July 14th – 20th, 2014

This week is a dynamic week of energy shifts and changes, which can put a smile on our face and renew our confidence and optimism in looking at our days ahead.

The week starts in eager anticipation of crossing a threshold and entering a new time-space continuum. We are looking for a dramatic transformation in our lives and more attuned to seeing the half glass of water as half full rather than the dreary perspective of seeing our lives as half empty.

Like children awaiting the bounty of holiday gift giving, we too may be excited by what awaits us, even if we cannot fully comprehend the prospects and the possibilities.

The week may start with us discussing with our closest and dearest friends our hopes and dreams for our future. Even if we are unaware of the ways by which to realize our desires, we might have a sense, an intuitive feeling, that something good is about to happen for us, as though the dark clouds are lifting and the sun is about to shine brightly on us.

We may not have that same sense about the world at large but increasingly we have detached ourselves from the craziness and crazy-making antics of what appears to be going on in the world at large. We recognize that friction is a dynamic, and we increasingly appreciate the paradigm shift whereby things can change suddenly and dramatically in a nanosecond of time and often without any evidence of such radical shifts beforehand.

As the week proceeds, we may be content to idle our engines, sit and wait as if waiting for Godot. But rather than waiting for something that never comes, we are confident that something good is about to occur in our lives.

The trigger point, and a major shift in the energy configurations, occurs mid-week, on Wednesday, as Jupiter ends its year-cycle of Cancer and Jupiter enters Leo. As if given a burst of energy, we can feel a dampening blanket lifted from us with a ray of sunshine beaming down on us. We may be far more enthusiastic, willing to take a proactive approach rather than being reactive to situations, and concentrating on how we can express ourselves creatively and with full force, no matter the conditions or circumstances in which we find ourselves.

The latter part of the week can have us launching forward with new projects and in new directions. We may not be fully aware of the how or the means to manifest our intentions. We might even have a sense of reticence about moving forward, fearful like sailors in ages past of stepping off the edge of the world. No matter our fears or anxieties, step we are likely to do with full cognizance that the unknown may be a vast improvement to what we have known, where we have been. Our initial launches might not be smooth or graceful, but our willingness to risk the complacency of our discontent and our faith, even blind faith, in brighter days through better ways can inspire us in our new trajectories.

The weekend is a time when we can feather our nest, make the necessary material preparations for our new endeavors and a time when we might feel divinely guided in our journey. There may be naysayers along the way, but we have the strength of character to face the rebuke of those who cling to the semblance of security of their past, and we can draw upon our own inner transformations whereby we are looking for the truly meaningful in our lives.

The weekend closes with Saturn ending its four and a half month retrograde cycle. With Saturn turning direct, many of the delays, some of the frustrations we might have encountered during Saturn’s retrograde cycle are lifted and the starting gate opened. We may assume that we don’t have a full storehouse of resources to provide a cushion as we move ahead, but we have developed a greater resourcefulness in recent times and are fully capable of doing more with less. We can take comfort in the wise and true saying that ‘we never get more than we can handle.’

Monday, July 14th – The Magical World of Possibilities – Uranus, Saturn, Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. Monday begins the week with us more interested in looking at the possibilities of our future than dealing with our daily obligations. Our focus may be on the distant horizon rather than the steps right in front of us. The Aquarius Moon today sextiles Uranus, the Moon squares Saturn, and the Moon creates an Air Grand Trine, with the Aquarius Moon trine Mars in Libra and the Moon trine Venus in Gemini. Later in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over seven hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before entering Pisces. This is a day when wonderful surprises might present themselves. While we could be enamored with what we see as potential realities for ourselves, we might also feel that our present limitations restrict us from engaging the more enticing alternatives to the ways that we have been doing life. We can even convince ourselves that ‘better the devil we know than the devil we don’t know.’ Even if we go there and self-sabotage ourselves by putting monkey wrenches in the spokes of our wheels, discussions with someone we trust can spark a broadening of our options, even if we feel that we don’t know how to get from where we are to what we perceive to be our promised land. This is not a day to dampen our prospects, and it is a time for us to appreciate the serendipity and synchronicity of these times, times where things can occur in a mysterious and magical way. We might not see the full realization of our dreams, but let’s not lose being the dreamer. The conceptual and the abstract are the first steps of intention to bring about execution and manifestation of our greatest hopes.

Tuesday, July 15th –Magic Carpet Ride – Mercury, Neptune, Pluto. One of the lessons for all of us to learn during these times of paradigm shift is the realization that we no longer have to make things happen. We are no longer masters of our world [as though we ever were!]. Instead, these times speak to the magic and mystery of the universe unfolding where we are not in control of our life circumstances or the conditions around us, nor are we merely an unwitting observer and passive participant. No, these times speak to our being co-creators with the universe, going with the flow, being aware of the energies as they unfold and working in harmony with the energies rather than trying to bend the energies to our will. Tuesday can be a rather magical day, as if we were swept up in a magic carpet ride. The Moon in Pisces today trines Mercury, the Moon conjuncts Neptune and the Moon sextiles Pluto. We may feel as if we are divinely guided. Our intuitive sense can be strong, and we might just feel as though we know how to put the puzzle pieces neatly together. This is a day when we can focus on the truly important and mysteriously find the ways to accomplish our goals. Our emotions are running high, and we just have to avoid falling into a dazed state of indulgences. We may prefer tuning out rather than tuning in. This day could either be a ‘mental health’ day where we step off the track into a reverie of feel good attitudes or we could find ourselves in a fascinating scavenger hunt where all the clues are readily discovered and lead us to the realization of our true life purpose with various ingredients falling surprisingly into place.

Wednesday, July 16th – All Hail the King – Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Sun, Venus, Jupiter Leo. Wednesday has the Pisces Moon triggering the Water Grand Trine with the Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio and the Moon trine the Sun in Cancer. The Moon squares Venus. This day has a most significant energy shift as Jupiter exits Cancer to enter Leo. Our emotions may be high on this Wednesday, but we might lose some of the moodiness to renewed confidence, optimism and enthusiasm. As if getting a second wind, we might feel that we are ready and able to shout our personal self-expressions from the highest rooftop, from the summit of the highest mountain. While we are looking to express the creative side of ourselves, be on center stage, and engage what we might feel that which we richly deserve, a downside to this shift of energy is a liability to increased narcissism. Recent generations have developed a strong sense of entitlement, and this characteristic could be ratcheted up severalfold with the year-long Jupiter transit of Leo. While self-absorption can be the downside of the Jupiter transit of Leo, the upside will be our willingness to come out of hiding and pronounce our understandings and our opinions with a certain panache and verve. This day we may be feeling that we have climbed the summit and are now sitting on top of the world. We need to recognize that this major shift in energy might need a little tempering, honing and refinement, for we may also experience some people being irritated or aggravated by our new-found sense of exuberance with someone more than willing to burst our bubble. No matter the weather conditions outside or around us, we are likely to be feeling better about our lives and looking for the pleasurable pursuits of enjoying ourselves and stretching our wings.

Thursday, July 17th – All About Me – Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Pluto. Thursday can add fuel to the fire, as the Aries Moon today trines Jupiter. The Moon also triggers a Cardinal T-Square with the Aries Moon square Mercury in Cancer and the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. We may awaken with a burst of energy, wishing to implement our renewed sense of confidence in those activities that both speak to us and reflect this new sense of optimism. Like any new characteristic, we might have a tendency to overdo as we figure out how best to modulate the impact of the energy on us. The potential for being a little much for some people could find us banging our heads against the perceived opinion of other people. We might be threatening people’s perceptions of us, as they prefer to see us based upon who we have been as opposed to who we are becoming. There can be a tendency to adopt a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude today, and we could find ourselves caroming between other people’s judgments of us and the limitations of our conditions. Let’s try to avoid too much headbanging today with the recognition that any frictions we encounter are the honing tools of fine tuning how we can best present ourselves without overwhelming other people and without running into a brick wall of acceptable behavior. We have a fire in our belly, but it would be wise for us to moderate our expressions until we have refined the manner of our delivery. We might feel that there is no stopping us now, but people and incidents could challenge such an assumption.

Friday, July 18th – Arm Wrestling our Phantoms – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Sun, Mars, Venus Cancer. This Friday could prove one most interesting day. The Moon continues its transit of Aries and today the Moon triggers the Cardinal T-Square again, but today with different players from yesterday. Friday has the Moon conjunct Uranus and the Moon square the Sun in Cancer and the Moon opposed Mars in Libra. Venus exits Gemini to enter Cancer. We may have new projects in mind for ourselves, different activities that are quite a radical departure from what we have done and how we have expressed ourselves in times past. We might be reticent wondering if we can pull off our intentions, and we might have a naysayer discouraging us from venturing into new terrain. This Friday is a day for us to face our past and see whether we have the fortitude to launch forward into new directions or if we are going to fold and fall back into the complacency of discontent. We may seek more time at home, building up our energy for fresh assaults into the unknown, all the while that we take a walk down Memory Lane to see where we have been and where we have come from. We might question if we want to re-create our past or if we have the willingness to arm wrestle our phantoms and step into an altered future.

Saturday, July 19th – Stepping Gingerly with Blind Faith – Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Sun, Mars. Saturday has the Moon moving into Taurus and today the Moon squares Jupiter, the Moon sextiles Venus, the Moon sextiles Neptune and the Moon sextiles Mercury. Mercury trines Neptune and the Sun squares Mars. Saturday may continue with someone tugging at our sleeve, urging us to stay put and be the way we have been in previous times. But life is not about stasis and stagnation. Life is about spurts of growth and transformational changes. We may want to put the new foundation stones of our future in place today, but let’s not rush the river. Everything takes time. If we try and do too much today, we could easily exhaust ourselves to the point of our energy flagging and a sense that we are only victim to our circumstances. Why go there? Instead, we have the ability to put the slats down one by one on our suspension bridge from where we have been to where we are intending to go. We do not have to cut the ties that bind today, even if we feel those ties are tightening around us. On the contrary, we can trust our heightened intuitive sense, feel as if we are divinely guided, and take things little by little, altering our behavior and our activities ever so slightly in order not to make tsunami-like waves that upset other people and create anxiety within ourselves. Let’s keep in mind the old saying that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. We don’t have to do it all today but by increments we can start to incorporate the necessary changes that lead to a monumental shift. Let’s keep in mind that our actions may be like a snowball going down a mountain, gathering mass and momentum, eventually to become the avalanche. Small steps can lead to giant leaps.

Sunday, July 20th – One Step Back, Two Giant Leaps Forward – Pluto, Saturn, Saturn direct. The Taurus Moon today trines Pluto and the Moon opposes Saturn. We also have on this Sunday the second of the two major energy shifts this week. The first one was the change in Sign of transiting Jupiter exiting Cancer to enter Leo on Wednesday. The second one is Saturn ending its four and a half month retrograde cycle as Saturn turns direct today. We can focus on the essentials today, getting rid of the extraneous and shoring up the most important facets in our lives. We might be dogged by past issues and outstanding matters today. We could even wonder whether we have the resources to put down the foundation stones of our future. Let’s be aware that the pressures and challenges of the past few years have developed and honed our resourcefulness. We still may not be able to squeeze blood from a stone, but we are far more adept at using whatever we have at our disposal in a most efficient and productive manner. It’s important that we not self-sabotage ourselves, merely delight in the possibilities of our lives Walter Mitty-like, yet keeping us from putting our spirit in action. The movement of Saturn from retrograde to direct motion is like lifting a huge weight from our shoulders. The delays and frustrations we might have experienced over the past four and a half months can dissipate. We might not be running on greased wheels, but forward movement can be a great deal stronger than over the past few months. This is a day when we might have to take one step back, consider how we can utilize our skill set and affirm the wise and true saying that ‘we never get more than we can handle’, and then shore up our confidence recognizing that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ Our dreams can come true, and we can draw upon our own abilities in synch with the natural unfolding of our life’s journey.