February 10th – 16th, 2014

This week, we may have a case of the winter doldrums, wishing and hoping that Spring would fast approach, all the while that we are suffering mood swings with a sense of being restricted by circumstance.

This is the first full week of the Mercury retrograde, and a Mercury retrograde that can enhance fantasies, illusions and delusions with a strong dose of anxiety mixed in. The Mercury retrograde began last week with Mercury turning retrograde in Pisces at the time of being in orb of a conjunction with Neptune. The liability towards caroming between irrational exuberance and overstated fears is ratcheted up severalfold.

The two great emotional manipulators are greed and fear, and both extreme emotions may be triggered during this Mercury retrograde. Nothing should be taken at face value, everything questioned with the suggestion that the jury be out in regard to any definitive decisions or any significant actions. We just might not have full information, full disclosure, regarding what is really going on. The half glass of water may not be seen solely as a half glass of water but rather viewed as being either half empty or half full with both perspectives entertained at different times.

The beginning of the week could have us seeking to embrace the home fires burning, preferring to stay put in the comfort of our own home. We might sense that the world is a little too crazy, the events a little too hectic and people slightly too frenetic to engage in meaningful interactions. No, we could easily accept the refrain from the 1823 song ‘Home, Sweet Home’: “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home”. Each of us may have felt the peccadilloes of life recently, and we might seek a brief reprieve from the wild gyrations of doing life presently.

The mid-part of the week could be a time for us to draw upon the support and encouragement of our fellow travelers. We may choose creative outlets to express our voice and to participate in enlivening activities. We are coming to Valentine’s Day, and we might not want to limit our good feelings for our loved ones and friends to that one particular day. On the contrary, we might step out of our cave and join with someone or with other people to celebrate the good things in life.

Although our consumer-driven society often taunts us with equating gifting and appreciation of others with the financial cost associated with our expenditures, we might feel as though our resources are being too finely stretched. It would be wise to keep in mind that the sentiment of giving to someone is the true gift and not the particular item itself or the cost of that item.

Even if the Full Moon on Friday – Saturday brings up self-esteem issues for us and the questioning of what we have done with our lives, someone is likely to step forward, show their gratitude for our being in their lives, and remind us that it’s a wonderful life.

The weekend may have us in errand mode. We may be straightening up, tidying up and seeking to take care of what needs to be done. Even if we have stubbed our toes this week, fallen down the rabbit hole of despair and self-pity, the weekend allows us to get a grip, focus on our future intentions and prepare the way by sorting through our old baggage and getting rid of the extraneous.

Monday, February 10th – Soft and Gentle – Mercury, Neptune, Uranus. Monday has the Moon entering its own Sign of Cancer with the Moon today trine both Mercury and Neptune and the Moon square Uranus. Our sensitivity and our compassion are heightened. We may want to take care of people who are going through a hard time. We might have a missionary zeal to fix things for other people. Although we can be like a cosmic mother today, it would be wise that we not get so involved in other people’s issues that we take on their karma and take away the opportunities for them to work through some of their own stuff. The balance between being of service and self-sacrifice is a fine line, one that we could easily cross over today. We also have to be wary of those people today who might ask for our assistance but are so involved in their emotional dramas that they cannot let go of their personal issues. With our moods heightened we might choose time at home, enjoying our family and extended family, and seeking refuge in the comfort of our home from the vagaries of the world outside. We could easily get lost in our own reveries today. Let’s use this day to reflect and consider where we are and engage our spiritual nature. Meditation and contemplation can help us be one with the source and reaffirm our own inner spark of divinity.

Tuesday, February 11th – Hard, Cold Reality – Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Sun, Saturn. Yesterday may have felt like we had stepped into dreamtime. We could have had a sense of otherworldly qualities. Tuesday is a horse of a different color, and we might feel as though we have been brought up sharp with hard, cold reality. This day has the Cancer Moon conjunct Jupiter and the Moon opposed both Pluto and Venus. The Sun squares Saturn. We might start the day feeling upbeat and as though nothing could go wrong. After yesterday’s sense of connection with the one, we might feel today as though our life is guided, and in deed it is. But our journey through life is not always a walk in the park. On the contrary, we have our phases of ups and downs, of greased wheels and other times of rolling the boulder up a mountain. Our feel good nature could be dampened today by our responsibilities, demands placed upon us, and a sense that some of our greatest wishes are beyond our reach. We might assume that we do not have the resources, the capabilities or the talents to achieve our greatest goals. Although we might feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails, it would be wise for us to keep in mind that during this paradigm shift we are no longer in total control of situations but that the universe can work its magic with various mini-miracles. Tuesday may have us addressing old issues and dealing with past situations. Let’s deal with what needs to be done without losing our faith or our understanding that we are moving into asequential reality where things no longer occur in a sequential manner but that situations can develop in the most unexpected of ways. We might have to attend to outstanding matters today but that doesn’t mean that our hopes are dashed, only postponed.

Wednesday, February 12th – Stepping Out – Saturn, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury Aquarius. Wednesday begins with the Cancer Moon trine Saturn. The Moon squares Mars and then the Moon goes Void-of-Course for close to eight and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo. Mercury retrogrades out of Pisces and back into Aquarius. This is a day when we can be resourceful and focused. Not everyone may appreciate how we do things today, but we are more interested in resolving matters rather than winning applause for the ways in which we accomplish our tasks. While the last two days may have been more an internal exploration, even to the point of seeking our personal alone time, we may be reaching out and stepping out into the world as this day progresses. Our creative juices can be flowing and we may seek out some interesting characters with whom to converse. We are far more interested in our options and alternatives than our familiar routine and old patterns. This is a good day to clear the decks in order to allow some breathing room and space for impulsive actions tomorrow. Our mind could be abuzz with the ‘what if’ and the ‘what could be’ and we are energetically preparing ourselves to step off the ledge.

Thursday, February 13th – A Brand New World – Uranus. Thursday could prove one fascinating and scintillating day, especially if we have provided ourselves some space by having taken care of pressing demands in the last day or two. The Leo Moon today trines Uranus. We are looking at putting a new spin on how we present ourselves. We want to emphasize our individuality, be more autonomous in our actions and able to do whatever catches our fancy on the spur of the moment. This is a day when we may become aware of those mini-miracles, those surprising incidents that we might have cast off as silly coincidences in times past. But we could be coming more aware of the reality that every day is filled with those silly coincidences, in truth mini-miracles, to the point that we realize there are no coincidences, only the unfolding of reality in some extraordinary ways. This day calls for us to have our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and be open to the ‘magic’ of these times. We may have some thrilling opportunities to showcase our talents and put ourselves out on center stage. We seem to radiate a magnetic attraction that catches other people’s attention. This is not a day to accept ‘same old, same old’ but rather a day to see and wonder at the exciting moments that sparkle through our day.

Friday, February 14th – Who Needs a Massacre – Leo Full Moon, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Sun, Mars, Mercury. This Friday, which is the day of the week ruled by Venus, is St. Valentine’s Day, the day when we show our appreciation and gratitude to the loved ones in our lives. The Sun trines Mars and the Leo Moon sextiles Mars. We can do all the right moves in regard to our offerings to that special someone. We are dramatic and expressive and may have a few surprises up our sleeve. Where a problem arises is with the Leo Full Moon triggering a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Leo Moon opposes both the Sun and Mercury and the Moon squares Saturn. We may feel out of sorts, feel like a poser and have a sense that our ego is more a caricature than a true representation of how we feel about ourselves and about things. We might have the sense of delays, frustrations and restrictions to where we want to get to. This is a mixed bag sort of day. On one hand, we want to show our generosity and show off our grand self-importance. On the other hand, we could feel our resources being pinched, no matter how much we spend on ourselves or on someone else. We have to be wary of going between extremes, extremes of lavishness and extremes of abstinence. We can carom between the two, but it would be wise for us to find the balance — show our love and sincere thankfulness without going overboard. Sometimes, just the act of acknowledging someone is the greatest gift we can offer. Let’s not be shy about our feelings today, even if we have the sense that we are stretching ourselves. A good stretch now and then opens interesting trajectories we might never have considered beforehand.

Saturday, February 15th – First Things First – Neptune, Sun, Mercury. Saturday has the Moon in Virgo opposed Neptune. The Sun conjuncts Mercury. This Saturday could be a good day to sort through all the items on our ‘to do’ list and figure out our priorities. In the back of our mind may be strong ideas as to what we plan to do in the future. We might just have to deal with certain situations before we can focus on our intended plans. While we can combine a strong intuitive sense with a concentration on details, it will be important that we maintain our attention on what needs to be done before heading off in new directions. Let’s keep in mind that when we make significant changes in our lives, it is best that we go through our belongings in order to see what baggage we do not want to carry into our changed arena. This Saturday is one of those days to tidy up, straighten out and clear the decks of those matters that would impinge upon our future goals. First things first, today is a good day to deal with errands. We do not have to finish all the items on our ‘to do’ list but rather make a serious dent on our varied tasks. Once we have accomplished much of our obligations, we could then get together with a friend or friends and enjoy a fun afternoon and evening of uplifting repartee and discussions of our plans.

Sunday, February 16th – Effective and Inspiring – Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Mercury, Mars. Sunday could be a primo day and perhaps the best day of this week. We have it going on. Not only can we be productive and highly effective, we can be an inspiring cheerleader for someone today. The Virgo Moon today sextiles Jupiter and trines both Pluto and Venus. Mercury trines Mars. At the beginning of the week, we may have taken on someone’s emotional dramas with missionary zeal but with a liability towards our service becoming self-sacrifice. On this Sunday, we may be very helpful but less engaged with the emotional morass. Today, we are focused, able to concentrate on the fundamental issues, get to the core of a problem and then deal with it successfully in the most streamlined manner. We also have the gift of gab today, able to inspire other people and also to glean from someone insights and better understandings regarding our own individual plans. This is a good day to talk things through and then set into motion the most expeditious means to accomplish our goals. We are likely to give ourselves a gold star for how much we achieve and how uplifting we can be.