September 30th – October 6th, 2013

This week asks us to keep on our toes, be able to shift and change as we look deep within ourselves, all the while being buffeted by changing circumstance.

The Uranus Pluto square that has daunted us since 2012 and will continue to challenge us into 2015 is accentuated this week both by the Sun triggering a T-Square with the Sun squaring Pluto and the Sun opposing Uranus and by the Libra New Moon. This is a time when we need to expect the unexpected and realize that we have experienced, are experiencing or will experience, episodes of what feels like the rug being pulled out from under us.

We are all going through major transformations, some of the dramatic shifts in our life being by choice, others by ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ [to borrow from Shakespeare’s Hamlet].

I am often startled to hear of the drastic changes occurring in people’s lives over the past few years. In the last four months, I have heard of at least ten people who have lost their jobs inexplicably. I have learned of people who believed themselves to be in perfect health suddenly contracting some health issue. I have become aware of the transitional nature of living as people have ended their long-term residence to move to some unfamiliar area and begin a whole new life phase. Change, initiated and unexpected, is amongst us.

These are times, and this week may highlight for many of us the truth to the statement, when we are asked to let go of the past, examine ourselves and adapt to changing conditions. Welcome to the new world order. Welcome to asequential reality. We no longer live in a sequential progression of reality but instead encounter the asequential reality of things happening in what seem a most random manner, a reality where we must let go of any sense of control over our lives unfolding and embrace the magic and miracles of these times.

Change is not always easy, but it is essential that we keep in mind advice suggested by Alexander Graham Bell: “When one door closes, another door opens; but we so often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

This is a week that starts a month when change is not only in the air but in our daily experiences.

Monday, September 30th – All About Me – Uranus, Mars. Monday may start the week with us in overdrive. We are ready to take on the world, willing to consider alternatives to our usual ways but all with a passion to make our mark known. The Leo Moon today trines Uranus and the Moon conjuncts Mars. We may look for some grand adventure today, some project or activity that gets our juices flowing. We are not interested in same old, same old. If we have to contend with regular routines, we may put a little spin on how we do our normal obligations. This is a day when we want to step out, make our presence known. The dramatic is certainly engaged today, but the drama can be enticing and exhilarating. We can think outside the box, virtually move mountains and be very self-focused. Some people might assume that we are being self-centered today, and it may seem that way to other people. But this day is one when we are feeling good about ourselves, looking to enjoy ourselves and willing to truly march to our own drumbeat.

Tuesday, October 1st – Not Your Grandparents’ Reality – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Mercury, Sun, Pluto. Tuesday begins the day and starts the month with the Leo Moon square Venus. Late Monday, early Tuesday, someone might read us the riot act. Perhaps we have been too self-involved for them or they have interpreted our passion as grandstanding, but we could have rubbed someone the wrong way. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over fourteen hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo where today the Moon opposes Neptune and the Moon sextiles Mercury. Mercury trines Neptune today and the Sun triggers the Uranus Pluto square by the Sun squaring Pluto today, early Wednesday. Even if we feel that we have been knocked off our high horse by someone else’s criticism, it would be wise for us to check the source and consider their agenda. Maybe we were too passionate, overstepped our bounds and engaged too much, too soon. We could question what we are doing, might wonder who we are in process of becoming and may do a great deal of soul-searching. These times ask us to take walks down Memory Lane. Whether we choose to do so or whether we just find ourselves there, all of us are going through periods of recapitulation, times of self-examination and parades of the past that mirror where we have been and whom we have been but probably not where we are or who we are in the present. If we would be quiet, zen-like and consider without prejudice the events in our lives, we may have a greater understanding of our own natural unfolding, the evolution of our being. This is a day when we may become further aware that the reality of years ago is no longer true reality and that various invincible structures are breaking down and giving way to a new ‘normalcy’. Even if we recognize changes occurring in life in general and in our lives specifically, it would be wise for us not to rush to judgment or give opinion to the changes but rather realize that the changes are letting go of the past and bringing new forms into being.

Wednesday, October 2nd – Regrouping, Restructuring – Pluto, Saturn. This week and this time in our lives is a phase of alchemical processing, a time of turning base mettle into gold, although it may seem more like the proverbial camel trying to squeeze through the eye of the needle. Sandwiched between yesterday’s Sun square Pluto and tomorrow’s Sun opposed Uranus, this Wednesday has the Virgo Moon trine Pluto and the Moon sextile Saturn. Although there may be much tumult happening around us, we can use the dynamics of intense energy to restructure and regroup. This Wednesday allows us to focus on the truly meaningful in our lives. Whether by choice or by need, we may have had to let go elements of our past. Today provides us the opportunity to cut to the bone, concentrate on the essentials and rebuild our involvements in a best practices approach. Whatever modifications or changes we make, it is important for us to write our plans in pencil with a large eraser rather than trying to carve our intentions in stone. The earth moves under our feet, and our realities can shift and change. We do NOT live in a static environment or a stasis. On the contrary, life and the universe unfolding are accelerating. We just have to be nimble and quick in our response and in our actions, all the while utilizing respites to regroup, reorganize, rebuild and refocus. This Wednesday is one of those days to sweep away the dross and focus on our true purpose.

Thursday, October 3rd – Catch a Wave and You’re Sitting on Top of the World – Jupiter, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Uranus. With deference to the Beach Boys, this Thursday may have us “catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world.” Today is a most interesting day, somewhat akin to the Chinese proverb, sometimes considered a curse, of: ‘May you live in interesting times’. In deed we do. This Thursday can be highly indicative of the interesting nature of these times. Today has the second trigger by the Sun to the Uranus Pluto square. Late Tuesday, early Wednesday, the Sun squared Pluto. Today, the Sun opposes Uranus. Unexpected situations might arise, situations forced upon us by our own actions – reactions or by someone else. Anyway we slice it, today allows for unanticipated variables to come forward. We might find ourselves having to shift our plans and adapt to changing conditions. Although such a move could be disconcerting, we seem to be able to surf whatever waves we encounter. The Virgo Moon sextiles Jupiter and the Moon sextiles Venus before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for eight hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra late today, early Friday. No matter what is thrown at us today, we can navigate effectively the shifts and changes. We might even enjoy the surprises this day may throw at us. As the saying goes: ‘practice makes perfect’. Over the past months and even years we have gained a respect for things changing dramatically and suddenly, often without a moment’s notice. This is a day when we can keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening and then deal with the changes in a productive and non-threatening manner.

Friday, October 4th – Let the Games Begin – Libra New Moon, Sun, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus. The past few days, last few months, even over recent years, we have been thrown various curve balls that have made us aware that there is a new normalcy in town. Things are not the way they were, and anyone making the assumptions that we can go back in time and re-create the past is living in some sort of bizarre unreality in la-la-land. No, the game has changed, and today, early tomorrow accentuates the various changes. Friday has the Libra New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction triggering the Uranus Pluto square. This New Moon, and its influence over the next fortnight, is a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Sun Moon conjunction square Pluto and opposed Uranus. We are in the thick of it — the transitions through these times, the transformations in our lives. We are being asked to create a new future for ourselves, to tear down and eliminate old structures and old connections that no longer serve us or work for us. We are being forced to let go of any sense of real control over our lives, a belief in our mastery over the elements and circumstances in our living and to embrace instead the wonder of natural unfolding with its various twists and turns, its magic and its miracles. These are exciting times in which we live, times in which we can be open to receive but with an understanding that to truly receive we must separate out the dross and focus on the essential. This day begins a two-week phase of cleaning out and clearing up, a time when unexpected events may challenge us but also provide opportunities for quantum leaps in our understanding and in our new grand adventures.

Saturday, October 5th – Me and You Make Two – Jupiter, Mars. Saturday continues with the Libra Moon, which today has the Moon square Jupiter and the Moon sextile Mars. We may have various chores to do around our home. We might even subconsciously be looking at fortifying our home space as some kind of buffer against the craziness and crazy-making antics of the world-at-large. No matter how much time we spend with home and family matters today, we also want to enjoy ourselves, have fun and engage the autumn fairs and festivals that go on during this season of the year. This is a day for us to spend quality time with that special someone in our lives. Amidst the hurly-burly of the maddening crowd, we may seek solace, support and good times with that significant other in our lives. This Saturday is a day for us to address our errands but to also engage pleasurable activities that make us realize how enjoyable the simple things in life can be.

Sunday, October 6th – Reflections and Contemplations – Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn. Sunday is often considered a day of rest, and this Sunday would be a good time for us to slow things down, concentrate on what is going on for us and contemplate on the dramatic changes occurring in our lives. Today, the Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune, the Moon conjuncts Mercury, the Moon sextiles Pluto and the Moon conjuncts Saturn. Mercury sextiles Pluto. This is a day when the nickels can drop and we become more aware of what is really going on in our lives. Our mind in incisive, yet we can draw upon both our reasoning mind and our intuitive sense to come to grips with the underlying conditions and substance of the changes going on around us and within us. We are all going through dramatic internal transformations, some of which externalize as drastic changes to the parameters of how we are doing our lives. This is a good day to reflect on where we have been, where we are and consider the possibilities of where we might be going. We may hold our cards close to our chest today, for our focus is not so much on communicating to other people as on considering what is going on within ourselves and understanding the dramatic shifts in the alchemical process of transformation that we are going through. It is important not to judge or define our process and the events occurring in our lives but rather to appreciate that we are all a work in progress. The times of linear, sequential reality with beginnings, middles and ends no longer apply, for we are crossing the threshold into non-linear, asequential reality with its ever-changing process and ever-dynamic continuum.