October 7th -13th, 2013

This week is a week for us to get our house in order, and determine what we need to leave behind and the areas in which we wish to expand. We may not be sure-footed, but at the very least we can move forward with our integrity and with passion, all the while ready to shift and change our plans as circumstances warrant. Yes, it’s back to being nimble and quick in dealing with the vagaries of the autumn winds.

The week begins with us repositioning ourselves, clearing out the debris of our lives that no longer suits us, and seeking to engage people foreign to us. Perhaps we have had enough of tunnel vision and a concentration on the near and dear. We might be looking at expanding our reach, broadening our circle of contacts, and drawing upon those people who have backgrounds and experiences far different from our own.

This tendency to widen our scope can be exhilarating, even if we feel vulnerable and unsure of ourselves as we move ahead. There may be times when we wish to cling to the known and familiar, but such a holding on can prove depressive and stall our forward motion. Even if we merely tiptoe in our explorations of the new and the different, our desire will be to break free of restrictions and limitations and be open to the magic and wonder of it all. We might have to rework, refine and recalculate as we go along, but that’s life in the twenty-first century — a phase where we cross the threshold from that which we have known and enter a mysterious world of the unknown, the unfamiliar, the exciting albeit at times scary.

From our encounter with new people, new situations and new interests we may find that we are taking steps forward, backwards and sideways. Even if we feel confused and unsure of ourselves, the key to this week is movement. Things may shift and change as we go along, but we are likely to find the smorgasbord of possibilities to be exciting and sometimes overwhelming, and a welcome relief to the stasis in which we may have felt ourselves.

Towards the end of the week, we can see what holds water and those activities we need to let go. From all the gauging, measuring, balancing and contemplating, we might use the weekend as a time for stepping off the track, participating in autumnal festivals and enjoying the ‘harvest’ that the autumn season offers.

In the US, this weekend is the long Columbus Day weekend, also known as the primo leaf-peeping weekend of the season as we see the country landscape turned into a palette of marvelous colors of reds, greens, oranges, and yellows. The weekend can be a time to recharge our batteries, step away from some of the craziness of the world at large and realize that we are all actors on a stage that may have to deal with the backdrop of larger surreal events. Despite what may be going on in the world at large, we can still determine our attitude and our reaction to the world around us.

Let’s en joy and realize that in our new world order the sense of control and mastery gives way to the unexpected, the unanticipated, and let us savor the magic and the miracles in the wonder of it all.

Monday, October 7th – Out With the Old, In With the New – Jupiter, Venus Sagittarius. Monday continues with the Scorpio Moon, which today has the Moon trine Jupiter. Venus exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius and in so doing brings an end to the powerpack Stellium of three or more planets in Scorpio. We may be feeling upbeat today but also with an intention to get rid of the outmoded and outworn. We are interested in areas that lie beyond our normal, usual parameters and we might take greater interest in activities and events that lie far beyond our daily realm. With increased excitement, we might choose to widen our social circle, consider travel plans for the future and entertain all sorts of expansive activities. We could feel as if in getting rid of the past we can now entertain the new and the different. We want the world to be our oyster and not feel ourselves constricted or limited. We have lifted our gaze up and are looking at the far horizons and beyond. Whatever we have accepted as our lot in life, we may believe that we are ready to move beyond, move up and out. Change is in the air, and we could be inhaling the scents of it.

Tuesday, October 8th – Moving Forward With Trepidation – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Saturn. Tuesday begins with the Scorpio Moon square Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius, where today the Moon conjuncts Venus and the Moon squares Neptune. Mercury conjuncts Saturn. We may have an itch to move ahead, broaden our interests and forge forward in new directions. We could feel impelled to expand our activities but we could be hesitant with a sense that we might not have the stamina or the resources to move confidently ahead. We need to be wary of mood swings today. We might go from enthusiastic optimism to defeated despair and all in a short period of time and without any concrete evidence to support either extreme of emotion. If we take things step by step, modulate our moods and focus our attention on what truly speaks to us, we can devise a best practices approach to realize our goals and achieve our aims.

Wednesday, October 9th – Adventures Galore – Uranus, Sun. This Wednesday can be an exciting day, a day when various surprises may come our way. The Sagittarius Moon today trines Uranus and the Moon sextiles the Sun. We can be the receiver of some startling news and serendipitous encounters. Things may not go according to schedule but instead open the door to mini-miracles and a sense of magic in the air. This is a day for us not to get locked into our routine but willing to be spontaneous, be in the moment and even act impulsively. For today is a day when things can take some very interesting twists and turns with some exciting trajectories opening up to us and could rise up from out of the blue. We just have to keep our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and be accepting of gifts from the universe. Adventures are highlighted today. Even if they might seem minimal in the bigger picture, some events are thrilling and startling and can be like a snowball going down the mountain, gathering momentum and becoming the avalanche. We may have to get out of our own way, but the more we are willing to shift and change, the more likely fascinating spectacles could come our way.

Thursday, October 10th – Fascinations and Mystique – Mars, Neptune, Venus. The day begins with the Sagittarius Moon trine Mars. The Moon then enters Capricorn where the Moon today sextiles Neptune. Venus squares Neptune. We start the day interested in spreading our wings, engaging our passion and putting our mark on our projects. We just have to be certain as to where we are marking our territory, for today allows for an element of seduction and entrancement whereby we are drawn into situations and encounters with people which all seem very beguiling, mysterious and strangely hypnotic. Clarity might not be our strong suit today, and we have to be guarded against drawing conclusions based upon first impressions. What seems to be happening may not be the true reality of the situation. This is a day for us to take pause, consider all facets, determine what our true purpose is and then devise the means to accomplish our tasks. This is not a day to be sidelined by the Sirens. For once we become focused, our intuitive sense can kick in and we can come up with a strategy that allows us to realize our plans in a most effective manner.

Friday, October 11th – Hopscotch All Over the Place – Lunar Grand Cross, Pluto, Uranus, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. Friday could prove one intense high-energy day as we leap out of bed and start the day on turbothrust. There may be no slowing us down until late at night. We might even be restless in our sleep state, champing at the bit to get the day going. This Friday has one major, major Grand Cross with the Capricorn Moon triggering the Uranus Pluto square with the Moon conjunct Pluto, the Moon square Aries-transiting Uranus, the Moon square the Sun in Libra and the Moon opposed Jupiter in Cancer. Our focus may be on initiations, start-ups, new beginnings, but all the while with us hopscotching from one blockage, averting unexpected situations, dealing with naysayers and realizing that we have certain commitments we still have to attend as we try out something new. We may be singing the lyrics from the classic 1979 song by McFadden and Whitehead:
‘Ain’t no stopping us now
We’re on the move’.

While we have all this energy to get moving, we also have the Moon sextile Saturn and the Moon sextile Mercury. With our passion and determination to move mountains, we can also determine a best practices approach, be highly resourceful and do more with less. We are less likely to be tripped up by curveballs and sliders, if we keep attuned to what is going on and how we can best navigate the situations and people that we encounter on this fast-paced day. We may be all over the place today, but we can make our moves like an adept Twister player, able to securely place ourselves in twisted positions without getting knocked over. After a most energetic day and night, we may crash into bed, pull the covers over our head and decide to sleep in on Saturday. The Moon goes Void-of-Course late in the day, early Saturday for almost eighteen hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius on Saturday.

Saturday, October 12th – Home Fires Burning – Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Jupiter. The Moon is Void-of-Course as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius today. Even as the Moon enters Aquarius, there is no real energy from the Aquarius Moon until it makes aspects to the planets on Sunday. The Sun squares Jupiter today. Although we may have exhausted ourselves yesterday, this Saturday may be more slow going and may be a day when we might choose to hang out with friends in a leisurely manner at home or out for lunch. In the US this is the long Columbus Day weekend. Many people may be on the road leaf-peeping, getting out of town, but for many the idea of hanging out at home may be far more preferable. Whatever we choose to do on this Saturday, we might not be operating at the same rapid pace we exhibited yesterday. Today is a day for us to lounge and enjoy, to eat and indulge but without too much effort exerted.

Sunday, October 13th – Enjoying Ourselves But At What Cost? – Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Mercury. Sunday has the Aquarius Moon sextile Venus in Sagittarius and the Moon sextile Uranus in Aries. We may be looking at engaging in some fun adventures today. If we haven’t gotten out of town for the weekend, we might certainly consider a day trip on this Sunday. We are interested in getting into unfamiliar terrain and participating in exciting adventures. We do have to be conscious of the costs involved, for the Aquarius Moon also squares both Saturn and Mercury in Scorpio. We could get carried away by the excitement and the fun events on this Sunday and negate the costs involved as we continue to ratchet up our expenditures. We might seek group involvements, join with friends and family for some of our activities. Everyone may have their own idea as to what to do on this Sunday so it would be important to reach consensus. Without agreement, someone could create discord, which might turn up into arguments later in the day. Let’s enjoy the day, make sure everyone has a say in what we’re doing and keep things as light and airy as possible. It would be wise to keep a budget in mind. If we overspend, let’s just chalk it up to the costs of having a good time.