April 28th – May 4th, 2014

This week seems a pleasant break from some of the intensities we might have experienced or witnessed over the past two weeks.

It might have seemed as though we had to be highly adept at a crazy game of dodgeball in order to avoid sheer catastrophes. Dodging aggressive and extremely offensive drivers was one thing. Dealing with people solely self-absorbed and totally inconsiderate of other people’s concerns was another. Add to that the geopolitical maneuverings in Eastern Europe with some commentators suggesting incipient indications of a third world war and equity markets delirious but oblivious to Main Street sufferings, and the past two weeks may have felt something far other than a walk in the park. The topping for myself was driving along at night after a delicious dinner to come across a woman lying in the road who just moments earlier had been hit by a car and died instantly.

The events and incidents of the past two weeks might have reinforced the truth to the Chinese proverb: ‘may you live in interesting times’. But too often these times are just too interesting.

The old saying ‘April showers bring May flowers’ may not be more evident figuratively than this week compared to the last two weeks.

As opposed to the past two weeks, this week begins with far less intensity. We are on the dark side of the Moon with the Moon Void-of-Course at the start of this week. There is not a great deal of energy to begin the week and Monday is a far cry from our recent feelings of Manic Mondays.

The week proceeds with the Taurus New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, and an imprint for the next two weeks. We are moving into a time when we can plant the seeds of our springtime projects. We can focus our attention on the most meaningful projects, all the while that we use the most expeditious means to accomplish our goals. This is a good time for us to clear away the debris, make room for activities that truly speak to us and put down the foundation stones of our future plans. While we can be highly attuned to a best practices approach, it is essential that we maintain a most resourceful attitude whereby we do more with less. Although many of us could have been seduced into the extravagance and excess of the early 21st century, hopefully we have learned our lesson and have decided to be more effective with less expenditure of energy.

The mid-part of this week can have us considering a wide variety of options. Our filtering process and the culling of those involvements that would be mere diversion and distractions can be called into action. Feeling that we have come out from under the worst of times, we might assume that we are now moving into the best of times. While there can be a great deal of truth to such a sentiment, it would be wise for us to keep in mind the volatility of these times, with the extremes of ebbs and flows. ‘Moderation in all things’ is an admonition to keep in mind, even if not always acted upon.

The weekend can have us spending time around our home base, doing a good Spring cleanout while planting the seeds of our intended activities. Family matters may be important over the weekend and a time for us to enjoy the company of family and friends and to savor the comforts of our home.

Monday, April 28th – Slow Going – Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune. Compared to the last two Mondays, which could have been manic to the max, this Monday is slow starting and slow going. The Void-of-Course Moon that began early yesterday and goes on for over twenty-seven hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus today continues on this Monday and starts the week with very little energy for us to truly get going, or at least get going in a focused and effective manner. Besides the day starting with the Moon Void-of-Course, we are also in the dark side of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon, and a Solar Eclipse. There is not a great deal of energy today. If we could step off the track, or step off the planet, we might choose to do so today. Late in the day, the Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune. We may feel like a personal makeover or adding a little extra comfort to our home surroundings. We would like things to be plush, comfortable and without any discord or conflict to upset us. We might see this day as a ‘mental health’ day, especially in light of the fact that tomorrow gives us the New Moon and the imprint for the next two weeks as we start to look at developing our projects under the waxing Moon.

Tuesday, April 29th – And So It Begins – Taurus New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn. Tuesday has the Taurus New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. The Moon conjuncts the Sun, the Moon conjuncts Mercury, the Moon trines Pluto, the Moon trines Jupiter and the Moon opposes Saturn today. Mercury trines Pluto. The New Moon imprints the next two weeks leading up to and culminating with the Full Moon. This can be a time for us to plant our seeds of new projects, but it would be wise that we be selective and discerning regarding what we choose to engage. Similar to the biblical admonition of ‘cast ye not pearls before swine’, it is essential that we focus on those activities that truly have meaning and purpose for us. Whatever we involve ourselves with, it would be wise for us to be resourceful, engage a best practices approach and see how we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy. Our thoughts can be incisive and our planning strategic and our methods well designed. We have to be wary that we don’t try to do too much, cover too many bases and become diverted by silly distractions. We may also have to tie up loose ends more associated with our past. These times call for us to be adept at dealing with situations in an expeditious and streamlined manner. There is no time for excess or fluff. This would be a good time for us to consider a budget — budgeting our finances, our times and our activities. We may want to luxuriate in our comfort zone, but we need to be highly aware of any major discrepancies between our wants and our needs. Let’s try and stick with the fundamentals and restrain extravagances. Either we can choose to pare down the superfluous, or the universe might step in and do it for us.

Wednesday, April 30th – Putting Our Best Foot Forward – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Jupiter. Wednesday is a day when we can have it going on. The day begins with the Taurus Moon sextile Venus before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for five hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini later in the day. Mercury sextiles Jupiter today. We are likely to be feeling good and looking good. Our radiant personality could virtually ‘charm the birds out of the trees’ as the idiom goes. We have the gift of gab today with impeccable taste and appealing presentation. This is a day when we can make a good impression and back it up with all the particulars carefully addressed and taken care of. If we are looking to have a personal makeover or add some accoutrements to our home or wardrobe, this is a day for us to do so. Our thoughts may be lofty and we can be feeling upbeat and optimistic but we are also aware of the specifics and the details involved. This may be ‘hump day’ of the workweek, but this Wednesday is a day when we are likely to shine. Let’s use this day to advance our interests, gain support for our projects and take things step by step in an accomplished procession. The early hours of the day may be more productive and effective. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Gemini and we might find ourselves less focused and liable to be slightly more scattered — here, there and everywhere.

Thursday, May 1st – Trying This, Trying That – Neptune, Mars, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. We could be all over the place today. The Moon in Gemini squares Neptune, the Moon trines Mars, and the Moon sextiles Uranus. There might be so much on our plate today that we just don’t know where to start. We have to be wary at jumping at anything too soon. A little planning to begin the day could keep us from going around in circles. Slightly confused by all the input, we might rely on someone else to give us direction or suggest what we should do and where we should go today. A sense of overwhelm could also lead us to put all our obligations on hold and do something impetuously, embracing some activity on the spur-of-the-moment that is quite different from our usual routine. We may find ourselves trying this, trying that, all the while feeling like Goldilocks and not feeling quite right about some of our initial choices. This is a day for planning but doing so in pencil with a large eraser. Some exciting opportunities could open up to us as we scatter through the large schema of possibilities. We just have to avoid overload today and burning ourselves out. Later in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost thirty-one hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer on Saturday. We may still be juggling but the balls in the air can be pleasant diversions and amusing distractions.

Friday, May 2nd – Spinning Our Wheels – Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Saturn, Venus Aries. The Gemini Moon continues its Void-of-Course with the Moon making no connections to the planets today. We may be fiddling with various trifles today, talking around the water cooler about nothing significant and just breezing through the day. Today is Friday and we might be humming under our breath: ‘thank goodness it’s Friday’. We might not get a great deal done today, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a great deal to do. Friday also has Mercury opposed Saturn and Venus exiting Pisces to enter Aries, where Venus is not at all comfortable. We might feel a little down today, feeling as though we have much to do but no energy to do it. And we would likely resent anyone suggesting what we should do today. Communications can be a little off with some people looking to play the martyr savior game. This is a day for us to consider our finances, take into account what our revenue stream is and what our expenses are. The powers-that-be say there is no inflation and point to the Consumer Price Index to substantiate their assertion. The CPI is often stated for costs less food and energy, and anyone who has been to the grocery store or filled their vehicle up with gas might seriously question the suggestion that they are not experiencing inflated expenses. Instead of wasting the day, waiting for Godot or eagerly anticipating the start of the weekend, we might want to tie up loose ends in order not to have them hanging over us as we go through the weekend.

Saturday, May 3rd – From the Base Camp – Lunar T-Square, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Sun, Pluto. Saturday could have us ‘up and at ‘em’. The Moon in Cancer today trines Neptune and triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Venus in Aries and the Moon square Mars in Libra. The Sun trines Pluto. We may be looking at straightening things up, clearing out the debris for a good springtime cleaning, and focusing on those projects that truly speak to us. We may feel passionate and determined to set into motion some of the goals we have conceived for ourselves. First ‘out with the old’ before ‘in with the new’. We can have a strong intuitive hunch about what to do, but we have to avoid being too resistant to putting ourselves first. We also need to avoid becoming co-dependent and taking better care of someone else than we do ourselves. This is a day for us to dig down deep — both literally and figuratively. Our plantings can be in our home’s garden but also in the garden of our being. We have the chance to consider the transformations we have gone through, what the first nations peoples refer to as shapeshifting. These times may have roughed us up, but these times have also allowed us to connect with our essential being, our soul and our spirit. From that reconnectedness, we can concentrate on those projects, activities and involvements that give us real meaning and offer us true life purpose.

Sunday, May 4th – Singing in the Rain – Sun, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter. The Cardinal Grand Cross with which we have been dealing over recent months is triggered again, slightly yesterday, more so today. Yesterday, the Cancer Moon created a T-Square with the Moon square Venus and the Moon square Mars, the latter being one of the four points of the Cardinal Grand Cross. Today, the three other points of the Cardinal Grand Cross are triggered by today’s Lunar T-Square with the Cancer Moon conjunct Jupiter, the Moon opposed Pluto and the Moon square Uranus. The Moon also sextiles the Sun and the Moon trines Saturn. We should be getting used to various curveballs that impede our scheduled plans and force us to be flexible and adaptable to unexpected situations and changing conditions. Because these energy patterns are becoming old hat, we may find ourselves today easily making the necessary shifts to accommodate any obstacles or unanticipated variables. No matter the storm clouds or the precipitation, this is a day when we can be singing in the rain. Much can be going on today and the way we approach and deal with events that arise will be key as to whether we successfully navigate today’s currents or feel swamped by some of the things that confront us. Let’s keep in mind the wise and true saying that ‘we never get more than we can handle’ and for us to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. Such advice may seem a tall order but not one that we haven’t met before and successfully handled previously.