, in our lives. We can let our hair down, discuss our thoughts and enjoy the reveries of what could be in the luxury of our own personal sanctuaries.