May 6th – 12th, 2013

This week can have us humming along, singing a song. We might feel that ‘nothing can be finer’ than the bursting forth of nature in all its springtime regalia. We could even have the sense that all our problems have washed away.

How come we may not be feeling the love, but instead have a distinct impression that we are in some grand drama, the appearances being quite splendid but the reality more like a Hollywood set with the exterior of buildings held up by two by fours and no substance in the interior? Yes, this is a time when we might buy into the images, presentations and the ‘feel good’ nature of consensus opinion. All’s right in the world, or is it?

Now I don’t want to be a downer, but the euphoria of springtime accepts the promise of brighter days and fun events. God and whomever else know it. Fairs, festivals, outdoor activities and longer days all make us feel as though we are walking in sunshine.

This week certainly can have us feeling like we are on top of the world, moving our projects ahead, virtually invincible to the vagaries of these times. That may be all well and good so long as we are wearing rose-colored glasses and until the sun goes out at the time of the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse.

We are coming off last week’s Sun trine Pluto and Mars trine Pluto, and this week has Mercury trine Pluto. We start the week in full gear, ready to spring out of the starting gate. We may want to do something exciting and novel and certainly emphasize our individuality. People may be reaching for their own stellar showcase, seeking to express their voice and highlight their creativity. Yes, everyone is a star.

With passion and determination, blending our brain with our brawn, we could literally move mountains this week. We can cut to the core and utilize laser-like vision to see what is truly going on…if we choose to. Some of us may be so enamored with the beautiful images, glorious appearances and sparkling presentations that we concentrate more on what seems to be happening, the good times, without considering the ramifications or the long-term consequences. We might choose to be oblivious to anything perceived to be a downer, a parade rainer or a more critical viewpoint. We could affirm that what we believe to be true and the way we wish to see things are to be the way they truly are.

Such an attitude or disposition could promote being oblivious to what is really going on and what peripheral incidents might impact the bigger picture. And there lies the problem as we come to the New Moon towards the latter part of the week and the Solar Eclipse in the second decanate of Taurus — the Taurus Virgo influence. With the Stellium of four planets in Taurus having already opposed Saturn, we may have had an inkling of old issues still unresolved, a forewarning of situations that could impact our financial condition and a nagging sense that things are not truly right in the world.

Our concern and anxiety might be ratcheted up if we were to consider the impacts of decisions made without our input, but as we approach the weekend, we are far more interested in having a good time, enjoying ourselves and not bothered by worrisome issues that have yet to bite.

The weekend can be pleasant, and we could find ourselves engaging as many activities as we possibly can. We might look at Springtime projects with fix-ups around our living space, interactions with friends and, of course, paying heed to Mom on Sunday when we celebrate Mother’s Day.

This week can be a powerful time for us to get much done, focus on our budgetary concerns and take a cold, hard look at what we are doing and where we are going. We can take into account even the minutiae of our lives, but the weekend is for fun and we are looking to enjoy the most of it.

Monday, May 6th – My Way – Uranus, Pluto. Monday starts the week with the Aries Moon triggering the Uranus Pluto square by the Moon conjunct Uranus and the Moon square Pluto. We are determined to do things our way, put our individual stamp on projects and emphasize our autonomy. No marching to someone else’s drum today. We want to march to the beat of our own drum. By accentuating our unique characteristics, we might stress other people out and even find ourselves banging up against the standards of the norms, rules and regulations. This Monday could have some people acting out, pushing the envelope, wanting what they want with little regard to conventions and opinions. We do not have to blow things up to get our way, a little finesse would do. But we should not be surprised if there are some explosions and blasts going on today. Let’s just avoid not being the culprits nor being in the way of collateral damage.

Tuesday, May 7th – Sharp as a Tack – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Pluto, Mars. Tuesday continues with the Moon transiting through Aries, where today the Moon sextiles Jupiter before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twenty-one hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus tomorrow. Mercury trines Pluto and Mercury conjuncts Mars today. We start the day energized, optimistic and confident that whatever we put our mind to we can in deed achieve. Our thoughts are laser-like today and we can develop a best practices approach whereby we can plan our projects and utilize the most expeditious means to achieve our goals. We are engaging brain and brawn today and could virtually move mountains. The grand architects and executioners of some of the world’s many structural wonders might have nothing on us today as we devise our strategies and focus our intent. We have it going on today. If we need to persuade other people of the feasibility of our plans, we can present a case based upon the main points with passion and determination and a convincing argument that our goals are flawless and easily achievable. This is a good day for us to look at our circumstances and concentrate on the most meaningful aspects of our lives and determine where to budget our time and our resources. Let’s not let this day go to waste, for we are sharp as a tack and have the courage of our convictions.

Wednesday, May 8th – Fine Tuning Within Limits – Neptune, Saturn. Today is the dark side of the moon, as we await tomorrow’s New Moon and the Solar Eclipse. Wednesday has the Moon in Taurus and today the Moon sextiles Neptune and the Moon opposes Saturn. Some of our brilliant ideas of yesterday can be enhanced by a sense of manifest destiny, a belief that our plans are integral parts of our journey. We can put some finishing touches on our plans today, fine tune them and present them in a pretty package all tied up with ribbons and a bow. We may start to give thought as to how we can move forward without overly exposing ourselves to unintended consequences yet maintain a safe hold on our resources. We may have passion and determination, but it would be wise to put braking action on our confidence morphing into irrational exuberance.

Thursday, May 9th – Devil in the Details – Pluto, Mars, Mercury, Sun, Taurus New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Venus Gemini. The Moon continues its transit through Taurus and today the Moon trines Pluto, the Moon conjuncts Mars, the Moon conjuncts Mercury and the Moon conjuncts the Sun at the time of the New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for close to nineteen hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini later on Friday. Venus exits its own Sign of Taurus today to enter Gemini. There is an old saying that ‘the devil’s in the details’, and today and the next two weeks could confirm the fact that even the most grandiose plans, well-considered and well-devised, can unravel due to oversights or minimal attention to specifics and particulars. Although we may have gained an indomitable will over the past couple of weeks and could feel determined to move ahead with our projects come ‘hell or high water’, our determination could be largely founded on what appears to be going on, the framework and pathways that seem to lead from inception through execution to manifestation. We may feel that we have thought out all possibilities, devised various contingencies, but in truth we might have glossed over certain details and not fully taken into account the vagaries of these times when things can shift in a nanosecond. We may have also given little regard to the law of unintended consequences, whereby as things start to develop, unexpected situations and unaccounted-for variables come up that force us to shift and change. These times call for us to be nimble and quick, to be flexible and adaptable, and to recognize that what might be valid in one moment may be false in the next. Today and over the next fortnight, it would be wise for us to consider how we can best pare down any extravagances, work smarter rather than harder, and have contingency plans ever at the ready.

Friday, May 10th – Engaging Encounters – Moon Void-of-Course, Venus. Friday continues with the Moon Void-of-Course as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini later in the day. As the Moon moves into Gemini, the Moon conjuncts Venus which entered Gemini yesterday. The day might be plodding as we deal with details and particulars. We may want to clean things up and clear the decks in order not to have anything overhanging us as we come into the weekend. If we can bring completion to outstanding matters, we can then open the weekend to a fun-filled time of going here, there and everywhere. The evening hours can have us engaging with friends and loved ones. With Venus moving into Gemini, we start the parade of planets that will be exiting Taurus and entering Gemini, first Venus yesterday, then Mercury next week, the Sun the following week and Mars at the end of the month. Increasingly, we may be looking for quick hits, interesting contacts and doing more but with a tendency to do so in perhaps a shallow manner rather than in-depth focus. Friday night and the weekend may be filled with many Springtime fun events.

Saturday, May 11th – Scavenger Hunt – Neptune, Uranus, Sun, Mercury. Saturday has the Gemini Moon square Neptune and sextile Uranus. The Sun conjuncts Mercury. We may be at sixes and sevens as we start the day. We have so much on our plate, or so much that we want to do and are committed to doing, that we could be like a gerbil on the wheel, going round and round and getting nowhere. The excitement of today lies not in what we feel we should do but rather doing things in a spontaneous manner, acting impulsively and letting our whims direct us. We can be astute as to what we need to do in regard to long-range planning, and we can communicate our interests in a focused and grounded manner. But we also want the thrill of being in the moment. This is a day that might seem like a scavenger hunt where we go from one thing to another without too much of a detailed plan in mind but rather seeing where the path unfolds. This can be an exciting day, especially if we don’t allow the ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ to get in our way.

Sunday, May 12th – The Mothers of the World – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday begins with the Moon conjunct Jupiter. We might not be going through the woods and over the hills to grandmother’s house today, but today is Mother’s Day, a day when we celebrate our Mom. Cards have been bought and sent, flowers ordered and delivered and we may show up in person or over the airwaves to spend time with our Mom. After the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for twenty and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer tomorrow. We may find ourselves dithering around today, dealing with our obligations and then spending time… dithering. Let’s reach out and touch those loved ones far and near but not have great expectations for accomplishing a lot today. It is a day of rest even if not restful.