November 25th – December 1st, 2013

This week reminds us that we have much to give thanks for that lights up our world, as we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US and the beginning of Hanukkah. Our activities this week may be primarily focused on holiday get-togethers with family and friends. The pleasant interactions with other people can lift our spirits and divert our attention from the anxiety-provoking issues of the world-at-large.

We might begin the week with our nose to the grindstone. In order to take care of what needs to be done during a shortened week thanks to the forthcoming holidays, we may be highly productive on Monday and Tuesday. We could even surprise ourselves at how much we can accomplish in such a short period of time. We might come to recognize the truth to the reality that time is not only an objective measurement but also a subjective quality. There are times when we can achieve more in an hour or two that would other times take us several hours, if not days.

The beginning of the week can be highly effective. Although we might start off not really clear about our priorities and possibly feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done, making a list and prioritizing our ‘to do’ list would go a long way towards streamlining our actions and engaging productive time management techniques. Not only can we become more aware of the subjective quality of time. We could also discover that we have the tools and the talents to deal with whatever is placed in our path.

The mid-week period sees a shift in the energies. We can be somewhat productive on Wednesday, but our interest changes from our normal responsibilities to our preparations for the holidays. The latter part of the week has us in full gear for social gatherings and contacts with family and friends from near and far. In the US, the traditional Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when people rush to the malls for holiday shopping sales has been usurped by retailers deciding to open late on Thanksgiving to trigger the holiday shopping spree. It seems that the advent of Christmas and the holidays hawking of wares begin sooner every year, with this year’s evidenced as early as this past July. Ah, the thrust of engaging consumer spending reaffirms the imbalance to the age-old saying: ‘Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.’ All hail, Caesar.

The weekend, and a very long Thanksgiving holiday weekend for some, may be a time for us to regroup. We might choose to clear space for new items we purchase or are gifted. We may decorate our homes with holiday cheer. We could decide to take some time in quiet reflection as we consider the closing of the year and the advent of the coming year. Many of us will be thankful to see this year come to closure, for some of us have experienced drastic changes this year, the radical ups and downs of these times, and we may wish and commit to better days ahead.

Monday, November 25th – Where to Go, What to Do – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Sun, Mercury, Saturn. Monday could start the week with us a little off balance. We might see a broad palette from which to paint on this Monday. We may feel overwhelmed by all that we have to do in a run-up to the holidays. Any way we slice it, we could start this Monday slightly confused. The Moon enters Virgo, where today the Moon triggers a T-Square with the Moon opposed Neptune and the Moon square the Sun. Mercury conjuncts Saturn. This is a day for us to plan our actions but like all our plans these days it would be wise for us to do so in pencil with a large eraser, for these times are replete with various curveballs that can knock our plans out of the park and demand that we deal with unexpected situations. That may not be the case today if we properly plan. If we would prioritize our ‘to do’ list today, then we could find ourselves checking off more than we had imagined. Once in gear and with clear direction, we can move ahead taking care of what needs to be done, and possibly faster than we have been able to do in times past. There is something about focus and determination that can virtually move mountains. We do have to avoid sulking, feeling overwhelmed, or assuming that we do not have the resources to accomplish our goals. Such an attitude would be self-defeating at best and a slippery slope to bad decisions and wrong actions at the worst. The holidays may be fast approaching, but we can still address the pressing matters, tie up loose ends and provide enough breathing room to enjoy the invitations of social get-togethers.

Tuesday, November 26th – The Wind to Our Back – Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter. Even if we had some initial difficulty in getting started and getting it together yesterday, we may have found our right footing and accelerated pace. This Tuesday is a day when we may have the wind to our back, the ability to move quickly ahead with various tasks in an expeditious and resourceful manner. This is a primo day to get things done effectively and productively. The Virgo Moon today trines both Pluto and Venus, and the Moon sextiles Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. Not only can we accomplish a great deal today, we can enjoy doing so. It may seem as though any issue that might have been perplexing, we can resolve easily and quickly. Our abilities, our talents and our capabilities are evident today. This is a day when we could virtually move mountains, and it would be wise for us not to waste the energies of this day on superfluous matters or irrelevant affairs. We can make our plans for an expansive future, all the while devising a best practices approach to realize our goals. We may feel confident and optimistic, knowing that we can effectively handle any thing, even those surprising curveballs that are becoming more commonplace with aplomb and great success. As the wise and true saying states: “we never get more than we can handle.” Today, we could come to realize that we have developed the skill set, the awareness, the mindfulness and the tai chi moves to accomplish our goals and ever more. This is a day for us to give ourselves a gold star for competency to go with the purple heart for some of the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ we might have suffered in recent times.

Wednesday, November 27th – Preparing for Festivities – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Venus. The Virgo Moon conjuncts Mars before going Void-of-Course for over ten hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra later in the day. Mercury sextiles Venus. Whether we are celebrating Thanksgiving or the start of Hanukkah, both or neither, this Wednesday is a day when we might find ourselves engaged in putting the finishing touches on preparations for the festivities, or else just tying up loose ends of outstanding matters. We may want to straighten up around our home and work spaces. We can add some festive touches to our environment. We could also find that we are quite adept at doing more with less. Our style and taste can be evident and we could provide warm and comforting surroundings to those that might grace our home. Sunset begins the eight-day Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. The evening hours can be pleasant for a special get-together. We can enjoy the company of our family, friends and / or that significant other in our lives. We are moving into a holiday mood and making our preparations for festivities tomorrow and for the next five weeks. From a concentration during the first part of this week on what we needed to get done, our focus turns to our interest in other people, the camaraderie we share and the pleasures we gain from those people who add light, love and laughter to our lives.

Thursday, November 28th – Attitude of Gratitude – Sun, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the US and the first day of Hanukkah. The Libra Moon sextiles the Sun, and the Moon triggers the Uranus Pluto square by a Lunar T-Square as the Moon opposes Uranus and the Moon squares Pluto. Mercury trines Jupiter, and Venus opposes Jupiter. We may feel upbeat and enthusiastic as we start this day. We might be getting together with family and friends in the traditional Thanksgiving of bounty with lots of food and plenty of football, at least in many US households. People travel to visit and spend the day often with people we haven’t seen in awhile. Such social interactions can be pleasant, but they can also be interesting mirrors, providing us a reflection of who we were and how we were in days gone by. All of us have gone through dramatic transformations over the last few years. It would have been virtually inescapable. The acceleration and drastic changes that have occurred in the world at large have impacted us, altered us, transformed us. We are not really who or how we have been in the past. Although the coordinates of time and space have broken down where all is NOW — present, past, future, all NOW; we may find a certain discomfort in our interactions with familiar people who know us by past experiences and consequently define us by their expectations of who we should be based upon who we had been. Many people don’t like to see other people change. Parents often have difficulty relating to their adult children as adults, but instead continue to see them as their children as they were. Changes acknowledged in other people often trigger a sense that we ourselves need to change, forcing the issue rather than a comfortable progression. This conundrum of shape-shifting that we have all gone through can make the dance with people more familiar with our past discordant with various toe-stepping going on. It does not have to be if we are willing to suspend judgment, cut everyone a great deal of slack and accept the inevitable growth spurts these times generate. Today is a day for an attitude of gratitude, appreciating what we have, recognizing that we have the wherewithal to meet our challenges, and hoping for ever better days ahead. Gratitude gives thanks for where we have been and opens the door to where we can go.

Friday, November 29th – Push Pulls – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. The majority of us live in a consumer-driven society, where in the US consumer spending accounts for 70% of the economy. Traditionally known as Black Friday, this Friday in times past was known to begin the onrush of holiday spending, a period between the day after Thanksgiving into New Years when retailers often make up to 50% of their annual sales. This year, we may continue to call this Friday Black Friday, but the starting gun of the holiday shopping season has been fired earlier, on Thanksgiving evening. Nonetheless, this day could see consumers out in full force. The day begins with the Libra Moon triggering a T-Square with the Moon square Jupiter in Cancer and the Moon square Venus in Capricorn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost seventeen hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio late today, early Saturday. If we join the onrush of crowds at malls and stores, it would be wise that we plan our day and budget our intended gift-giving. With a liability towards extravagance and over-generosity and a desire to find gifts that would impress, we could easily stretch our finances with additional burdens to our credit cards and increase to our debts. Other people’s needs, desires and demands could determine some of our actions today. Let’s just be certain that other people do not become too imposing on our good nature, for this is a day when we could be pulled in various directions. Rather than being self-determining today, we might find that our day is being more influenced by someone else.

Saturday, November 30th – Possibilities of a New World – Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Uranus. Saturday has the Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune and the Moon sextile Pluto. Sun trines Uranus. This Saturday can be a magical day, a day when seemingly impossibilities can be seen as valid prospects. We are looking to express new aspects of ourselves, discover new elements of ourselves and strategize the ways by which we can realize our dreams. Our feelings are heightened and with them our intuitive sense is accentuated. We can imagine how we can create things from virtually nothing without building castles in the air. On the contrary, we can draw upon our foresight and link it with an incisive application of our resources without stretching our budget or overextending ourselves. This Saturday is a day when we could find ourselves being in the right place at the right time. We just have to believe and have faith that dreams do come true. We may feel as though we are in an altered state, a world where all the old limitations fall away. The sense of rigidity and restrictive structures can give way to a more amorphous and flexible reality. This is a day for us to cross the threshold from our old beliefs, our old structures and our old limitations. We can enter a new world of being, a new world operating with different mechanics where things can flow easily and in the most unusual ways. An exhilarating and surprising time, we just have to be open to the unfolding of a brand new world of possibilities. This day allows us to see life from a completely different perspective, a glimpse into the likely scenarios from the alchemical process of our transformations. We are no longer who we were and we are not who we can become.

Sunday, December 1st – The Advent of our Lives – Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars. Since the beginning of last Summer when Jupiter first entered Cancer and continuing into the early Summer of next year when Jupiter exits Cancer to enter Leo, a Grand Trine in the Water Element has sprinkled our lives with strong feelings, intense emotions, various mood swings by reason of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This Grand Trine is triggered on a regular basis monthly with the Moon’s transit through any of the Water Signs. This Grand Trine was triggered yesterday and today with the Scorpio Moon. Today, the Moon conjuncts Saturn, the Moon trines Jupiter, the Moon sextiles Venus, the Moon conjuncts Mercury and the Moon sextiles Mars. Although we may be caught up in the holiday spirit, part of the spirit of these holidays is the celebration of the birth of light. We have it in the Judaic tradition with the Festival of Lights that we are now celebrating with Hanukkah. We have it in Christian theology with the celebration of Christmas on the 25th of this month and the birth of Jesus often referred to as the ‘light of the world’. And we have it with the upcoming Winter Solstice on the 21st, the longest day of darkness in the northern hemisphere from which the light is born as the light of day increases until the Summer Solstice. This Sunday represents for us a day when we might have to look back at where we have been, deal with our normal responsibilities, address old issues before we can move ahead in new directions. Whether conscious of it or not, we may find ourselves giving a ‘fresh paint’ to our lives today. Although we might be asked to deal with tasks at hand, we are also looking to connect with other people, use them as sounding boards as we contemplate and seek to figure out where we go from here. Even if we are caught up in the holidays runaround, this weekend is a good time for a ‘time out’, taking the time for us to reflect, contemplate and consider. More is going on than meets the eye today, but our thoughts can be quite incisive, and we can draw upon other people in our discussions to pose the questions, determine the facets and give thought to the real priorities in our lives, both now and in our future.