December 30th, 2013 – January 5th, 2014

This week brings an end to 2013 and a beginning of 2014. Happy New Year! This week could also prove quite explosive, for the energy is ratcheted up severalfold.

The week begins on a high-pitched, intense level. We may not know what we want to do, except for the fact that we do not want to be restricted or limited by other people’s needs. A sense of doing our own thing, even if that means putting aside some of the tasks at hand, can be compelling. We might choose to assert our independence and individuality and engage change solely for the sake of change. We do have to watch for stepping on other people’s toes. No, in deed we might not be stepping. We could easily be stomping on other people’s toes. Better to be wearing steel-toed boots rather than flip-flops or sandals this week.

As this is the end of one year and the beginning of a new year, it might be wise for us to use the first two days of the week to tie up loose ends and bring completion to matters that we would prefer not to bring into the new year.

This is a week when nothing may be done in half measure. We’re going for it and going at it full tilt. The liability to accidents and actings out cannot be underestimated. The energy is just so intense that once set into motion things can easily get out of hand. Braking action is to be considered, since we could get swept up into the vehemence of emotion and the sport of extreme action.

Just as the end of 2013 is likely to occur with some booms, bams and blasts, so to may the beginning of 2014.

The New Year is greeted with the Capricorn New Moon and a Cardinal Sign Grand Cross that triggers the Uranus Pluto square. We are on the threshold of a new year, but so too are we on the threshold of a new world order.

We may all be singing ‘let the good times roll’ as we begin 2014, and our intoxication may not be solely the spirits we imbibe but also our attitude of irrational exuberance and the assumption that everything will go right, nothing can go wrong. We could be living in a fool’s paradise perhaps, but one that we can collectively savor. Besides, so much is going on and the acceleration quickening that we may have little chance to give thought to potential problems. And who would want to?

We may resolve the new year to be a prosperous, happy and healthy one. And with our mindset conditioned to mastery and control over our circumstances, we can easily buy into the wish fulfillment that if we want it so, so it will be.

The weekend can be a spiritual reconnect time, or a continuing partying of celebrating the new year.

Isn’t it grand when major holidays fall on a Wednesday? It almost begs for a major holiday time bookended by the weekends. So much for hump day this week. Right?, Mike, Mike, Mike.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 30th – Get Off of My Cloud – Uranus, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Pluto. Monday begins with the Moon in Sagittarius, and the Moon today trines Uranus and the Moon sextiles Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost eighteen and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn tomorrow. The Sun squares Uranus, and Mars squares Pluto. We may want nothing more than to do our own thing, on our own terms and in our own time. We are not looking to live up to other people’s expectations. We want to be free to take the road less traveled, explore new avenues of interests and have the autonomy to be totally self-determining. But very few of us are totally separated, isolated from social interaction. Each one of us has some connection to someone else, other people and the collective. And there lies the rub. We may wish to be totally free to do whatever we choose to do on this Monday, but there is someone else or other people that are in our mix and in our midst. The realization that we are not solely self-determining can make us ornery. Today is a day when we might capitulate to the tasks at hands and the needs of someone else, albeit begrudgingly, or go forward doing our own thing no matter how many toes of other people we step on while giving absolutely no thought or concern to the consequences of our actions. Rebelliousness and actings out can be strong today, so it would be wise for us to proceed gingerly and with some level of restraint. Otherwise, this day could prove quite explosive in the most inexplicable of ways.

Tuesday, December 31st – Ringing Out the Old – Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Mars. Tuesday begins with the Moon Void-of-Course as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius without making any further connections to the planets. The Moon then moves into Capricorn, where today the Moon sextiles Neptune. Mercury conjuncts Pluto and Mercury squares Mars. We may awaken to the realization that the year of 2013 is ending on this Tuesday. In so doing, we might also recognize that there are various matters we would choose to complete before the new year begins. This day could have us scrambling to tie up loose ends, bring certain matters to closure and rid ourselves of outstanding issues we would prefer not to bring into the new year. While we can be incisive and cut to the core today, our diplomatic skills may be close to nil. Not only can we be concise and succinct in our thoughts. We could also be cutting and hurtful in our expressions. Today is a day to be wary as to how we express ourselves. This could be an explosive day. Even in our movements, we may be fast forwarding without considering the conditions or the parameters in which we are operating. The liability towards accidents is strong. Like a volcanic eruption, the pressure can build up to such an extent that the release can be a blast of too much and a cascading of overwhelm. This is a day that calls for us to take things down a notch or two, but we might be hard pressed not to lose it at some point on this day.

Wednesday, January 1st – Out With the Old, In With the New – Uranus, Capricorn New Moon, Lunar Grand Cross, Sun, Pluto, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn. Today is the first day of the new year of 2014. And what a way to start it! Talk about starting the year off with a bang! This Wednesday has the Capricorn New Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign Grand Cross. There are five planets in Capricorn – what a Stellium! – with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in the Cardinal Earth Sign. This New Moon squares Uranus in Aries, opposes Jupiter in Cancer and squares Mars in Libra. The Moon also sextiles Saturn today, and the Sun conjuncts Pluto. We may be looking at getting rid of the old, eliminating much of the dross from our lives, and letting go of much of our past. At the same time, we might feel as though the starting gate to the new year has swung wide open with us ready to sprint ahead at full speed. We start the year confident of our abilities and unwilling to brook any opposition. We want what we want, and we are determined to manifest our dreams and acquire our goals. There is a great deal of thrust for initiations, beginnings and start-ups. Where a problem might arise is the fact that we could also be operating from an old mindset of our ability to make things happen, to control the process and win our desires. We might assume, once again, that we are masters of our destiny, that we can master the world and that we can make things happen the way that we want them to be. Hmm, could prove a problem down the road, since the paradigm shift talks about letting go of an assumption of control over the world and a willingness to be co-participants with the natural unfolding occurring in a most asequential manner. We may be challenged by the vagaries of these times, the unanticipated variables and unexpected events that we have to deal with as we try to control our conditions and our circumstances. But today is the first of the year, a day when we celebrate new beginnings, and a time when we resolve to achieve some of our heartfelt wishes. The new paradigm of asequential reality may have to wait for another day, for we may be gung-ho to get on with manifesting our destiny and controlling our world.

Thursday, January 2nd – Hell-Bent for Glory – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Mars. Even if we assume sprints to be of short duration, yesterday’s sprint into the new year can continue through this Thursday, and for much of the week. We start this day with the Capricorn Moon conjunct Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost six hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius today. The Sun continues the Grand Cross trigger with the Sun square Mars today. We may be looking at personal makeovers today, clearing away the debris of the holidays, returning unwanted items to the stores in the malls. While our thrust may be primping to put our best foot forward for this new year, we could also find that our interactions with other people are intensified. Everything might just seem to have been taken to another level, a quickening going on and with little time to truly reflect and consider what is actually going on. Our spontaneity could lead us to stepping into troubles that we might otherwise have circumvented if only we had stayed aware and mindful. But the tendency today and for much of this week is to go forcefully into the day and the night, doing what we will without fully considering the possible consequences of our actions. We might look to get together with friends, make plans for the upcoming weekend, but we might also wonder whether our friends have changed and if they are still on the same page as we are. The more accurate question might be: what changes have we, and those around us, gone through to put us so much on edge?

Friday, January 3rd – Pop Goes the World – Uranus, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter. Friday has the Aquarius Moon, which today has the Moon sextile Uranus, the Moon trine Mars, and the Moon square Saturn. Mercury completes its triggering of the Cardinal Grand Cross today with Mercury opposed Jupiter. Whether we have taken the week as a new year’s holiday week or have gotten back on track yesterday, Friday is a day for us to engage the new, the different, get together with friends and look forward to serendipitous encounters. This is a day when we may be feeling upbeat, excited to take machete in hand and carve our own path with eager anticipation of contacts with some interesting characters along the way. We are not looking for ‘same old, same old’ today. It’s a new year, and we are jazzed to start our new adventures for the year. Nothing is too much for us today. We are willing to juggle as much as we possibly can. In so doing, we do have to be wary that we are not being generous to a fault, winning people’s acceptance and approval by going out of our way to accommodate their interests. This is a day for adventure, but we might leave some of our responsibilities in abeyance. Let’s just be sure that as we head out the door for destinations unknown we don’t leave all reasoning behind to wrap ourselves in blind faith and irrational exuberance. Evaluations and re-evaluations may be called for as we start our quest for grand adventures.

Saturday, January 4th – The Kernel of Quiet Within the Storm – Neptune. This week may have been exciting with a great deal of movement, action and a flood of thoughts and ideas. Saturday could prove a ‘time out’ day, a time when we can take moments to reflect, consider and contemplate, even if we are still in the midst of the cacophony of infinite stimuli. Today, the Moon is in Pisces and the Moon conjuncts Neptune in its own Sign. The potential for stepping off the world and escaping into our own private sanctuary can be strong today. We might just need some time to regroup, consider alternatives and find that happy safe place that we can go to in our mind’s eye. Some people may find their happy place in other forms of escaping the hurly-burly of the mundane world. Listening to soothing music, reading inspiring literature, getting out into nature could also be healthy forms of escape we choose for ourselves. And other people may find escape in a little indulgence, tuning out the world and going off into their own seductive comfort zone. Whatever and however we choose to engage today, the key to the day is taking things down a notch or two. We may have been in breakneck speed over the past few days, and may start up again even tomorrow. We all need time to regroup and recharge, and we might choose this Saturday as a time for us to do so. Our emotions are likely to be heightened, our moods strong, and our intuitive sense accentuated as we look beyond the mere immediate and surface appearances. A nice day, this Saturday is a time to take things down a notch or two.

Sunday, January 5th – All Comes Together – Pluto, Sun, Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury. Whether we consciously did so yesterday or not, we may feel recharged on this Sunday. Even a momentary respite on Saturday could have given us both a second wind and the opportunity to regroup. For this Sunday can have us in high spirits. We can be feeling good about things, confident, optimistic with a sense of knowing both where we are going and how best to get there. This Sunday has the Pisces Moon sextile three of the four planets in Capricorn — Pluto, the Sun, and Mercury. The Pisces Moon also triggers the Water Grand Trine with the Moon today trine Jupiter in Cancer and the Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio. The Sun opposes Jupiter. This is a day when we may feel as though everything is neatly falling into place. Our intuitive sense can come up with a best practices approach where we can be expeditious in our accomplishments utilizing the most streamlined methods. We could feel as though we are being invisibly guided in our efforts, efforts that are highly productive and successful today. Although a Sunday, this is a day when we can straighten things up, clear the decks, bring the holidays to closure and prepare for the daily activities of our year unfolding.