June 23rd – 29th, 2014

This week is the first full week of the Summer season, and we seem to be in high gear with liabilities towards mishaps in the middle of the week.

This week begins with Venus exiting its own Sign of Taurus and entering Gemini. We might be looking here, there and everywhere for social gatherings, all of which might be brief encounters before we skip off to some other engagement.

It’s summertime and we’re looking for all the gusto we can grab during this week.

The mid-week period could prove a little dicey, and we do have to be wary of accidental mishaps. The Uranus Pluto square that has been challenging all of us over the past few years is engaged by means of Mars squaring Uranus on Wednesday. There can be impetuous actions and we have to avoid the old cliché of ‘haste makes waste’ which in this case might not be merely waste but could also make us accident-prone.

The latter part of the week has the Cancer New Moon imprinting the next two weeks with a great deal of feeling and moodiness. We may seek the comfort of home and family, but we also need to be wary of elements of confusions and misinterpretations over the weekend.

We may be looking for the weekend to be a time when the living is easy, but we could also be indulgent and seek forms of escapism. It would be far better for us to engage our spiritual side, meditate, reflect and appreciate all the wonders of the world.

Monday, June 23rd – Step By Step, Before Leaping Ahead – Saturn, Jupiter, Venus Gemini. The week begins with the Taurus Moon opposed Saturn. Late in the day, early Tuesday, the Taurus Moon sextiles Jupiter. Venus exits its own Sign of Taurus to enter Gemini. The day may be slow starting and focused largely on our responsibilities. We may find that we have spent too much or that past issues thought resolved pop up for us to rework and finally complete. Although our moods can be a little sour to start off the week, we get a nice hit and a second wind towards the end of the day. This is a day for us to take care of what needs to get done, clear up as much as possible, in order to have some space and free time to expand into new areas later today and over the next few days. With Venus moving into Gemini, we might be giving thought to all the people with whom we want to touch base, catch up with what they are doing and just chat up virtually anyone and everyone.

Tuesday, June 24th – Sweet Talking – Venus, Neptune. This week seems to have days of polar opposites. Either we start the day in a bit of funk only to wind up the day upbeat and inspired or we start the day feeling on top of the world only to end the day running on fumes. Yesterday, we might have begun on the funk side. Today, we begin the day with phone in hand, talking with this person, texting to that person, but trying to make the rounds of our familiar friends and even those people with whom we haven’t spoken for a while. The day begins with the Gemini Moon conjunct Venus. The end of the day, early Wednesday, has the Moon square Neptune. Although we may be highly communicative today, we have to be wary as to how much we disclose. Full disclosure is all well and good but not to the point where it could be harmful to our own interests. We could be all over the place today, looking to do this and looking into that but without any singular focus or long-term commitment. This is a day far better used to sample and try things out rather than determining a definitive course of action. The end of the day could wind us up in a state of confusion. But let’s do keep in mind the old saying that ‘loose lips sink ships’.

Wednesday, June 25th – Accidental Mishaps – Uranus, Mars. Wednesday is considered ‘hump’ day, but this Wednesday might be off the charts. While the Gemini Moon today sextiles Uranus and the Moon trines Mars, this day has Mars opposed Uranus. This day could prove somewhat squirrely. We may still be in high gear, wanting to encompass here, there and everywhere. Where a problem arises is that we could be in overdrive without concentrating on where we are going or what we are doing. While relationships are becoming a major focus for us, we have to be wary as to what we say and to whom. We may have the gift of gab, assume that everyone is on the same page, but something we say could be a trigger point for a nasty confrontation with someone. The energy today could prove quite intense, and it would be wise for us to slow things down, continue to explore our possibilities but to avoid getting adamant about any one thing. In the whirl-a-gig of a day that this could prove to be we need to avoid accidents and trying to do too much too soon. The energy will propel us in all sorts of directions. We just need to harness the energy and not get caught up in a tidal wave of motion.

Thursday, June 26th – After the Storm – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. The Gemini Moon conjuncts Mercury before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over nine hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer later in the day. This Thursday is also on the dark side of the Moon before tomorrow’s Cancer New Moon. A light bulb might go off in our heads this morning as we come to realize the trigger point for any blowups that might have occurred yesterday. Whatever intensities played out yesterday, there is a greater calm today. This is a day for us to catch our breath, consider what has been going on while we have been having at it fast and furious, and recognize that there may be times when the energy gets away from us and we find ourselves in an uncontrollable spin. If we need to make amends to someone, or they need to do so to us, as a result of any upsets yesterday, then today would be a good day to smooth things over, even to the point of eating humble pie. Tomorrow provides new beginnings, so let’s use this day to put any prickly outstanding matters to rest.

Friday, June 27th – Play Misty for Me, Moody – Cancer New Moon, Sun, Neptune, Pluto. Friday has the Cancer New Moon with the Cancer Moon conjunct the Sun, the Moon trine Neptune and the Moon opposed Pluto. This day imprints the next two weeks with a heightened sensitivity and increased intuitive abilities. We may also experience a cleaning out of old matters. Even certain traditional institutions may be hitting the ropes over this two-week period. Today may be a day when we seek the comforts of home and family. Family get-togethers can be fun reunions, all with a great deal of emotion. Even if we do not see it for ourselves, some get-togethers may be unintended farewells. We are all going through significant changes during these transitional times of major transformation. Whenever we are about to cross the threshold into a new arena, a new way of being, old patterns and old connections come forward to challenge us to see whether we are truly ready to cross the threshold or whether we shall fall back into the past, the complacency of our discontent. The movement is inevitable. The only question is the timing as to whether we step across the first time, the second time, the third time, or some later time. Let’s enjoy our social gatherings and reveries of times past, but let’s try to avoid getting stuck there.

Saturday, June 28th – Twist and Shout – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter. Saturday reenergizes the Mars Uranus opposition that was exact on Wednesday with the Cancer Moon today creating a Lunar T-Square as the Moon squares Uranus in Aries and the Moon squares Mars in Libra. The Moon also trines Saturn and the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. This Saturday can be a real mixed-bag and a jumble of high energy operating. People may be acting out, and it would be important to keep discussions pleasant without any tug-of-war between different person’s interests. Diplomacy is called for today, and it might be wiser to focus on a mutually agreeable meeting ground, recalling past events that were fun get-togethers rather than any attempt to one-up someone else. As long as no one gets too self-absorbed and wants to grandstand, then this day can be a truly pleasant day. We might reconnect with people from our past, and home and family matters can be accentuated. We could spend time fixing up our home, but it would be important that all the home members be on the same page regarding any fix-ups and changes. We might feel as though we are walking on eggshells with someone today, but far better to do so than to be the target of various twists and shouts. This Saturday is a day to take things down a notch or two, hold one’s tongue and keep everything as placid as possible.

Sunday, June 29th – I Am Me, Who Are You – Venus, Sun, Neptune. The misty, moody feelings of Friday’s New Moon are ratcheted up today. While the Moon moves into Leo to sextile Venus, we have a strong Neptunian influence with the Sun trine Neptune and Venus square Neptune. We may be looking for fun times with other people today, but we might question one or several of the participants. We could have a strong spiritual sense today, an otherworldly feeling, and our compassion for our fellow humankind could prove strong. This is a day, however, when it would be wise to keep in mind the Christian Bible admonition: ‘cast ye not pearls before swine’. Even if we choose to give people the benefit of the doubt, we may be doing the dance with a trickster, someone appearing one way, the reality being quite different. Sunday is a day for us to enjoy ourselves, the repartee with other people, but not to accept anything at face value. We may be infatuated by appearance today, but it would be important for us not to rush to judgment until we have fully explored the true characteristics of anything and anyone. Our emotions could easily carry us away today, and we do need to avoid maudlin sentimentality. Taking some time to meditate, contemplate, reflect and quiet time would go a long way to providing nurture to our soul with a greater appreciation that more goes on with life and living than the surface appearances or mundane realities.