November 18th – 24th, 2013

This week can have us scurrying around, making preparations for holiday get-togethers. Whether we celebrate holidays or just see them as Hallmark milestones, we may be more interested in distractions than focusing on our daily responsibilities.

The week begins with us here, there and everywhere. We may be trying to cover all of the bases, but we might also be wondering what we are doing and why, leaving us in something of a confused state. We are far more interested in doing something out of the ordinary, exploring new interests and finding new adventures for ourselves. Like an eagle that creates its nest then to fly from it always to return back to it, we too may be looking at accoutrements and decorations for our homes for the forthcoming holidays. Once we have added our finishing touches to our home base, we might seek to expand our horizons and broaden our involvements.

Towards the latter part of the week, the Sun exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius, thereby ending the Stellium of three planets in Scorpio and adding some buoyancy to our lives as we look far afield from the daily irritations amplified by the crazies in the world at large.

The weekend is geared for fun. We want to enjoy ourselves, but our enjoyment could also prove too much. Towards the end of the weekend, we might decide that too much of a good thing is too much and with us left with indigestion, a headache or a hangover. We may be looking forward to the upbeat of spirits that the holidays enhance. We just have to be wary of imbibing too many of the spirits.

Monday, November 18th – Anywhere but Here – Neptune, Uranus. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Gemini and the Moon square Neptune and the Moon sextile Uranus. We are coming off of yesterday’s Full Moon, but we could still be feeling a little spacey. This Monday is a day when we might be revving our engines, ready to go full bore but stuck in neutral. The day can be a little confusing to begin with, and some of our confusion could be due to so many options, so many alternatives that we could either feel overwhelmed or dazed by which way we should turn. What we do know is that we would like a little more adventure in our lives. Even if we are stuck in our regular routine today, let’s try to add a little more spice to the day. Spice can be as simple as stopping for a cup of tea in the afternoon or taking a circuitous route home or considering what we might do on any time off over the holidays.

Tuesday, November 19th – Up and Running – Mars, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday has the Gemini Moon square Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost nineteen and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer tomorrow. Mars sextiles Jupiter today. We might be fast out of the gate, out the door, as we start this Tuesday. Let’s just be certain that we have everything we need for the scheduled events of the day. We could be so geared up that our actions are more impetuous than well-considered. We might have a great amount we want to accomplish on this Tuesday, and we have the confidence to virtually slay dragons. We do have to be wary that we don’t bite off more than we can chew. If we have planned too many things to do, we could find ourselves on overwhelm and able to do very little. The energy dies down as the day progresses. We may still have an active mind with a kaleidoscope of ideas and thoughts washing over us. But our ability to take concepts into practical application could prove lacking. It would be wise for us to have our ‘to do’ list well organized and prioritized as we start the day, for the early part of the day is far more productive than later in the day. We can be up and running. We just need to determine what’s most important regarding what we intend to do.

Wednesday, November 20th – Attractive Presentations with No Frills – Neptune, Mercury, Pluto. Wednesday can have us putting it all together. The Moon in Cancer today trines Neptune, and Mercury sextiles Pluto. There can be something truly appealing in how we present ourselves. There can be a certain mystique about us, an enigmatic, haunting but seductive quality today. While appearances can deceive, there is no deception today. Our mind is agile, perceptive and incisive. We can discuss issues in a succinct, focused and powerful manner. We might appear soft, comforting and gentle, but no one should mistake such an image for being accommodating or weak. On the contrary, behind a charming countenance is a determination today that would take no prisoners. This is a great day for us to make our case, for we can draw support to our appeal both by our nurturing quality and our laser-like persuasiveness. We might choose to spend some time around our home, fixing things up and preparing for the holidays. Much can be done today, for it is a highly effective day that blends both appearance and substance. We do have to be aware that this energy configuration today also allows the Machiavellians to be out in full force. We could be seduced by the gentle approach that has a well-schemed intent. We need to be certain that people offering us something are coming from integrity and truly giving us something of worth.

Thursday, November 21st – Push Pulls – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun Sagittarius. There are times when our good nature can be played upon, and this Thursday could be one of those days. This Thursday can be truly paradoxical. The Moon continues its transit through Cancer and today the Moon triggers the Uranus Pluto square by the Cancer Moon square Uranus in Aries and the Moon opposed both Pluto and Venus in Capricorn. The Moon also trines both Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio and the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. The Sun exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius late today, early tomorrow. While our compassionate nature can be played upon and our responsibilities can get in the way, we can also deal with what we have to do and any curve balls thrown at us in a resourceful and expeditious manner. We may have to be nimble and quick to deal with unanticipated situations, and we might feel as though our personal plans are being crimped. Nonetheless, we can find solace in the home fires burning and in embracing the sentiment that ‘living simply is not simply living’. We may have a great deal on our plate to begin the day, even more than we had accounted for. If we are not flummoxed by surprising developments, then we can handle everything we need to do by means of astute time management. We do not have to react to situations impulsively. Instead, we can take a moment, see what the situation demands, and then determine a best practices approach to deal with the many issues on our plate today. The Sun exiting Scorpio ends the Stellium of three planets in Scorpio and provides a sense of buoyancy, uplift and greater confidence as the Sun enters Sagittarius.

Friday, November 22nd – Reflecting and Preparing – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun. This Friday, the 22nd, marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I was in High School at the time at Choate, the Prep School that Kennedy had attended. I was about to head into a course exam when the word came across the radio that Kennedy had been shot. Within hours, our campus was swarming with media interviewing some of the teachers who had taught Kennedy when he was a student at the school. Already this year, there have been various television shows and reports about the Kennedy years and the assassination. And this day is likely to ratchet up severalfold the remembrance of John F. Kennedy and what has been termed the “Camelot Era” of his presidency. This Friday begins with the Moon transiting Cancer sextile Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over sixteen and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo, where today, early tomorrow the Leo Moon trines the Sun. We may want to tie up various loose ends as we begin the day, make preparations for our weekend and the holidays ahead, and prefer to keep a low profile as we do what needs to be done. Late in the day, we are ready for serious partying, enjoying ourselves by going out for dinner, having drinks, going to the movies or some other entertainment venue. We are looking forward to a fun-filled weekend, no matter what we might have planned.

Saturday, November 23rd – Making the Right Connections – Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Saturn. Saturday has the Leo Moon trine Uranus, completing a Fire Grand Trine with the Leo Moon trine the Sagittarius Sun yesterday, early today, and the Moon trine Uranus in Aries today. The Moon also squares Mercury late in the day, early Sunday. Venus sextiles Saturn. We may be feeling our oats, wanting to put a favorable spin on things and accentuate our personal interests. If we can put our indelible mark on things today, we certainly would. Social interactions can be fun and exciting, but we are also focused on those people who can help us move our projects forward. We may be considering new projects, new interests, and we might draw upon someone as a good sounding board to ensure that we don’t go overboard in our concept, plans or our involvement. We do have to watch our expenses today, for we could be so caught up in the excitement of the moment that we forego due diligence where our costs are concerned. This can be a highly enjoyable day and one that can present some interesting surprises along the way.

Sunday, November 24th – Too Much of a Good Thing – Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Neptune. Late Saturday, early Sunday could have us pushing indulgence and extravagance to the extreme. We may have been so caught up in the pleasures of the last day and a half that we just forget when to say when. Sunday is often considered a day of rest, and for this Sunday that would likely be a good thing. The Moon in Leo squares Saturn before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twenty-seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo Monday. The Sun squares Neptune today. This is a day when we might choose to sit by the television, watch sports events, read the Sunday paper and have a leisurely day to catch our breath. Not only could we feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails. We could also feel out of sorts, not our usual selves and questioning what we are doing and where we are going with our lives. During the advertisements and in any intermissions, we might find ourselves pondering the existential questions of life, the meaning and purpose of it all. It would be best that we not get too maudlin about things, for some of the questions we might consider have been questions which generations before us and after us are likely to reflect upon. No, this Sunday is a day to kick back, take our time and enjoy ourselves, either in the company of other people or in the company of our self.