October 14th – 20th, 2013

This week, we may be considering our intentions for our future, taking into account various possibilities but also factoring in the specifics of how we can best achieve our aims.

The week begins in the US with Columbus Day, the last day of a long holiday weekend. In Canada, the week begins with Thanksgiving. We may decide to take a “time out” from our regular routine, step off the track and contemplate our plans and reflect on our prospects. We might assume that we live in a world of possibilities, and in deed we do. What we also have to recognize is the fact that along our pathway there are various twists and turns, times of delays and frustrations, other times when we are blocked and have to take another way, but also times when the wheels are greased and everything occurs so easily with such little effort necessary to implement our plans. And, increasingly, there are those times of serendipity and synchronicity when things happen without our making them happen but rather that we find ourselves in the right place at the right time.

This week is also the last full week of Mercury going direct, for a week on Monday Mercury turns retrograde for its three-week cycle of confusion, ‘wake-up’ calls and episodes of chaos.

We may want to launch new projects in the mid-part of the week. We could have the passion and determination to try something new, to stretch our wings and to find outlets for our personal creativity. New trajectories might not prove smooth sailing, for once initiated we may find that our intended destinations shift and change. We have to get the ball rolling, start up new activities, all with the appreciation that what our initial intentions might be may not prove to be our final outcomes.

The keywords for these times – flexibility and adaptability – need to be engaged, keeping in mind that the new paradigm speaks to asequential reality with unexpected happenings and unanticipated variables rather than a clear, straightforward progression.

We start the weekend with the Aries Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. Although we may be in an expansive frame of mind, matters foreign to our personal world could impact us and determine some of our next steps — whether we take giant steps or baby steps.

Elements of confusion might be strong over the weekend, and we have to be wary that our appetites do not better our judgment and that we avoid racing ahead with passion and determination but without a road map of the terrain we wish to cover.

The question of resources may be prevalent over the weekend, and it would be wise for us to consider doing more with less. We are about to enter the Mercury retrograde zone, and it would be wise on our weekend to see our plans and our actions as tentative at best, subject to reconsideration and reworking.

Monday, October 14th – I Think I Can, I Think I Can – Sun, Mars, Neptune. Monday starts the week with the continuation of the Aquarius Moon. In the US, this Monday is the continuation of the long Columbus Day holiday weekend. In Canada, this day celebrates Thanksgiving. Today, the Aquarius Moon trines the Sun and the Moon opposes Mars just before the Moon exits Aquarius to enter Pisces and just before Mars exits Leo to enter Virgo tomorrow. The Moon then moves into Pisces where today the Moon conjuncts Neptune. We may start the day in celebration of good friends and in rumination of wonder-filled prospects for our future. We can be upbeat and inspired and encouraged by friends to dream our dreams. We may be far more interested in our future than our past. We might sense that we can step across a threshold into a brand new life without dragging our old baggage along with us. This can be an exciting day but a day given more to considering things in a big picture rather than the specific details. We could get lost in the concepts and abstracts. If we were to try and figure out the particulars, we could get stuck or take into account aspects that might have no bearing in the real execution and manifestation of our desires. As the day progresses, we do have to be wary of indulgences and excess. We may want to have a blow out of enjoyment, but it would be wise to keep in mind the sage advice: ‘moderation in all things’.

Tuesday, October 15th – Tapering with Resourcefulness – Venus, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, Mars Virgo. Tuesday can get us back in focus, as long as we are willing to cut away the dross and concentrate on the essentials. The Pisces Moon today squares Venus, the Moon sextiles Pluto and the Moon trines Saturn and the Moon trines Mercury. Mars exits Leo to enter Virgo. This Tuesday can be a highly productive day. We want to get things done and done in an expeditious manner and with a best practices approach. If we do not get carried away by wanting it all, we can prioritize our efforts and do more with less. Everything may be compressed today, and we could accomplish a lot by making the most of what we have. Our thoughts are laser-like, we can cut to the core, and our attention to details allows us to stress the truly important and not get sidetracked by the superfluous. We are not likely to get swayed by distractions and diversions today. On the contrary, we may be eagle-eyed and drawn to resolving any problems and addressing situations by the most effective ways. This is a day when we can truly be more effective with the least expenditure of energy. This Tuesday is a primo day to get things done.

Wednesday, October 16th – Looking Up, Looking Around – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Uranus. Wednesday begins with the Pisces Moon trine Jupiter. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for eighteen hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries late on Wednesday, early Thursday. Venus trines Uranus. We may be feeling upbeat and enthusiastic as we start the day. We may be lauding ourselves for how much we were able to accomplish yesterday, if we used yesterday’s energies to full advantage. While we get a thrust of energy to start this Wednesday, the energy then dies down. Although we may have had microscopic vision yesterday, focusing on particular situations, this Wednesday is a day for us to stop whatever we have been doing, look up and look around. There could be some very interesting, serendipitous encounters. The magic of this day is not what we might have planned for but rather what we are open to receive. Like a scavenger hunt, we may become aware of some most interesting clues that could be a trajectory away from our normal patterns and usual involvements. Magic is in the air, and we just have to take the time to embrace the possibilities.

Thursday, October 17th – Necessity as the Mother of Invention – Pluto, Uranus, Venus. Thursday has the Aries Moon triggering the Uranus Pluto square with the Moon square Pluto and the Moon conjunct Uranus. The Moon also trines Venus today. With some projects that we are looking to begin, we might find various impediments standing in our way. Although blockages can be daunting, they also allow us to rethink how we go about things. We do not ever have to push through obstacles, but rather can go over them, around them, under them. This Thursday is a day for us to try out options and alternatives that we might not have engaged before. Even if something is standing in our way, we do not have to feel defeated or depressed. As the wise and true saying goes: ‘we never get more than we can handle.’ With any restrictions, we can rise to the occasion, figure a best practices approach and be innovative in addressing and resolving the situation. We might find that by rising to the occasion today, we gain the admiration and support of someone new to our circle of connections.

Friday, October 18th – Into the Valley – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Sun, Aries Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse. This Friday could prove one intense day. We have the Aries Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse, with the Moon triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Jupiter and the Moon opposes the Sun. We may be impassioned to do whatever we choose to do, but possibly without considering the ramifications, or allowing for the law of unintended consequences and with little regard as to how it impacts other people. This is a day when we could literally be like ‘a bull in a china shop’. We could be grandstanding, a little overbearing, and wanting what we want in a self-absorbed manner. Or we could be subjected to people of that ilk. We may be looking to expand our interests, widen our involvements and broaden our activities. What might be lacking is both a due diligence regarding what we intend to engage and also full consideration of our time and scheduling. We are in an expansive mood today and could easily ‘bite off more than we can chew.’

Saturday, October 19th – On the Right Footing? – Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Pluto. Saturday can be a highly productive day when we can attend to various errands, address outstanding matters and do so effectively and expeditiously. The primary question on this Saturday is the issue of how we start out the day. Are we on the right footing? Or are we distracted by shiny objects that grab our attention and engage our participation? The Moon today enters Taurus where the Moon sextiles Neptune and the Moon creates an Earth Grand Trine with the Taurus Moon trine Mars in Virgo and the Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn. If we create the right focus to begin our day, we can accomplish a great amount, which would be a wise thing to do in light of the three-week Mercury retrograde starting on Monday. We do have to be wary of the Mars opposed Neptune late today, early Sunday. We could easily make assumptions about what we need to do and how we need to do it. If we start off on the wrong foot today, we could go to great lengths down the bramble path of wrong actions and misguided ideas. The main culprits to creating a convoluted day are allowing our passion to become impetuousness, embracing plans without considering the specifics and believing that we can make things happen solely through our wishing them so. This Saturday is not a day to be lost to diversions or distractions. We can accomplish a great deal — take care of autumn clean-ups around our home, buy the necessities for our autumn and coming winter, and tie up loose ends that have yet to be resolved.

Sunday, October 20th – Enough is Never Enough – Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday continues with the Taurus Moon, which today has the Moon opposed both Saturn and Mercury in Scorpio. Late in the day, the Moon sextiles Jupiter before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over nineteen hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini tomorrow, the same day that Gemini ruler Mercury turns retrograde. We might have a sense that we want to shop and feather our nest today. Even if we go there, it would be wise for us to keep our budget in mind. We might be captivated by an item that is rather expensive and creates a real dent to our finances. This Sunday is a day for us to be resourceful, but resourcefulness may not be foremost in our mind. We can easily justify purchases today that would give us a warm and fuzzy feeling, make us feel good about ourselves and salve any anguish we have in regard to the happenings in the world at large. Even if we were to go on a spending spree today, it would be wise for us to keep our receipts in a safe spot just in case we decide to return some items purchased when we come to a clearer state of mind and are not seduced by what we want rather than what we need. Mercury is about to turn retrograde tomorrow morning, and we need to cut ourselves some slack regarding clarity of vision and an understanding of the financial state of our world and the world at large.