July 8th – 14th, 2013

This week can be a fun week, especially in contrast to this past week. This week is not last week and that alone can allow us a sigh of relief.

This past week had the ouster of Mohammed Morsi as President of Egypt [let’s not call it a coup with $1.3 billion in US aid to Egypt at risk] and the diverting to Vienna of the plane carrying Bolivian President Eva Morales under suspicion that NSA hacker Edward Snowden was on board [despite US President Obama having asserted that “…I am not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker.”] This past week had the eruption of Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano forcing the cancellation of flights in and out of Mexico City. This past week had the crash landing of an Asiana Airlines’ Boeing 777 at SFO. This past week had the Uranus Pluto square triggered in a T-Square by the Sun in Cancer with the Sun opposed Pluto on Monday and the Sun square Uranus on Thursday. The 1947 Broadway musical Finian’s Rainbow classic song Old Devil Moon could be updated for our ongoing astrological configuration of ‘Old Devil Uranus Pluto Square’. And we get to do the dance to that tune into 2015.

This week is not last week. This week begins with the Cancer New Moon and Saturn turning direct, ending its almost five-month retrograde cycle. Not only does the New Moon impact the next two weeks, but the Saturn direct can also provide forward movement. Areas that may have been delayed and areas where we might have felt frustrated over the past few months can finally be addressed with greater expectation of successful completion.

We might consider home and family matters this week. Reunions and family get-together planning can be a large part of this week. We want to be certain to have some summertime fun, even if our plans are subject to unexpected changes and we find ourselves called upon to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstance. We also want to keep close to a budget for our recreational activities. We may have been burned by going out long on our credit line and the financial issues of the past five years could have given us a wake up call to keep an eye on our personal finances and be more resourceful with what we have.

Summer projects can have us engaged in cleaning up, clearing out, renovating, redecorating and making our home a greater sanctuary for ourselves. We may be stepping out on the town, but we are looking both ways and highly astute to the traffic and potholes that might be in our way.

Even if we have been thrown for a loop over the past few weeks, we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again [to paraphrase from the 1936 popular song by Jerome Kern].

This week is a week when we can tend to matters around our home, enjoy ourselves in fun activities, deal with what needs to be done in a most efficient manner, all in spite of the Mercury retrograde.

Monday, July 8th – The Start of Something Big – Cancer New Moon, Sun, Mercury, Saturn direct. Monday is a powerful day to start the week. The Cancer New Moon has the Moon conjunct both the Sun and Mercury. Added to the signature of the New Moon that imprints the next two weeks, we have Saturn ending its almost five-month retrograde cycle and turning direct. Whenever Saturn is retrograde, most often in the winter months, things can get bogged down, take longer than we would like with various delays and frustrations. The Saturn retrograde, like nature’s hibernation in winter, goes inward. More goes on below the surface internally than externally. With Saturn direct, things that have been blocked or delayed can move forward. We may have re-evaluated or re-worked our projects, our itinerary and even our destination during the Saturn retrograde. With Saturn in Scorpio now direct, and the Grand Trine in the Water Element, thanks to Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer, going on through this next year, our intuitive, feeling nature may be fully harnessed. We may be far more resourceful, and this Monday kicks off a period when we can cut back on the extraneous, focus on the important and know the difference between the two. Just as Monday is the start to the week, so too is this Monday with the New Moon and Saturn direct the beginning of a significant fortnight when we can virtually move mountains, keeping in mind that we are in the midst of a Mercury retrograde. It’s time for us to cut away, re-establish our foundations and advance our interests methodically.

Tuesday, July 9th – Going for the Gold – Saturn, Sun, Mercury. Tuesday has the Moon in Leo, and today the Moon squares Saturn. The Sun conjuncts Mercury. We may seek to be on center stage today, even if our stage is our home. If we have been harboring ill feelings about slights, now is the time to voice our grievances, but in a way that does not steamroll over the alleged perpetrators. Our creative talents might come forward in whatever format we choose to engage. We can virtually move mountains today. Tidying up around home, setting forth on new adventures in pursuit of good times, and doing whatever catches our fancy can all be part of our smorgasbord of involvements today. Where we have to be cautious is on our spending. We could easily justify expenses as a personal makeover or necessary to clear out the old and bring in the new. If we are not mindful of our purchases, we could wrack up some significant bills. Making a list of what we need would avoid those impulse purchases of something we might just want. Today is a day for us to enjoy ourselves all the while keeping a tight rein on our finances.

Wednesday, July 10th – Making a Splash – Uranus, Venus. Wednesday can be an exciting day and one when we feel all is right in our world. The Leo Moon today trines Uranus and the Moon conjuncts Venus. Unexpected twists and turns can lead us to a garden of delights. Serendipitous meetings could open thrilling doors of new adventures and instant infatuations. We may be in love with life and can see everything shining radiantly. This is a day to work with peripheral vision, be open to the possibilities and even the seemingly impossible and bear witness to the wonder and magic of it all. We might feel at the top of our game, and the way we present ourselves can be startling and intriguing even to those who have known us for a long time. Magic is in the air, and it would be wise that we not be locked into a defined schedule. Things today occur unexpectedly, beyond our normal routine, and the adventure is in following our muse. As though drinking from the fountain of youth, we may feel energized, revitalized and receptive to thrilling surprises. We are expressing a light-hearted attitude. We seem more filled with inner light and greater self-confidence. If we have a case to be made, our presentation can be dramatic, persuasive and allow others to see things from a fresh perspective. We could gain the most unexpected advocates to our side. Mini-miracles may be evident and can instill us with optimism in the true goodness of life and living.

Thursday, July 11th – Coasting Along – Mars. The ‘feel good’ quality of this week continues on this Thursday as the Leo Moon sextiles Mars. We are not looking at forcing anyone to do anything. We want to be able to do our own things without wing-clippers trying to get in our way. We may be self-focused but we are also enjoying ourselves and participating in fun events. With a renewed sense of confidence, optimism and enthusiasm, we might consider redecorating or renovating our home base. We want to add more sparkle to our lives and luxuriate in the summer sun. No sad sacks for us today. We are riding the crest of the wave, feeling good, looking good and not interested in anything that would dampen our spirits. While this Thursday and the last two days may have concentrated on having fun and engaging re-creational activities, as the day progresses we might get back on track and deal with situations that we put aside for our days of pleasurable pursuits. We have gained a second wind and have greater capacity to deal with routine issues and take care of our everyday concerns. We are feeling far less stressed, far more upbeat and with little regard as to how the larger world is likely to impact our personal world. We are back in gear and ready to deal with whatever comes our way.

Friday, July 12th – Sorting Through, Clearing Out – Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto. Friday is a day when we can accomplish a great deal more in a shorter period of time than we usually can. The Moon is in Virgo, and today the Moon sextiles Jupiter, the Moon sextiles Saturn, the Moon opposes Neptune and the Moon trines Pluto. We are focused on the specifics and particulars today. Although we might not always be clear about what goes and what stays, we can straighten, clear things out, and clean up our act. We can be highly productive today, resourceful and able to focus on the truly important. Time might seem to stand still with the amount of what we can get done. If we hit a momentary stumbling block that triggers confusion, let’s just sidestep the issue and come back to it later. Nothing should stand in our way today, as we virtually move mountains. We may make up for time lost earlier this week, but the time was not lost, for time spent in re-creational activities helped to recharge our batteries, allowed us to step off the track and come back to our daily responsibilities reinvigorated and ready to deal with what needs to be done.

Saturday, July 13th – Home on the Range – Mercury, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars Cancer. Saturday begins with the Virgo Moon sextile Mercury and the Moon sextile the Sun. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over sixteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra tomorrow. Mars exits Gemini to enter Cancer. Tasks, chores and errands may be a large part of our Saturday. We might prefer to spend the day with family and friends hanging out around home and dealing with some of our home projects that we have on our ‘to do’ list. While we could have been talking up a storm over the past six weeks, the energy shifts dramatically and we might be far more reticent about giving weight and voice to our opinions. Our interest in juggling any number of things, and going here, there and everywhere can shift to a desire to stay closer to home. Not that we are in a hiding out mode, but the comfort and safety of our home base can be especially appealing right now. Our attitude may take on a sense that it is crazy out in the world, crazy making, and we might far prefer the quiet and sanctity of spending more time at home.

Sunday, July 14th – Extricating Us From Our Caves – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto. Sunday has the Moon in Libra and today the Moon triggers the Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, and the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. In fact, the Moon actually triggers the Grand Cross with the Moon tomorrow opposed Uranus in Aries. Whether it is someone else’s instigation or commitments planned months ago, today is a day that we might be pulled and extricated from our caves, the sanctity of our home base. We might prefer staying at home, watching television, playing video games, reading a good book, puttering around our house and just doing as little as possible today. We might feel on overload, burnt out and just want a ‘time out’ for ourselves. But our engagement with other people and our obligations may force us out into the world. We may feel that other people are directing our lives and we could even resent being put on display. But we are all social animals, not islands unto ourselves, no matter how much we feel today that we would just like to be left alone. Like the eagle that creates the nest then flies from the nest always able to come back to the nest, let’s rest assured that no matter what may force us from our own nest, we can always return to our nest after our social involvements to rest, recharge and restore ourselves.