April 7th – 13th, 2014

This week could prove to be the calm before the storm.

This week has some pleasant energies, albeit with a simmering buildup to a more bombastic time next week. Like a volcano with its magma percolating below the surface, the externalization of energies this week can belie a level of frustration that might eventually be released, and could be released around the Lunar Eclipse on the 15th.

The week begins with us needing to address home and family matters. We may feel that our personal interests are being impeded both by what we need to get done and by other people’s demands. While we might feel in a push-pull between our routine responsibilities of daily tasks and our “Spring fever” of wanting to be free to do whatever we wish to do, our tendency may be to emphasize our personal desires with an impulsive, even impetuous, behavior. We are not looking to be limited and restricted by demands placed upon us. We want to launch forward into this Spring, express ourselves creatively and put our personal mark on everything we engage and whatever we have to say.

With Mercury exiting Pisces to enter Aries at the beginning of the week, our thoughts and reasoning processes are less foggy, far clearer with an emphasis upon our personal preferences. We shall say what we choose to and with a force of passion that exhibits a ‘might makes right’ sentiment.

Even if we have to go it alone this week, we are ready and able to do so. We are not interested in being held back, but rather see the world as a blank canvass upon which we can paint.

The mid-week can have us flying high. We are likely to explore new terrain and search out undiscovered possibilities for ourselves. Our impetuousness could lead us in new directions, exciting and thrilling opportunities. It would be wise for us to have our antennae up, work with peripheral vision, for the mid-week period could have us encounter surprising situations that truly speak to us and may evolve into self-fulfilling trajectories. We may not know all the specifics or the particulars of scenarios opening up to us, but the intrigue of fascinating prospects can be enough of an incentive for us to investigate further.

The latter part of the week may have us tying up loose ends of the past, complete matters that we wish to get behind us and focusing on the details that we have glossed over earlier in our drive to thrive.

Due diligence is called for towards the end of the week and over the weekend. We may be called upon to address our ‘to do’ list, take care of various errands and deal with our usual obligations. It would be wise for us to make a list and prioritize what needs to be done.

The weekend comes to close in a less rambunctious manner, but it would be wise for us to spend some quality time with that special person, recharge our batteries in the sanctity of nature or our home, and prepare for the onslaught of the week ahead.

Monday, April 7th – Every Which Way But Loose – Lunar T-Square, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury Aries. Monday continues with the Moon in Cancer, which today has the Moon triggering the Cardinal Grand Cross with a T-Square with the Moon square the Sun in Aries and the Moon square Mars in Libra. The Moon trines Saturn before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for fifteen and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo tomorrow. Mercury exits Pisces to enter Aries, creating an Aries Stellium of three planets in Aries as Mercury joins the Sun and Uranus in the Cardinal Fire Sign. We may feel pulled in different directions by our own personal interests and by the needs of someone else. Whatever we do, we might feel as though we have entered a no-win situation. Even if the early morning hours could find us wondering whether we are coming or going, but always in constant motion, things can straighten out as the day progresses. We can deal with the most pressing issues and even be incredibly resourceful as to how we address some of the matters at hand. We might also feel as though we have gotten a second wind, able to think more clearly and less reactive to situations and taking a more proactive, self-affirming approach to our life’s involvements.

Tuesday, April 8th – A Little Too Much – Mercury, Sun, Mars. Tuesday has the Moon moving into Leo where today the Moon trines Mercury. The Sun opposes Mars. We could easily come across a little too strong for someone. We are looking to put our best foot forward, make a good impression, but we could be a little too much. Today is a day when we might overdo whatever we engage. We may want to put ourselves on center stage, be in the spotlight, but we need to be wary that we don’t step on someone else’s toes. This is a day to create a win-win situation. If we are looking at our winning situations with someone else on the losing end, we could wind up in a lose-lose scenario. We may have a great deal of energy today, can prove our point with our presence alone, but it would be wise to keep note of with whom we are engaging. No stepping on toes today, for the pushback could be severe, even if it waits until next week for us to experience the reverberations.

Wednesday, April 9th – Got it Going On – Uranus, Mars, Sun. Even if we fell over ourselves the past two days, or offended someone by our antics, this Wednesday allows us to make amends and rectify any indiscretions. With the Leo Moon trining both the Sun and Uranus today, and the Moon sextile Mars, we have it going on today. We are likely to be magnetic, drawing the approval and support of someone who might have questioned our intentions recently. We can virtually charm the birds out of the trees today. This is a day for us to consider all our options and alternatives. Whatever catches our attention, we are likely to pursue and able to engage effortlessly. Although usually the ‘hump’ day of the workweek, this Wednesday is anything but. We are likely to feel energized, looking good and feeling good. We have a glow about us today and may find that things go quickly and easily for us today. Let’s keep our antennae up for some interesting surprises, for this day could be replete with mini-miracles that delight us. One of the key aspects of this paradigm shift we are going through is the reality that we do not have to make things happen but rather to be open to the possibilities, even the possibilities of the seemingly impossible. Today could be a day of magic when the most unexpected could virtually land in our lap.

Thursday, April 10th – Pulled Up Short – Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. One of the key lessons for us during this time of paradigm shift, a time when we are moving from the old modus operandi into a whole new way of being, is the question of balance. Whenever we go through dramatic changes or transformations, and we are all going through one during this present time, we find that the old ways come up to test us and see if we revert to our old patterns or if we are truly ready to move forward in new ways and new directions. After Wednesday when there could have been some interesting surprises, Thursday could bring us up short and demand that we address outstanding matters and deal with old issues. Thursday has the Leo Moon square Saturn before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over fifteen and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo later in the day. After a most interesting and energized Wednesday, we may find ourselves facing delays and feeling slightly frustrated on this Thursday. It might seem as though yesterday we stepped off into the potential of a whole new direction, while today we are back in time, back in the way things had been going. We could feel slightly depleted as though we glimpsed the possibilities of our future only to be brought back into the hard cold realities of our usual routine. Let’s not despair if we experience such pullbacks today, for the awareness of options and alternatives seeds our consciousness and our intentions for better days through better ways. We may have to postpone full engagement of alternatives, but once we have seen our options, we can move towards those directions.

Friday, April 11th – These Magic Moments – Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto. Friday is the 11th, a day in numerology that signifies the visionary. And this Friday can have us feeling inspired by and infatuated with someone. We can see beyond the world of appearance and feel the reality of another time, a different dimension. Our intuitive sense can be heightened today. The question, however, is whether we shall trust our intuition or whether we are going to put on our blinders and only believe what we can see and not what we can imagine. Friday has the Virgo Moon opposed both Venus and Neptune, the Moon sextile Jupiter and the Moon trine Pluto. Venus conjuncts Neptune. Our sensitivity is heightened today. We can blend our strong sense about things with a focused intent on the particulars. Our foresight can be matched by our due diligence. This can be a highly productive day, a day when we can concentrate on the most important aspects of our lives, if we start off on the right foot. A plan of action is called for today. Otherwise, we might dither around, become distracted by meaningless matters and lose sight of our goals. While we may be slow going to start the day, we pick up speed later in the day and can accomplish a great deal. Evening hours may allow for those magic moments with someone or in the reveries of our self-contemplations. This is a good day to clear the decks, enjoy the companionship of a special someone and plan for a weekend that may be more restful than highly active.

Saturday, April 12th – Cleaning Up – Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. This weekend is not a highly active time, and possibly so much the better when we consider the energies of this coming week. The Moon today sextiles Saturn before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over fifteen hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra tomorrow. This coming week has things flying at us fast and furious so the more we can clean things up, take care of errands and conclude outstanding matters over this weekend, the less weighted down in the coming week when we need to have our wits about us. There is not a great deal of energy today or tomorrow. We might putter around our home, tidying up, straightening things up. A nap to recharge our energies and build up our strength would be advised during this weekend. We may have more of a desire for alone time this weekend, or quiet time spent with that special someone in our lives. Let’s not overly schedule or plan for this weekend, since we just might not have the energy to keep up the pace. We can make things nice around our home base and enjoy some down time from our fast-paced lives. Let’s keep in mind the volatility of these times — the ebbs and flows of energies. Today and tomorrow, the energy is ebbing. This coming week the energy may flow tsunami-like. We might want to take advantage of the ebb to restore and reinvigorate ourselves through relaxation.

Sunday, April 13th – Girding Our Loins. Saturday and Sunday of this weekend has very little energy operating. The Moon today is in Libra but makes no aspects, connections, to the planets. There is not a great deal of energy today, nor was there yesterday. This weekend brings closure to a recent period of relatively peaceful times. I write relatively since we are about to enter one of the most intense periods of the Spring this coming week. This Sunday is a good day to take things easy, enjoy the company of someone we care about and walk on the sunny side of the street. Serenity and an appreciation of nature and natural unfolding can be part of today. We are not looking for discord or to engage conflicts with anyone. Perhaps it is fitting that this Sunday is Palm Sunday. We might choose to gather with friends and loved ones for a leisurely meal to discuss what has been going on in our lives and in their lives. A sense of triumph that we have weathered the storms and come out from a winter of our discontent can be revitalizing and nourishing. Let’s just keep in mind that we live in volatile times and that any one particular phase does not last forever but can change rapidly and dramatically. Today is a day for us to build up our strength and our confidence, a day when subconsciously we might be girding our loins in preparation for the days ahead.