August 5th – 11th, 2013

With Back to School Sales, Sales Tax Free Days and hucksters proclaiming the approach of the school year with all of us getting back on track, we might assume that summer is coming to a close. Not so fast!

This week may have us with one foot in our normal routines and the other in exploratory mode. Before we capitulate to the oncoming autumn, we might decide a significant summer fling during this week.

We are still looking for some summertime fun times. The Leo New Moon on Tuesday imprints the next fortnight with a desire to enter unfamiliar terrain, explore new aspects of ourselves and find wonder-filled, surprising events that we can engage.

We may feel our responsibilities beckoning, but we are keeping our eyes and ears open for unexpected events that might capture our fancy. No matter what our plans might be for this week, we are willing to alter them at a moment’s notice. If we have scheduled commitments this week, it would be wise for us to check and reconfirm. Things may not go according to plan, and it would be wise for us to keep a heads-up to any alterations that could impact our schedule.

While the influence of much of this week revolves around good times and in new terrain, the mid-part of the week could have an overdose of irrational exuberance. There could be some explosive situations mid-week, and some of the bloom on the rose of economic ‘good times’ may be coming off as we realize that our personal financial situation is being impacted either by increased costs, diminished revenue or a combination of both.

We have already seen some of the effects of the Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Cancer-transiting planets triggering the Uranus Pluto square. We have seen it with various travel accidents — trains crashing, airplane mishaps and a rash of auto accidents. We have seen it with the extremes of weather conditions with aberrant heat spells and cold spells, and intense precipitation in storm systems. And we have seen it in the geopolitical world where the Keystone Kops seem at play as our world leaders.

For many of us, these times seem crazy times with many crazies running around and incidents happening that tend toward the crazy making.

We might still see some of these bizarre scenarios continue this week. Our objective, however, is to enjoy our summertime activities, to attend to the specifics in our lives, and to allow ourselves a look beyond our normal circumstance in order to explore and investigate new possibilities for ourselves.

The weekend ends the week with us focused on that special someone, or special people, in our lives.

This week can be a fun week, even while attentive to the mundane concerns of our lives. We just have to be wary that we are not overly affected by some of the things going on in the world. Let’s not fall into victim mode. Life, living and the world itself can be too much fun for it to be a downer.

Monday, August 5th – Not Manic but Slow Starting – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn. Monday starts the week with the Moon in Cancer conjunct Mercury. We may have some great plans for our home environment, feathering our nest, enjoying the comfort of home, all of which we might have done over the past weekend. The week may be slow starting, for we have little impetus to get going. We might wonder where to put our first steps on this Monday morning, and it may take us a while to get into gear. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over ten hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo, where today the Moon squares Saturn. We are in the dark side of the Moon before tomorrow’s New Moon. This Monday is a day best served dealing with old matters, straightening up and planning time for amusement and recreational activities. Whether we are on vacation or not, we are not overly interested in conquering the world. We are far more interested in our own enjoyment, catching a breather and creating time for new explorations. Initiations would be best left to tomorrow and in the latter part of tomorrow with the launchings coinciding with Tuesday’s Leo New Moon.

Tuesday, August 6th – Up, Up And Away – Uranus, Leo New Moon, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday has the Moon in Leo trine Uranus just before the Leo Lunation with the Moon conjunct the Sun. This is a day, and the imprint for the next two weeks, for us to spread our wings, focus on new interests and new environments, and consider all possibilities, even the seemingly impossible. We may be far more interested in situations beyond our norm, scenarios that allow us to stretch into new aspects of ourselves. Our desire for freedom and greater self-exploration can take us into unfamiliar situations and we may be loving every moment of it. We are not interested in ‘same old, same old’. On the contrary, we are ready to soar, investigate and engage greater adventures. Whether we get out of Dodge or stay in our familiar habitat, we are certainly looking to do things differently, put our own individual mark on situations and consider options and alternatives that we might not have taken into account before. This is an exciting day and can open an exciting two weeks. We just have to watch that we do not over-reach. Let’s keep in mind that even in astral travel, we maintain our connection to our selves through the silver cord. Let’s keep connected with whom we have been while we extend ourselves into new territories and explore new aspects of our selves. Like a suspension bridge, we can put slats of new interests down one by one, go back and forth between the old and the new until we are fully comfortable with the new, cross over into our future and eventually cut the ties that bind, leaving our connection to the past behind. Later on this Tuesday, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for thirty hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo late on Wednesday, early Thursday.

Wednesday, August 7th – Contemplations and Reveries – Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter, Pluto. One of the energy configurations this year that we might have noticed, certainly experienced, are these long Void-of-Course Moons when the Moon makes no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of one Sign and before entering the succeeding Sign. This whipsaw of tremendous energy and then virtually no energy when there is a haunting stillness is a hallmark of this year. Wednesday has the Moon Void-of-Course in Leo, which began yesterday, with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo late today, early tomorrow. While there is not much energy through the Moon’s transit today, we do have the Uranus Pluto T-Square triggered today by Cancer-transiting Jupiter opposed Pluto [Jupiter squares Uranus on the 21st shortly after the Aquarius Full Moon]. There can be bomb blasts, explosions and even geophysical activity of volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. While the Void-of-Course Moons allow us time to reflect and contemplate amidst the hurly-burly of these frenetic, even crazy-making times; the Jupiter Pluto opposition can be an extreme, over-the-top energy configuration. The effects can either be too much with irrational exuberance ratcheted up beyond belief or too little with a quick deflation akin to popping a helium balloon. Today is a day when it would be wise for us to keep a heads-up regarding what appears to be going on in the world and draw upon our awareness, mindfulness and intuitive sense to get a bead on what is really going on. This is a day to for us to repeat mantram-like ‘moderation in all things’. Excess could be extreme today, either excessive joy and good feelings or excessive measures to let the air out of our tires. Either way, we need to keep a sense of balance no matter how extreme the shifts today might be.

Thursday, August 8th – Picking Up the Pieces – Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury Leo. Whatever extreme situations might have occurred yesterday, today is a day when we can better analyze and figure out what is really going on. We can be highly attuned, if we do not get distracted or diverted from our focus. The Virgo Moon today opposes Neptune, the Moon sextiles Saturn, the Moon trines Pluto and the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Mercury exits Cancer to enter Leo. We may want to concentrate on our own personal interests and creative pursuits. We can get a great deal done today. We can be expeditious in our ways and resourceful in our approach. This is a day when we can pick up the pieces, fit them neatly into place and present both our selves and our projects in a convincing and persuasive manner. We may be beating the drum loudly today, but it is our drum, our rhythm and our pace. We can blend a visionary sense with a detailed specificity. Even if we would prefer to be somewhere else, today is a day when we can accomplish a great deal in regard to our daily responsibilities.

Friday, August 9th – Finishing Touches – Mars, Venus. Friday continues with the Virgo Moon, which today has the Moon sextile Mars and the Moon conjunct Venus. This is a day when we can bring certain projects to completion. We may find that we are getting more done in less amount of time than usual. Perhaps we want to get things out of the way. Maybe we are looking toward our vacation or finishing up our vacation. But whatever we are doing and wherever we are doing it, this Friday is a day when we can address some of our mundane needs, tie up loose ends and present things in a neat and pretty package. Plans made for the weekend could include special times with that special someone, or special people, in our lives. We may be making our preparations for get-togethers, clearing the decks of pressing matters so that we are free and clear to enjoy the weekend, and looking forward to some good times with good friends. Thursday and Friday can be highly productive days. We can take care of details, attend to pressing matters, and complete various unfinished projects. And we can do all this all the while that we are presenting ourselves as highly competent and able to put things neatly in place and in a most attractive package.

Saturday, August 10th – Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon – Mercury. Saturday has the Moon moving into Libra where today the Moon sextiles Mercury. There is not a great deal of energy on this Saturday, and we could use this day to get together with friends, enjoy social occasions and win advocates to our cause. We may seem highly receptive listeners, able to discuss with other people our interests and purpose, yet all the while that we appear considerate and concerned about the other person’s interests and well-being. This is a day when we could virtually sell anything to anyone. We just have to be wary that in the process we do not sell our soul. There can be something of a regal attitude about people today. People might be feeling confident, enthusiastic and willing to enlist the aid of other people for their own ambitions. Things may proceed like on greased wheels today, easily and capably. Let’s keep in mind that we live in a world of cycles akin to wave cycles. There are times when we may be riding along on the crest of the waves with everything going smoothly and in our favor. Today and the past two days we might have been riding the waves. There are other times when we seem to wipe out, get body slammed by the wave action and find ourselves in the trough. Good times, not so good times. But we can talk about the not so good times tomorrow.

Sunday, August 11th – Tripping Up, Tripping Out – Lunar Grand Cross, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Saturn. The lack of energy, or at least the lack of confrontational energy, may have been true for yesterday and even the past three days. But this Sunday is a different set of energy configurations. We have often heard of Sunday as being a day of rest, but not this Sunday. This Sunday could prove the truth to the statement: “No rest for the weary.” For this Sunday is chock-a-block with some intense energies. The Libra Moon today creates a Cardinal Sign Grand Cross with the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn, the Moon opposed Uranus in Aries, and the Moon square Jupiter and Mars, both in Cancer. The Moon also sextiles the Sun. Mercury squares Saturn. We may feel as though trapped in a pachinko machine with all sorts of balls flying at us. This is a day when we could be coming and going but without much success and far too many demands. We might need to be nimble and quick on this Sunday. No matter what our plans for this day may be, we might have to deal with unexpected situations and belligerent conditions. Although the energy is ratcheted up, let’s not get tripped up by the many varied situations that can come our way. It would be far better for us to slow things down, attempt to deal with situations one by one and not personalize whatever is occurring today. We might feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails, even feel as though our sails are in tatters. The more we can be detached and focused on going step by step, the less likely we are to be tripped up. We may want to trip out and avoid much of the incidents of this day, but we could also discover, to borrow the lyrics of a Motown classic song by Martha and the Vandellas, that there is: ‘Nowhere to run to, baby Nowhere to hide.’