June 24th – 30th, 2013

We are in full swing this week as we come further into summer. We may be focusing on home projects, get-togethers with friends and neighbors, and looking for the good times.

This week is the last week of June, the first full week of Summer. Significant shifts in energy can have us swinging, sometimes swinging on the dance floor, other times swinging from the rafters.

Jupiter ends its year-long transit of Gemini to enter Cancer for its year-long transit of the Cardinal Water Sign. Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer. Venus exits Cancer to enter Leo. And we have a Stellium of three or more planets in Cancer, emphasizing the Sign related to home, family, real estate, maternal sensitivity, and even past connections and conditioned responses.

This is a week when we can be attentive to what needs to be done early in the week, followed by much social interaction, whether in person or on the Internet. We may be looking towards our future, or solely looking to escape our present. Either way, we would like to feel comforted and encouraged with a sense that we are not stuck running in place or with our back up against the wall.

Our emotions may be heightened this week, and we could be operating more from our intuitive, feeling nature rather than from an empirical, reasoning mind. Perhaps we have all felt led down the garden path by the so-called analytical, factual methodology that holds less sway now as we move more and more into asequential realities, where the orderly progression no longer seems relevant. Instead we seem to have opened the door to what we might interpret as chaotic unfolding, but in truth reveals the magic and miracles of synchronicity whereby things occur unexpectedly and without a moment’s notice.

Some of us may have been stung recently by unexpected incidents that came about inexplicably and unjustly. If we have been impacted by situations that we consider less than favorable, it would be wise for us to keep in mind the truth to the saying that ‘when one door closes, another door opens up.’

This is a week for us to be open to options, even if some of the alternatives at first glance seem indecipherable. Such lack of clarity also helps us to avoid the pitfall of ego certainty, the attitude that we can make things happen in the ways and the outcome that we desire. No, we have stepped onto the magical, mystery tour where the universe is in greater play and in greater direction of the twists and turns of our life’s journey. It is us who walk the path, and increasingly often without itinerary or destination in mind.

By stepping back and taking time this week to consider the possibilities and prospects, we could broaden our palette of potentials. We can feel at greater ease with the natural unfolding of our lives, even when we don’t fully understand the process, with the realization that there is master plan, a divine design, of our life’s journey.

There may be times when we go about our life’s path banging and crashing into things. When those incidents occur, they may only be ways to get us better situated in what is really our life’s purpose.

This week is a time to let go of our fixed beliefs, engage the mystery of these times, and embrace the awe and wonder of it all.

Monday, June 24th – Straightening Up, Tying Up Loose Ends – Mercury, Venus. Monday continues with the Moon in Capricorn, and today the Moon opposes Mercury and opposes Venus. We might be attentive to our responsibilities, taking care of our obligations and dealing with the specifics of our daily lives. It would be wise for us to do so, since we are about to enter a three-week Mercury retrograde cycle, which triggers Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’. The more we can deal with outstanding matters and bring situations to completion, the more room we shall have for new interests, new adventures. While much of our focus today can be on the details of our lives, we do need to balance both our personal lives and our involvements in the world. Our personal preference might be to retreat into the sanctuary of our home, but this day asks us to tie up loose ends so that we don’t trip over them as we move forward. This can be a productive day if we keep our nose to the grindstone, attend to that which is staring us in the face and not become diverted by our desires to be somewhere else, doing something else.

Tuesday, June 25th – The Love of Home and Motherland – Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter Cancer. Tuesday has the Aquarius Moon square Saturn and the Moon sextile Uranus. Jupiter exits Gemini late today, early tomorrow to enter Cancer for a year-long transit of the Cardinal Water Sign. We might be influenced by our past, but we are no longer restricted by it. Today is a day when we might seek out new adventures, new activities, new people who are marching more to their own drummer rather than following the beat of the lemmings racing for the cliffs. This Tuesday is a significant day, a day of forking roads. Either we hew the line of our past, what is expected of us, and the ways we have been conditioned to do things. Or we start the journey anew, considering different pathways and taking an approach that encourages our individuality and our autonomy. There is a wise and true saying that states: ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ While we might assume the teacher to be an individual or an earth-shaking phenomenon, the teacher can be a subtle indication, a crack of light, that suggests an alteration, even if only slight, to what we have been doing, how we have been doing it and who we have been identifying ourselves as. With Jupiter coming into Cancer, we may find our solace and support with family members and in the sanctity of our home. We might also see a stronger nationalistic quality occurring, which could raise issues of various international agencies vs. national interests. While we might have past issues to contend with, we are moving in new directions.

Wednesday, June 26th – Feelings, Our Confused Feelings – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Grand Trine, Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury retrograde. Wednesday has the Aquarius Moon trine Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over nineteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aquarius and before entering Pisces tomorrow. The Sun transiting Cancer creates a Grand Trine as the Sun trines Saturn in Scorpio, and the Sun trines Neptune in Pisces. The most significant event of this Wednesday is Mercury turning retrograde. We may start the day with a thrust of energy and concentrating on what we want to accomplish and accomplish in a way that truly works effectively and expeditiously. Nice concept, but then the Mercury turning retrograde steps in to throw monkey wrenches in the spokes of our wheels. There can be miscommunications, misunderstandings or too little information. Our feelings are accentuated. We might want to be the savior / cosmic mother to the entire world. But where a problem arises is the static in transmissions and receptions whereby things become confused or lack clarity. We might choose to spend the day at home, taking care of things around the house and regrouping. We start the day with a thrust of energy but then the energy can prove convoluted. This is a day to go slow, check whatever we are doing not merely once but several times and be aware that things can go haywire.

Thursday, June 27th – Divine Intervention – Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Sun, Pluto, Venus Leo. Despite the possible craziness of yesterday, when labyrinths seemed more like intricate mazes with no way out, this Thursday could seem like a gift from the gods. The Moon in Pisces today conjuncts Neptune and reinforces the Water Sign Grand Trine with the Moon trine Jupiter and the Sun in Cancer, and the Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio. The Moon sextiles Pluto, and Venus exits Cancer to enter Leo. There is the wise saying that ‘good things come to those who wait’, and this day could prove the truth to the sentiment. While we have all been conditioned to make things happen and to control our destiny, this day provides evidence to the truth that the universe and its influence on our daily journeys have a greater impact on us than our own wish fulfillment. We may feel uplifted today, inspired with a greater sense of the goodness of life’s unfolding. Our emotions and sensitivity are heightened, and we might realize that life is good and that there is a master plan for each and every one of us, even if we do not understand what that plan and its itinerary could be. Our spiritual nature seems accentuated and we might have a feeling of our own personal destiny. As if divinely guided, we may feel ready to step on center stage, express our talents and offer nurture to those people in our lives. We are not looking to take second place, but neither are we looking at being pushy, obstreperous and egocentric. This is a day when more goes on than meets the eye, a day when there is great movement even if the appearance is one of stillness. This is a day for us to go on an internal level and to listen to our inner voice.

Friday, June 28th – Restless Quiet – Mars, Mercury. In the accelerated pace of our mundane world, it is extremely hard to be quiet, to be still, to keep from doing something, anything, even if it’s just making busy work for ourselves. That difficulty can be seen today as the Pisces Moon squares Mars. Later today, the Moon trines Mercury. We could have a thousand and one things to do today. We could scurry around looking to accomplish this, that and the other. We might find ourselves running around in circles, attending to much but not truly getting anything done. We may be quick on the draw with the result either being shooting blanks or hitting the wrong targets. If we would slow things down and not be in such a hurry and so harried, we might get more done. As the day progresses, we might come to the realization that we sometimes work ourselves up in a frenzy and create more trouble for ourselves than necessary. The nickels can drop, and we might learn an important life lesson — we do not always have to make things happen and when we try to do so we often create more turmoil than resolution. The evening hours can be pleasant, especially once we return and enjoy the sanctity of our home.

Saturday, June 29th – Party Like It’s 1999 – Jupiter, Venus. First released in 1982 and re-released in 1998, Prince’s song 1999 had the chorus line: ‘So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999.’ This could sum up this Saturday for many of us. The Moon is in Aries and today the Moon squares Jupiter and the Moon trines Venus. We may have certain errands and weekend home projects to attend to, and we might feel that our free-wheeling style is being clipped. If we would take care of what needs to be done in the morning hours without grousing or dragging our feet, we could free up time in the afternoon and evening to have a good time, even to the point when we too can party like it’s… a time when life was easy and fun and everything seemed to be going our way. The latter part of this day can be highly enjoyable. We are feeling good about ourselves, looking good, and wanting to put ourselves out on center stage no matter our audience, even if it be an audience of one or just alone by our self. If we have a lot on our ‘to do’ list, let’s be diligent and do what needs to be done effectively. There could be the liability to gloss over and take care of things in a superficial manner. If we go there, we might have to re-do those matters we skimmed over and rework them over the next few days. Let’s do things right and then enjoy ourselves.

Sunday, June 30th – Banging Around – Lunar T-Square, Sun, Pluto, Uranus. Sunday has the Aries Moon triggering the Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares the Sun in Cancer, the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon conjuncts Uranus. Any desire to do our own thing could have us getting our wings clipped. We may have certain responsibilities and obligations to address. There can be family matters that we need to deal with. We could also find ourselves running afoul of certain standards. Everywhere we turn today, we might feel as though we are being blocked, limited and constrained. Instead of crashing into walls or trying to push through insurmountable obstacles, we might consider doing things differently and doing different things. This is not a day for us to assist the wing clippers. If we have to fulfill commitments, so be it. Let’s do them and be done with them. This is not a day to draw lines in the sand or invoke confrontations. This is a day to utilize tai chi moves, work with the energy, accomplish any pressing demands, skirt around impediments and then do what we might want to do. These times ask that we work smarter rather than harder. We do not always have to prove ourselves or show how strong we are. We can comply with certain requests and needs, and then have time to engage our personal interests.