July 21st – 27th, 2014

This week we might consider skipping out on our responsibilities in search of recreational pursuits and good times.

We may be fully ensconced in the “lazy hazy crazy days of summer” and not interested in anything other than having fun. It’s summertime, and we pick up more fire this week with the Sun exiting Cancer to enter the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo, and the Leo Sun conjuncting Jupiter that had entered Leo last week, and the Leo New Moon over the weekend. It may be hot times in the summertime, and we are looking for it to be smooth, lively and easy.

The week starts with us getting things in order and then moving into a kaleidoscope of doing this, doing that, all in very brief segments. We might consider putting some of our new ambitions on the back burner, as we take this time as a summertime hiatus. We may not feel compelled to do anything other than enjoy ourselves.

The mid-part of the week could prove dicey. Mercury triggers the Pluto Uranus square. We don’t want any parade rainers around us, and we are more than likely to read someone the riot act and tell them to get off of our cloud if we feel that they are exerting too much pressure on us.

Communications can be off during this mid-week period. Either we could be holding our cards close to the chest without revealing what is really going on with us or we are likely to rip someone a new one if we feel that they are being belligerent, too demanding and trying to control our actions and our intentions.

There can be a great deal of intensity this week, especially if we feel that someone is getting in the way of our good times. The end of the week has Mars ending its six and a half month transit of Libra, where Mars is not comfortable, and Mars entering its own Sign of Scorpio. The energy can be ratcheted up severalfold, accentuated by the Leo New Moon on Saturday, a signature that impacts the following two weeks.

People may be grandstanding, trumpeting their own values and willing to cut anyone off at the knees who does not show obeisance to the regal sense that each of us might be engaging. The emperor may have no clothes, but no one is likely to say so for fear of being sliced to ribbons.

A highly active week, it would be important for us to maintain a demeanor of grace, even if its noblesse oblige, and not create turmoil that could be unleashed both with catastrophic results and collateral damage.

Monday, July 21st – Tying Things Up Before Letting Go of the Reins – Sun, Jupiter, Uranus retrograde. This day could be a little dicey. We start the day taking care of what needs to be done around our home and around our workspace. Even if we are far off traveling, we might check in to make sure the home fires are burning with everything copacetic and that our homes are not burning. The day begins with the Taurus Moon sextile the Sun. The Moon then moves into Gemini, where today the Moon sextiles Jupiter. If we can do the bare minimum of what we need to get done today, we are likely to do so. We would far prefer to be out and about, having a good time, enjoying ourselves and engaging those leisurely summer pastimes. Uranus turns retrograde today, and even if we have launched new projects, started down a different trajectory from the one we are accustomed to, we might put our new projects on a back burner, not wanting to feel pressured to get anything done except to recreate and re-create.

Tuesday, July 22nd – You Talking To Me – Neptune, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Sun Leo. People might have a short fuse today. The liability towards drawing lines in the sand cannot be discounted for this Tuesday and this mid-week period. The Gemini Moon squares Neptune and the Moon sextiles Uranus. Misunderstandings can be rampant, and some people may be walking around with a chip on their shoulder. We want to do what we want to do today, even if it means that we take a quixotic journey of tilting against windmills. Everyone may be slightly on edge, uncomfortable in their own skin, and looking to play the blame game, shifting responsibility for attitude to someone else’s behavior. Mercury triggers the T-Square this mid-week period with Mercury opposed Pluto today and Mercury square Uranus on Thursday – Friday. The Sun exits Cancer to enter Leo. We all may be feeling regal, wanting to assert our power and our control over situations. Even if we have to go it alone, we would prefer the company of one who appreciates us than any of those who refuse to play ‘yes’ to our whims and desires. This is a day and a time when people may be petulant, willing to prove their value and demanding appreciation from anyone and everyone they encounter.

Wednesday, July 23rd – On the Same Page – Mars. Sometimes, it feels as though we are islands unto ourselves — times when we feel that people just don’t get us, that people are so self-absorbed in their narcissistic world that they don’t understand us nor even make any attempt to understand us. While we are presently caught in the middle of the Mercury T-Square with Mercury having opposed Pluto yesterday and Mercury about to square Uranus tomorrow, early Friday; this Wednesday may seem more like an oasis than a hump day. The Gemini Moon trines Mars today, and we could involve ourselves in discussion with someone who not only gets where we are coming from but also encourages us in our ambitions. A sense of camaraderie with a special someone in our lives today can give us something of a second wind. We could find ourselves in a Mutual Admiration Society praising someone for their accomplishments all the while that we are basking in the glow of their compliments. This day could be a nice respite, but let’s be aware that since last week and heightened this week everyone may just be a little too much, focusing on their personal needs and assuming that the world revolves around them. This may be a pleasant respite on this Wednesday, but we could find ourselves back in the fray tomorrow.

Thursday, July 24th – Relying on the Dependables – Neptune, Venus, Pluto, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn. Thursday is one highly active day. The Cancer Moon today trines Neptune, the Moon conjuncts Venus and the Moon opposes Pluto. Venus trines Neptune, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter, Mercury squares Uranus and Mercury trines Saturn. Today we may seek the idyllic, the familiar and the reliable. We want things to be pleasant and easy, which is a truly nice concept but often difficult in our mundane world. We would far prefer having the world revolve around us today, rather than our accepting being but an unwilling participant in any craziness operating in the world or in our personal environment. Our emotions are heightened today, and we can feel nurtured by anything and everything that soothes and comforts us. Unfortunately, such feelings are not always available, and we could find ourselves prey to unintentional slights and misunderstandings. We might fall back on that which we know and what we understand and we could back away from any unexpected situations that make us uncomfortable or irritate us. We do have to be careful in our driving and communications. With such heightened energy today, our reactions can be swift and immediate and possibly not well considered. We are thinking more from our emotions today rather than our reasoning. Today has one of my least favorite days for air travel, and I usually try to avoid such travel when there is a Mercury square Uranus, as we have today, early Friday. Computer glitches could be rampant, so it would be wise to back up, back up, back up. And the idea of back up might not be solely focused on our computer technology. We might choose to retreat into the comfortable and familiar today. We are not looking for any quarrels or animosities, but we might experience such situations finding us even when we are hiding out at home. This is a day for us to slow things down, avoid knee-jerk reactions and rely on the dependables rather than launching forward into new terrain.

Friday, July 25th – Building a Head of Steam – Uranus, Saturn, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars Scorpio. After yesterday’s intensity, when we might have suffered from collateral damage just by being out in the world or even by hiding out in the comfort of our home, this Friday has less overt and uncontrolled energy but is a day when we are building up a head of steam. Friday has the Moon in Cancer square Uranus, the Moon trine Saturn and the Moon conjunct Mercury. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for twenty-five hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo tomorrow. This Friday is also on the dark side of the Moon awaiting tomorrow’s New Moon in Leo to kick things off, ratchet things up and increase the intensity. A large part of this intensity build up is thanks to today’s energy shift with Mars exiting Libra, a Sign in which Mars is in Detriment and uncomfortable, and ending the Mars six and a half month transit of Libra. Today, Mars enters its own Sign of Scorpio. Although Oscar Wilde wrote “to those with good taste, revenge is best served cold”, we might not heed the advice but instead may have our stingers ever at the ready, willing to strike without a moment’s notice, and an energy disposition that might be heightened over the next two weeks with the signature of tomorrow’s Leo New Moon. If we thought that we had reached maximum intensity over recent weeks and months, we might be surprised by what could be unleashed over the next two weeks.

Saturday, July 26th – All or Nothing at All – Mars, Jupiter, Leo New Moon, Sun. Saturday has the Moon ending its twenty-five hour Void-of-Course as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer without making further connections to the planets and before the Moon enters Leo today. The Leo Moon today squares Mars in Scorpio and the Moon conjuncts Jupiter before the Leo New Moon when the Moon conjuncts the Sun. The New Moon signature gives the imprint for the next two weeks. This is a day and a fortnight period when we could go for the gold. Nothing could be too much for us, and we are willing to go for broke. Unfortunately, extreme actions and overconfidence could have us risking it all with a liability of losing it all. This is a time of incredible extremes, a time when our optimistic bubbles can burst and we might find ourselves dealing not with our assumed bounty but rather a lack of resources. This day, and the next two weeks, could be a time of all or nothing at all. We have to be aware that the energies influencing us may have us fixed in our trajectory and unwilling to see anything other than our assumed beliefs. Many people may be on their high horse, pontificating with little content to back up their pronouncements, and feeling high and mighty and assuming they only deserve the very best. We have to keep a handle on our expenses now, for we could easily be extravagant and ratchet up our credit card balances. We may be feeling good, exuberant and enthusiastic, but at what cost for any walk into fantasyland? Let’s try and enjoy ourselves but keep our expenses down. Immediate gratification may be one thing, but when the bills come due our despair could cut deep. “Everything in moderation” would be a mantram for us to keep in mind and an attitude to employ, but the general tendency now is far from moderation.

Sunday, July 27th – Grand Adventures – Uranus, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. Under the influence of yesterday’s Leo New Moon and with the Moon today continuing its transit of Leo, this Sunday could have us pumped up, jazzed and looking for grand adventures. We are willing to try something different, want to engage something new, and willing to enjoy ourselves without considering the costs involved. Today, the Leo Moon trines Uranus and the Moon squares Saturn. Late in the day the Moon goes Void-of-Course for twenty-seven hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo late on Monday, early Tuesday. Although we often think of Sunday as a day of rest, we should not count on it for this Sunday. We want to be out and about, exploring new realms, and doing so with no consideration of the expense involved. Aaargh! This New Moon signature that influences these coming two weeks can have us pushing the envelope, making assumptions based upon our personal desires and going for the gold, all the while not taking account our costs or expenses. It would be wise for us to consider budgeting our time, our monies and to take the time to address our normal responsibilities without totally leaving them behind to simmer and percolate as we step off the planet to enjoy ourselves in search of good times with good friends. The liability to irrational exuberance being contagious can be strong, but we might only be deceiving ourselves, engaging denial, unwilling to take a cold hard look at what is going on and occurring in our personal worlds. People may have on rose-colored glasses, but we might remind ourselves of the admonition: “the higher the climb, the harder the fall.” Now is a time for us to keep a handle on our emotions, our self-confidence, and any false optimism based upon our wishes rather than our realities.