June 2nd – 8th, 2014

This is a week for us to get as much done as humanly possible, for this is the last week before the three-week Mercury retrograde, which starts on this coming Saturday and ends on the 1st of July.

The week begins with us in fine form. We are feeling upbeat, presenting ourselves with a great deal of passion. People may be impressed by what we have to say and the way we appear. We do have to watch for overdoing it, being a little strong in making our case and putting our points across. We may be a little ahead of the curve and more traditional folks may find our suggestions a little too unique or revolutionary. It is important that we keep in mind how change can be threatening to the people we know. As we change, we disrupt the definition of who we are based upon past experience and force people to consider the changes in us and question whether they too are being forced to change.

The mid-part of the week can be a highly productive time. We can accomplish a great deal if we stay focused and concentrate on our priorities. Perhaps the forthcoming Mercury retrograde will add fuel to the fire for us to get more done in a shorter period of time than usual. Certainly the force will be with us during this mid-week period for us to accomplish more and resolve various outstanding issues.

The end of the week and the weekend may be geared to exploring our alternatives and gathering with that special someone or the special people in our lives in social occasions. With the Mercury retrograde beginning on Saturday for its three-week retrograde cycle, we do have to recognize that plans may be disrupted and communications slightly off. If we need to get anywhere, it would be wise for us to add on some extra time. If we are meeting people, it would be suggested that we confirm before heading out for the meeting. With Mercury retrograding, communications can be off, misunderstandings rampant and travel plans disrupted.

All in all, this can be a highly productive week, if we will work with the energies and be mindful of the shifts and changes going on.

Monday, June 2nd – I Have a Dream – Venus, Mars, Sun. Monday begins the week with the Leo Moon square Venus, the Moon sextile Mars and the Moon sextile the Sun. We may spare no expense today to make our case, prove our point. We have the dynamic presence and dramatic presentation to win people to our side. Although we might go overboard on our expenditures, we can be highly influential today. Not only are we looking good, our discussions are highly persuasive. We can address the interests of our audience and do so in a lively, upbeat manner. This is a day when we can advance our interests from our own commitment and passion and with a little help from someone who may go out of their way to assist us. This Monday is a day for us to take our dreams and from our hopes and wishes bring them ever closer to realization. We do not have to do it all — someone or something may grease the wheels to help us on our way.

Tuesday, June 3rd – Tempering, Reined In – Uranus, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. The tenor of these times speaks to extremes — times of irrational exuberance, other times of downtrodden despair. Neither extreme is the true reality, for the volatility of these times allows for brief snatches of either before shifting into the other. Yes, these times are like wild metronome swings, but like the metronome we can eventually find the balance. After yesterday’s golden highway, when many things may have seemed to fall into place and gave us the confidence that our dreams are coming true, today begins with us feeling that we can virtually conquer the world. This Tuesday begins with the Leo Moon trine Uranus. We can easily accept the idea that nothing is impossible for us. And while there is a great deal of truth to that sentiment, there are also times when our enthusiasm can parlay into narcissism and entitlement with the assumption that whatever we want we not only can have but we truly deserve and may deserve with little effort on our part. If we go there, we might feel like a helium balloon rising above the madding crowd with us blessed with a Midas touch whereby whatever we want we can miraculously materialize. If we rise too high, we might find our balloon, like a bubble, being burst. And after the Moon trines Uranus today, the Moon then squares Saturn before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for close to twenty-four hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo tomorrow. From the exuberance we might have felt yesterday and to begin this Tuesday, suddenly we might feel as though our hopes have been dashed against the hard, cold reality of limited resources. The swings can swing wide from irrational exuberance to downtrodden despair, but neither extreme may be the true reality of what is going on. While some of our hopes might seem to be dashed, let’s recognize that any delays or frustrations or limitations might only serve as a tempering process, time for us to hone and more effectively develop our plans. Timing is everything, and we can use today to consider our options and alternatives, refine them and then consider how best to implement our intentions. Tomorrow is another day and far more effective with successful action.

Wednesday, June 4th – All the Pretty Pieces – Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Venus, Neptune. Wednesday may be slow starting. We continue with the twenty-four hour Moon Void-of-Course that began yesterday and ends today. The Moon then exits Leo to enter Virgo where today the Moon sextiles Mercury. Venus today sextiles Neptune. This can be a pleasant day, a day when we tidy up around our home base and work environment and add some nice touches to both. Establishing a sanctity from which to operate helps to eliminate distracting elements and allows us to create a pleasing environment that nurtures our soul and contributes to our productivity. We see it with the fundamental concept of Feng Shui whereby creating balance in our environment helps us to establish balance within ourselves thereby enhancing our ability to operate at our optimum. We might find that we are looking to put everything in its place today. We are considering the specifics, attending to the details and focusing on the particulars. If something would enhance our well being, our sense of comfort and alignment, then we might choose to make the purchase of that item. We may want to ready our base of operations in order for us to be highly productive, a strong likelihood based on tomorrow’s energies.

Thursday, June 5th – Moving Mountains When Focused – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Sun, Lunar Grand Trine, Venus, Pluto, Saturn. This Thursday can play in two different ways, for there are conflicting energies that could be harnessed and blended. The question that arises on this Thursday is really a question of horse and cart. If we took the suggestions of yesterday and tidied up around our spaces, made our environment pleasant and avoided needless distractions, then this day can be especially positive and highly productive. Thursday has the Virgo Moon triggering both a T-Square and a Grand Trine. The T-Square is the Mutable Sign T-Square of the Virgo Moon opposed Neptune in Pisces and the Moon square the Sun in Gemini. The Grand Trine is an Earth Grand Trine with the Virgo Moon trine Venus in Taurus and the Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon also sextiles Saturn today. If we plan this day, we can be highly effective and get more done in a shorter period of time than usual. And that would be the best case scenario for this day, especially in light of the impending Mercury retrograde beginning on Saturday. If we don’t strategize our day, then we could carom from one thing to another, sometimes taking care of what needs to be done, other times being diverted by silly distractions. We shall have a great deal of energy today and it would be wise for us to use the energy to the best of our ability — having our ‘to do’ list and checking each thing off as we have completed the task to then move on to the next. Such a plan of action could have us awestruck by the amount that we can accomplish on this day. This is the kind of day when we can virtually move mountains if we are focused. Unfocused, we could find ourselves going around in circles.

Friday, June 6th – Off in New Directions – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Uranus. Hopefully, over the past two days we addressed and dealt with significant issues and important matters. Tomorrow’s turn of Mercury from direct to retrograde motion could seep into this Friday and start to create a degree of confusions, delays and frustrations. We might not notice however, for this Friday is a day when the Virgo Moon sextiles Jupiter before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost seventeen hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra late today, early tomorrow. The Sun sextiles Uranus. We might be able to attend to some off our responsibilities today, but our interest is more likely to be involved with new directions. This Friday may certainly live up to its characterization of T.G.I.F. [thank goodness it’s Friday] and the concept of living for the weekend. We may want to start the weekend early on this Friday and would prefer free rein today rather than dealing with our obligations. We could easily throw wide this day to doing whatever catches our fancy, bristling against any restraint and looking for the thrilling and exciting to come our way.

Saturday, June 7th – Running in Place – Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Pluto, Mars, Mercury retrograde. Saturday has the Libra Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Mars, the Moon square Mercury in Cancer and the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury turns retrograde today to start its three-week retrograde cycle through the end of the month until Mercury turns direct on the 1st of July. And we know what that means: Murphy’s Law [‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’] is back in town. This Saturday we could be up and running, dealing with the wishes of someone else, attending to home and family matters and banging our head against the wall of delays and frustrations. Even if we are looking to address our ‘to do’ list of weekend errands, we might find things are taking longer than usual. We may also discover that some of the materials and items needed to accomplish our projects are not available to us. This is a day when we could have great intentions but can hardly accomplish much of what we want to achieve. We might feel as though our lives are being run by someone else’s direction but we march in lockstep, nonetheless. Let’s realize that the labyrinth of our lives may seem more today like a maze. Instead of taking routes to get to the center of the circle, we might find ourselves going down blind alleys or winding up in dead ends. This Saturday is a day for us to cut ourselves a great deal of slack and lower our expectations for this day. As the Simon and Garfunkel The 59th Street Bridge Song would suggest, we might enlist the lyrics of the song for our activities today:
“Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the morning last.”

Sunday, June 8th – Expanding with Discernment – Sun, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Pluto. Sunday has the Libra Moon trine the Sun and also a Lunar T-Square as the Moon continues its transit of Libra. Today’s players in the Cardinal Sign T-Square has the Libra Moon opposed Uranus in Aries and the Moon square Jupiter. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost fifteen hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio tomorrow. Venus trines Pluto late in the day, early tomorrow. We may be feeling good about ourselves today, ready to take machete in hand and carve our own path. We want to broaden our reach and expand our horizons and feel confident in our abilities to do so. We do need to keep aware of the Mercury retrograde whereby our trajectory could become complicated by various conundrums that get in our way. No matter though, for we are feeling good about what we are doing and where we are going. While we are largely interested in stretching our wings on this Sunday, we also have a keen interest in what is going on with other people. We are not acting as a rebel without a cause, but rather seeking new terrain and willing to be the scout for both ourselves and for someone close to us in order for us to explore possibilities in search of a promised land. We might dissipate some of our energies as we consider a broad palette of possibilities but like the natural forces of expansion and contraction we could find ourselves later in the day culling the extraneous to focus on the most significant. This is a day for us to consider a wide range of options and alternatives and later in the day pare down the prospects to the most meaningful few. We are developing greater discernment regarding what is truly important for us and we are exercising a methodology of being more effective with less expenditure of energy.