August 19th – 25th, 2013

This week has us increasingly shifting our focus towards getting back on track. Whether we stepped off the track or not during this summer, the energies this week are turning our attention back to our responsibilities, our daily routine and the many details of our lives.

The week begins with us considering our future possibilities, our potentials and our prospects. We want to engage activities that allow us a freedom of movement and that provide an opportunity to make our mark on our daily involvements. We may feel the beckoning of ‘same old, same old’, but we are resistant to letting our imagined options drop away into the solitary meanderings of our minds. There must be more for us. We may feel that we have come too far to turn back to a re-creation of our past. We might seek some final escape into fun events at the beginning of the week to punctuate our autonomy and to grasp at the last hints of summertime.

And yet, as we move into the mid-week period, the community calendar reminds us of the seasonal calendar. Schools start up, or preparation for back to school demands our time. Even without children in school, we might feel the echoes of our own past calling us back to our usual grind, even to the extent of remembering those old sing-song mantrams such as the long-forgotten clothier Robert Hall:

“School bells ringing, children singing,
It’s back to Robert Hall this year.”

The mid-week period can have us moody, pulled in two different directions — on the one hand, who we would choose to be and, on the other hand, who we have been conditioned to become. We could go through emotional swings, but the beckoning of daily demands can pull us up short and force us to heed our tasks and obligations.

The week begins under the influence of the Leo energies building up to the Aquarius Full Moon. As the week progresses, the Leo influence and the Fire Element drive drop away. The Sun exits Leo to enter Virgo on Thursday and Friday, followed by Mercury exiting Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo on Friday.

We may still be looking for good times, but the necessities of our daily lives can have us shopping, tending to the necessary details of our lives and having a makeover in preparation for the autumnal season.

The calendar may still indicate summer, but summertime activities are giving way to our normal daily routines.

Monday, August 19th – Dragging a Horse to Water – Venus, Saturn, Uranus. Monday starts the week with the Moon in Aquarius with the Moon today trine Venus, the Moon square Saturn and the Moon sextile Uranus. We would far prefer to spend time with friends and loved ones today. Both a sense of being comforted by a mutual admiration society and of important information to be communicated to us by someone can stir our desire to step away and hear what other people have to say to us. We might feel the need of emotional support and encouragement today, for we could also feel stuck and frustrated by delays or by the feeling that the things we want for ourselves lie far beyond our grasp. We may believe that we do not have the resources, the capabilities or the opportunities to make the necessary changes to our lives that we wish to bring about. No matter what our plans for this day might be, it is essential that we keep in mind that there are times when what seems to be going on is merely a façade covering up, but also injecting, stronger possibilities for us than we can see for ourselves. This is a day for us not to fall into an emotional malaise, for in so doing we would put on our blinders, see only what is right in front of us and lose sight of peripheral vision and some of the wondrous possibilities that might seem just outside our point of reference.

Tuesday, August 20th – For the Greater Good – Mercury, Aquarius Full Moon, Sun. Tuesday provides a crescendo of the energies and the climax of summertime sensibilities. Today, the Aquarius Moon opposes Mercury and tonight, early tomorrow morning, the Moon opposes the Sun at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon. We may be Dancing in the Moonlight to borrow the title from the King Harvest 1973 tune, or from the lyrics of Van Morrison’s 1977 classic song Moondance:

“Well, it’s a marvelous night for a moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance…”

This Full Moon may accentuate romance, fun events and pure enjoyment. Everything we do we might assume to be not only for our own good but for the good of those around us and for the greater good. Our idealism can impel our sense of spirit in action as we seek to initiate new projects, new directions, new expressions of a new sense of self burgeoning within us. We might feel at the top of our game, confident, enthusiastic and looking forward to the days ahead. Since everyone may be on their high horse trumpeting their appeal and their perceived accomplishments, the din could prove deafening. Oh, well, far better for us to think good of ourselves, even if overblown, than to downplay our abilities. We might even heed the suggestions in the chorus of the 1969 Peggy Lee classic song Is That All There Is?:

“If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing
Let’s break out the booze and have a ball.”

Summer may be winding down, but we shall be looking for those momentary respites of good times with good friends before we harness ourselves into the routine of our normal, daily lives.

Wednesday, August 21st – Enough is Never Enough – Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus. Wednesday has the Moon in Pisces, and the Moon triggering the Water Element Grand Trine with the Moon conjunct Neptune, the Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio, and the Moon trine Jupiter in Cancer. The Moon also sextiles Pluto. Our moods and emotions can be ratcheted up severalfold today. We also have the Uranus Pluto square triggered today by Jupiter square Uranus. Jupiter opposed Pluto back on the 7th, and today Jupiter squares Uranus. This is a day when unexpected situations can arise. Whatever plans we have for this day might go awry. It would be wise to see our schedule today as tentative at best and prone to disruption from unanticipated variables. Due diligence is called for today in order to prevent us from going overboard. We may feel as though we have a manifest destiny and could follow our heart, follow our bliss. But our anticipated garden path could turn into a walk through brambles with scrapes and tears along the way. A sense of enough is never enough could prompt excess and indulgence. People may want what they want and decide to use whatever means to achieve their goals. Today is a day to rein in our emotions, stave off our appetites and keep a tight hold on our finances. What is presented to us today may be more spin and hype than true reality. Let’s take everything with a grain of salt, not jump at anything but be discerning regarding what we might engage today.

Thursday, August 22nd – The End of the Line – Mars, Sun Virgo. Thursday continues with the Pisces Moon, which today has the Moon trine Mars. This is the last day of the Sun’s transit through Leo with the Sun exiting Leo to enter Virgo late today, early tomorrow morning. We may be in a fix-up mode today. We can be cleaning things up, clearing things out and preparing for the autumnal days ahead. Whether we are off on vacation or not, the sense of preparing to get back on the fast track may be strongly felt. We might be more inclined to put our pleasurable pursuits on the back burner as we consider what needs to be done. If we have postponed certain issues, put off pressing demands and neglected the routine matters of our lives, we may be called to account and to deal with the particulars. Let’s keep in mind that today is the 22nd and 22 in numerology is indicative of the master builder. We can start to address the details and the specifics of our lives. Summertime may be slipping away from us, but we are considering the foundation stones of our year ahead. Isn’t it wild that, whether we have school-aged children or not, there is the tendency to feel that the year is starting with the beginning of the school year?

Friday, August 23rd – Betwixt and Between – Lunar T-Square, Venus, Pluto, Mercury Virgo. Friday has the Moon moving into Aries where today the Moon triggers the Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Venus and the Moon square Pluto. Mercury exits Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo. Friday may be a day when we are looking at starting up various projects, initiating new actions and getting ever more ready for our autumn schedule. In so doing, we could feel as though we are meeting various opposing forces. We might encounter naysayers who want to put the kibosh on our plans. Let’s check the source and check their agenda, for certain naysayers may have alternative motives, might not want us to succeed with our own goals but would wish for us to be at their beck and call. We could also experience that we are having to swim upstream and against consensus opinion. It would be wise to keep in mind that the traditionalists want to reinforce the way things have been, despite the fact that things can never be the way they were. The more we can engage the tai chi moves of working with the energy, being ever aware and vigilant, the more we can circumnavigate obstacles placed in our way. Mercury moving into Virgo will increase our discernment and increase our willingness for due diligence. We just have to be wary of leaping ahead without checking the conditions and circumstances around us. We may be betwixt and between on this Friday, straddling the familiar with the unknown with our desire to move ahead into new terrain rather than complacent in our discontent of the past.

Saturday, August 24th – With Us Or Against Us – Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Sun, Mercury. The Moon continues its transit of Aries, and today the Moon conjuncts Uranus and the Moon squares Jupiter. Venus squares Pluto and the Sun conjuncts Mercury. We may want to do our own thing today, but we could also find that other people are placing demands on us. We do not have to throw down the gauntlet or over-react. Our mind is sharp and we can come up with a most strategic approach to win people to our side. We just have to be wary of any resistance from behind. If we can make people aware of the fact that our interests are their interests, then we can proceed without much disruption. We do have to watch for overdoing it today. Why use a sledgehammer when a slight tap might work just as well? Let’s be sure to put the sledgehammer away. We might feel we have to prove a point but banging someone over the head with our justifications could only create resentment in them and a postponed desire to get back at us. We are the ones who will determine whether someone today is with us or against us, and either case will be dependent upon how we play our hand.

Sunday, August 25th – Let’s Not Go the Wrong Way, Corrigan – Mars, Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn. The outcome of this Sunday will be largely determined by how we start the day. We might want to be fast out of the gate today, but it would be wise for us to have already figured our intended direction and our itinerary before we leap ahead. As the saying goes: ‘haste makes waste’. The day begins with the Aries Moon square Mars. The Moon then moves into Taurus, where today the Moon trines both the Sun and Mercury, the Moon sextiles Neptune, and the Moon opposes Saturn. Mercury opposes Neptune. This is a day when we can be either incredibly perceptive or incredibly confused. The determining factor as to which way the day goes is our willingness to focus and concentrate and not to get carried away by impulsiveness. If we are willing to take the time to consider all the factors involved in today’s activities, then we can step adroitly through the day in a well-directed fashion. This is a day for us to be resourceful, to do more with less and to attend to the specifics and the particulars. We can blend our analytical, reasoning abilities with a strong intuitive sense to devise a best practices approach to any situation we may choose to contend with. If we start the day on the wrong foot, however, we could wind up hopping mad and off on ill-conceived activities. We can choose the right path for ourselves if we are willing to go slow and not rush the river.