January 20th – 26th, 2014

The first full week of the Sun’s transit through Aquarius, this week can be about friends and good times.

We no longer have the Stellium of three or more planets in Capricorn, so we might be less interested in what we should be doing or our sense of responsibilities. Instead, we might be focusing on social interactions with other people to discuss not only what is going on in our lives but also what we hope to do with our future.

For some people, the week begins with the third and last day of a holiday weekend with Monday celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Whether we are off on holiday or are working, we may start the week dealing with the details of our lives. We might be looking at getting our house in order.

As we move into the week, our time could be taken up with matters associated with our relationships, which can run the gamut of the good, the bad and the ugly. We may find ourselves pulled in various directions, with some of the pulls our own instigation but other pulls due to our obligations and the needs of someone else.

Hump day of Wednesday might have us feeling like the hump is an insurmountable mountain summit of all the things we need and want to do. We could be like a kid in a candy shop, with our eyes bigger than our stomach, and our desires to have it all and then some.

No matter how much on overwhelm we place ourselves mid-week, we can take out the paring knives towards the latter part of the week, cutting away some of the many activities that we and / or someone else have planned for us. Our surgical skills could prove quite remarkable, with our incisions being astute and expert and without any disagreement regarding what we are extricating ourselves from and what we are concentrating on.

The weekend may start off with our sense of the week having had a toll on us. The swings between extremes of hyper-activity and champing at the bit to get going could well have exhausted us as we come into the weekend. We might feel as though we do not have the resources to push one more boulder up the mountain, to develop one more activity, or to give much energy to those future plans that we wish to pursue.

As we come towards the end of the weekend, we may consider stepping off the track, getting out of Dodge or just putting our normal existence on hold in order to engage something foreign and delightful to us.

Monday, January 20th – The Days of Our Lives – Venus, Saturn. Monday begins the week with the Virgo Moon trine Venus and the Moon sextile Saturn. In the US, this is a holiday celebrating the life and works of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Some people may be off on a three day holiday weekend. Other people may be back on track of their daily routine. For all of us, this day could have us concentrating on some of the particulars of our daily lives. We can accomplish a great deal today, tie up loose ends and put a pretty bow on completed tasks. We can be adept at successfully finishing projects and at how we present ourselves. We might be no nonsense, but our attitude and bearing are neither intimidating nor overbearing. On the contrary, we are likely to have it going on today, able to convince even the greatest skeptic of our effectiveness and our diplomatic skills. If we have the time, this is a day for us to address any outstanding issues that might have created frictions in our interactions with other people.

Tuesday, January 21st – Drivers, Start Your Engines – Sun. Tuesday has the Libra Moon trine the Sun. We may be looking good and feeling good, but we might not have much energy to put the pedal to the metal. Fast acceleration and speed demons could have to wait until tomorrow, but this Tuesday is a day for us to recharge our batteries, line our ducks up in a row and prepare for the day ahead. Wednesday can prove fast and furious, so this Tuesday is a day for us to make our plans and strategize rather than be on the fast track. We may find that in our conversations with someone we become more aware of our potentials and our prospects. Certain matters we might not even have considered could be discussed and trigger a desire in us to engage. While the energy today is not driven, it can be a highly pleasant day. Interactions with other people could be akin to a mutual admiration society, with each one providing insights and clues along the path of the scavenger hunt of life.

Wednesday, January 22nd – Fast and Furious – Lunar Grand Cross, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury. In the late 1950s early 60s the ‘girl groups’ were a hugely popular musical genre. One of those groups was The Shirelles and one of their hits had the refrain:
“Mama said there’ll be days like this
There’ll be days like this mama said.”

Mama wasn’t lying, for this Wednesday can be fast and furious. Today, the Libra Moon triggers a Cardinal Grand Cross with the Moon conjunct Mars, the Moon opposed Uranus in Aries, the Moon square Jupiter in Cancer and the Moon square both Pluto and Venus in Capricorn. The Moon also trines Mercury in Aquarius. If we have properly rested up, prepared ourselves and strategized yesterday, then we can move into this hurly burly of a day with itinerary in hand, flexibility in our intent, and the awe and wonder of a child at the kaleidoscope of today’s world. A great deal can be happening today, unexpected situations arising and with various twists and turns along the way. Spontaneity may be called for today, but we have to avoid impetuous reactions to circumstance. Either we can be on the fast track successfully taking care of any number of incidents that come up or we could be repeatedly scraping our knees and banging our head against various impediments thrown in our way. Any way we slice it, today is a fast and furious day. Often referred to as ‘hump’ day, this Wednesday could be more mountain than molehill. Let’s keep our wits about us, recognize that this is a day for us to move forward, quickly dealing with any number of activities, and willing to draw upon a trusted friend as an important sounding board to give us an objective critique as to what is really going on. This Wednesday is an exciting day sandwiched between two less energetic days. Life, you gotta love it, especially with the whipsaws of energies and emotions that we are all having the opportunity of savoring or despairing but always engaging.

Thursday, January 23rd – Reflections of our Mind – Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune. After a flurry of activity yesterday, activity that may have come to a screeching halt late last night or early today, this Thursday is slow starting, if starting at all. Many of us may have felt wiped out by yesterday’s hectic pace and may want to take this Thursday as a time to catch our breath and even consider what was going on within the myriad of sights, sounds, moods, emotions, activities and all the rest of yesterday’s frenetic pace. Thursday begins with the Libra Moon Void-of-Course, a Void-of-Course Moon that started yesterday and lasts for almost eighteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio where tonight, early Friday the Moon trines Neptune. This day is better served figuring out what is going on in our lives. We may have felt like pachinko machines yesterday with the balls flying across the board, hitting various pegs, cascading down, only to repeat another volley of balls. In our fast-paced world, it is important, nay essential, that we stop and take the time to figure out what is really going on, what our actions and reactions in the life drama happen to be, and what the likely unfolding of actions set into motion could lead to, all the while acknowledging the law of unintended consequences. It may seem a tall order to keep track of everything that is going on, the hopes and wishes of our future, all the while putting our activities and involvements into the mix of the big picture of what our life is all about — the true purpose, the real meaning, the essence of our being. But this Thursday is one of those days to step back and consider what we are doing and why we are doing it. As the wise saying advises us, this day is one for us to ‘stop and smell the roses’. This week is a roller coaster of intense energies and subdued energy. Yesterday may have been intense, tomorrow as well, so today is a day of subdued energy when we can stop, look around, and reflect on all that is going on. This Thursday is a day for us to meditate, contemplate and reflect.

Friday, January 24th – All Together Now – Sun, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars. Friday can be a highly effective day, but one when we may need to focus rather than be distracted. The Scorpio Moon today squares the Sun, the Moon trines Jupiter and the Moon sextiles both Pluto and Venus. Mercury trines Mars. Although we might prefer starting our weekend early and spending our time engaging in pleasurable pursuits, this day is best served in culling, cutting, and ridding ourselves of the extraneous. We can concentrate our energies on the most important and meaningful aspects of our day lives. We could budget our resources — our times, monies and interests. Today is a high energy day but also a day when we could be firing on all cylinders. Our communications can be strong and forceful without being belligerent or overwhelming. We can draw people to our cause and gain some interesting perspectives from someone’s comments and critique of our plans. There seem few bumps in the road today, and we are likely to be engaging the sentiment that ‘living simply is not simply living’. This is a day when we can do more with less and enjoy how we can disentangle ourselves from some of the encumbrances we might have taken on or placed on our shoulders previously. The more we can accomplish today, the cleaner our slate will be for the weekend. We just have to watch for extreme actions. No throwing baby out with the bath water. Let’s be judicious in what we get rid of, even though once engaged we might want to totally clear the decks.

Saturday, January 25th – And Then There Was – Saturn, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. Saturday is referred to as Saturn’s day, and that sentiment may be no more true than on this Saturday. Saturn is engaged today. The Scorpio Moon conjuncts Saturn and the Moon squares Mercury. Ramping up this Mercury Saturn emphasis, we also have Mercury square Saturn. We start the day stumbling at best. We might feel as though the weight of the world is on our shoulders. If we have errands on our ‘to do’ list as our planned activity for this Saturday, we may do so only begrudgingly. We might feel lethargic, down in the dumps and slightly depressed. With the energy being what it is today, our attitude and disposition can be poor, whiney and even feeling sorry for ourselves. We might even have a sense of a swirl of negativity all around us. If we go there, we need to recognize that like a magnet we can draw negative things to us. Although it might be hard on this Saturday, let’s keep an upbeat attitude. Even if hard getting there, we could lift our spirits with upbeat music, inspired literature and a walk in nature where the perfection of all things is evident. Things may be delayed on this Saturday, so it would be wise for us to let go of expectations. Friday may have been streamlined, but Saturday could feel Sisyphus-like of rolling the boulder up the mountain only for it to fall back on us. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over thirteen hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius. There are brighter days ahead.

Sunday, January 26th – Changing Attitudes, Changing Plans – Neptune, Sun, Uranus. Sunday begins with the Sagittarius Moon square Neptune. The Moon then sextiles the Sun and the Moon trines Uranus. No matter what we have planned for this Sunday, this is a day when we want to wipe the slate clean, forego our plans and be open to doing whatever catches our fancy. After a slightly dreary Saturday, this Sunday can be a bright, sparkling day of fun activities. Even if we feel that the cares of our world are still lurking around us, we are unlikely to give them much time today. On the contrary, once we get over an early bump in the road today, we get something of a second wind, feeling more upbeat and ready to spread our wings in search of flights into grand adventures. This is a day when we may be feeling more confident about ourselves, recognizing that we are living in serendipitous times when we do not have to do it all, or try and master the conditions of our lives but rather can be open to the magic and mini-miracles occurring on a daily basis. Getting out of Dodge today would be recommended. We might need unfamiliar terrain in order to gain a fresh perspective. By getting off the routine track, we can better appreciate the possibilities. And it is important to remember that during these times not only can the seemingly impossible become even probable. We are also living during times when things can change, and change dramatically, in a nanosecond of time. We just gotta believe.