June 16th – 22nd, 2014

In tune with this week’s changing of the seasons from Spring to Summer, we could be considering the wide variety of changes and possible new interests we may wish to incorporate into our daily lives.

The week begins with us spurred on by someone who suggests options and alternatives that we might not have taken into account. Even though we can be tied to our routine obligations and responsibilities, we are looking for new directions and involvements that speak to the burgeoning of our new sense of self. Nothing may seem too far-fetched for our exploring and investigating the possibilities. We might embrace the belief that whatever the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. While we could draw from a broad palette of prospects, the week is best served in considering rather than implementing.

While the early part of the week could be a smorgasbord of ideas and thoughts, the mid-part of the week has us more concerned about how we feel about things. Our emotions are heightened, our intuitive sense alert, and we can sense a best practices approach to many of our matters. It would be far wiser for us to trust our instincts rather than the empirical evidence presented to us. In these times, it is essential for us to check the source and check their agenda. Even objective presentations tend to tell, and consequently sell, their side of the story. Nowadays, we need to read between the lines and allow our sense of things to give us a correct read of what is truly going on. We live in a world where the plethora of images and seductive sensations try to gain our acceptance and win our adherence. Awareness and mindfulness are keys to our not falling prey to the spinmeisters and hypesters.

After a moody mid-week period, we may be off and running as we come towards the end of the week and approach the weekend. We might charge forth with great passion but without considering the conditions and circumstances. A little head banging could go on if we do not take the time to survey the parameters and develop a well-considered plan of action. We may try to do too much in too short a period of time and like a house of cards various matters could then fall apart.

The weekend welcomes the beginning of Summer, and we may all yearn over the weekend for those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer. We just have to be wary of excess with the assumption that what we want we can have. We may have all been weaned on a sense of entitlement, but the universal unfolding operates on the earth plane with the dualistic nature of giveth and taketh away, the expansion – contraction of life on the earth plane. In our enthusiasm, it would be wise for us not to expand to the size of a bubble that could be burst by any pinprick.

Monday, June 16th – On a Wing and a Prayer – Mars, Uranus, Saturn. Monday begins the week with the Aquarius Moon trine Mars, the Moon sextile Uranus and the Moon square Saturn. This is a day when our future is brightened by someone and their suggestions. We may become aware of situations of which we had no concept thanks to discussions with a friend or friends. Someone could prove a great cheerleader for our plans and our intentions. While we can be focused on our possibilities, let’s not forget our tasks and obligations. With enhanced enthusiasm bolstered by an advocate, we could easily overspend in developing some of our ideas. Let’s try to be resourceful even if everyone seems to be singing ‘happy days are here again’ or the more recent Pharrell Williams Happy.

Tuesday, June 17th – The World is an Oyster – Venus, Sun, Mercury, Mercury Gemini. The Aquarius Moon squares Venus, the Moon trines the Sun and the Moon trines Mercury just shortly after Mercury retrogrades back out of Cancer into its own Sign of Gemini. We may feel that the world is our oyster or that the world is an oyster. Either way, the potential for confusion and assumed beliefs can be strong now. We can be feeling good about life, but we might also be on overload with all the varied stimuli bombarding us and with the multitude of thoughts and ideas cascading through our mind. While we might be upbeat and inspired by the wide-ranging possibilities, it would be wise for us to keep in mind our budget and our resources. During this week and over the Summer, we could believe that the worst is over and that abundance and prosperity are ours. Certainly, the idea of bailouts and rising equity positions could have us feeling that we are in a win-win situation no matter our decisions. If things go well for us, we succeed. If things go badly for us, we can assume that someone will rescue us. What a wonderful world — an oyster, succulent and robust and good for the tasting. Why should I be a parade rainer when we are likely to be feeling good about things, even if our perspective is a little skewed towards creative visualization rather than objective detachment to what is really going on? This is a day for us to enjoy the camaraderie of friends and the wide-ranging discussions about all sorts of superfluous scenarios. Nothing heavy for us today. Nothing overly deep and profound. This is a day to lighten up and enjoy walking on the sunny side of the street.

Wednesday, June 18th – The Best is Yet to Come – Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter. Wednesday has the Moon in Pisces with the Moon conjunct Neptune, the Moon sextile Pluto and the Moon trine Saturn. Venus sextiles Jupiter. If we were to play pin the tail on the donkey blindfolded today, we are likely to get the pin exactly on the donkey’s tail every time. Our perception is highly attuned. We may have a mystical sense about things, an intuitive feeling as to what works and what doesn’t. No one is likely to pull the wool over our eyes today. No, we can be highly adept and able to cut to the core of any situation. This is a day when we can accomplish a great deal and do so quite easily, as if guided by some divine presence around us. We do have to be wary of overdoing things today. Our appetite could prove voracious and our desire for a personal makeover or reinvigorating aspects of our lives can be strong. Whatever life throws at us today, we can handle effectively and successfully, still wanting more. This is a day when we can blend our foresight with practical application and accomplish an incredible amount. But let’s not overdo it on our sense of achievement. Enough is enough, more could prove too much.

Thursday, June 19th – Here, There and Everywhere – Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Mercury. The vibe for this week and for much of our Summer is expansion with a strong dose of excess thrown in. The Pisces Moon today trines Jupiter, the Moon sextiles Venus and the Moon squares both the Sun and Mercury. The Sun conjuncts Mercury. Looking to stretch beyond our limitations today, we may want it all and then some. Like a kid in a candy shop, we could be easily seduced by all the appetizing treats presented to us. Indulgence may be in play on this Thursday, and many appealing possibilities might tempt us to try this, try that but without an in-depth consideration of what we are engaging. We are likely to go from one thing to another to yet another. As though on a sugar high, we could be dealing from a high level of nervous energy unable to concentrate, more interested in the smorgasbord of enticing delights. This is a day when we could overspend or overindulge. The momentary enjoyment might give us a rush, but we would have to be wary of what the long-term implications might be to our snap-judgment decisions and choices. This is a day for us to slow things down and engage careful consideration before we act.

Friday, June 20th – Veering off the Launch Pad – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Mars, Uranus. Friday gives us the triggering of the operational Cardinal Grand Cross with the Moon in Aries triggering a Lunar T-square with the Moon square Pluto, the Moon opposed Mars and the Moon conjunct Uranus. Being adamant about doing our own thing, we could find our personal interests banging against the concerns of someone else and against our routine tasks. Some people might consider us a rebel without a cause today, as we blithely go forth doing our thing with little regard for how it impacts other people or the fallout and collateral damage as we proceed. We may be feeling a great thrust of energy today and willing to face the admonitions of someone in order to proceed along our own path. Even if we have certain matters to attend to, we could be addressing them in a somewhat slipshod manner just to get them out of the way and in order for us to launch forward in new directions. We do not want to be restricted and we might find that we are stepping on toes to advance our projects. If we can harness the intense energy today and maintain diplomatic relations with other people, then we can navigate the currents of opposition or expectations. This is a day for the tai chi moves, whereby we work with the energies, doing the necessary twists and turns to avoid confrontations and pushbacks. A high energy day, it would be wise for us to be judicious in our actions, be Machiavellian in our approach and cause as few ripples as possible in order to fast forward our plans and goals.

Saturday, June 21st – Here Comes Summer – Jupiter, Mercury, Summer Solstice, Sun Cancer. Saturday is the longest day of sunlight in the year in the Northern Hemisphere as the Sun moves into Cancer at the Summer Solstice. We are leaving Spring behind and entering the Summer season. And we do so with an incredible rush of energy as the Moon in Aries today squares Jupiter and the Moon sextiles Mercury. We may want to broaden our reach today, do as much as possible and enjoy good times with good friends and family members. While we are likely to be in an incredibly expansive mood, we might forego due diligence regarding what we are getting ourselves involved with and could even just take out our credit cards and cry ‘charge’ as we purchase one thing after another. Let’s keep in mind that the Summer Solstice creates the imprint for the Summer. And this Summer might have us more interested in satiating our appetites and fully enjoying ourselves rather than being prudent and judicious in our choices. It’s summertime and we want the living to be easy. We could justify any over-exuberance and over-enthusiasm with an over-confidence that things will work out in the end. They do, but we might want to consider the implications and the costs before we get there. We might enjoy the immediate gratifications without recognizing the long-term impacts.

Sunday, June 22nd – Finetuning the Essential – Sun, Neptune, Pluto. Sunday has the Moon in Taurus and today the Moon sextiles the Sun, the Moon sextiles Neptune and the Moon trines Pluto. We might find ourselves fixing things up around our home, honing our environment and making it comfortable and clutter-free. We may focus on the truly important in our lives and we can cut to the core, ridding ourselves of those things that no longer work for us. Makeovers are called for today. We can fix up our home environment, our wardrobe and our personal appearance. Bargains may be available to us today, for we have the ability to find things of quality, good taste and at a reasonable [sale] price. This is a good day for us to consider how best to achieve our plans and realize our goals. They say you can’t get blood from a stone, but today might dispute that allegation.